Notes From The Heart Chapter 2: The Notes

Chapter 2: The Notes


Retiring herself on top of her bed ready for a good night’s sleep when suddenly she remembered that she needed to text a friend so she reached for her bag and fishes her phone inside. But then, the familiar blue rectangular notebook caught her eyes.

The man that she saw earlier flashed again in her mind. Why does he seemed so sad? So depressed? So alone? She wanted to know why but of course, she doesn’t want to  open the notebook. It is not hers.

So, she reached for her phone, texted her friend, and lay down on her bed.

She is twisting and turning all night long on her bed. Curiosity is slowly creeping in her. She can’t sleep for she wanted to know what’s inside the notebook. What’s the real reason behind the man’s sad face. She might not give it back anyway for she doesn’t know who that man is. So, she decided that she’ll read what’s written inside.

Slowly, she fished the notebook inside her bag, sat on the chair, opened her lamp on top of her study table and turns the pages of it.

She started reading on the first available page that it has. The hand-writing is so pretty like it was written by a girl.

And indeed, to her surprise, it was.



Hi love. Just wanted to say thank you for coming into my life. I started writing on this notebook for I can no longer keep inside all the wonderful memories that we had.


Today, our first monthsary together is a night to remember. And I’m so sure we will share a lot of special night like this. Mahal na mahal kita. I’m so happy to be with you.



Loving you until my last breath,





The reader smiled after she read the first entry in the notebook. It is more than a collection of letters rather than a diary, she thought.



Love I’m so sorry, please do answer my phone calls and texts. I know na mali ako. I should’ve listen. Okay na, alam ko na ang pagkakamali ko. I can’t sleep hanggang hindi tayo okay. Please, Love?


Alam mo ba, kanina pumunta ako sa bahay niyo wala ka pa dun. Umiinom ka ba? Alam ko na Oo. Kapag nag-aaway tayo ganyan ka. Please, stop that. I’ll wait for your call. I know magkakaayos tayo.





“Ano kayang pinag-awayan nila?” She whispered to herself. She flips the page again and was shocked to find few words written on the back of the page that she just read. She was so sure that it was written by somebody else and not Alexandra. Oh yeah as if she knows her.

But she was indeed right, it was written by a man–Alex’s man.



I’m so sorry, too. I should’ve talked to you sooner then. We should have had more time together. More minutes, more hours. I love you..



Few words were stained. Like tears washed some words away. The writer must have cried so hard.

September 13, 2013

We are okay now, Chard and I. I am so happy! He hugged me tight like we haven’t seen each other for years! Haha. I love this man. Only him!


I was on my way back to the house after work. Suddenly, I saw him standing outside the office wearing his sweetest smile. My heart flipped with joy. Though, I got curious about a group of man behind him. Then they started singing! To my surprise, he knelt down and he proposed! I am so happy that he did. I couldn’t think of someone else to be spending my whole life with but him. Mrs. Lim soon I’ll be. I can no longer wait! I love you Lim!! 🙂


– I love you, too. So much. I miss you love.





She felt giddy with the new entry that she just finished reading add to that, she can feel Chard’s longing in his reply to her. Oh how lucky Alexandra is, she thought. Now, she knows the name of the guy Chard Lim huh. But then, how can she find him? Did he just say that he miss her? Aren’t they together now? Did they broke up before the wedding? So that’s why he is so sad? And so you’re a detective now, huh? She continued to flip the pages and read them wanting to find answers to her questions.


Sun casted its warmth on her face. She slept on the chair with her head on the notebook. The last she remembered that she finished reading was the wedding preparations of Alexandra and Chard and how excited Alexandra was.

Funny how she is so thrilled in reading this notebook like as if it is some sort of a novel. A true to life novel. She knows that she should not read what is not hers but what can she do? Curiosity gets the better of her and she can’t stop reading now. Especially when they’re about to get married. She wanted to know what happened.

But she can’t just stay there and read. She needed to go to work. So, she quickly got up and made ready for work.


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