It Takes A Man and A Woman (Ashlloyd Block Screening)

Last April 13, 2013 was a blast. I’ve waited for the movie (the part 3) for 4 years and it was indeed, worth the wait. So, Yesterday was my nth time to watch the movie and still, I can’t get over. That giddy feeling like omgggg. haha! Never felt such giddiness for years. ;p Anyway, We’ve reserved 3 slots for the block screening last March. Too bad my best friend can’t go with us. I, myself was in a family outing but I told them that I really have to go earlier than expected so I could watch the BS, like geez! I don’t even know the place where we went for swimming and I have to commute! haha.

I am really glad that we made it to the venue which is in Eastwood Cinema 3. So, John Lloyd came before the screening started saying “Hello mga bebe ko!” he is sooooo cute! Rowell Santiago is also there. And uhm, we watched the movie, the crowd’s laugh is really loud. It’s like they’ve watched it for the first time! haha anyway, Sarah came few more minutes before the movie ends. She rushed all the way from her TVC shoot. She is so nice and pretty. Got a picture with her. It was indeed a good day! We also got mugs as souvenirs 🙂Image


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