After the Wedding Part One


 A/N: Hi. I will post this here before posting the part two maybe before this week ends. 🙂 I posted this already on EBU so basically, this is a late post. haha. Sorry for any errors or whatsoever, I no longer check this after I am done writing. Enjoy. Comments are highly appreciated so I will post the next part soon. 😉




The night after. The newlyweds went home quickly after their wedding. It was a tiring day, indeed. The two of them are both exhausted from the whole event. Waking up from 5 in the morning, preparations the whole morning, the bride walking down the aisle, as the groom patiently waited for her. Tears that are shed, smiles that are shown. It was such a memorable day.




Though they are all tired, the couple couldn’t help but smile all day long.




Maya couldn’t contain her happiness. Finally, she’s his and they are bound to be together, forever. Let no man sunder the two of them. She is not sure if she’s ready with a marriage life but all she knows and that she is so sure of is that, she will love him no matter what. No matter how hard this chapter of her life may be.




Richard on the other hand, was also grinning from ear to ear. He wanted to jump with so much joy. He’ll be sharing the rest of his life with his love. He is so excited to wake up everyday knowing that she will be beside him. This is not the first time that he got married, but the feeling seems so new. He knew all to well that this is not a fairy tale and there is no such thing as happy ever after, but the fact that she will be beside him, he knows, he will be happy every single day of his life from this day forward.




As soon as they reached their house, Maya couldn’t help her eyes to get misty, she is so emotional. This is not the first time that her feet landed on to this house, but this is the first time that she took her few steps inside as Mrs. Lim. She is now part of this family, in a much deeper level.



When the door flew open, Maya and Richard were stunned. They didn’t expect that Nikki, Abby and Luke prepared a banner to felicitate them. The banner reads “Congrats Mama & Dad!” They thought that the three were already sleeping for they went home early. They were both smiling as they embrace their three children.




This is their first night together. Though, this is not yet their so-called honeymoon because they will be leaving tomorrow morning for their honeymoon abroad. Maya insisted on having their vacation somewhere in the Philippines so that it won’t be that expensive, but Richard declined, saying that he wanted a new environment. Away from the stress of work and the people who can disturb their time together. So, she just agreed to him.





A part of her wanted to have this time alone with him, but the other part of her is scared of what will happen in those 2 weeks with him. Is she ready now? Does she know what to do? Those thoughts about spending the nights with him is bugging her.




They are now packing their things, trying to keep it minimal so they could travel lightly and could even bought things for their family when they get home. Their flight is tomorrow morning. The past few weeks were the busiest. Preparations for their wedding plus they had to finish things, deadlines to meet and just did everything to ensure that there will be no worries in their trip.




Maya was in charge of their suitcases as her better half was busy on his phone giving his employees last minute instructions. After a minute or so, he went online to check their reservations. Making sure that everything will be alright.




“Sir Chief, okay na ba lahat?” She asked, excitedly.




“Uhm, yes. Let’s go to bed.” Richard said in his soothing voice which made Maya shiver. Is that night tonight? Aren’t he tired yet? They still had a flight to catch early morning tomorrow! They should have their rest now.




Sensing her discomfort, Richard smiled teasingly, his eyebrows making an up and down movement as he made his way to her.




Maya stepped back when he is only few steps apart. Her feet were glued on the floor when her back touched the wall.




“Oops. Dead end.” He smiled ever so widely




Maya could feel heat spreading all over her body. Her face is burning red. Richard placed his right hand on the wall as a support while his left is placed on her waist. Keeping her close.




4 more inches. She can feel her heart beating fast.





3 inches, she closes her eyes. She is feisty.





2 inches, she can now feel his breath. She is now anticipating what will happen next, hoping that it won’t lead to what she is afraid to happen.





“Mama!!” Suddenly, Abby knocked on their door.





Saved by my baby! Maya smiled. She quickly made her way to the door and slightly pushed him away.





“Hi baby!” She welcomed Abby.








“Yes, baby?”




“Can you sleep beside me po?” She pleaded sweetly.





“Uhm.. Baby kasi-” Richard started only to get cut off by Maya





“Oo naman baby!” She smiled at her little Abby





“Yehey!” Their baby girl jumped in joy





Maya glanced at Richard and saw him frown before she was pulled by Abby to her bedroom.



It was already 2 in the morning when Richard peeked into Abby’s room. There he found his two angels cuddling to one another. His disappointment was replaced by contentment as he felt fulfilled.




“It’s okay Maya, we have few weeks for the two of us. I’ll let this night pass. Good night.” He murmured to her before kissing Abby and Maya’s forehead.





Before the sun could cast its warmth, Maya and Richard are on their way to the airport.



They went in the VIP room and waited for boarding. When the plane boarded, Maya took the window seat. As soon as they are settled in their seats, he rested his head on top of her shoulder.





“Oh, inaantok ka na agad?” She asked





“Yes. Di ako nakatulog eh.”





“Ha? Bakit?” She tilted her head waiting for his answer





“I was thinking about you. It’s our first night together tapos wala ka sa tabi ko.” He said pouting like a little boy.





She chuckled in his actions. He is so cute.






“Eh minsan lang naman maglambing si Abby eh.”






“I know, that’s why I let it pass. We have a lot of days and nights to spend anyway.” He said emphasizing the word nights and winking at her after. Maya could only feel that fear once again.




Few hours later, their lunch is served. Meat, veggies and sodas were prepared for them.. Richard opened the can of Maya. She admit that it felt good having someone to do simple things for her. She had a lot of plane rides in her life but this was the most special. Having this time alone with Richard feels so good.




After opening her soda, he took his fork out and eat on Maya’s plate.




“Mr. Lim, akin yan. You have your own food.”





“Eeeh, share na lang tayo.” He pleaded with his sweetest voice.




“Ano ka ba, sayang yung food mo!”




“That’s alright. Kainin natin after.”





She just shook her head in response. A few moments after, she saw Richard drinking from her soda. She smiled, it felt really nice. She feels that they are already one.




10 hours inside the plane, almost everyone is sleeping soundly, even Richard. He fidgeted and noticed that Maya is not beside him. Knowing that she might be inside the restroom, he followed her.





He knocked.





“I’m done.” She half shouted before opening the door.





“Oh. Akala ko kung sino.” She said when she saw him




“I woke up and realized you’re not beside me.”





“Sorry, naiihi na kasi ako.”




He nodded.




“Tara na, balik na tayo sa upuan. Tulog ka na ulit.” She said as she pinches his nose.




“Mamaya na.” He pulled her into an embrace




Her heart skipped a beat. She doesn’t know why Richard is being so touchy nowadays. Though, she feels so giddy, she is still uncomfortable being this extra sweet in public places.





“Sir Chief, nakakahiya!”





“Why? Kinakahiya mo na ako?” He pulled away slightly into their embrace to see her face.





“Aysus. Drama. Hindi no.”





“Then, what’s the problem? I just wanna hug you.” He embraced her once more, and she no longer declined.




But then, he started raining kisses on her face. And after some moments, he kissed her slowly yet passionately on her lips. Sensations moved their way to every strand of her hair.




She tightly held on to his grip.




“Ri-chard. Stop. Baka may makakita.” She stuttered. Her knees are getting weak.





“So? They won’t mind. Anyway, were in VIP.” He winked at her and he continued trailing kisses on her face down to her neck. Heck, she wanted him to stop, but his teasing makes her feel so alive.





It took all of her will power to slightly push him away, making him stop.




“Sir Chief!” She almost shouted





“Okay, sorry.” He raised his hands on the air as a sign of surrender “sabi ko nga let’s go back.”






The rest of the flight to U.S. have been very quiet. They are talking but are not as sweet as earlier. Maya knew too well that what happened earlier did affected Richard. This is the naughty side of him, she thought. And I won’t tolerate that!



When their plane landed, Richard had been distant to Maya. Yes, he’s still so protective of her, attending to her needs and all. But, he is not as sweet as what he is a while ago.





At the hotel room, he quickly slumped on his bed closing his eyes.





“Sir Chief, ano itinerary natin bukas?”





“Let’s discuss it later. I’m tired.” He said, not looking at her





“Galit ka ba? Hindi ba dapat ako nga yung dapat magalit dahil kanina?”





“I already said that I am sorry, right? And I am not mad. I am just tired. Let’s sleep.”





“Uuyy. Galit ka eh.”





“I’m not.”





“Eh bakit hindi mo ako pinapansin?”





“Ano bang ginagawa ko ngayon?”





“Hindi mo kaya ako tinitignan! Di ka pa sweet.” She complained






“Di ba, you don’t like it? Ayokong magalit ka na naman, I’m trying so hard not to be that close to you because I might do what I did earlier again.” And with that, Richard covered himself with the blanket.




It was dark outside when Richard woke up. He found the other side of the bed empty. He immediately sat up and scanned the room for her. When he heard the water from the comfort room splashing, he knew she’s inside.




Thinking that he should call his kids to let them know that they landed, he looked for his phone to make a call. Suddenly, he saw a polaroid cam on top of the bedside table.




There is a picture beside it. When he pick it up, he smiled as he saw the picture. It was him in deep slumber with Maya kissing him on his lips. What made him grin was the caption that was written below which reads: “My tampururot handsome prince :)”



He accidentally flipped the picture, and at the back part were words turned into a sentence.




“How about tomorrow night? ;)”




Smile immediately made its way to his lips.

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