One More Chance Chapter 2: Where are you?

Chapter 2: Where are you?

Sarah’s POV

“Congrats Sarah!

– your forever fan, Idan”


I am staring at it for a couple of minutes now while everyone is busy doing their job for the concert. I, myself is nervous and yet excited for tonight. I can’t help myself but to wonder if he will watch my concert. And nope, I am not thinking about Ge, I am thinking about Idan. Yes, him. I was surprised for the tulips, and it would be better if I will see him tonight. I miss him, and if you’ll ask me why, I, myself didn’t know either, all I know is that I miss him enormously.

“Sarah, get ready now okay? The show is about to begin!” The staff told me then hurriedly turns away

This is it. I looked at the mirror one last time to check how I look. I smiled then went out of the dressing room to face the audience.

As I step on the stage, I gave my very best. I was beyond happy to see that a lot of people are here to support me tonight. My friends and supporters are here..and uhm, Ge. I am glad they came. But wait, where is John Lloyd? Will he watch me tonight? Or did he gave me flowers because he couldn’t make it? How I wish he could come.

I am delivering my thank yous to those who watched. ‘Nasaan ka John Lloyd?’ these words keep on repeating in my mind. Where are you?! No one can tell where he is. I walk down the stage and looked for him quietly. I went to Ge to thank him and then he escorted me along the way. He is such a gentleman. He is a nice guy. I do like him but not as much as how I like Idan. But maybe, he doesn’t feel the same way anymore for he is not here in the special day of mine. I shrugged, well maybe he’s just busy. Yes, he is only busy, I told myself.

The concert ended and it was indeed a successful one. I went back to the dressing room to change.

“Sasa!” someone called my name so  I looked back. It was Ge smiling at me.

“Congrats! Your concert was great and I am not surprised that it will turn out good” he continued while walking closer to me.

“sus! Bolero. Well, thanks anyway for watching.” I answered

“You’re welcome..Uhm, So, after this uwi ka na?”

“Maybe kakain muna somewhere then rest na.”

“ok good. You take care okay? I will go home na.”

He bid goodbye so I nodded. He kissed me on my cheek and went away. I like it when he’s so caring and all. I guess I am starting to like him more… or am I just forcing myself to like him to divert my feelings for Idan? Crap.

I twist and flip on my bed. I hate it. Why won’t you make me sleep John Lloyd? I am tired and all but I still can’t sleep.

I keep on checking my phone if there is a message from him, but to no avail. Sarah, please oh please, stop it. He is happy and you should also be.

I turned the tv on just to make my eyes tired so I could have some rest. I switch through channels and a breaking news caught my eyes. It’s a showbiz report about break-ups.

Is this true? Idan is courting Angel? They were rumoredly seen together. Tears fell from my eyes. Crap. Why am I crying? Why am I hurting? We are not that even close anymore. I am starting to hate myself from reacting this way. I turn off the  TV and tried to get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow things will be better.


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