NOTES FROM THE HEART- Chapter 3: Longer than Forever

Chapter 3: Longer than Forever



“Maya, sabay ka na. Lunch na oh.” Simon asked her to join them



“Uhm, thanks pero busog pa kasi ako. Mamaya na lang ako siguro.”



“You sure?”



“Yes. Thank you.” She smiled at him before he nodded and left



It is 12 noon and she has been very busy with work. Deadlines to meet and paperworks. She needed a breather but she is not really hungry yet. She then remembered the notebook. Excited, she reached for it and started reading again.




I seriously wanted to shout!! Few more weeks and we’re gonna get married! Ganito pala yun no? Ang saya talaga ng pakiramdam. Hindi na ako nakakapagsulat sobrang busy sa preparations, wala din naman ako maisusulat na kakaiba naikwento ko na naman yung mga plans namin and wala na din kami masyadong away ni Chard. Sobrang saya lang namin everyday. Haaay. I can’t wait to be with him every single day of my life.



Alex is such a sweet lady, she thought. “Ang swerte nila sa isa’t-isa. Pero bakit ganun? Di kaya nag-away lang sila nung nakita ko siya? Pero bakit nasa kanya yung notebook ni Alex? Haaaay Maya ayan ka na naman.”



While inside the cab on her way home, she is reading again the notebook. She is smiling as well as if she is invited on that day.




December 20, 2013


This is the day! Our wedding day! Sobrang excited na talaga ako. I can’t wait to see him. Hindi kasi kami nagkita kahapon alam nyo na pamahiin. I started to think the things that I’ll say later. Here it goes.




Looking back, there had been hard times but I won’t trade what we had and will never give up because I know, it cannot be compared to the good times that we shared and I wanna experience more happy times with you. Do you recall all of those days when we will just stay beside each other watching movies at home or just sing at each other? Those were the times that I found the true meaning of happiness.  I would want that to happen every day and if God would bless us more, I wanna do those things with our future children. I love you beyond words Chard. More than you know. We were destined to be together and I know we’ll stay together longer than forever.



I love you soooo much Chard!


Soon Your,

Mrs. Lim



Maya cannot contain her happiness for the writer. She can also feel how happy Alex was. She is happy for them although she don’t know her. But the love she feels is just infectious, she feels giddy.



Then another note was written on the back part of that page. Another written by Chard.



Yes, indeed Love. It was the happiest day of my life. To be able to get married to you.

You said that we’ll be together forever love but where are you now? I wonder why have we been forced apart? What wrong have I done to deserve this agony? Love, I miss you so much and it hurts not to be with you. Funny how only you can make my heart beat fast and how you can tore them apart as well. Its purpose for beating left me..






Maya felt the sadness of the man. How she wanted to comfort him. It is still vague to her the reason of Chard’s sadness. Did Alex left him? She is sure that Alex did. But why? She seemed so in love with Chard.



“Hoy girl!” Emman, Maya’s gay friend snapped his fingers to Maya

They’re having lunch in the cafeteria while talking about things. But Maya’s mind is wandering elsewhere.



“Ha- bakit?” She answered when she was back to reality.




“Kanina ka pa kasi nakatulala ano bang problema friend?”




“Wala naman…”




“Weh? Dali na. Tell me na.” He pushed.



“Fine. Pero actually, hindi ko naman problema eh.”




“Ha? Eh hindi mo naman problema wag mo na problemahin ang hindi mo problem friend!”



She nodded. “Pero kasi Emman, parang ang lungkot niya.”




“Ha? Sino ba?” He started to roll his eyes




“Si Chard.” She absent-mindedly answered





“huh? The who naman itey?”




“Yung may-ari nung napulot kong notebook.”




“Hoy Maya! Bakla anong notebook naman yan? Wala kang naik-kwentong ganyan sa’kin friend!” He demanded a story telling to occur. “Wait! Parang nakikita ko yung notebook na yan. Yung lagi mong hawak? Yun ba yon?” He continued.



She then remembered that she haven’t shared this notebook thing to anyone. “Oo. Yun.”



“Oh, anong meron dun? Akala ko naman plans mo yun for the event na i-oorganize natin for the company.”



“Well, ganito kasi yon. May nakasabay akong lalaki sa LRT nung nakaraang araw. 3days ago ata. Tapos–“



“Ay! Gwapo ba siya?” Emman interfered.








“Ayyy!!!” He shrieked



“Ano ka ba, wag ka naman maingay. At saka hindi naman yun yung issue.” She whispered




“Ay. Okay, sorry naman.” He hushed down. “So ano na? Continue..”




“Ayun na nga, sobrang lungkot nung hitsura niya eh. Alam mo yung parang kakahiwalay lang niya sa mahal niya? Parang ganun eh.”



“Oh. I know. I saw your depressed look like that before! Yung nagbreak ka–” He teased



She cut him off before he could bring up the past. “Tse! Pero seryoso, ganun. Tapos nakita ko siya nagsusulat dun sa notebook. Tapos naiwanan nya yung notebook nung madami ng tao yung lumabas ng train.”  



He paused and sips his drink before answering again. “And? Anong laman nung notebook?”



“Nung una, ayoko naman talaga sanang basahin kaso kasi–“




“I know girl! We’re curious frogs. Nakakacurious kaya yun. Tapos gwapo pa yung nakita mong may hawak. Nako! Syempre kung ako yan babasahin ko din.”




“Sa tingin mo okay lang na pinakielaman ko yun?”



“Ewan ko. Eh finders keepers siguro. Di mo din naman siya kilala so paano at saan mo naman isasauli yun?”



“Kaya nga. Pero kasi masyadong personal yung laman. Parang diary nung tao, ganun.”




“Hayaan mo na lang girl. Pero, wait ano namang problema dun?”



“Para nga kasing nag-away sila or hiniwalayan nung Alex si Chard.”



“Wow! At alam mo na ang pangalan ng mga bida. Winner!” He teased, clapping his hands.



“Malamang naman, para nga kasing journal so nabanggit dun yung name. Kaso masyadong common ang pangalan kaya mahirap pa din hanapin.”




“Kasalanan na niya yun kung nawala niya. Tapos mo na ba basahin?”




“Nope. Pero malapit na.”




“Wow ha! At talagang pinagtiyagaan mo girl! Ano yan Novel book?” He raised his eyebrows at her.




“Eh kasi naman ang sweet lang eh.”




“Naiinggit ka naman sa pagkasweet nila. Tigilan mo na nga lang yan at pag-isipan na natin yung event, dali girl. Baka maalala mo pa yung ex mo!”







They ended the conversation about the notebook and focused instead in their work.

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