The Dying Girl – 2

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Maya didn’t shed a tear. I am not even surprise because she’s such a brave girl. I am standing at the door of her room watching her as she stares at the wall, sighing every now and then.

Beep. “I can wait ‘til early morning.*wink*” I checked my phone and reads a message from the girl I’ve met at the bar. Seriously though am I really that charming? I hid a smile and could feel someone whose attention is on me.






Her chin is rested at her right hand while eyeing me. “You are smiling while reading a message. Richard, if you have somewhere else to go, please don’t let my situation stop you. Enjoy your life.” She’s sincere while saying this but her last words hit the pit of my stomach.



Should I really enjoy my life while she’s here…Alone.. and who just found out that her ex did cheated on her?



“Pero alam mo, okay na din na nalaman ko na niloloko nya ko at hindi dahil may sakit ako kaya siya lumayo. At least I hate myself and my sickness a little less.”


I took a seat beside her not saying anything. I think she needs someone who can just sit and listen to her.



“Besides, he can be happy with that girl. Siguro nung nalaman nya na may sakit ako nabawasan yung guilt nya kasi parang tama talaga yung decision nya since I won’t last long and staying with me would end up hurting him.”

“Hey don’t say that.” I hate it that she’s pitying herself yet hates it when someone does it. She doesn’t deserve that jerk.



“Don’t worry, I am fine. You should go matutulog na lang muna ako.” She smiled at me before lying on her bed. I stayed and waited until she drifted off to dreamland.



And I went home and thought of her.



Five minutes. I am here for five minutes and yet, she only nodded her head without looking at me when she heard her door flew open indicating my presence. It’s already 7 in the evening on a weekday and Maya is busy writing something on her working table.


“What are you so busy about??” I walked right behind where she is seated and peeked at her table to see what she’s busy doing.


And as fast as she could, her hands covered the notebook so that I wouldn’t be able to read it.


“is that your diary??” I asked, for sure it is.


“wag ka magulo dyan! Di pa tapos. Umupo ka muna sa bed, manuod ka ng tv or go play ps4.” She instructed which I obediently did. I don’t want to stress her out so I let her be. Besides she says it is still not yet finished with whatever it is that she’s writing so I guess she’ll somehow share it to me once it’s done.



I switch through channels until I decided to watch the documentary about alligators, like how strong is their jaw is etcetera. I am learning a lot by watching this documentary on National Geographic and I felt comfortable sitting there not being bothered by anything. Until Maya stood right in front of me blocking my view from the TV.


She’s smiling down at me like a sun shining so bright. Geez how can she be this adorable even though it’s already late in the evening??



“I’m done, Ricky!!” she is now calling me Ricky, and yes we became so close and comfortable at each other that she can call me Ricky, Chard and like hell whatever else she wants to. Any nickname of mine that I don’t even allow anyone else calling me.


“Done with what?”


She flashes her smile yet again and handed me the notebook that she’s so busy working on. I quickly took it from her and flips through its pages as she is still giving me that expectant smile of hers.


Bucket list

Things to do and places to visit with Richard Lim  (NOTE: it doesn’t have to be in particular order btw)

  1. Road trip to Baguio/Sagada
  2. Go island hopping in El Nido, Palawan
  3. Surf in Baler
  4. Camping
  5. Ride a roller coaster (I’m not that brave enough before but now…YOLO)
  6. Date someone (for one night only)
  7. Drive a race car
  8. Watch a concert
  9. Watch a theater play
  10. Do a garage sale (all proceeds go to charity)


I re-read it. I am having a hard time breathing. I’ve watched a hell lot of films of someone who’s about to die writing their own bucket list. I might’ve shed a tear by watching those soppy movies. But this? This is different, it is happening in my reality I don’t even want this. I don’t want the idea that she’s doing this because she thinks her clock is ticking and she haven’t lived her life to the fullest.


I don’t want to participate in any of this, but what can I do? Say no and make her hate me?

“Konti pa nga Yan but I don’t think pwede ako lumabas ng bansa unless it is for me to go to a better hospital in another country.”


“I- uh..” I am speechless. I want to cry, but I can’t do that in front of her.



“I’ve watched The Bucket List kasi kanina in HBO and I realized that ang dami ko pang hindi nagagawa. You know what? Unahin natin yung number 6. I need to date before I lose my hair.” She laughed at her own statement. I don’t even think there’s anything funny at all. How can she be so cool with all of these?

“Ricky?? Uy!! Ano?? You know someone na pwede ko i-date? But don’t tell him na I am sick baka matakot di sumipot.” And again, she laughed. What the hell, woman???


“are you even sure about this??”


“Yes. Wag lang KJ ha? I know I am asking too much of your time, alam ko busy ka din pero ka pero kasi di ako papayagan Pag hindi ikaw ang kasama ko eh. Saka, I am much way more comfortable whenever I am with you.” She grins.


“Fine. 7pm tomorrow. He’ll pick you up.”



“Ha?? Bukas na agad? Nako! Kailangan ko na pumili ng susuotin!! Teka ano hitsura nya?? Wala man lang ba picture?” She asked, excited with the idea of dating again.
I grinned “basta bukas na. I’ll go home so you could choose what to wear and rest afterwards.”



With a final wave of goodbye, I left Maya as she busily picks up random dresses in her closet.



“What does he looks like?? Is he nice?”

Maya keeps on texting me the same message the entire day and I only managed to reply once saying that the guy will pick her up at 7 and the place will be a surprise.
But of course being herself, she can’t just stop from bugging me.


The thing is, I myself is excited for tonight. I will be her date. I ordered flowers, reserved a table for two in a restaurant in a hotel. And patiently waits for the clock to hit 7 in the evening.


To be honest, I have no idea what’s gotten into me. After reading her bucket list of wanting to date someone, I automatically thought of myself having dinner with her. It wasn’t the first time that we will be eating together, but I will make sure that it will be a memorable night for her.

I am aware that the more time I spent with her, the more we became close with each other. My mom and friends notice that I no longer go out at night and would often spend my nights with Maya. My mother is happy about this and I am actually genuinely happy whenever I visit her. There’s this positive energy that surrounds her.


Her excited face as she walks down the stairs earlier turned into an annoyed one when I told her that I will be her date for tonight. Tita Tere, her mom, was as usual very happy with my idea. She just missed seeing her daughter all dolled up and I couldn’t agree more. I would do anything just to see such beautiful girl as much as possible.



She is more of like a princess in my eyes right now. Maya is wearing a black dress, minimal make up on, and her hair falls perfectly on her shoulders. Simplicity indeed is beauty.


“I hate you.” I’ve been dying to hear her voice again but she didn’t even bother talking to me until I ordered the food in the restaurant.


“Why?” I queried as if I didn’t know the answer.


“I said I want to date someone but not you.” She rolled her eyes and took a sip from her water. I chuckled at her cuteness.

“Well, First of all you clearly wrote there na yung bucket list mo, you will be doing with me..”

“Yes but I didn’t say na Ikaw ang kadate ko dapat. Your participation is just to find me a date.” She cut me off, her eyes still glaring at me.

“Okay, but still I don’t have friends who are not known to be a player, Maya. I don’t like you dating one.” I said, seriously. And I really wouldn’t let her date anyone else. Darn it.


“Wow. Am I not dating one now??” She said sarcastically. One point goes to her again.


“Besides, di ba ang exciting na ako naman yung magpapaasa?”


“I used to be… I’m no longer like that. And hey, you don’t know my friends. They wouldn’t let you go without getting you laid. Ganun sila kaplayer.”


She pouted as if thinking “ooh. So you’re like them.. before??”


She added the last word as I kept quiet and she must’ve noticed that I am not in the mood to answer. I don’t even want her to know the answer, somehow I want her to know that I am not a bad guy. That I am capable of loving one girl….


Oh! crap where did that came from?? My thoughts these days since the day I met Maya… I don’t know who I am anymore.


“Okay lang, you really don’t need to answer. Anyway, thank you for bringing me here. Pati sa pagsakay sa kalokohan ko.” She dont even have to thank me, I am enjoying every second with her.


“You’re welcome. So one down!”


“Yes, one down.” she smiled ever so sweetly, and from this night I surrendered. I lost this battle, my heart is definitely hers.


At exactly eleven in the evening we reach her home. I am staring at her, memorizing her every move. So this is what love feels like, huh?

“Thank you ulit, Ricky!!” she spins around and after a moment, I felt her arms engulfing me in a bear hug. My heart started pounding in my chest making known its existence. This is the first time I’ve felt this.


“Kahit hindi ikaw ang gusto ko talaga i-date.” She slowly steps away from me, a few inches apart. My eyes traveled on her face, starting to her eyes down to her..kissable lips.


Suddenly, as my eyes goes back to her eyes, the air changes. We are staring at each other.. and I did it. I kissed her. Just one lingering kiss. I don’t want to scare her and I am actually scared on what will be her reaction.


I broke the kiss and looked back at her. She is still staring at me, confused on what I just did.


“I-… I ” I stutter, darn it I don’t even know how to start.



“You don’t have to say sorry. Just leave.” Her coldness broke my heart into pieces. I won’t leave this room without explaining what I feel.

“I won’t leave until you listen to me, Maya.” I grabbed her arms and sincerely looked into her glassy eyes.

“I..I love you. I don’t care kung ayaw mong maniwala but I really do.”
I waited for her response..but she kept mum. I tried to read her thoughts but I couldn’t.


“I don’t know when and how it just happened, Maya.” I tried again, but still no answer.
“Hey, please say something.” I took both of her hands and pleaded. I might’ve been too fast for her but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from any of these it’s that time is precious.


I couldn’t wait any longer to love her and make her love me.

“Leave.” That one word and the coldness of her voice makes me so scared of what lies ahead in the future. She’s pushing me away and I don’t know why. We were happy, I know she’s happy as well when we’re together. Why is she doing this?

“No. I want to know why are you pushing me away.”
“Stop!” She half-shouted. Her voice trembling. “If you’re only doing this because naaawa ka sa’kin, please don’t. Have you ever thought na yung naramdaman mo is not love? Naaawa ka lang, Richard. Stop doing this to me.”

Maya is trying to hold her tears. I am mad at the situation, I am so sure of my feelings how can she even think that way?
“Maya ano bang sinasabi mo? This is the first time that I felt like this.”

“Kaya nga! Hindi mo ba naisip na kasi nga I am dying, kaya nandito ka palagi kaya akala mo mahal mo ako pero naaawa ka lang. Nalilito ka sa nararamdaman mo.”

“Nandun pa din ba tayo? After these past few days akala mo awa lang lahat?? Maya, yung first time na binisita kita I admit, naaawa ako. But every single day that I am here, I am happy…then I fell in love. I am not stupid not to know the difference, Maya.”


She purses her lips while staring down. “Everything is just too fast, Richard.”


“Okay, I will not push you to love me in an instant. I will prove my love to you.”
I reached for her and embrace her. “I already booked a flight to Palawan. We’re leaving in two days. I will see you, then. I won’t be able to visit you in the next two days as I need to finish some work para makapagbakasyon tayo.” I tilted her chin so she could look at me.

“Napagpaalam na kita. Don’t worry, I will see you in two days time.” I kissed her head and quickly went out of her room not even taking a glance back.


I can’t even allow her to say no. I will prove to her how much I love her. She changed me. Whatever it takes, no matter how hard it will be, I will still love her.


And as I leave her tonight, I look forward for the next few days with her. A smile spreads on my face as I imagine. Gosh, I love this woman!



The Dying Girl

Hi. Long time no post. HaHa 😉 I don’t know when I will update the other stories but I am planning to do so the soonest my imagination allows me to. BTW this new story will only have few parts. I was inspired by a movie I watched but I cannot remember the title. hahaha so enjoy reading. Sorry for any errors as I no longer have time left to edit this :))



The Dying Girl


The sun rays slip through my window early in the morning. I stirred as it hit my face and covered my eyes with my pillow. I don’t know what time is it already and I don’t care. All I care about is the throbbing pain of my head because of a couple of beers that I drank last night.


Parties. Girls. Those are what I love, says my mom and she’s right. After office, I would usually go out with my friends to party and drink. Some days would end up with a girl in my condo unit but not last night.



“Richard!!” roared my mom from the other side of the door while knocking. Yes, I went home last night since she texted me that she needs to tell me something important. However, I was still up until wee of hours as it is Friday night and I needed some stress reliever before my mom reminds me of the transition and when I will be taking over the company.



You see, I know I will be having a lot of responsibilities soon enough as my parents age and I am enjoying my life before that day comes.



Reluctantly, I stood up to open the door for her. “Son, you still remember that childhood friend of yours??”


Wow. This is the first time that my mom didn’t greeted me a good morning and even the topic is so random.


I looked at her and saw her eyebrows furrowed, lips tight, and arms crossed. My mom seemed worried and bothered by something. “Actually Ma, I am not sure who you are referring to.”



“Anak, please talk to her. Visit her try to cheer her up.” She is pacing this time in my room. The heck is wrong with whoever, is she??


“Ma, calm down.. relax.” I grab her by the shoulders and I was surprised to see her eyes brimming in tears. Woah. Wait a sec. “Ma?”



“You remember your tita Tere? My friend in Cebu? Tapos di ba yung anak nya ay kalaro mo noong seven years old ata kayo noon nung lumipat tayo dito sa Manila then nine kayo nung lumipad sila ng England?”



Okaaay… I am following. I think I remember that time but I was too young to even remember the face. I know tita Tere for I saw her pictures with my young mom way back when they were in college. But the daughter??



I think my mom noticed that I no longer remember so she explained further “Tere called me yesterday” she sniffed.


“Oh so nandito na sila?”


“Matagal na after her daughter graduated there and every time na I am outside for lunch, I am with her. And ayun na nga as I was saying, She called me crying saying incoherent words and there her dear daughter is sick.”



“Okay, mom. Everyone gets sick.” I Shrug, I mean come on I can’t even still remember the name of my childhood friend.


“RICHARD! SHE HAS LEUKEMIA.” And from that point, I saw my mom sobbing as if it dawned on her that she might lose a daughter.



“She’s so nice and is still young I don’t even know why and how this is happening, son.”


I am still standing there, shocked on the sudden news. Even though I don’t remember her, I somehow feel bad that her life would suddenly change because of that.


I embraced my mom tight while she’s still crying. “Please do visit her tomorrow after your work or you could just skip work and let’s go in Rizal together.”



Tomorrow…I have an important meeting with a CEO of another company that I cannot cancel plus it is Ryan’s birthday.



“Ma, I have an important meeting and..”


“Richard! Her time is very important. Please do this for me and for her. She used to be your friend. You can have parties some other days. If you cannot cancel your meeting then at least visit her after that meeting and no more buts.”





Tita Tere greeted us warmly in front of the door. You can already see the dark circles around her eyes. She surely didn’t sleep well for days. The news took off all the positive energy that she has the last time that I saw her.



“How are you?” my mom asked her while we were guided inside her enormous glass house.



“not good but what else can I do?”


“Pray and believe in Him, Tere.” Mom pats her shoulder to comfort Tita Tere.



Everything is quiet and it is awkward. I don’t know what to do and don’t know if Maya even wanted me to be here.


I hope she gets well.


“Pinilit ka ba nila na bisitahin ako?”


THANK HEAVENS THE WOMAN CAN TALK! It took her good fifteen minutes after our mothers left us alone to talk.


We were outside her room’s terrace, staring at the beautiful view in front of us. She did smile at me earlier when we were introduced. Then I suddenly remember those summer days when we will visit each other’s houses to play or swim. Good times. But we were both still young then, I can’t even remember the details.



“Uh.. Not at all.” I lied…a little. My mom did push me a little but I was also curious and would want to see what she looks like after all those years. She’s gorgeous by the way, and I even think that word is an understatement. She’s amazing, too bad she only have numbered days.



“At least do the dying girl a favor and don’t lie. I had a lot of messages and phone calls from persons I rarely interact with tapos they are acting as if super tagal ko na sila kaclose.” She rolled her eyes while saying this. “Like you. I’m sure you don’t remember me and now you’re here.”


Silence. I cannot even deny that what she said is true. People rarely care especially if they aren’t even friends with you.


“I’m sure you hate it.”


She takes her time before answering me. “I hate everything about it. Yung hindi mo masyadong kilala would reach out kasi naawa sila sa’yo. Then those who cared before, the one you’re closest with sila yung lumalayo because they don’t know how to handle the situation.”



“they aren’t real friends then.” I said


She nodded and kept quiet again.




“Hi. I am watching When Harry Met Sally.” Maya greeted me the next day that I visit her. I don’t know why I am here again, and I am sure she was a little bit surprise as well that I am here.


I took a seat beside her on her bed and took some of her popcorn from her bowl. I don’t know what’s with girls and cheesy movies.


“Do you believe on that??” I ask her in the middle of the film. She’s been so consumed that she doesn’t even care about me.


After pausing the movie, she stares at me while chewing her popcorn. “Naniniwala sa alin?”


“That a man and a woman can’t stay as friends sort of thing.”


Eyebrows creased, lips pouted, damn she’s so cute. How can my mom didn’t reintroduce us much way more early? “I think boyfriend, I mean ex.” I raised my eyebrows at this “we were friends bago naging kami. Siguro attracted na talaga siya sakin kaya nakipagkaibigan bago ako niligawan.” She said confidently with a hint of sarcasm, I laughed at her.



“So that boyfriend, I mean ex of yours, what happened to him?”



“Patay na.” she answered without breaking eye contact.


“He died??? Paano?” I asked, curiously. How can this beautiful girl’s life be as heart breaking as this?


“Pinatay ko na siya. Wag mo na ipaalala. Di na nagparamdam after nya malaman na I am sick. Sabi nya di daw nya alam if he can take it if mawala ako sa buhay nya kaya kailangan daw muna nya lumayo. Hayop di ba?” She chuckled and took a handful of popcorn before putting everything in her mouth.


“More of gago siya.” I can’t do this. I play with girl’s heart but I will never leave a girl when she needed you the most.

“Pabayaan mo na siya.” She took her remote control and resume on playing the movie.


It was good. I can’t even believe that I will be enjoying such classic cheesy film.


“Cliché pero maganda no? Hindi maganda how they started but still they ended up together. I think they are destined.”


“So now you believe in destiny.” I smile at her. I admire how idealistic she is despite of everything.


“Oo naman. Kung para sa’yo, para sa’yo. Kung oras mo na, oras mo na” she said, the last words almost inaudible. I can feel the sadness in her voice.


And again, I don’t know what to say.



Sunday afternoon after I drop my mom and Tita Tere in the mall, I was left with Maya. I enjoy her company, we became friends in a short span of time. We talk about anything under the sun and our friendship somehow reminds me of Tuesdays with Morrie although I dismiss that thought instantly as I don’t want how it ended. Such thing won’t happen to us.

 is wearing a black mickey mouse shirt, maong shorts and her Disney vans. She looks cute and looks young for her age. “Where are you going?” I asked her after noticing that as I entered her room, she already took her sling bag and is eyeing me.



“WE are going out!” she emphasized the first word, excited with her idea of going out.



“No. you are not allowed to go out. You should rest.” I remind her of her mom’s instruction. It must have been hard not being able to go outside of the four corners of her room but rest is also important for her.



“Wag ka na KJ Mr. Lim please. Di ka ba naaawa sa’kin? Malakas pa naman ako pero di na ako nakakalabas ng kwarto ko. Saka isa pa, next next week pa start ng treatment ko, kailangan ko na makagala before pa ako mawalan ng buhok.” She smiled at me ever so lovingly, trying to make me say yes. Behind those lovely doe-shaped eyes, I can sense how scared and sad she is.



I should’ve said no, but I couldn’t. She needs this. I will give her what she want, just for today.




“Ano bang gagawin natin?”


“Gusto ko lang kumain ng ice cream tapos kumain lang ng kumain. Baka kasi next time di na ako makakain masyado. So pleaseeee.”



“Okay. Pero di tayo pwede gabihin.”


“YEY!!!” she jumped with so much joy. How can she be this adorable?


We made it inside the ice cream parlor that she likes. She’s been very excited smiling at everything she sees. Two weeks had passed since the last time that she went in a mall and it felt that it has been forever, she said.


While we are waiting for her order, we took a seat on a corner and I took the time to go and check my phone for new messages and emails. Mostly I get messages from my mom asking about us, I ignored it for now and replied a text message that I receive from a girl I met at the bar a week ago, before I started my daily visits with Maya.


“Hi Chard, when can we hang out?” the text message reads


“how ‘bout tonight? 😉” I replied. I will not deny that I miss those parties and nights with girls so might as well do it tonight. Anyway, I already had spent my time with Maya this afternoon.



“ok sure, your place?”



“ok. Will text you later.” I am looking forward for tonight! I smiled secretly then look at Maya who became quiet in front of me.



“What is wrong?” I ask her worriedly. She must have been feeling something. This is a bad idea.



“Gago talaga siya.” She murmured repeatedly, I followed her eyes and stared at a couple seated far away from us. They are obviously sweethearts because they would occasionally laugh at each other and would even offer a spoon of ice cream to the other.


“Ahh..kilala mo sila?”



“That guy is my exboyfriend, and the girl is her officemate. I remember her kasi lagi ko siya nakikita sa pictures nila every time may outing sila. Di ba siraulo siya? Ginawa pa niyang reason yung sakit ko.” She is turning red in anger. I want to punch the guy.



“Do you want me to punch him?” I suggested. I am so ready to do it if she will give me a go signal.



“No. Choose your battles. Di siya deserving ng oras at effort mo. Uwi na lang tayo.”


She stood up abruptly and left me inside. I took her ice cream and followed her after sending a quick message.



Hi. I’m sorry. Something important came up. Let’s just meet some other time.


Maya needs me more than anyone else. So not tonight, old self.






Chapter 10: Can’t Take The Ache From Heart Break

Hullo, everyone!! 🙂 Happy heart’s day!!! ❤😄


She froze. She haven’t even realized that he already ended the call and is now turning around. He saw her, gave her a confused expression as if wondering what is she doing there, a few steps away from him.

Or maybe, he is thinking whether or not she had overheard their conversation. She didn’t. But she did heard him utter HER name…Alexis.

It’s still you, always been you.

Richard’s words “I know that, Alexis” bugged Maya to death. She wants to know what he means by that.

She wants to ask him, even yell at him for doing this to her. He just kissed her earlier and now, he is talking to his ex-girlfriend! What the heck!

She hates him.
But she loves him more than she hates him. Darn it.

The next thing she knew, he’s holding her elbow and is pulling her towards the club. She needs space, a moment away from this dangerous guy.
But more than anything, she loves being so close to him.
“Let’s go back inside. I will tell Rod that we will leave before I drive you home.”
 He whispered closely in her ear so she could hear him clearly.

They’ll be leaving the club. This early. And nope, they won’t be going elsewhere like they did before.
No more chicken wing dinner, no beaches.. Just home.

They’re going home, or.. Just her.
Of course he won’t be going home just yet.
She wants to scream at the top of her lungs. Why do things get more complicated as days pass by?!
“Go get you things before we look for Rod.” He said, as soon as they entered the private room where they were earlier.

Maya walks towards the couch and took her bag which is resting on it. She momentarily stopped, slowly turned to look at him.

Too many things she want to tell him. But she doesn’t know how to start. She agreed to this kind of setup, hell she even started this. Why did he even kissed her to begin with?! That kiss made everything even more complicated. Her heart already hoped for something more than what they are right now.
But he can’t give Maya what her heart wants. His heart belongs to someone else. 

“Why…” She asked almost inaudibly. It was short but somehow it relayed all the things she want to ask him. “Why?” She repeated, much more confident than earlier.
He stared at her blankly, as if wondering what’s going on. “What do you mean?”
Maya quickly wiped the tear that escaped from her eye. She doesn’t want to be affected. Atleast, she is trying to.

“Y-yung kanina, why did you kissed me?” Her heart is drumming rapidly. As soon as those words were said, she want to take them back. Somehow, she knows what his response will be. And she’s not ready for it. Never will be.

“Maya…” He started, sighs and closed his eyes for a few seconds. “I…I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I am not really disrespecting you. I am very sorry for what I did. It won’t happen again, I promise.” He assured her. She wanted to wail and slap him for apologizing. He just broke her heart and she’s slowly dying inside.

“You don’t really have to say sorry. For sure you felt that it was a good moment.” She said, somehow suggesting that he really felt something for her.

“No. I… I really do apologize for that kiss. Hindi ko dapat ginawa, especially it is not planned. And…” He was about to continue but stopped when she saw Maya crying in front of him.

She is sobbing uncontrollably. Richard doesn’t know why she is reacting like this especially that he already apologized for his stupid action earlier. “Maya…” He approached her and embraced her. “I’m really am sorry. That kiss won’t happen again.”
Instead of comforting Maya with his words, she cried even more. How can this man be so dense. 

“Hey…” He rubs her back in a comforting manner. Until three words coming from Maya made him stop.

“I love you…” She murmured in between sobs. “Mahal na kita, Richard.”
This time, Richard froze with the revelation. He didn’t expect this. He doesn’t know how to react and what to feel.

Slowly, when Richard hasn’t responded, Maya lifted her head to look at his reaction but his face was blank.

They stayed like that for a moment before Richard was back in his senses and took a step backwards. “I…is this a joke, Maya? You are kidding me, right?”
She slowly shook her head. “Sana nga nagbibiro na lang ako para hindi ako nasasaktan ngayon sa nakikita kong reaksyon mo.”
He run his fingers on his hair. He doesn’t know what to say.

“Alam ko naman na may mahal ka pang iba pero kasi..”

“Stop.” He interrupted her. His voice was firm. He no longer wants to hurt her even more. “You planned this, I played along. I agreed to this setup just because I know you can also help me with Alexis, now she wants to talk to me. Please, don’t ruin this night.”
“I don’t want to hurt you, Maya. But if I made you feel that there will be something more than what we are now, then I am sorry. But as you already know, I am still in love with Alexis. I cannot love someone else. She still owns my heart.”
Maya nodded, expecting that response from him. She no longer wants to cry in front of him. He is right. She deserves this. This is her karma.
“Yes. Alam ko naman, I… I just want you to know. Sorry din.”
“Let’s stay as friends, okay?”
Their feet were still glued on the floor, both of them not knowing how to end the night. “We better leave. Di ba mag-uusap pa kayo ni Alexis?” She took er bag hastily, trying her best to avoid his eyes that is now watching her every move.
“Yeah, we should go.” He tried to hold her and guide her on their way outside te club but she doubled her steps so that she won’t be near him. Her heart is still shattered. It still hurts being rejected.

Without looking at him, Maya turned his heels and bid goodbye. “I will just hail a cab. Hassle pa if ihahatid mo ako, di ba?”
“What?! No. Ihahatid kita, Maya. It’s late an besides I promised your mom. Magagalit sa’kin yun.”
“Ako na bahala kay mommy. Sige na. Mauna ka na.” She said. She needs to be alone right now and she prayed that he would agree this time. She cannot bear the pain anymore if they will still be sharing the same car for an hour. She might breakdown as soon as they are inside.

“Maya, wag na makulit. Gabi na..”

“Kaya ko na sarili ko. Sige na.”
Before Richard disagrees, a cab halted in front of them. Maya hurriedly went inside asked the driver to hurry and drive her home. She left him standing outside the club watching the taxi slowly fading away from his sight.

“I think this is the right time for us to stop. You have to tell Rafi everything before it’s too late.”

It has been four days since she last saw Richard. He didn’t made any effort in contacting her. Until this day. And the text message from him was more of an instruction rather than a suggestion.

Of course she knows that sooner or later she needs to tell the truth to everyone. Lying is already taking its toll on her. But not now. It’s just hard for her to correct things. She sighs not knowing how hard it is to escape what she’s gotten herself into.
“Yeah, I know. But please let me tell them the truth. Just give me time.” She replied after a few minutes.
“The sooner the better, Maya. You might lose people” he texted back.

Maya screamed in annoyance. How dare he?!! Now that he no longer benefits with her plan he will leave her behind!
Oh how she hates him! But of course she loves him more than she hates him. Darn this love.
Her heart is bargaining for more time. More time with Richard, even though everything is fake. All she knows is the happiness that she’s feeling whenever she’s with him is the truest thing she ever felt. Strange as it may seem, but she just loves being with him.
Yet, she is indeed losing time. A couple of months left before the wedding and she still don’t know what to do. Should she stick with her plan or should she let things be? She just loves her best friend so much and she is happy that Rafi is happy right now but her gloomy face when Simon cheated on her before still reminds her that she should protect her from another heart ache.

Even though her own heart is breaking in the pretend relationship she have with Richard. It is still better than not being able to be near him.

“Omygee, Maya!!!!” Rafi squealed beside Maya as Simon entered the restaurant.
The two couples were about to meet for the wedding invitation planning. They agreed on eating lunch in a restaurant near Richard’s office for his convenience since he cannot leave his work that long. Maya somehow thought that Richard is trying to get not too attached as much as possible. 
“Rafaela! Please stop gushing over your future husband!” She whispered to Rafi who is still smiling foolishly as Simon went near their table and greeted the two.
“Hi ladies, hello there babe.” Simon kissed Rafi then pulled her up so she could sit next to him.
“How’s work?” The two automatically engage in a conversation of their own while they wait for Richard.

“Oh, Chard is late na for like 20minutes.” Rafi noticed after checking her phone.
“Yeah, Maya where is he? He should be early since malapit lang naman office nya.” Simon seconded. 
True enough Maya’s getting impatient he should at least help her until she’s prepared to tell the truth.
“Chard, where are u?” Maya texted him and even tried calling him five times but he is still not answering.
She’s getting worried as time passes by.
“We’re already here. Hinihintay ka na namin kanina pa” she tried contacting him some more but still no answer.
She sighed. “Guys, you go and start talking already about the inviation. I will go and see him in his office. Baka Hindi lang makaalis in an important meeting. I will be back with him later.” Maya took her bag and walked out of the restaurant heading to Richard’s office.

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This Time- Chapter 9: Suddenly It’s Magic

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Chapter 9

Two weeks had passed after their engagement. With few text messages exchanged, Maya longed to see Richard more. She can no longer deny how attracted she is, well she is aware that it is more than just attraction.

She is in love.

At a wrong time.

In a wrong person.

She heaved a sigh as she lazily stood up from bed, thumbing in a quick “good morning” in her phone before sending it to Richard.

It has been a routine. She will send him good morning messages every morning while he expectedly replies the same. Then end of conversation.

Her phone alerted a new message. She swiped her screen and reads.

Good morning, too. See u

She wasn’t expecting a reply in an instant. Or a reply more than a good morning, too. But he did, and she wasn’t really complaining. She is happy that he did.

But she raked her brain on the reason why will he see her later? She didn’t forgot anything didn’t she?

Fingers drumming continuously on her chin, Maya tried to remember if she missed something important. She knows she didn’t. So what is up for today, then?

Abruptly, she grabs her bag and fishes out her planner which she got from the coffee shop after drinking cups of coffee while she waits for Richard before.

Since that night, whenever she will meet Richard  for a wedding preparation, he will arrive late. Maya somehow knows why, maybe Richard is now getting along with Alexis. She once brought that up and teased him but he shrug it off and said that he was just busy with work that is why he is usually late.

He could just be honest with her! It is their agenda anyway so he doesn’t get it why is he lying to her.

Anyway, she should be thankful for he is saving her heart from the pain that the sudden admission would cause.

The date today on her planner is empty. She wonders whether she totally forgot to write down whatever wedding prep is scheduled today or there isn’t just any.

Or hell! Maybe he sent it wrongly. It must have been his message for Alexis…
Darn it! That ache in her heart.

“why are we seeing each other today?” she texted back for she can no longer take the pain that she is feeling. She silently begs her phone to pop up a message that is contrary to her expectation.

In a matter of seconds, which is very unusual, he replied.

“Let’s go out. I want to date my fiance. ;)”

Thud. Thud. Thud. Goes her heart. Darn him for thinking as if everything’s a joke. And darn her heart for getting giddy with the thought.

“Why? May plans k n b for today??” he followed up. Her brain wants to command her fingers to thumb in a big YES and send it to him immediately, but her heart disagrees. She wants to be with him and even if she already have plans for today (which she doesn’t have any), most definitely she will cancel it in an instant.

“Wala naman. Pero ano na namang kalokohan ‘to?” she wanted to sound annoyed contrary to what she really feels. She have to mask her real feelings or things will get complicated as it already is.

She almost drop her phone when it buzzed with an incoming call from Richard. She was debating whether she should take the call or not.

But oh heck! Her heart won.

“ano?!” she answered grumpily although what she really wanted is to greet him sweetly.

“goodmorning, beautiful.” He teasingly replied. Maya’s heart drummed so fast it felt as if it will explode. Darn him for adding fuel to the fire. 😣

“shut up! Go straight to the point you’re wasting my time.”

He chuckled. Such a beautiful music to Maya’s ears. “Fine. Fine. Well, kasi I really want to invite you. I will buy something sa mall. Tapos later tonight pupunta tayo sa Club. Remember my friend there? He invited us.”

Maya’s mind is rewinding to that day where he sang a song in front of everyone. He is so cute, and handsome and he looks so nice and fresh..and… of geeez! She should stop.

“why? Anong meron?”

“His club’s anniversary. I’ll pick you up later. Around 2pm. See you.” He hung up not even waiting for her response. Darn him for thinking that she will go with him whenever he likes.. And darn her feet for walking straight to the bathroom and her brain for thinking what to wear and how to put her hair later.


The music started blasting as soon as Richard opened the club’s door tagging her along. He is wearing a brown leather jacket and maong pants. Maya decided to wear a simple red dress. She actually spent a hell lot of time deciding if she should wear the engagement ring. Which, of course she did just in case they will be putting on the game later.

Richard pick her up at exactly two in the afternoon beaming as he looks at her. She missed him. She missed him terribly even though they were only separated for a few days.

“Chardie!!” the familiar tall muscular guy from before approached them and patted Richard’s shoulder. He nodded at Maya afterwards and smiled.

“Hi. Good to see you again. Sabi ko kay Chard isama ka. Mas gusto kita para sa kanya kaysa dun sa isa.” He said at Maya then he chuckled. Maya turned to Richard in time to see his reaction. He wasn’t happy with what his friend had said. Maya assumed that they are talking about Alexis. So indeed, they are seeing each other. He must have brought her here with him these days that they haven’t seen each other.

“Anyway, enjoy the night you two! Eat and drink whatever you like.” He said before winking at me then left. He disappeared in the crowd as if they ate him whole. Everyone’s enjoying their night, swaying to the music blasting on the speakers.

She looked at him. He looked at her and took her hand.

Far away from the noise of everyone inside, Richard steered Maya inside a private booth which the bar has. Maya didn’t notice this part of the club the first time she was here. But it is indeed needed especially if someone needs a place where he can talk and relax alone.

They were followed by a waiter asking them on what they wanted. Richard ordered a beer for himself while Maya asked for a lemonade and some nachos. She is starving but it looks like Richard is not in the mood for eating so she will be fine with some nachos for now.

“So I was right, huh? You guys are back together?” Maya asked him the moment they were left alone inside. She studied how his eyes never left his phone. As if waiting for someone to text him.

Reluctantly, Richard lifted his eyes and stared at her. He sighs.

She didn’t flinch and waited for his response.

He just continued to stare at her, as if examining her whole face.

It’s quiet. It’s getting awkward.

He bit his lip in response and slowly, his eyes traveled to her lips.

She swallowed, getting uncomfortable.

Suddenly, the environment changed. As if they’re somewhere else. She doesn’t know if it’s only her, if she’s being paranoid or what. But she knows she can clearly see Richard leaning in closer. His eyes slowly traveling to her lips. She waited. And waited for what might come next. She no longer want to assume what will happen. She already did the first time, and she was deeply hurt by wrongly reading things.

So she just stayed where she is. Breathing heavily…

Their eyes still locked ..

then it happened. He claimed her lips in a soft lingering kiss. She doesn’t know why, if this is his way of shutting her mouth then heck, she will definitely talk more.

It last for a few more seconds before the door knob slowly turns indicating a person coming in. Immediately, Richard created a distance from Maya and stood up. “I will just call someone” he murmured to her as the door flew open

Richard nodded at his friend before stepping out of the booth. “hi Maya, I think I haven’t introduced myself, I am Rod.”

“uh.  Hi”

“are you guys having a good time? Medyo bago itong booth and are only for VIPs” he said while taking a seat beside Maya.

“yes.  Thank you. Oo nga napansin ko nga.” She looks at him and nods

This guy beside him has been really nice but Maya’s mind is wandering else where. . back to what happened earlier. The moment she had longed for.

“What’s that smile for?” she immediately wipe away the grin she didn’t realize was plastered on her face. She scrunches up her nose. “ano?”

Rod laughs. “I knew it.” He says. “you and Richard are a thing! No matter how he tried to deny it.” So he didn’t tell Rod about them. Not that there is something going on between them, just that she thought all of  his friends knew about it.

she shakes her head. “hindi!” she said immediately. “wala talaga.”

“eh ano? Sabi ko sa kanya magsama sya ng date. Someone special.”

She quickly look away as soon as she felt the blush creep up her neck. She’s special! She wanted to scream!

Rod laughs when he sees Maya’s cheeks turn red. They we’re both quiet for a moment

“it’s actually good to know that he found someone new. I really like you better than Alexis.” Maya turned her head at the sound of Alexis’ name.

Maya wanted so bad to ask questions about Alexis, but somehow she is scared and she doesn’t know what she is exactly afraid of.

“Richard told me everything. I know everything.” He continued when Maya just keeps on starring. “Alexis was Richard’s first love… she’s his everything.”

Maya smiled weakly acknowledging the obvious. “and he is so stupid for still loving her. Good thing you’re here.”

“uhm.. Wala naman talagang something sa’min.” she said after a while.

“That is what the two of you believes in. But I can clearly see something else going on. You see, I am not blind.” He chuckled as if he knew a big secret no one knows of.

“so..uh.. About Alexis, bakit sila naghiwalay?” Maya got curious and somehow wanted to change the subject. She knows that she couldn’t let herself believe what others sees, because it is very clear to her that Richard loves someone else.

Rod clears his throat. “I am actually not in the position to answer that, but one thing is for sure, Richard is not the one at fault.”

Silence then followed. Maya didn’t get an answer but somehow knew why. She must have cheated on him, if that’s the case then Alexis doesn’t deserve Richard

An another realization, Richard is so stupid for still loving Alexis.

“Well, Maya I gotta go back outside to check the other guests.” He winked at her before heading back outside the booth.

If Richard is already developing feelings for her and feels the same way already, then she will take good care of him.

Abruptly, Maya stood up and headed outside to look for Richard. She will now fight for what she feels. Especially after that one magical kiss that he gave her.

There is something really. She just hopes it will blossom into something beautiful soon enough.

With that thought, Maya couldn’t help but feel giddy as she welcomes the cold breeze of wind on her face and the lone figure of the man she knows that she already loves leaning on a lamp post while talking seriously to someone on the phone.

She approached him slowly, his back facing her. She is getting nearer when suddenly she stops when she heard him saying. “I know that, Alexis.”

LSS: Secret Love Song


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