After The Wedding Part 3

After the Wedding Part 3


A/N: hi guise! Naeexcite na ako sa wedding nila kaya nagupdate ako nyaha. sorry if may errors or whatsoever. Enjoy reading!



The newlyweds became closer and sweeter than ever after their honeymoon for two weeks. The two alighted from the taxi as they agreed to surprise the household of their arrival. Though, their flight back had been stressful because of the delay, it has been moved for a few hours which led them to go home really late at night. They intended to go back at 8 in the evening but the flight back didn’t go along well in their plan.




It was almost 12 in the morning when they reach their house. Tired and exhausted after their flight, Maya wanted to go upstairs and rest.




As soon as she opened the main door, Richard stepped in with their luggages at hand.





“Finally, we’re home.” He exclaimed placing their bags on the side of the living room.





“Oo nga, sayang tulog na silang lahat. Excited pa naman ako umuwi.” She pouted as she walks towards the sofa and sat on it, her legs stretched on the length of the sofa.





Richard slowly lifted her legs, sat on the sofa and placed Maya’s legs on top of his thigh. “Tired?”




Leaning her head on the arm of the sofa, she answered “Oo. Sobra. Nakakapagod kasi yung byahe.”





“I know” he stretched his arm in the air “but, I’m not yet that tired, you know.” He winked at her




She blushes.




“Ikaw ha!” She sat up and looks at him “hindi ka pa ba pagod?”




“Hindi pa nga, mrs. Lim” they both laughed





As the laughter died down, Richard stretched out on the sofa bringing Maya with him by gripping her under his arms. She squealed, only to get silenced by a quick lingering kiss from Richard. “Ricky! Ikaw talaga ha.” She smiled down at him while she is still on top of him. He can feel the length of their bodies pressing against them.




Hugging her tightly, he responded “I told you I wasn’t tired yet.”





“Okay, fine. Pero pwede bang mamaya na? Nakaramdam kasi ako ng gutom eh. At tsaka, pwede wag dito sa sala? Ano ka ba!” She laughed




“Who told you na dito? I was just teasing you… And if you agree, I will carry you up in the master’s bedroom.” He said in a soothing voice





She smiled and stood up, fixing herself. “Ricky, mamaya na okay? Nagugutom na talaga ako.”





“Eh di ba nga we will eat?”




“Ricky!!” She almost shouted




“What? Kakain naman tayo di ba? I mean, I will check if there’s still food left. I will preheat it.” Amused by her he added, “oh. Now, what’s running in that pretty head of yours huh?”




Blushing, she laughed and slapped his arm.




“Mrs. Lim, I think there are no more food left for us to eat.” Richard shouted from the kitchen while Maya is lying on the sofa.





“Ricky! Gutom na talaga ako. Magluto ka na lang please.” She shouted back not too loud to disturb others in rhe house





“What? Me? What will I cook?”





“Ah basta! Bahala ka. Kailangan masarap at ikaw dapat ang magluto, kung hindi, matutulog na lang tayo mamaya pag-akyat!” She shouted which made Richard to rush towards where she was.




“What? Maya naman!” He pleaded. Oh how he looks so cute.





She tried not to be affected by this. She just smiled at him before she closes her eyes and took a nap on the sofa.




He’s been opening all of their cabinets in the kitchen and even scanning all of the contents of the refrigerator thinking of something that he could cook.





After a few minutes, he realized that he doesn’t know how to cook, he heaved a sigh as he shook his head.





He went back to the cabinet on top of the sink and took the instant noodles. “At least this is easier to cook.” He said to himself, reading the instructions at the back, he started cooking.



“Ito na yon?” She complained to him as he served a bowl of noodles





“Yan lang kasi yung nakita ko eh.” He explained





“Mr. Lim, di ba every week bumibili sa grocery sila Sabel? At hindi naman nauubos ang laman ng ref ha.” Reminded Maya




“Fine! Yan lang ang kaya kong lutuin na masasarapan ka eh.” He shrugged





Maya bursted into laughter “ang daya mo! Eh papakuluan mo lang naman ‘to! May seasoning na nga din ito. Wala ka man lang kahirap-hirap magtimpla. Daya.” She teased before she spoons the noodles. “Nasobrahan sa pagpapakulo yung noodles Ricky.”





“Sorry. Pero okay naman di ba?” He queried while seating across her






“Hmmm… Pwede na.”





“Yes!” He almost shouted with his fist held up high. Maya could only laugh at her husband’s action





“At bakit ka tuwang-tuwa Mr. Lim?” She teased





“Well, I’m sure you know why.”





“Aaah. Oo nga.” Finishing the bowl of noodles, Maya stood up. “Okay. Sige maghugas ka na ha. Akyat na ako.” She quipped





Left with no choice, Richard hurriedly washed the dishes while humming his favorite song.



The bathroom door was left open. She was inside, washing her face when he suddenly grabbed her by the waist, making her turn around. He was standing right in front of her as she placed both her arms in his shoulders. He kissed her on her lips and kissed her more as his lips made its way down her neck.




“This will be our first night here in our bedroom.” He said as he cuts the kiss




She smiled and teased him again with kisses all over his face.




He lifted her and laid her on their bed.

And they did it again. And again.





She is still in deep slumber when the sun lights slid through the window. He is holding her hand, playing with her fingers while looking intently at her wedding ring. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes groggily and lifted her head to gaze lovingly at her man.



“Good morning!” She greeted him




“Good morning.”





“Alam mo, hindi ko akalain na pwede pala sumaya ng ganito.”




“Same here.” He kissed her forehead





“Hmm.. Kain na tayo ng breakfast?”




“Pwede ba mamaya na lang? Para kasing… Ayoko pa. Tsaka maaga pa naman Maya.” He teased.




“Ayan ka na naman ha!” She laughed at her man’s naughtiness “okay, sige. Pero pwede ba na ibaba natin yung curtains para medyo madilim?” She requested seductively





He smiled. “Whatever you wish, your highness.” He winked



Months later. She was already months pregnant when she visited Richard in his office out of boredom in the mansion. When Richard found out that Maya is already pregnant, he requested her to take her maternal leave as soon as possible for he was very concerned about his wife and baby’s health. Good thing, Maya didn’t even try to argue as she herself had thought of that. She wanted her baby to be safe.





It was already lunch break when she reached the LAS. She brought food with her for Richard.





When she was few more steps away to Richard’s office, someone stopped her from her tracks.




“Excuse me ma’am, do you need anything? I’m sorry but you cannot enter inside.” A tall, gorgeous and sexy woman approached her. It is the first time that Maya saw the woman.




“Ah.. Sorry, gusto ko lang sana puntahan si Richard.”




“May appointment po ba kayo? Kasi hindi pwede eh.”




She is new, she thought. Maya was about to say something when Liza hurriedly approached them.




“Hi Maya!” She happily greeted her




“Hi Liza! May dala lang akong food for Ricky.” She raised the paper bag of food for her to see.




“Oh. Nako, sorry ha. Bago lang kasi siya dito.” She apologizes as she glances at the woman beside her. “She’s Iya, Sir Richard’s new secretary.” Maya could only raise her eyebrows upon the new information.



Sensing that Maya isn’t aware, Liza decided to explain.

“Since I was promoted, medyo natagalan bago naisipan kumuha ng bagong secretary since kaya ko din naman yung trabaho. Eh these past few days medyo ang dami ng trabaho so nag-hire na kami ng papalit sa’kin… So, Iya, this is Maya dela Rosa-Lim. Our boss’ wife.”




Iya looked at Maya from head to toe. “Oh. Hi ma’am. Sorry, hindi ko kasi alam.” She said





She managed to smile at her as she replied. “Okay lang. Nice to meet you… Ah, Liza, pwede ba ako pumasok?”




“Sure. Nandiyan si Sir sa loob.”



The room was dark when he entered their bedroom. He knows that there is someone inside for he can hear a noise coming from their walk in closet.




As he approached the walk in closet, he saw Maya’s clothes scattered all over the floor. He saw her taking out the little black dress that he once gave her from the closet, holding it up to her body and staring at herself on the mirror, somewhat studying if it still fits her. Unfortunately, almost all of her favorite clothes doesn’t fit her now, especially that she is five months pregnant.




She heaved a sigh stomping her foot in annoyance as she threw the little black dress on her side making Richard to catch it.




He placed it down as he walks closer to his wife. “Hey, what is wrong?” He asked concerned written on his face. Of course he is aware that Maya shouldn’t be stressed in her given situation.




Before Richard could hug her, she raised her left hand to stop him from doing so. “Wag! Diyan ka lang!” She almost shouted and then she cried like a baby.





Shocked by his wife’s sudden emotion, he doesn’t know what to do. He is thinking of things that he might have done that upsets her. Well, they are okay earlier that day as she brought him lunch. Maybe she was upset that he asked her to go home to rest and not to wait for him because he still has a lot of things to attend to, he thought.





“Maya.. Please.. Tell me what’s wrong.” He reached her hand and pulled her for a hug





“I hate you!!” She screamed as she sobs.






Pulling her closer and rubbing her back, he still doesn’t know what is wrong. “Okay, I love you, too. Now tell me what is wrong.”




“Sabi ko I hate you!” She said while moving away from him. Her palms covering her face.





“I heard it. Now tell me why.”





“Ikaw kasi eh!”




Reminding himself to stay calm, he answered. “Okay, ako na. Bakit ka ba kasi nagagalit?” He hugged her from behind





“Eh hindi na nga magkasya mga damit ko!! Nakakainis ka!” She cried even louder





Richard’s eyes grew bigger as he tried to suppress his laughter not wanting to add fuel to the fire. “So? Eh di bibili na lang tayo ng bago.” He whispered trying to calm her down





Removing his arms encircled on her, she faces him “You don’t get it don’t you?” She crossed her arms.





He could only raise his eyebrows




“Ang taba ko na! Ikaw kasi eh!”





“Oh. Why is it my fault? And what’s wrong if tumaba ka? It doesn’t matter to me.” He smiled





“Yes it is your fault!” She pouted





“Enlighten me”




“Eh kasi you did this to me.” She said pointing to her baby bump “ayoko na tuloy tumigil kakakain.” She sobbed





Now, he couldn’t contain his laughter.




“Natatawa ka pa!”





Embracing her, he said “oh, eh di parehas pala tayo ang may sala.”





“Hindi. Ikaw lang! Ikaw yung laging nangungulit na ano e.”





“Na ano Mrs. Lim?” He teased





“Basta!” She blushed





A laugh. “Okay, okay, ako na ang may kasalanan and hindi ako papayag na iba ang may kasalanan niyan.”




She slapped his arm “Sira!”




He laughs “Eh ikaw eh… Tama na ha? We will just buy you new clothes, okay? At bakit mo ba kasi naisip yan? I don’t care if tumaba ka ng sobra. I will forever love you no matter what”





She smiled. “Eh kasi, hindi mo sinabi na may bago kang secretary.”





“Sorry, it slipped my mind. Pero teka, anong kinalaman nun?” He planted a kiss on her forehead





“Kasi nga, ang sexy niya tapos maganda.. Basta!”




He kissed her once more upon realization. “Stop it. Don’t you trust me?”




“I do.”




“Oh, eh yun naman pala eh. Do you want me to fire her?”





“Uy! Wag. Wala naman siyang ginagawang mali eh. Ako lang naman yung naiinis ng di ko alam kung bakit.”





“Okay. So case closed. Let’s just eat. You and our baby might be hungry.”





As the argument ended, they both made their way to the dining with hands interlocked.


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12 thoughts on “After The Wedding Part 3

  1. yeah…ituloy mo naman pls? kc i dont like the way that Iya looked at Maya from head to toe…knowing na wife sia ng boss dapat masita…nainis ako ng mabasa ko un…pls? ituloy mo at dapat makaganti si maya sa pagsipat nia ng tingin k maya….pls?

  2. yes please….ms.katey ituloy mo yung story…super cute ng kwento mo…tsaka dapat may kalagyan yung bagong secretary na yun ha! i dont like her attitude parang may hidden agenda sya kay richard…

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