Manny, We Need Money

TRUE or NOT let me just say this.



I’ve been thinking of what title to give this blog entry of mine, anyway, it doesn’t matter. All I wanna point out is this issue of Manny who is not *as they say* paying his tax. I wanna quote this.


“Obligation is a juridical necessity, to give, to do or not to do.” ~Article 1156


Meaning, it is stated that we can fulfill or not those things that we are obligated to do or to give. Yet, to do or not to do has an equivalent punishment or penalty in our law.


“Taxes are lifeblood of the government and certain availability are an imperious need.”(Commisioner vs. Pineda, 21 SCRA 105)


Our country needed money in order to exist. And it has the right to tax its citizens with its jurisdiction. Our nation needed our contributions no matter how small and big the amount is, to sustain and to make our country developed. I know we are all aware of why there is a tax.



With all of the issues regarding corupt people in the government are spreading like wild fire, it turn out to be one of the countless of reasons on why people are getting tired of paying their taxes. Some will say “wala naman nangyayari”, or  “napupunta lang naman sa bulsa ng iba” I know how it feels, I may not be paying huge amount of tax but we are all giving contributions and it pisses me whenever I will hear news about government officials who are ‘stealing’ money from us.



But then, again, we are obligated to pay our taxes. I remember one of my professors told us that there are only three ways on how to show your love (and as I may add, concern) for your country, it is by not being a pest (that word is what I wanna use, coz I think it is appropriate. Lol) in our country, AND by paying taxes religiously. (I know I said there are three, but I forgot the other one. Haha)



As Manny says, “Nagpabugbog ako, kumita ako, kinuha ng gobyerno.” So, you only have 1.1 Million now? Because the commisioner just said that they sent 22 letters to different banks and only 2 replied saying that there is indeed, an account of Manny in their bank and it turned out that there is only 1.1M. So that is the money that they freeze. To think that this issue since 2008 and 2009 and that Billions of money from him should be added now to the funds of the government and could have helped our government’s projects and even the victims of Yolanda! He said that he paid yet he can’t give a proof.



This may be a big misunderstanding but this could also be a big case. In the end, let’s just all be a good citizen of our country. In any way that we can. Ciao!


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