After the Wedding Part 2

“How about tonight?” He is teasing her when he heard Maya went out of the bathroom. She smells so good. Her hair is still dripping wet.




“Anong tonight? Hindi pwede! Maaga pa tayo bukas.” She chuckled but deep inside she can once again feel her body tremble in fear and another feeling deep within her. Is that excitement?





“Eh. I just woke up, you know. I still have a lot of energy.” He winked






Oh how she loves the seductive side of him. “Pero, ako kasi pagod na.” She hurriedly lays down on her side of the bed closing her eyes..




But Richard can’t be stopped. He is a man with a mission.




The next thing Maya knew, Richard is nuzzling her neck. She can feel the unfamiliar feeling that it creates in her whole body. The warmth is spreading like a wild fire. Eyes still closed, she braced herself on what’s bound to happen.




“Goodnight. Tomorrow it is.” Richard whispered to her ear before giving it a nip and lying on his side of the bed. He wants her so bad. But he loves her way too much to push her into something that she is not ready, yet. Waiting for tomorrow wouldn’t hurt, anyway.






Maya was disappointed, her side of being a woman is overpowering her fear. She likes what he is doing a while ago. And just a mere thought about it makes her feel warm all over her body.





“Pero kasi..paano ba yon? Ano ba dapat? Teka. Ano ba naman yan!” She asks herself. She doesn’t know how to do it and she is not sure whether Richard would really want to be with her. She doesn’t have any experience about it which might turn him off.




It is a wonderful day to tour around the city. The newly weds walked hand in hand enjoying the view around them. They are enjoying this day together. Maya would take pictures using her polaroid cam. Pictures of them together, him kissing her on the cheek, even their hands intertwined are captured. Every wonderful moments are captured by Maya.




On the vacant table outside the coffee shop is where they stopped for a while to rest and to have a cup of coffee. Richard is busy reading e-mails on his laptop, making sure that everything is fine back in LAS while Maya is writing down captions in every photo that she took.




After reading his e-mails, Richard excused himself to go to the comfort room. Maya took that chance to call Emman way back in the Philippines to ask him about her predicament. She thought that she will not be bugged by that today because she will be occupied with their adventure for the day. But when Richard would stare and steal kisses from her, she will be reminded about her promised to him. That thing about tonight.




“Hello Emman!”





“Oh myyy Roomieee!! Natouch naman ako sa roaming call mo na ‘to!!” He shrieked on the other line when he found out that it was Maya who is calling him.





“Ha ha. Ikaw talaga.”





“Oh, bakit ka napatawag? Kamusta naman? Kamusta ang first day sa US? Or should I ask how was your first night together? Ayiieee” he teased which made Maya blush.





“Eh, ayun na nga ang itinawag ko eh.” She replied somewhat bothered






“Hala, don’t tell me kekwentuhan mo pa ako ha! Wag na girl. Maiinggit pa ako. Kainis ka.” He giggled






This statement made Maya blush even more. “Ano ka ba naman! Hindi yun.”





“Eh ano?”





“Kasi…wala naman.”





Puzzled, he asked again “ano? Anong wala?”





“Walang ano. First night na iniisip mo.”





“Ha? Bakit?”





“Eh kasi.. Emman, natatakot ako. Paano ba yun?” She asked





Hiding his amusement “Girl, ako pa tinanong mo. Wala akong alam kung ano ang sinasabi mo. Ang maiaadvice ko lang, let him lead the way!” He answered.





“Ano ka ba naman. Di kita maintindihan!”





“Ewan ko girl. Basta wag mo siya paghintayin ng matagal. Wala naman masama dun ah. Mag-asawa naman kayo. Kung natatakot ka dahil hindi mo alam kung paano, hindi naman ituturo kung ano ang gagawin no! Feeling ko out of love na lang lahat.  At saka remember, gusto na ulit magkaapo ni Nanay Teresita! Di ka ba naeexcite makakita ng mini you and him? Di ba gurl. Exciting!! Kaya go lang ng go.” He animatedly answered, giggling.





Maya chuckled upon hearing Emman’s comments. He could really make her laugh. When she noticed that Richard is already on his way back to their table, she immediately bid goodbye. But before she can hung up the phone, Emman quipped “Mamaya pa maghanap ng iba yan!!” She laughed at his joke before turning her heels back to Richard.



The sky burned ruby, and it was time for them to go back.  As they reached their hotel room, Richard is grinning. Maya noticed this. She knew the reason why.




“Ah. Ricky, nakausap mo na ba yung mga bata?” He is sitting on their bed when she asked him.




“Yes. Kanina.”




“Oh, kamusta naman daw sila?”




“They’re okay.”





“Kumain na ba sila?” She asked as she gets her night clothes.





“Yes. They just finished eating their breakfast.” He is still grinning at her





“Eh–” she wanted to ask some more but her question is interrupted by Richard “Mrs. Lim, please stop. They told me that we shouldn’t get worried about them and that we should enjoy each other’s company.” He stood up and pulled her close to him.





“So… About…” He started to kiss her forehead and then her nose. “Ah. Eh. Ricky, maliligo muna ako.” She tried to escape from his hold.





“Mamaya na..” He rain kisses again all over her face.






“Ricky! Pagod na kasi ako, maliligo na muna ako.” She half shouted which startled him. He moved away from her and she stormed her way to the bathroom.






She calmed herself inside the bathroom. Hands on her chest. Her heart is beating fast. Breathe in, breathe out. She was also shocked on how she reacted earlier. Deep inside her also wanted to happen what Richard wants. But another part of her is still not sure if she’s ready. She had to ready herself because such is inevitable.





Richard is upset. Of course, he respects her but isn’t all the time that he gave her enough? He sighed once again in disappointment and focused himself on his laptop ready for a night’s work.





Her scent can be smelled all over the room when she went out of the bathroom. Richard pretended that he is not affected by this. Well, so what if he is affected? Will it matter? Will she let him do what he wanted to do?




As soon as her right foot stepped out of the bathroom, she immediately saw him busy with his laptop. She knows that he is upset and after an hour of bath, she decided that she should do it now with him. Now the joke of Emman earlier is running in her head. She is so sure that he won’t do that but this 2 weeks with him should be well spent. After all, he will be very busy after their honeymoon.




Slowly, she made her way to the table near their bed where he is busy with his laptop. Without any knowledge on how to start, she reluctantly placed her hands on his shoulder as she reached his back and started massaging it. “Ricky, di ka pa matutulog?” She asked sweetly




“I have to finish something.” He answered coldly but deep inside, he is affected by her touch.




Now she is sure that he is really upset. She tried to kiss him on his cheek and hooks her arm around his neck, placing her chin on top of his right shoulder.






Crap! What now? Is she seducing me?, he asked himself. He pretended that he doesn’t care. He remained seated and tried to focus on his work.





Maya is not sure what to do next. So, she kissed him once more on his cheek, then on his neck and then she claimed his lips. At first, he didn’t respond to her kiss but after a few, he responded.





Their kiss deepened. Richard stood up from his seat as he leads her to the bed. But half way to their bed, Richard exclaimed “Ouch!”





“Hala! Bakit Ricky? Naku Sorry!!” She is worried when she saw his lips bleeding. She didn’t intend to bite his lips while they are kissing. It just happened.





“It’s alright. I’m fine.”





“Eh pero kasi nagdudugo. Gamutin na muna natin yan.” She placed her thumb on top of his lips





He shook his head “wag na.” He tried to kiss her again when Maya shifted her head.






“Ah basta. Gamutin na muna natin.”






“Fine. But I do know how.”





“Oh? Paano?”






“This is how”  He winked at her before claiming her lips once again and carrying her to their bed.





“Bakit ang dami mo namang suot?” He commented as he laid her on the bed






“Eh ang lamig kaya!” She managed to answer, blushing even more. “Teka, eh. Ano. Start na ba tayo?” She innocently asked which made Richard burst into laughter




“Ano ka ba!! Hindi ko na nga alam kung paano sisimulan o kung paano gagawin tawa ka pa ng tawa diyan!”




Trying to stop himself from laughing, he said “okay, sorry. Nakakatuwa ka kasi.”





She just stared back at him “okay. Tumawa ka na lang, matulog na tayo!”





“Wha-? NO!” He quickly responded.




“Eh ikaw eh!”




“Fine. Let’s start with this.” And so, he kissed her once more pulling the covers on top of them. For few seconds, or even minutes, who knows how long. They shared a passionate kiss pure of love for each other which lead to a one loving night.





She realized that Emman is right. Even though she doesn’t know how to do it, her love for him is over flowing. She just made things out of pure love.





The sun is hiding behind the clouds making it colder than was usual. They are running so fast, hands intertwined. Up the stairs they go.






“Ikaw kasi Ricky eh!”






“Oh. Anong ako? Ikaw kaya yung late nagising.”





They entered inside a Catholic church near the city to catch the on going mass. They quietly sat on the vacant seat on the back.





“Ah basta! Di mo kasi ako ginising agad eh.” She whispered at him. The priest is already delivering his sermon when they came in.






His lips close to her ear, he responded. “Eh parang sobrang antok ka pa kasi eh. And I know you are tired last night.” He teased.






She blushed profusely upon remembering the things that happened last night.






Nudging him, she whispered back “Ricky! Nasa simbahan tayo ano ka ba.”






Amused by her, he replied “I’m sure He understands why we’re late. Sobra mo lang kasi akong minahal kagabi.”







Eyes growing wide, she almost shouted “Ricky!” Which earned them a couple of looks from the people around them. Richard stifled a laugh while Maya made a peace sign and buries her face on Richard’s arm.


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  1. I really love your take on the honeymoon! Thanks for this. It made my day. I am new at reading your blog. How do I get to chapter 1?

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