Notes From The Heart – Chapter 1: A Haunting Dream

Disclaimer : This is purely fiction. None of this is true. A connection with a true to life story whatsoever is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1: A Haunting Dream

429 days after.
Another bottle was consumed by him. It has been his routine, every night after a hard day’s work he would stay at home drinking. Drinking until his supply lasts, until he is sober. He believed he needed this, he couldn’t still recover from the pain that he felt more than a year ago. He is still grieving, although he is better now compared before.

The moon and stars are the only source of light in his room. He is swaying as he walked slowly inside his room–their room. He just finished drinking, actually he wasn’t done yet but there are no more beer to drink so he was left with no choice but to sleep instead.

Staring at the ceiling, his mind continued to wander. Memories came rushing again in his head and he hated it. He hated the fact that those are only memories and could no longer be real. If he could only go back and never let go.

He closed his eyes as he tries to get some rest. It’ll be another day for him tomorrow. Papers to read and sign, meetings to attend to, all are scheduled and he wanted that. More than a year ago, he asked his secretary to always keep his schedule jam packed. No more time left for rest. No time left to wander and to be alone because that wouldn’t help him to move on. More time for himself would just keep memories fresh. Anyway, a busy schedule didn’t help him either. He is still experiencing the pain.

He dozed off to dreamland a few minutes after. A blue rectangular shaped thing beside him.

It was more than a nightmare than a dream, he thought. He is here again and he doesn’t want to go back in this day. He hated seeing her like that. But a dream with her is what he loves the most. At least in a dream, they will be together.


Shaking, he reached for the doorknob and turned it open. There, he saw her lying on the bed with a smile ready for him as he walks closer to her. The very effort of smiling at him seemed to tire her now. She is so pale.

“Are you alright?” He asked

“Not today, love.” She mumbled back ever lovingly.


“You’ll be. Tomorrow will be better.” He replied as he sat on the bed. Pulling the covers down, he reached for her hand and held it tight. He leaned in close and kissed her.

“I don’t think… there’ll be …tomorrow.” She spoke weakly in short bursts as she inhale and exhale words.

“Don’t say that!” He held her hand on his cheek and pressed it. Wet tears started to roll on his face.


She moved his hand to her heart. “I love you.. So much.”


“I love you, too and I don’t want to say good-bye. Please..don’t.” He is crying louder, talking between sobs.


She breathed softly. “But this is how we say good-bye… It is inevitable. I will never forget you…” She brushed the tears away from his face and smiled weakly.

His eyes got small and he cried even more. He held her close for several minutes and stroked her hair.

The dreamer is crying as well in his sleep.

7 in the morning, the sun slid through the window of his room. He clicked it close and jump to his car as fast as he can not wanting to be late in a meeting.

As he reached the express way, a loud honking of cars were heard. The traffic is really irritating him. When he found a place to park his car, he get that chance to ride the train instead.

He hurriedly slid in to the train before it closes and sat on the available seat.

She is staring at the man across her for some minutes now. Good thing that the man is busy writing something in his notebook.

The man looks so depressed, he is wearing his suit but he seemed so sad. He is good looking but he hasn’t shaven for weeks. Maybe he has a problem, she thought.

When they reached the next station, a lot of people hurriedly went out of the train blocking her view on the man.

As the door closes again, she glanced back on the man but he is no longer there, instead a notebook was left by him. She picked it up and turn the pages looking for a name or an address where she could give it back. But there was none. What made her curious now was its content. There are a lot of journal written inside. It seemed as if it was the man’s diary. She closes it quickly and placed it inside her bag before curiosity gets the better of her.

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