Manny, We Need Money

TRUE or NOT let me just say this.



I’ve been thinking of what title to give this blog entry of mine, anyway, it doesn’t matter. All I wanna point out is this issue of Manny who is not *as they say* paying his tax. I wanna quote this.


“Obligation is a juridical necessity, to give, to do or not to do.” ~Article 1156


Meaning, it is stated that we can fulfill or not those things that we are obligated to do or to give. Yet, to do or not to do has an equivalent punishment or penalty in our law.


“Taxes are lifeblood of the government and certain availability are an imperious need.”(Commisioner vs. Pineda, 21 SCRA 105)


Our country needed money in order to exist. And it has the right to tax its citizens with its jurisdiction. Our nation needed our contributions no matter how small and big the amount is, to sustain and to make our country developed. I know we are all aware of why there is a tax.



With all of the issues regarding corupt people in the government are spreading like wild fire, it turn out to be one of the countless of reasons on why people are getting tired of paying their taxes. Some will say “wala naman nangyayari”, or  “napupunta lang naman sa bulsa ng iba” I know how it feels, I may not be paying huge amount of tax but we are all giving contributions and it pisses me whenever I will hear news about government officials who are ‘stealing’ money from us.



But then, again, we are obligated to pay our taxes. I remember one of my professors told us that there are only three ways on how to show your love (and as I may add, concern) for your country, it is by not being a pest (that word is what I wanna use, coz I think it is appropriate. Lol) in our country, AND by paying taxes religiously. (I know I said there are three, but I forgot the other one. Haha)



As Manny says, “Nagpabugbog ako, kumita ako, kinuha ng gobyerno.” So, you only have 1.1 Million now? Because the commisioner just said that they sent 22 letters to different banks and only 2 replied saying that there is indeed, an account of Manny in their bank and it turned out that there is only 1.1M. So that is the money that they freeze. To think that this issue since 2008 and 2009 and that Billions of money from him should be added now to the funds of the government and could have helped our government’s projects and even the victims of Yolanda! He said that he paid yet he can’t give a proof.



This may be a big misunderstanding but this could also be a big case. In the end, let’s just all be a good citizen of our country. In any way that we can. Ciao!


NOTES FROM THE HEART- Chapter 3: Longer than Forever

Chapter 3: Longer than Forever



“Maya, sabay ka na. Lunch na oh.” Simon asked her to join them



“Uhm, thanks pero busog pa kasi ako. Mamaya na lang ako siguro.”



“You sure?”



“Yes. Thank you.” She smiled at him before he nodded and left



It is 12 noon and she has been very busy with work. Deadlines to meet and paperworks. She needed a breather but she is not really hungry yet. She then remembered the notebook. Excited, she reached for it and started reading again.




I seriously wanted to shout!! Few more weeks and we’re gonna get married! Ganito pala yun no? Ang saya talaga ng pakiramdam. Hindi na ako nakakapagsulat sobrang busy sa preparations, wala din naman ako maisusulat na kakaiba naikwento ko na naman yung mga plans namin and wala na din kami masyadong away ni Chard. Sobrang saya lang namin everyday. Haaay. I can’t wait to be with him every single day of my life.



Alex is such a sweet lady, she thought. “Ang swerte nila sa isa’t-isa. Pero bakit ganun? Di kaya nag-away lang sila nung nakita ko siya? Pero bakit nasa kanya yung notebook ni Alex? Haaaay Maya ayan ka na naman.”



While inside the cab on her way home, she is reading again the notebook. She is smiling as well as if she is invited on that day.




December 20, 2013


This is the day! Our wedding day! Sobrang excited na talaga ako. I can’t wait to see him. Hindi kasi kami nagkita kahapon alam nyo na pamahiin. I started to think the things that I’ll say later. Here it goes.




Looking back, there had been hard times but I won’t trade what we had and will never give up because I know, it cannot be compared to the good times that we shared and I wanna experience more happy times with you. Do you recall all of those days when we will just stay beside each other watching movies at home or just sing at each other? Those were the times that I found the true meaning of happiness.  I would want that to happen every day and if God would bless us more, I wanna do those things with our future children. I love you beyond words Chard. More than you know. We were destined to be together and I know we’ll stay together longer than forever.



I love you soooo much Chard!


Soon Your,

Mrs. Lim



Maya cannot contain her happiness for the writer. She can also feel how happy Alex was. She is happy for them although she don’t know her. But the love she feels is just infectious, she feels giddy.



Then another note was written on the back part of that page. Another written by Chard.



Yes, indeed Love. It was the happiest day of my life. To be able to get married to you.

You said that we’ll be together forever love but where are you now? I wonder why have we been forced apart? What wrong have I done to deserve this agony? Love, I miss you so much and it hurts not to be with you. Funny how only you can make my heart beat fast and how you can tore them apart as well. Its purpose for beating left me..






Maya felt the sadness of the man. How she wanted to comfort him. It is still vague to her the reason of Chard’s sadness. Did Alex left him? She is sure that Alex did. But why? She seemed so in love with Chard.



“Hoy girl!” Emman, Maya’s gay friend snapped his fingers to Maya

They’re having lunch in the cafeteria while talking about things. But Maya’s mind is wandering elsewhere.



“Ha- bakit?” She answered when she was back to reality.




“Kanina ka pa kasi nakatulala ano bang problema friend?”




“Wala naman…”




“Weh? Dali na. Tell me na.” He pushed.



“Fine. Pero actually, hindi ko naman problema eh.”




“Ha? Eh hindi mo naman problema wag mo na problemahin ang hindi mo problem friend!”



She nodded. “Pero kasi Emman, parang ang lungkot niya.”




“Ha? Sino ba?” He started to roll his eyes




“Si Chard.” She absent-mindedly answered





“huh? The who naman itey?”




“Yung may-ari nung napulot kong notebook.”




“Hoy Maya! Bakla anong notebook naman yan? Wala kang naik-kwentong ganyan sa’kin friend!” He demanded a story telling to occur. “Wait! Parang nakikita ko yung notebook na yan. Yung lagi mong hawak? Yun ba yon?” He continued.



She then remembered that she haven’t shared this notebook thing to anyone. “Oo. Yun.”



“Oh, anong meron dun? Akala ko naman plans mo yun for the event na i-oorganize natin for the company.”



“Well, ganito kasi yon. May nakasabay akong lalaki sa LRT nung nakaraang araw. 3days ago ata. Tapos–“



“Ay! Gwapo ba siya?” Emman interfered.








“Ayyy!!!” He shrieked



“Ano ka ba, wag ka naman maingay. At saka hindi naman yun yung issue.” She whispered




“Ay. Okay, sorry naman.” He hushed down. “So ano na? Continue..”




“Ayun na nga, sobrang lungkot nung hitsura niya eh. Alam mo yung parang kakahiwalay lang niya sa mahal niya? Parang ganun eh.”



“Oh. I know. I saw your depressed look like that before! Yung nagbreak ka–” He teased



She cut him off before he could bring up the past. “Tse! Pero seryoso, ganun. Tapos nakita ko siya nagsusulat dun sa notebook. Tapos naiwanan nya yung notebook nung madami ng tao yung lumabas ng train.”  



He paused and sips his drink before answering again. “And? Anong laman nung notebook?”



“Nung una, ayoko naman talaga sanang basahin kaso kasi–“




“I know girl! We’re curious frogs. Nakakacurious kaya yun. Tapos gwapo pa yung nakita mong may hawak. Nako! Syempre kung ako yan babasahin ko din.”




“Sa tingin mo okay lang na pinakielaman ko yun?”



“Ewan ko. Eh finders keepers siguro. Di mo din naman siya kilala so paano at saan mo naman isasauli yun?”



“Kaya nga. Pero kasi masyadong personal yung laman. Parang diary nung tao, ganun.”




“Hayaan mo na lang girl. Pero, wait ano namang problema dun?”



“Para nga kasing nag-away sila or hiniwalayan nung Alex si Chard.”



“Wow! At alam mo na ang pangalan ng mga bida. Winner!” He teased, clapping his hands.



“Malamang naman, para nga kasing journal so nabanggit dun yung name. Kaso masyadong common ang pangalan kaya mahirap pa din hanapin.”




“Kasalanan na niya yun kung nawala niya. Tapos mo na ba basahin?”




“Nope. Pero malapit na.”




“Wow ha! At talagang pinagtiyagaan mo girl! Ano yan Novel book?” He raised his eyebrows at her.




“Eh kasi naman ang sweet lang eh.”




“Naiinggit ka naman sa pagkasweet nila. Tigilan mo na nga lang yan at pag-isipan na natin yung event, dali girl. Baka maalala mo pa yung ex mo!”







They ended the conversation about the notebook and focused instead in their work.

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The One That Got Away

Hi. This will be a series or something. Ofc this is a fiction dedicated to my fangirling to JoChard buuuut, this will be some sort of another story. And with due respect to their relationships, I have to say that this is just ofc a fiction and is a story that is running in my head. Will post the chapter soon! 🙂

Notes From The Heart Chapter 2: The Notes

Chapter 2: The Notes


Retiring herself on top of her bed ready for a good night’s sleep when suddenly she remembered that she needed to text a friend so she reached for her bag and fishes her phone inside. But then, the familiar blue rectangular notebook caught her eyes.

The man that she saw earlier flashed again in her mind. Why does he seemed so sad? So depressed? So alone? She wanted to know why but of course, she doesn’t want to  open the notebook. It is not hers.

So, she reached for her phone, texted her friend, and lay down on her bed.

She is twisting and turning all night long on her bed. Curiosity is slowly creeping in her. She can’t sleep for she wanted to know what’s inside the notebook. What’s the real reason behind the man’s sad face. She might not give it back anyway for she doesn’t know who that man is. So, she decided that she’ll read what’s written inside.

Slowly, she fished the notebook inside her bag, sat on the chair, opened her lamp on top of her study table and turns the pages of it.

She started reading on the first available page that it has. The hand-writing is so pretty like it was written by a girl.

And indeed, to her surprise, it was.



Hi love. Just wanted to say thank you for coming into my life. I started writing on this notebook for I can no longer keep inside all the wonderful memories that we had.


Today, our first monthsary together is a night to remember. And I’m so sure we will share a lot of special night like this. Mahal na mahal kita. I’m so happy to be with you.



Loving you until my last breath,





The reader smiled after she read the first entry in the notebook. It is more than a collection of letters rather than a diary, she thought.



Love I’m so sorry, please do answer my phone calls and texts. I know na mali ako. I should’ve listen. Okay na, alam ko na ang pagkakamali ko. I can’t sleep hanggang hindi tayo okay. Please, Love?


Alam mo ba, kanina pumunta ako sa bahay niyo wala ka pa dun. Umiinom ka ba? Alam ko na Oo. Kapag nag-aaway tayo ganyan ka. Please, stop that. I’ll wait for your call. I know magkakaayos tayo.





“Ano kayang pinag-awayan nila?” She whispered to herself. She flips the page again and was shocked to find few words written on the back of the page that she just read. She was so sure that it was written by somebody else and not Alexandra. Oh yeah as if she knows her.

But she was indeed right, it was written by a man–Alex’s man.



I’m so sorry, too. I should’ve talked to you sooner then. We should have had more time together. More minutes, more hours. I love you..



Few words were stained. Like tears washed some words away. The writer must have cried so hard.

September 13, 2013

We are okay now, Chard and I. I am so happy! He hugged me tight like we haven’t seen each other for years! Haha. I love this man. Only him!


I was on my way back to the house after work. Suddenly, I saw him standing outside the office wearing his sweetest smile. My heart flipped with joy. Though, I got curious about a group of man behind him. Then they started singing! To my surprise, he knelt down and he proposed! I am so happy that he did. I couldn’t think of someone else to be spending my whole life with but him. Mrs. Lim soon I’ll be. I can no longer wait! I love you Lim!! 🙂


– I love you, too. So much. I miss you love.





She felt giddy with the new entry that she just finished reading add to that, she can feel Chard’s longing in his reply to her. Oh how lucky Alexandra is, she thought. Now, she knows the name of the guy Chard Lim huh. But then, how can she find him? Did he just say that he miss her? Aren’t they together now? Did they broke up before the wedding? So that’s why he is so sad? And so you’re a detective now, huh? She continued to flip the pages and read them wanting to find answers to her questions.


Sun casted its warmth on her face. She slept on the chair with her head on the notebook. The last she remembered that she finished reading was the wedding preparations of Alexandra and Chard and how excited Alexandra was.

Funny how she is so thrilled in reading this notebook like as if it is some sort of a novel. A true to life novel. She knows that she should not read what is not hers but what can she do? Curiosity gets the better of her and she can’t stop reading now. Especially when they’re about to get married. She wanted to know what happened.

But she can’t just stay there and read. She needed to go to work. So, she quickly got up and made ready for work.


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Notes From The Heart – Chapter 1: A Haunting Dream

Disclaimer : This is purely fiction. None of this is true. A connection with a true to life story whatsoever is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1: A Haunting Dream

429 days after.
Another bottle was consumed by him. It has been his routine, every night after a hard day’s work he would stay at home drinking. Drinking until his supply lasts, until he is sober. He believed he needed this, he couldn’t still recover from the pain that he felt more than a year ago. He is still grieving, although he is better now compared before.

The moon and stars are the only source of light in his room. He is swaying as he walked slowly inside his room–their room. He just finished drinking, actually he wasn’t done yet but there are no more beer to drink so he was left with no choice but to sleep instead.

Staring at the ceiling, his mind continued to wander. Memories came rushing again in his head and he hated it. He hated the fact that those are only memories and could no longer be real. If he could only go back and never let go.

He closed his eyes as he tries to get some rest. It’ll be another day for him tomorrow. Papers to read and sign, meetings to attend to, all are scheduled and he wanted that. More than a year ago, he asked his secretary to always keep his schedule jam packed. No more time left for rest. No time left to wander and to be alone because that wouldn’t help him to move on. More time for himself would just keep memories fresh. Anyway, a busy schedule didn’t help him either. He is still experiencing the pain.

He dozed off to dreamland a few minutes after. A blue rectangular shaped thing beside him.

It was more than a nightmare than a dream, he thought. He is here again and he doesn’t want to go back in this day. He hated seeing her like that. But a dream with her is what he loves the most. At least in a dream, they will be together.


Shaking, he reached for the doorknob and turned it open. There, he saw her lying on the bed with a smile ready for him as he walks closer to her. The very effort of smiling at him seemed to tire her now. She is so pale.

“Are you alright?” He asked

“Not today, love.” She mumbled back ever lovingly.


“You’ll be. Tomorrow will be better.” He replied as he sat on the bed. Pulling the covers down, he reached for her hand and held it tight. He leaned in close and kissed her.

“I don’t think… there’ll be …tomorrow.” She spoke weakly in short bursts as she inhale and exhale words.

“Don’t say that!” He held her hand on his cheek and pressed it. Wet tears started to roll on his face.


She moved his hand to her heart. “I love you.. So much.”


“I love you, too and I don’t want to say good-bye. Please..don’t.” He is crying louder, talking between sobs.


She breathed softly. “But this is how we say good-bye… It is inevitable. I will never forget you…” She brushed the tears away from his face and smiled weakly.

His eyes got small and he cried even more. He held her close for several minutes and stroked her hair.

The dreamer is crying as well in his sleep.

7 in the morning, the sun slid through the window of his room. He clicked it close and jump to his car as fast as he can not wanting to be late in a meeting.

As he reached the express way, a loud honking of cars were heard. The traffic is really irritating him. When he found a place to park his car, he get that chance to ride the train instead.

He hurriedly slid in to the train before it closes and sat on the available seat.

She is staring at the man across her for some minutes now. Good thing that the man is busy writing something in his notebook.

The man looks so depressed, he is wearing his suit but he seemed so sad. He is good looking but he hasn’t shaven for weeks. Maybe he has a problem, she thought.

When they reached the next station, a lot of people hurriedly went out of the train blocking her view on the man.

As the door closes again, she glanced back on the man but he is no longer there, instead a notebook was left by him. She picked it up and turn the pages looking for a name or an address where she could give it back. But there was none. What made her curious now was its content. There are a lot of journal written inside. It seemed as if it was the man’s diary. She closes it quickly and placed it inside her bag before curiosity gets the better of her.

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After The Wedding Part 3

After the Wedding Part 3


A/N: hi guise! Naeexcite na ako sa wedding nila kaya nagupdate ako nyaha. sorry if may errors or whatsoever. Enjoy reading!



The newlyweds became closer and sweeter than ever after their honeymoon for two weeks. The two alighted from the taxi as they agreed to surprise the household of their arrival. Though, their flight back had been stressful because of the delay, it has been moved for a few hours which led them to go home really late at night. They intended to go back at 8 in the evening but the flight back didn’t go along well in their plan.




It was almost 12 in the morning when they reach their house. Tired and exhausted after their flight, Maya wanted to go upstairs and rest.




As soon as she opened the main door, Richard stepped in with their luggages at hand.





“Finally, we’re home.” He exclaimed placing their bags on the side of the living room.





“Oo nga, sayang tulog na silang lahat. Excited pa naman ako umuwi.” She pouted as she walks towards the sofa and sat on it, her legs stretched on the length of the sofa.





Richard slowly lifted her legs, sat on the sofa and placed Maya’s legs on top of his thigh. “Tired?”




Leaning her head on the arm of the sofa, she answered “Oo. Sobra. Nakakapagod kasi yung byahe.”





“I know” he stretched his arm in the air “but, I’m not yet that tired, you know.” He winked at her




She blushes.




“Ikaw ha!” She sat up and looks at him “hindi ka pa ba pagod?”




“Hindi pa nga, mrs. Lim” they both laughed





As the laughter died down, Richard stretched out on the sofa bringing Maya with him by gripping her under his arms. She squealed, only to get silenced by a quick lingering kiss from Richard. “Ricky! Ikaw talaga ha.” She smiled down at him while she is still on top of him. He can feel the length of their bodies pressing against them.




Hugging her tightly, he responded “I told you I wasn’t tired yet.”





“Okay, fine. Pero pwede bang mamaya na? Nakaramdam kasi ako ng gutom eh. At tsaka, pwede wag dito sa sala? Ano ka ba!” She laughed




“Who told you na dito? I was just teasing you… And if you agree, I will carry you up in the master’s bedroom.” He said in a soothing voice





She smiled and stood up, fixing herself. “Ricky, mamaya na okay? Nagugutom na talaga ako.”





“Eh di ba nga we will eat?”




“Ricky!!” She almost shouted




“What? Kakain naman tayo di ba? I mean, I will check if there’s still food left. I will preheat it.” Amused by her he added, “oh. Now, what’s running in that pretty head of yours huh?”




Blushing, she laughed and slapped his arm.




“Mrs. Lim, I think there are no more food left for us to eat.” Richard shouted from the kitchen while Maya is lying on the sofa.





“Ricky! Gutom na talaga ako. Magluto ka na lang please.” She shouted back not too loud to disturb others in rhe house





“What? Me? What will I cook?”





“Ah basta! Bahala ka. Kailangan masarap at ikaw dapat ang magluto, kung hindi, matutulog na lang tayo mamaya pag-akyat!” She shouted which made Richard to rush towards where she was.




“What? Maya naman!” He pleaded. Oh how he looks so cute.





She tried not to be affected by this. She just smiled at him before she closes her eyes and took a nap on the sofa.




He’s been opening all of their cabinets in the kitchen and even scanning all of the contents of the refrigerator thinking of something that he could cook.





After a few minutes, he realized that he doesn’t know how to cook, he heaved a sigh as he shook his head.





He went back to the cabinet on top of the sink and took the instant noodles. “At least this is easier to cook.” He said to himself, reading the instructions at the back, he started cooking.



“Ito na yon?” She complained to him as he served a bowl of noodles





“Yan lang kasi yung nakita ko eh.” He explained





“Mr. Lim, di ba every week bumibili sa grocery sila Sabel? At hindi naman nauubos ang laman ng ref ha.” Reminded Maya




“Fine! Yan lang ang kaya kong lutuin na masasarapan ka eh.” He shrugged





Maya bursted into laughter “ang daya mo! Eh papakuluan mo lang naman ‘to! May seasoning na nga din ito. Wala ka man lang kahirap-hirap magtimpla. Daya.” She teased before she spoons the noodles. “Nasobrahan sa pagpapakulo yung noodles Ricky.”





“Sorry. Pero okay naman di ba?” He queried while seating across her






“Hmmm… Pwede na.”





“Yes!” He almost shouted with his fist held up high. Maya could only laugh at her husband’s action





“At bakit ka tuwang-tuwa Mr. Lim?” She teased





“Well, I’m sure you know why.”





“Aaah. Oo nga.” Finishing the bowl of noodles, Maya stood up. “Okay. Sige maghugas ka na ha. Akyat na ako.” She quipped





Left with no choice, Richard hurriedly washed the dishes while humming his favorite song.



The bathroom door was left open. She was inside, washing her face when he suddenly grabbed her by the waist, making her turn around. He was standing right in front of her as she placed both her arms in his shoulders. He kissed her on her lips and kissed her more as his lips made its way down her neck.




“This will be our first night here in our bedroom.” He said as he cuts the kiss




She smiled and teased him again with kisses all over his face.




He lifted her and laid her on their bed.

And they did it again. And again.





She is still in deep slumber when the sun lights slid through the window. He is holding her hand, playing with her fingers while looking intently at her wedding ring. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes groggily and lifted her head to gaze lovingly at her man.



“Good morning!” She greeted him




“Good morning.”





“Alam mo, hindi ko akalain na pwede pala sumaya ng ganito.”




“Same here.” He kissed her forehead





“Hmm.. Kain na tayo ng breakfast?”




“Pwede ba mamaya na lang? Para kasing… Ayoko pa. Tsaka maaga pa naman Maya.” He teased.




“Ayan ka na naman ha!” She laughed at her man’s naughtiness “okay, sige. Pero pwede ba na ibaba natin yung curtains para medyo madilim?” She requested seductively





He smiled. “Whatever you wish, your highness.” He winked



Months later. She was already months pregnant when she visited Richard in his office out of boredom in the mansion. When Richard found out that Maya is already pregnant, he requested her to take her maternal leave as soon as possible for he was very concerned about his wife and baby’s health. Good thing, Maya didn’t even try to argue as she herself had thought of that. She wanted her baby to be safe.





It was already lunch break when she reached the LAS. She brought food with her for Richard.





When she was few more steps away to Richard’s office, someone stopped her from her tracks.




“Excuse me ma’am, do you need anything? I’m sorry but you cannot enter inside.” A tall, gorgeous and sexy woman approached her. It is the first time that Maya saw the woman.




“Ah.. Sorry, gusto ko lang sana puntahan si Richard.”




“May appointment po ba kayo? Kasi hindi pwede eh.”




She is new, she thought. Maya was about to say something when Liza hurriedly approached them.




“Hi Maya!” She happily greeted her




“Hi Liza! May dala lang akong food for Ricky.” She raised the paper bag of food for her to see.




“Oh. Nako, sorry ha. Bago lang kasi siya dito.” She apologizes as she glances at the woman beside her. “She’s Iya, Sir Richard’s new secretary.” Maya could only raise her eyebrows upon the new information.



Sensing that Maya isn’t aware, Liza decided to explain.

“Since I was promoted, medyo natagalan bago naisipan kumuha ng bagong secretary since kaya ko din naman yung trabaho. Eh these past few days medyo ang dami ng trabaho so nag-hire na kami ng papalit sa’kin… So, Iya, this is Maya dela Rosa-Lim. Our boss’ wife.”




Iya looked at Maya from head to toe. “Oh. Hi ma’am. Sorry, hindi ko kasi alam.” She said





She managed to smile at her as she replied. “Okay lang. Nice to meet you… Ah, Liza, pwede ba ako pumasok?”




“Sure. Nandiyan si Sir sa loob.”



The room was dark when he entered their bedroom. He knows that there is someone inside for he can hear a noise coming from their walk in closet.




As he approached the walk in closet, he saw Maya’s clothes scattered all over the floor. He saw her taking out the little black dress that he once gave her from the closet, holding it up to her body and staring at herself on the mirror, somewhat studying if it still fits her. Unfortunately, almost all of her favorite clothes doesn’t fit her now, especially that she is five months pregnant.




She heaved a sigh stomping her foot in annoyance as she threw the little black dress on her side making Richard to catch it.




He placed it down as he walks closer to his wife. “Hey, what is wrong?” He asked concerned written on his face. Of course he is aware that Maya shouldn’t be stressed in her given situation.




Before Richard could hug her, she raised her left hand to stop him from doing so. “Wag! Diyan ka lang!” She almost shouted and then she cried like a baby.





Shocked by his wife’s sudden emotion, he doesn’t know what to do. He is thinking of things that he might have done that upsets her. Well, they are okay earlier that day as she brought him lunch. Maybe she was upset that he asked her to go home to rest and not to wait for him because he still has a lot of things to attend to, he thought.





“Maya.. Please.. Tell me what’s wrong.” He reached her hand and pulled her for a hug





“I hate you!!” She screamed as she sobs.






Pulling her closer and rubbing her back, he still doesn’t know what is wrong. “Okay, I love you, too. Now tell me what is wrong.”




“Sabi ko I hate you!” She said while moving away from him. Her palms covering her face.





“I heard it. Now tell me why.”





“Ikaw kasi eh!”




Reminding himself to stay calm, he answered. “Okay, ako na. Bakit ka ba kasi nagagalit?” He hugged her from behind





“Eh hindi na nga magkasya mga damit ko!! Nakakainis ka!” She cried even louder





Richard’s eyes grew bigger as he tried to suppress his laughter not wanting to add fuel to the fire. “So? Eh di bibili na lang tayo ng bago.” He whispered trying to calm her down





Removing his arms encircled on her, she faces him “You don’t get it don’t you?” She crossed her arms.





He could only raise his eyebrows




“Ang taba ko na! Ikaw kasi eh!”





“Oh. Why is it my fault? And what’s wrong if tumaba ka? It doesn’t matter to me.” He smiled





“Yes it is your fault!” She pouted





“Enlighten me”




“Eh kasi you did this to me.” She said pointing to her baby bump “ayoko na tuloy tumigil kakakain.” She sobbed





Now, he couldn’t contain his laughter.




“Natatawa ka pa!”





Embracing her, he said “oh, eh di parehas pala tayo ang may sala.”





“Hindi. Ikaw lang! Ikaw yung laging nangungulit na ano e.”





“Na ano Mrs. Lim?” He teased





“Basta!” She blushed





A laugh. “Okay, okay, ako na ang may kasalanan and hindi ako papayag na iba ang may kasalanan niyan.”




She slapped his arm “Sira!”




He laughs “Eh ikaw eh… Tama na ha? We will just buy you new clothes, okay? At bakit mo ba kasi naisip yan? I don’t care if tumaba ka ng sobra. I will forever love you no matter what”





She smiled. “Eh kasi, hindi mo sinabi na may bago kang secretary.”





“Sorry, it slipped my mind. Pero teka, anong kinalaman nun?” He planted a kiss on her forehead





“Kasi nga, ang sexy niya tapos maganda.. Basta!”




He kissed her once more upon realization. “Stop it. Don’t you trust me?”




“I do.”




“Oh, eh yun naman pala eh. Do you want me to fire her?”





“Uy! Wag. Wala naman siyang ginagawang mali eh. Ako lang naman yung naiinis ng di ko alam kung bakit.”





“Okay. So case closed. Let’s just eat. You and our baby might be hungry.”





As the argument ended, they both made their way to the dining with hands interlocked.


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