Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

A/N: Sorry if this is not that good or whatever, the fact that I wrote it 2 in the morning, my brain is not functioning that properly so, still, may my imagination gets you there. LMAO ;)– Kateydreamer

Chapter 1

It rained so hard that night. She kept on tossing and turning on her bed. She can’t sleep, she is still waiting for a call from him. They had been together for 5 months now but still, they kept it as a secret. She waited patiently for his text, she can no longer bear not seeing him or even hearing his voice.

They had a fight last night, he was insecure and jealous of some younger guy whom he knows likes his Maya while she, on the other hand is pissed on the cycle of this jealousness. She would always assure him that he is the only one for her but he would get his insecurities ahead of him.  Add to that, he proposed to her 2 weeks ago, but she refused his proposal. For her, it is just too early for that and she is thinking of the people around them, on how their family will react on that knowing that they kept their relationship a secret and on how this engagement would be like a bomb thrown to their families while they are sleeping.

He said he would wait and that he understands her decision but she feels so guilty and after their fight, he did not texted nor called her. Yes, it is only 24 hours but for Maya, it seemed like 24 years had already passed.

At the night of their fight while they are walking on the park, Richard just couldn’t help himself. He is fuming mad. He usually doesn’t feel as mad as this whenever he is jealous but this is different, he is no longer sure of what Maya feels. He is not sure anymore if she is still in love with him after the night that she just said no to his proposal. That hurt him a lot even though he said he is willing to wait, he is not sure if he is still waiting for someone. He doesn’t know if Maya already changed her plans of staying beside him.

“So is he the reason on why you just said no 2 weeks ago?” his voice is shaking as his tone rises an octave higher, he wanted to know what’s the real reason, he can’t keep his mind in peace after the rejected proposal of his.



“What? Ano ka ba naman Sir Chief? Alam mo naman na hindi yun ang dahilan! Yung pinagseselosan mo, kaibigan ko lang okay?” she tried so hard to keep her voice as calm as possible. She doesn’t want to get angry at him ‘coz she knows he just loves her so much that’s why he is acting like that.


“Kasama mo na nga sa trabaho, palagi mo pa kausap sa phone?! Tapos kaibigan lang? Well, siguro for you, pero sa kanya?! Alam ba niya na may boyfriend ka na? Di ba hindi?” he pursed his lips as he tried to control his anger.

Heck, he is so jealous. That guy would always call Maya to the point that when Maya is on a day off and is visiting his children while he is on work, he would try to call Maya on the phone but the line is busy, always like that. But earlier today, he saw that guy kissed Maya on the cheek as he bid goodbye to her. He let it pass until this time where they found a good place to talk.

“Richard, tama na please. Pagod na ako. Umuwi na lang muna tayo. Bukas na lang tayo mag-usap.” She is tired after a long day of work and she knows that he is tired too. Well maybe if they could get a rest then, might as well everything will be okay tomorrow.

One thing she wanted to assure him, that she is only his and will forever be, but she knows he wouldn’t listen, not tonight.

He shrugged and shook his head then started to walk away…away from her.

Her reminiscing of the other night was interrupted by a sudden call on her phone. It is 12 in the morning and she thought it might be Richard finally understanding everything. She misses him so bad.

She hurriedly picked up her phone but it is not Richard. It is a phone call from Lim’s Mansion. Well maybe it is still Richard calling her. She smiled on the thought.

“Uhm..Hello?” she excitedly uttered

“Maya…” but she heard an old woman’s voice

“Manang Fe?” her voice changed from a puzzled tone. Why is Manang Fe still awake?

“Oo, ako nga Maya.”

“Ba-Bakit gising pa po kayo?”

“Kasi Maya, si Richard eh.” Manang Fe’s voice is shaking, she is on the peak of crying.

Her heart pumped so hard. She feels that there is something wrong, although she doesn’t want to entertain any negative thoughts, not now.

“A-ano pong nangyari?” she asked worriedly

“Hi-hindi pa din kasi umuuwi, eh kanina ko pa hinihintay. Alam mo ba kung saan nagpunta?”

“Po? Eh..hindi po eh. Hindi po ba nagpaalam?”

“Eh kasi kanina, ang sabi niya may helicopter daw sila na iche-check. Ite-testing ata nila. Kaso kasi anong oras na, tapos kanina nagbukas ako ng radyo para makinig ng balita, eh may nag-crash daw na helicopter sa may bangin. Hinahanap pa daw yung helicopter kasi medyo madilim kaya hindi pa din nakikita pero hindi naman daw ganun kalalim ang bangin. Ewan ko ba Maya, bigla na lang ako kinabahan. Hindi ko din kasi macontact eh.” Manang Fe continuously said.

She told Manang Fe that she will try to call Richard and would just inform her if she would know where he might be right now.

Maya can’t help but to cry. Papaano kung siya nga yung nahulog dun? Hindi, Maya. Kalma lang. Okay lang siya. She keeps on assuring herself.

She turned on the television and there it is, the news says it all.

“Dalawang engineer ang nakumpirmang naaksidente dahil sa pagka-crash ng kanilang sinasakyang helicopter kaninang 10 ng gabi. Kasalukuyan pa ding hinahanap ang mga ito… Sila ay nagngangalang Richard Lim at…..”

Her heart felt like it beat its last. She just can no longer hear what the reporter is saying. Her knees are getting weak. She wanted to see him. She feels so guilty that the last time they are together, she is so pissed to him. It is true that at one point in life, one forgets how easily we can lose the most precious things that we have and now, she is losing him, the most important man in her life next to her dad of course. She just kept on praying that he will be fine and if that happens, she will do everything just to make him happy.

Maya left the condo and rushed to the area where the incident happened together with Manang Fe and Joma. They didn’t tell the kids yet.

People are busy searching for Richard and the other engineer. There are reporters and people around waiting on what will happen next.

Maya is standing a few distance away from the buzzing crowd, she can’t walk nearer, her knees are shaking and she feels that few more steps will make her faint. She is deeply hurting. All she wanted is for the rescuers to find Richard, alive. She wanted to go down there and to search for him herself, but she knows that she can’t. And it hurts her so bad that she can’t do anything but to cry and wait.

Manang Fe hugged her tight. Maya knows that somehow, Manang Fe knows what’s between them.

It is almost 2 in the morning when the crowd’s buzzing suddenly became noticeable again and so, Maya knew that something happened. She’s right, finally, the rescuers came with two bodies carried by them. It seemed as though the time stopped. She doesn’t know what to feel. She is happy that they finally saw him but she is also scared if he is still alive or if he is deeply wounded. As she walks closely to them, she just hoped that he is okay.

Chapter 2

Maya ran towards them and she saw Richard’s body. He is muddy and wet as a result of the rain earlier, he is also unconscious but the good thing is, he is alive. She thank God so much that her Richard is still alive although she can see wounds all over his body. The rescuers immediately brought Richard to the emergency vehicle as Maya and Manang Fe joined them in.

Maya sat beside Richard as she continues to sob and stare at him lovingly. She can’t bear to see him like that, he looks so hopeless. If she could only ease the pain that Richard is feeling right now.

“Ma’am, kaano-ano po ba kayo nung naaksidente? May mga nakuha po kasi kami na gamit niya.” The rescuer asked Maya

“ahm.. kaibigan po. Pero parang kapamilya na po nila.” She wanted to say that she is the girlfriend but something tells her not to do so. Manang Fe just looked at her giving her a questioning look.

“at ako naman ang nanay-nanayan niya. Ano ba ang nakuha niyo sa kanya?” Manang Fe told the rescuer

“Ahh. Ito po nakita namin yung bag, wallet tsaka po itong singsing hawak niya kanina yan.” He gave the things to Manang Fe while Manang Fe handed the ring to Maya somewhat knowing that Richard wanted to give it to her.

Maya was shocked as tears started to form on her eyes again. She knew that ring very well, it is the same ring that Richard gave to her when he proposed 2 weeks ago in which she refused to accept. He wanted to hug Richard right now just to make him feel how sorry she was for rejecting him and on how much she loves him that she would say yes if he would ask him again now.

“Magiging maayos din ang lahat Maya.” Manang Fe tapped her shoulder assuring her, she just nodded in return.

She reached for Richard’s hand and hold on to it as they continue their way to the hospital.

She keeps on walking back and forth waiting for the doctor. A lot of things came to her mind. She kept on thinking about him. His smile that made her heart jump, the crease formed on his forehead whenever he gets jealous. She misses everything about him and she badly wanted to see him smile at her now.

Few more minutes passed when the doctor approached them telling them that Richard is stable now and that they stitched his wounds and that his broken arm will heal in no time if he will be very careful and all they should do is to just wait for him to be conscious. Richard is now transferred to a private room.

Manang Fe and Maya went inside the room. Tears started to stream down Maya’s cheeks once again as she saw Richard lying on the bed with stitches and bandages on his arms and legs.

“Tama na Maya, gagaling din si Ricardo.” Manang Fe tried to comfort her as she tapped her shoulder. ” Oh, uuwi na muna ako Maya. Ikukuha ko ng gamit si Ricardo. Babalik din ako agad ha.”

“Ay. Wag na po Manang Fe, ako na lang po magbabantay kay Sir Chief. Napupuyat na po kayo baka kayo naman po ang magkasakit niyan. Ipadala niyo na lang po kay kuya Joma yung gamit.”

“Sigurado ka ba? Wala ka bang pasok bukas?”

“Okay lang po. wala po Off ko po bukas.” She smiled at her.

Maya sat on a chair next to Richard as she examined his face. The wounds are very noticeable but he is still handsome, she thought.

After some time of trying to stop her eyes from closing because she wanted to wait until Richard gets conscious, she finally, dozed off.

She is walking happily. She stops and looks up the sky, the clouds are forming figures and the air blows touching her skin. She closes her eyes feeling the coldness of the wind. As she opened them again, she saw someone… Someone staring at her.




She can’t somehow recognize his face. She looked at him somewhat studying him. She was about to say something when the guy spoke.




“Who are you? Do I know you?”




Richard stirred from his bed which made Maya suddenly woke up. Weird dream, she thought.

She looked at Richard’s face as his eyes flew open. Maya’s heart pounded fast. She is very happy to finally see him awake. She wanted to hug him but she knows that would be very painful for him so, she gave him a very heart melting smile instead.

Richard, on the other hand just looked at her. No words spoken.

“Kamusta ka na? Ano nararamdaman mo? Okay ka lang ba? May masakit ba? Gutom ka ba?” She continuously asked him. Concern written all over her face.

He, then again didn’t spoke but, instead stared at her.

“Ba-bakit? May problema ba?” She asked again

He cleared his throat before finally speaking which made Maya’s heart froze as he spoke those three words.

“Wh-who are you?”



Chapter 3

Her smile faded, her heart even felt like it stopped beating for a second. She froze as tears run down her face.

“Hi-hindi mo ako kilala? Ba-bakit? Teka, aaah, baka dahil nauntog ka nung nag-crash yung helicopter? O baka naman.. Aaah! Ano ba naman ‘to?” She sob in between words

Richard just looked at her poker face.

“Teka, tatawagin ko yung doktor” she was about to leave when Richard reached for her hand and stopped her

“Hey, wait.” His voice so soft

“Bakit? May kailangan ka ba? Saglit lang ako.” She is still crying

“Come here.” He taps the side of his bed motioning Maya to sit beside him

She, then followed no questions asked. She looks at him intently while she tries to stop her sobbing.

Richard wiped her tears away and smiled at her.

“Hey, you listen okay? I was just joking. I would never forget you baby. Stop crying, Maya.” He muttered and smiled at her so sweet

“Aaaaaaaaah! Nakakainis ka naman eeeeh!!” She almost shouted as she cried louder this time.

“Oh, ano na naman bang ginawa ko?” He smiled teasingly

“Sir Chief naman eh! Akala ko may amnesia ka na eh.” She tried to stop her tears from falling

“You should have seen your face. Haha you’re way too cute.” He is smiling again at her

“Grabe ka ah. Hindi nakakatawa! Alam mo ba kung gaano kasakit yung naramdaman ko kanina? Ang sakit sakit kaya!!” She stood up facing him, her arms crossed

His face became serious this time. “Now you know what I’ve felt two weeks ago.” He looked away from her and sighed

She now feels guilty again. She reached for Richard’s hand

“Richard, alam mo naman…”

“Don’t worry, I’m okay. I will wait.” He faced her and gave her an assuring smile.

“Pero kasi…”

“Daddyyyyyy!!” She was cut when the kids came in.

“Oh My Geee dad! You are wounded.” Nikki screamed as she is very concerned with his dad’s situation. Her eyes are swollen from crying.

“Are you okay na dad?” Luke asked him as he examined his dad’s bandages

“Daddy, are you feeling okay? Do you need my magic kiss?” Abby sweetly asked her father

“Don’t worry too much kids, I’m okay. And baby, I guess daddy needed your kiss.” He smiled at his children, he is very blessed to have them.

Abby kissed his dad then Manang Fe came in carrying food for them to eat.

“Oh, mga bata baka ma-late pa kayo naghihintay na si Joma sa baba.” Manang Fe told the kids

“Sige po Manang Fe. Dad, babalik na lang po kami mamaya ni Nikki after school.”

“Yes dad, rest well po ah.”

“Daddy, me too. I will come back.” Abby then turned to Maya and whispered to her. “Ate Maya, pag po hindi gumana yung magic kiss ko, ikaw na lang po gumawa kay daddy.” Maya was shocked and was about to say something but Abby ran towards her kuya Luke

Richard just smiled at his kids and watch them as they walk out of the room.

“Oh, kumain ka na muna Maya.” Manang Fe handed her sandwich to eat

“Salamat po.”

“Kanina pa ba gising si Ricardo?”

“Medyo lang po…ay! Nakalimutan ko po tawagin yung doktor!” She covered her mouth with her hand as she remembered this.

“O sige ako na lang ang tatawag, kumain ka na muna diyan.”

“Sige po” her eyes followed Manang Fe as she walks out of the room


“Oh? May kailangan ka ba?” She shifted her gaze back to Richard

“I’m hungry.”

“Ay! O sige, ano ba gusto mo? May prutas tsaka ano pa ba meron dito.” She looked for something to eat inside the grocery bag Manang Fe brought.

“Yung sandwich mo na lang.”

“Ha? Eh may kagat ko na ‘to eh.”

“And so? I’m starving.” He pleaded, he is so cute how can she argue?

“Sige na nga, ito na.” She smiled at him, oh he missed his sweetness.

Richard took a bite and handed her back her sandwich just as then the doctor came in.

Manang Fe is sleeping on the couch while Maya is sitting beside Richard while watching on the T.V.

“Ouch!” Richard suddenly squealed but not too loud to wake up Manang Fe

“Oh! Bakit? Ano masakit? Gusto mo ba tawagin ko yung doktor?”

“No need. Kumirot lang yung sugat ko. I think kailangan ko ng magic kiss ni Abby. Too bad wala siya dito.” He pouted

“Nako ha. Sir Chief yang mga tingin mong ganyan ha. Ikaw talaga.” She pinched Richard’s nose and smiled at him

“What? I was only saying that. I didn’t mean anything. I will just wait until she gets back. I will just bear the pain. Hay.” He shook his head a as he continue to tease Maya

“Mr. Lim ha! Ikaw talaga.”

“What?” He gave her an innocent look

“Parang isang kiss lang naman” he whispered to himself but loud enough to be heard by Maya.

“Uy! Ikaw talaga. Di pwede, nandiyan si Manang Fe oh.” She pointed Manang Fe as she is in her deep slumber.

“Tulog na tulog naman kaya. You don’t have to make excuses. Ayaw mo lang eh.” He made a sad face

How can I say no to that? Maya told herself

“Okay, sige na Sir Chief. Sa cheeks lang ha!!”

“Okay. Fine.” He smiled at her, oh yeah he won again.

As Maya leans closer for her lips to touch his cheeks, closer and closer, Richard shifted which made him kiss her on her lips. Maya was surprised and so, she slightly punched Richard’s arm.

“Napakadaya mo!”

“Ouch. That hurts. Another kiss should be given.”

“Ewan ko sa’yo!!” They laughed at that. They surely missed this sweet moments with each other.

“Ah.. Sir Chief, hindi ka na ba galit?” She asked him seriously

He kept silent for a few seconds before speaking “I guess, hindi na. I’m just, jealous you know.”

“Pero, wala ka naman kasi dapat talaga ipagselos. Mabait lang talaga siya sa’kin. Kaibigan ko lang siya. Promise.” She gave him an assuring look

He stared at her and smiled “I know, pero I’m a guy Maya, and I know that he kinda likes you. Just promise me you will try to stay away from him.”

“Okay. Sige. Promise.” She smiled and they stayed happy at that moment

Richard is at the hospital for 3 days now, he is so bored. Especially when Maya is not around because of her work. She has a local flight now but she promised that she will be back later.

The kids went home at 8pm. He is patiently waiting for Maya to arrive. She tried to call her but her line is busy, once again. He doesn’t want to get jealous again ‘coz he knows it won’t do them good but what can he do? He is feeling it. His heart is aching.

“Sir Chief, papunta na ako diyan ha. Sorry medyo traffic nadelay pa yung flight kanina.” She managed to send him a text message 1 hour ago. Was the traffic that bad?

Few more minutes and Maya came. She smiled as she entered the room. He looked away when she look at him. She greeted Manang Fe instead and as promised, Maya will take care of Richard for the night so that Manang Fe could go home and have some rest.

Maya prepared Richard’s medicine then approached him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Bakit ngayon ka lang?” He said with a little bit furious tone

“Sorry na. Di ba nga sabi ko traffic?”

He shook his head not believing her explanation. “Kanina pa kita tinatawagan, your line was busy. Who are you talking to? I tried to call you 10 times Maya, 10 times.”

“Sir Chief, nasa eroplano ako di ba? Ito na naman tayo eh.” She touched his hand trying to keep him calm

“I didn’t call you on your shift Maya. Kanina lang kita kinokontak.”

“Kausap ko kanina si Kute. Okay, bahala ka na kung ayaw mong maniwala.” She is annoyed now. There they go again.

Few seconds of silence ensued. No one bothered to talk. She just gave him his medicine so he could drink and they stayed like that for minutes.

She went to the comfort room as she prepared herself to bed. Richard closed his eyes when suddenly Maya’s phone rang.

He checked who it was calling Maya at 9:30 in the evening. He was no longer that shocked to see the name of the guy that he was jealous to. He didn’t even think twice, he answered Maya’s phone.

“Hello Maya, I called you to say goodnight and thank you for inspiring me today. Just seeing you makes me smile. And uhm.. See you again at work. Sorry if I disturbed you and….” The guy continuously talked which annoyed Richard. He is really mad. He could feel his face burning red.

“Excuse me, this is not Maya, this is her Boyfriend so could you please shut up! And stay away from my girl!!” He pressed the end call button and place the phone back on the table beside him.

He doesn’t know what else to feel. He doesn’t want to get mad at Maya. How could he? She is young and pretty, she could always meet someone else younger than him, and also someone who doesn’t have any kids.

Maya went out of the comfort room and saw Richard in deep thoughts. She heard her phone rang earlier but she doesn’t know who it was so she checked her phone and to her surprised, someone answered it. She looked at Richard speculatively.

“Yes, I answered it and it was him. I’m sorry but I just told him that I am your boyfriend. You can deny it to him tomorrow. Don’t worry, I won’t get mad. Goodnight.” He shifted his body to the left side of the bed and closed his eyes.

Maya was left standing, staring at his back.

“Richard…” She touched his arm

“Good night Maya, magpahinga ka na. I know you’re tired.”

“Mag-usap muna tayo okay?” She wanted to clear things.

“Not tonight, I’m sleepy and tired as well. Maybe tomorrow.”

She sighed. She knows she won’t win, not again.


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