Notes From The Heart: Chapter 11: Strange Flower

Chapter 11: Strange flower

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The last few days tires her very well. Deadlines to meet are left and right. Add to the stress that she is carrying is Richard’s mood swings. The fact that he is a good lover, he is also a monster boss.

She never meets what he really wanted in terms of reports and stuffs. He would always say that there is something missing in her paper works, which leads to Maya’s over times.

A tiny part of her likes the over time hours. Because even though he is the cause of her stress, there are a number of times already that he showed his concern. He would ask if she’s doing well, if she has eaten yet, she doesn’t know why she likes that. Of course, he would make it clear that he is just checking on her because he doesn’t want anyone to be risking their health for work. Yet, they cannot afford to lose focus in their respective jobs.

He still didn’t dare to talk to her too much if it isn’t related to work, unlike before. He doesn’t smile at her, too. He remained stiff.

She, on the other hand, is wondering why.

“Girl, magoover time ka na naman?” Emman asked her


“Oh, di ba tapos na natin yung requirements? Konti na lang naman ang work natin ah.”

“Ah, eh.. Gusto ko na kasi gawin ngayon eh.” She answered. Truth is, she only has few more things to do but she wanted to stay. Somehow, she got used to having her work nights stealing glances at him.

“Sabagay, sige sasamahan na din kita. Gusto ko na din tapusin yung mga gagawin ko eh.”

“Ha? Ah. Sige.” She reluctantly agreed.

“Maya, why are you still here?” Chard asked her when he saw her still working.

“Uhm.. May kailangan lang pong tapusin, sir.” She smiled. Her heart beats fast. Why is she feeling like this whenever he is near? This can’t be!

He turned his eyes on the other person on the other side of the table. “Alright. I have to go. You guys should go home in a bit. Don’t stress yourselves too much.” He told Emman and Maya before disappearing.

A deep breath was released by her in disappointment. “Bakit kailangan pa niyang umuwi ng maaga ngayon?” Eh ano naman ngayon sa’yo Maya? Crush mo na ba siya? Naku po! Hindi pwedeeee!!! Parang nung nakaraan galit ka sakanya nung pinagalitan ka ah. Pero di naman niya sinasadya yun, kasi ako naman talaga ang mali nun kasi di ko natapos agad yung trabaho ko. Wow. Ano bang nangyari sa matapang na Maya? Siguro kasi natutuwa ka lang sa kanya. Kasi kahit gaano ka niya sungitan ngayon, nakita mo din kung gaano siya kabait. At, alam mo kung gaano siya magmahal. Teka! Bakit Maya? Naranasan mo na ba? Di ba nabasa mo lang naman sa notebook ni Alex?” She was having an argument with her own self.

“Hoy te!” Emman snapped his fingers to her face. Amused by his friend’s dreamy state.

“H-ha?” She answered when she’s back in reality

“Ha ha! Kanina ka pa kaya paiba-iba ng expression simula nung nakaalis si sir.” He laughed. “Tekaaaa! Siguro si sir ang dahilan ng madalas mong pagoover time no?” He teased.

“Ha? Oy hindi kaya!!”

“Ha ha ha! Oh myyy. Bakit napakadefensive mo ata?”

“Hindi kaya! Ikaw kasi eh. Kung anu-ano iniisip mo!” She pouted with his accusations

“Ang arteeh! Haha. Eh di ba, si sir naman talaga ang dahilan kung bakit ka lagi nagoover time kasi di ba pinapaulit nya yung mga reports mo? Oh. Sino ngayon sa’tin ang kung anu-ano ang iniisip?” He moves his eyebrows up and down.

She blushed. Geeez! What is happening to her?

Emman can’t help but to giggle. “Nako friend. I know you way too much. Alam ko pag kinikilig ka! That crushie feeling!! Ganyan ka dati sa ex mo! Pero come to think of it, parang destined kayo. Biruin mo, napulot mo yung notebook na sa wife nya. Late wife, rather. Tapos nagkita kayo ng ilang beses. Call it destiny or fate, basta di ba! Parang meant to be kayo!” He said lenghtly

“Ano ka ba! Ano bang sinasabi mo! Tigilan mo nga ako.” She dismissed the topic not wanting to blush more. She hates that she, too thinks the same way.

“Alam mo kung ano ang sinasabi ko. Pero teka, nabalik mo na ba yung notebook?”

Oh. Yes. That thing. She almost forgot all about that. “Hindi pa. Parang okay na kasi siya ngayon kaysa dati. Baka maging malungkot na naman yon.” She explained

“Nakoooo! Concerned!!” He chuckled. He is enjoying this.

Maya could only slap her friend’s shoulder to stop him from further teasing and to save herself. “Hindi ko siya gusto, okay?”

He smiled. “Ok. Sabi mo eh.” Emman rolled his eyes with a grin on his face.

She wasn’t aware that she is gradually falling. Or is she? The fact that she enjoys stealing glances at him every now and then sometimes makes her hate her own self.

A red long-stemmed rose was placed on top of her table. She picked it up searching for a note that was left. But to no avail.

“That was left there. I don’t know kung kanino galing. Ako na nga ata nagbukas ng gate sa sobrang aga ko pero hindi ko nakita kung sino naglagay niyan.” Simon appeared behind her as he sees her scrutinizing the flower

“Eh, sino naman magbibigay nito?” She asked out of curiosity

“Ewan ko.” He paused before continuing. “Well, come to think of it. Yung mga nasa maintenance mas maaga yun, or mga guards, or baka may kasalanan ka sa isang tao na nawala na at nagpaparamdam sa’yo! Maybe one of them. Naks! You have an admirer!!” He teased.

“Sira!” She laughed at his thoughts.

Somewhere deep within her is hoping that it was from her newly discovered crush. Really Maya? Is he only your crush? She quickly winced the thought away. Scared to find out that it was more than that.

Every day, a flower would welcome her in the office. It somehow warms her heart seeing that each day, but a part of her is now fearing if the person sending those is a stalker. The fact that no one knows who the person could be, she almost had a hard time sleeping every night thinking who that person might be.

There are a couple of times already when she assumed that it was from Chard but her mind would say that it is impossible. Why would he do that? So the sender of the flower became a stranger and a talk to their department. Some would say that maybe it was from a guy in their other departments. Maybe that is possible, but who could it be?

The clock ticks close to the end of their office hours. She is preparing now to go home when Chard came into her table.

“Hey.” He said. Maya turned around to look at him. She was searching for him the whole day but she didn’t see him. She thought he is out from a dinner meeting or something. He looks so dashing as ever. He is so handsome even though the day is about to end.

“Ahm.. Good afternoon po, sir.” She answered formally. She just passed her report for this month and he approved it already. She can’t think of any reason on why he is talking to her.

“Pauwi ka na?”

“Ah. Opo.”

“Good. Pauwi na din ako, isasabay na kita. On the way naman eh.” He said

“Ah. Hindi na sir. Nakakahiya naman po eh.” Now what is up to this man? She knows too well that the street that where she is residing is way too far from the main road.

“It’s alright. I insist. Besides, I’ve heard about your so-called admirer. Aren’t you alarmed? Kung uuwi ka mag-isa, he might be stalking you. You are safe inside the office but not outside. So, pumayag ka na.” He said matter-of-factly.

She paused and cleared her throat. A realization sank in. So it wasn’t him who is sending her one flower each day? And why is he being this nice to her once again? You are very strange Mr. Lim! You are making me feel giddy. Geez! “Kasabay ko naman po si Emman eh” she replied. She had to say no or else she might conclude that she is really in love with him.

“Really?” He glanced somewhere else, and when she followed where he is looking, she saw Emman who was about to go.

“Ay. Maya, una na ako ha. Bye po sir” He waved at them and took long strides not waiting for her response.

She shrieked inside her head. How she wanted to slap her friend right now. Where is he when she needed him the most?

“So, I guess wala ka ng kasabay.” He took her folders and walked ahead.

She shook her head in disbelief. Calm your heart Maya. Oh please.

The car pulled outside Maya’s house. They had been very quiet the whole ride. No one dared to talk.

“Uh. Salamat po, sir.” She started

“No worries.” Maya nodded and was about to open the car door when Chard stopped her. Holding her arm. Time stood still for Maya. Oh how a single touch could send her somewhere else. Like she was taken into a magical place. “Ah. Maya, about the flowers.” He continued. Talking very slowly as if finding out the right words to say.

Her heart skipped a beat. She is waiting for him to continue. Is she right? Are those flowers really from him? She braced herself to what was he about to say.

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Notes From The Heart: Chapter 10: The Other Side of Him

Chapter 10: The other side of him

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After their encounter in the cemetery, Chard’s been acting strange, well atleast for Maya. Because for those who had worked in their company for years, they are already used to his actions. Yes, every morning when they would greet him a goodmorning, Chard would not even dare to look at them. Maya would want him to just be annoying and not like this. He has been like the last time that she saw him… Sad, depressed… Inside the train.

One day, she was supposed to pass her report to her boss. Unfortunately, her report should be reviewed by Chard first thing in the morning. It was already 11 in the morning when Maya finished scanning her report. Paper works are all over her desk. There are a lot of deadlines to meet that made her needed report today to be a little bit forgotten. She almost forgot that another important paper work should be passed today, and add to that, it should be reviewed by Chard who is now ignoring her. Anyway, she doesn’t really should care. They are not really close, right?

But why does it kept on bugging her on why Chard is acting differently? Somehow, deep within her, she is hoping that he would cast even a glance at her.

Her hands shaking, she gave two soft knocks before slowly opening the door.

As she entered the room, she saw him seated on his swivel chair, eyes on his laptop. He momentarily lifted his gaze to her and just nodded in acknowledgment.

“Uhm.. Goodmorning po sir.” She said as she took baby steps to reach his table.

“Yes?” He answered, still eyes on his laptop.

“Ah. Yung report po kasi na ipapareview ko po. Ito na po. Sir, sor-” she fidgeted as she tries to talk to him.

“Bakit ngayon lang yan?” He cut her off before she could apologize. His eyes shifted now on her.

It seemed as though her tongue was cut off. She cannot utter any word. His eyes were shooting daggers at her. Yes, she saw him sad, depressed, happy, but not like this. She was scared as she discovered the angry side of him. But more than that, she doesn’t want him to get mad at her. No. Never.

And why is that so, Maya?

“So, you just lost your tongue yet again?” He said sarcastically.

“Uhm. Sorry po talaga sir, nagkapatong-patong lang po talaga yung trabaho eh.”

“If that is the case, I guess hindi mo pala kaya magtrabaho dito. That is an unacceptable excuse. Very lame. We are all busy here. The deadline is 9 in the morning. And what time is it? Eleven, right?”

Her heart is beating fast. She wanted to answer back, but she knows too well that she shouldn’t. That would lead to a worse scenario.

So she kept mum and had her head bowed down. She knows that she is really at fault. She was wrong.

“Sorry sir. Promise, it won’t happen again.” She answered almost inaudibly.

“Dapat lang!” He almost shouted, in which startled Maya. She keep her head bowed down, staring at her fingers.

“You may go. I’ll just talk to you later after I’m done with it.” He said in a calmer tone when he saw Maya’s misty eyes.

Maya nodded and headed outside his office. Wanting to go out as fast as she can. Before, she was annoyed by him yet she appreciates his kindness the last time that he helped her. But now, she hates him. Yes, she is to blame on why he acted like that but she was badly hurt. All these time, she thought that he is an ideal man. That he will never hurt a girl. Anyway, she shouldn’t be that affected. It is business. This is work. She should be professional. They are not friends, anyway.

She was revising her report in the afternoon after Chard’s disapproval of it. She hasn’t eaten yet for she has a lot of things to do.

“Girl, hindi ka pa ba uuwi?” Emman asked her. Maya lifted her gaze from her paper works to look at their office clock. It is now 10 minutes pass 5 in the afternoon. She didn’t realize that it was now their dismissal.

“Di pa eh. I’m not yet done with this. Masyadong madaming gusto si Sir baguhin eh. Besides, madami pa din ako dapat na matapos. Mag-oovertime na lang siguro ako.” She answered reluctant with her own idea

“Hay nako girl. Gusto sana kita samahan kaso may pupuntahan ako. Teka, di ka pa kumakain! Gusto mo ba ibili muna kita ng food?” He offered her as he remembered that his friend didn’t have her lunch.

Her stomach is grumbling yet, she declined his offer “di na. Bababa na lang ako mamaya. May biscuits pa naman ako dito. Yun na lang muna.”

“Nako! Para ka namang nasa lamay. O siya, basta kumain ka ha?”

Maya smiled and nodded at her friend before she watched him walk away.

Darkness is covering the whole city. Lights are lit up on the buildings that can be seen outside the office’s windows.

Yawn. She is sleepy and tired. It is almost 7 o’clock in the evening. She is munching her biscuits which served as her lunch and dinner when suddenly, a door flew open.

Realization sank in, she never thought that Chard was still in his office. He had let her revised her report today and let it reviewed again tomorrow morning.

Since her table was only few steps away from his office, he immediately saw her when he walks pass by the tables. She glanced and smiled at him but quickly removed her eyes from him.

“Is that your dinner?” He asked, somewhat annoyed. “Ano na naman bang problema nito?” She asked herself.

A nod.

“Couldn’t you get any descent meal?” He probed further raising his eyebrow.

She wanted to answer that she cannot afford to eat and waste few minutes and it is all his fault. But she knows that she can’t answer him like that. So, she paused for a while to gather right words to say.

“Ah. Tatapusin ko lang po ito sir. Malapit na naman po eh, tapos kakain na din po ako after.” She smiled tentatively

After hearing her out, he left without saying anything. Maya could only shrug her shoulders. He is totally weird.

“Here.” He placed a paper bag on top of her table few minutes after he left her

“Po? Ano po yan sir?” She asked out of curiosity

“A descent meal. I cannot also afford to lose man power, you know. Ayokong may magkasakit lalo na at kailangan natin matapos lahat ng requirements ng clients.” He answered. “Now eat. I will go back inside my office. You can go once you’re done.” And with that, he left her again.

Now she doesn’t know if she should be happy about his thoughtfulness. And for the record, he is not concerned to you Maya, he is concerned in their business. You should take note of that! She reminded herself.

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Notes From the Heart Chapter 9: Fate

Chapter 9: Fate

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The strong wind lashes its way on the whole area. Sun is hiding somewhere behind the dark clouds. She is quietly sitting on the still dry grass uttering a silent prayer. A few moments after, a smile crept up her lips. She badly misses her grandmother and not even a bad weather would stop her from visiting her. Not on her death anniversary.

Fresh bouquet of flowers are laid near by her beside her grandmother’s grave. She closes her eyes once more appreciating the deafening silence of the place. An indeed, stress reliever.

She is walking slowly, making her way out of the cemetery when a huge tent and few people caught her attention. Soil piled up on one side as a white coffin is being placed slowly 6-feet below the ground.

Just then, loud cries were heard. It pained her heart to see such event. It somehow brings her back to the day that she lost her grandmother. She scanned from a far those who are there. She saw women and men trying to control their sobs, hankies covering their faces. But one man looks so devastated. He is crying his lungs out and she could only feel sad about this stranger’s pain. The guy suddenly cried so hard which broke the silence of the whole place. Surely, that guy is broken hearted.

The rain that the clouds were holding for a few hours suddenly poured heavily. Like the sky is also crying with this man. Maya could only hoped for the best for him as she prayed once more for this total stranger.

Shielding her eyes from the extreme heat from the sun, she doubled her steps wanting to get out of the cemetery as soon as she can. She visited her grandmother after another year. She’s been busy with work that it is only now that she gets a chance to visit her again.

Sweat is now dripping on her face, she quickly wiped her whole face with a towel when a familiar voice few meters away was heard by her.

“So, it’s you.”

Maya slowly lifted her gaze to the familiar voice.

She was shocked when he saw him there. Her feet were glued on the ground. Heck, what is he doing here? She thought that she won’t see him again. Fate could really play on you sometimes, she thought.

She can no longer feel the intense heat, her body becomes numb as she watches this man walking towards her, holding a bouquet of sunflowers.

“What are you doing here? Maya, right?” He asked, poker faced.

How she wanted to answer him with “What else will I do in a cemetery?” But she remembered who she is talking to. This somehow annoying guy is still her boss. Respect should always be there. “Uhm. I visited my late grandmother, sir.” She answered almost inaudibly.

His eyebrows raised noticing how she addressed him. “You are too formal. Wala naman tayo sa office. And besides, I’m not the one who is responsible for the company that you’re working in. I’m actually on the other company, the sister company, that is.” He half-smiled.

Maya could only nod lost with words.

“Anyway, pauwi ka na?”

“Uh.. Opo.”

“Then, just wait for me for a while. Sabay na tayo.” He stride his way to where he is supposed to go, not waiting for Maya’s response.

With Chard’s back now facing her, she can only roll her eyes. He’s been saying that she shouldn’t be too formal with him, and yet, he just commanded her to wait for him! How this guy could test her patience. She heaved a sigh in disbelief.

Like an obedient girl waiting for her parents, she watched Chard from a far as he knelt and placed the bouquet on top of the tomb stone. He traced the name embossed on the tomb. A few moments after, she saw him, wiping his tears away. Did she just saw him crying? She once again saw the sadness in his face like when the first time that she saw him. Now, she is so sure that he is really Chard.

But it seemed as though, she once saw him crying like this at the same place… She just can no longer recall when.

Thick air of awkwardness are all over the car, even an axe couldn’t cut it. He wouldn’t even dare to glance at her, he is so focused on the road.

“So, should I turn left?” He suddenly asked, glancing at her for seconds.

“Ah.. Opo. Tapos dun na lang din ako bababa sa may kanto, may sakayan na naman dun ng tricycle para di na din kayo mahassle.” She answered matter-of-factly

“No. Ihahatid na kita.”


“Anong street nung bahay mo?”

“Dito na lang po, sir sa tabi.”

Chard pulled his car outside a two-storey house painted with blue and violet.

She quickly got out of the car before he could open the door for her. “Ah..sir, salamat po. Sige po, pasok na po ako sa loob.” She tried to smile at him as she dismisses him.

“Alright.” He casted a glance at her and nodded before finally leaving her standing there.

She closed her eyes and sighed as a relief. She barely breathed with his presence. He really do look good, though, he looks better in the photo of him and his late wife. Oh how love can really do you good, eh?

The aircondition inside the room makes her shiver. It is still early for a coffee break, though, and she couldn’t even dare waste even a few minutes. She still has a lot of things to finish first.

Consumed by all of her paper works, she was startled when she heard everyone greeted someone a goodmorning.

Quickly, she shifted her gaze only to find an all too familiar figure of a man. Yes, it’s him again. She took a deep breath as her heart started pounding fast for the reason that she, herself doesn’t know as well.

Luckily, the man walked passed by everyone without greeting them back. A tiny part of her wanted her to be noticed by him, in which she quickly dismissed.

“Mayaaaaaa!!” Emman squealed in excitement when he approached Maya’s table.

“Oh?” She answered disinterested, somehow knowing what her friend wanted to say.

“Nabalitaan ko kasi, na si Sir pogi daw muna ang papalit sa daddy niya. Grabe lang girl. Major shareholder pala sila nitong company!! And, we just had an encounter with him! Haaaayy.” He said dreamily.

“Ah” she replied, though she was really shock with her friend’s news to her but what can she say? She just can’t believe it.

“Grabe ka, yun lang ang isasagot mo? Diyan ka na nga muna girl.” He pouted at her before he left.

The clock hit twelve in the afternoon, it is now their lunch break. Emman and her other officemates are now having their lunch as Maya opted to stay some more to be able to finish her report that needed approval.

The office of Chard is only a few tables away from hers. She would glance at his door every now and then wondering why he didn’t went out.

After scanning her report once again, she decided to have her lunch.

Few steps from her table, she was startled when Chard’s office door flew open.

Their eyes met. Time stood still.
She awkwardly smiled at him. He just stared back and didn’t even bother to acknowledge her presence, he suddenly removed his gaze to her and he started to walk away without even giving her a smile.

Weird, what’s wrong with him?, she asked herself. He’s been very kind to her last week when they saw each other in the cemetery and now he’s been acting weird. Well, maybe he’s stressed with work. And who are you anyway, Maya? She shook her head and made her way to the cafeteria.


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Notes From The Heart: Chapter 8: Day Two

Chapter 8: Day Two

Another tiring day for all of them. During the day, there are fun activities that happened although, she can’t join some because of her foot, she enjoyed watching them. Funny how she scanned almost every one in the venue hoping to see the man who somewhat, she confessed, did helped her. Even though, she didn’t even know what he looks like. So, she just look at those whom she finds kinda attractive as what Emman describes him. But then, she feels that the stranger is not there because if he is there, Emman won’t stop teasing her.

During their afternoon break, after eating their lunch, she went back in their room. The notebook is still inside her bag. Honestly, she doesn’t know why on the first place did she brought it here with her. She just finished reading it. Still, she opened it and scanned its pages. To her surprise, at the very last page of the notebook, there is a picture. It is a wedding picture together with the couple’s family which looked like it was just taken a few years ago. It was definitely well-kept.

She unintentionally flipped the picture and saw a familiar hand writing which says:

I love you Gel..
You will forever be my only love…


Once again, she saw the face of the man whom she saw few weeks ago. He is indeed very handsome especially when he’s smiling, she thought. He is very happy in this wedding picture with his love. No doubt that he surely loves her. And Alex, the first time that Maya saw her. She has been very curious on how she looked like and all that she can say is that, she really looks like an angel. She is photogenic, or rather really pretty. No wonder why she is loved by her husband way too much. A tug of bitterness creeped into her heart. When will she find someone as loving as Chard?

The stars light up the sky as the crashing of the waves can be heard as the background music. She is alone again on the beach but this time, she chose to stay far from the ocean. She chose to sit on the nearest bench that she saw.

Few steps away from her, she saw a figure of a man sitting on the sand. He is holding a can of beer on his right hand. He held it high and consumed it until its last drop. He was about to throw it on the ocean when Maya, saw what’s about to transpire, stopped him from doing so.

“Hey!!” She shouted.

The man places back the can of beer beside him but he didn’t search where the voice came from.

Maya slowly made her way to the man. Her right foot didn’t stop her from making her way to him.

“Alam mo bang bawal magtapon ng basura sa dagat? Kaya ang daming namamatay na isda sa dagat dahil sa mga kagaya mo eh!” She scolded him as soon as she’s on his back.

“I know miss Nature lover. Kaya nga hindi ko na tinuloy di ba? Happy?” He answered, inebriated. Still not looking back at her.

“Kaya mo lang naman hindi tinuloy kasi pinigilan kita!”

“Ano ba talagang problema mo? Ikaw ba may-ari nitong resort?!” Irritated, he stood up and faced her.

They are now staring at each other, face to face. Their faces, few inches away.

Maya’s eyes widened in surprise. “Yy-y–yo–”

“Yes, its me.” He answered, scrutinizing her from head to toe seeing her bandage. “Oh. I know now, ikaw yung babae kahapon. Well, you’re welcome.”

She’s shocked to see him this close. Add to that, he is not what she expected. She is not that nice and all. Now she hates the fact that she once upon a time hoped to find someone like him. Small world, and just yesterday, he is also the same man who well, kinda saved her.

“Lost your tongue?” He quipped after a deafening silence ensued. “Find me attractive?” He added and gave her his killer smile which annoyed her even more.

“Ang kapal.” She said, lost for words.

“Nice to meet you, too. I’m Ricky, and you are?” He reached his hand asking for a hand shake.

“Ricky? Pero… Siya si Chard eh. Wait, baka naman kamukha lang niya Maya.. Tama, kamukha lang niya. Malabong siya yun kasi malayo sa description ni Alex eh.” She told herself.

“Maya.” They shook hands

“Okay, nice name. How’s your foot?”

“Getting better.”

“Good. Well, nice to meet you, again. I better sleep. Goodnight nature lover. See you around.” He winked at her before leaving her behind. Maya could only heave a sigh.

All night long, Maya can’t sleep. She’s been holding the picture of Chard and Alex. She is so sure that it is Chard as well. But, why is his name Ricky? Maybe, they really looked alike.

Given that if it’s really Chard, what will she do? Hug him and comfort him like what she intend to? Oh no. Just a mere thought of him makes her blood boil. On the other hand, will she give the notebook back to him? What will she say? That you guys have the most touching lovestory ever? Or will she pretend that she didn’t even dare to open it? Uuugh. She now hates how small the world can be.

The last day of the company in the venue ends with another quick seminar. Everyone are all ears as the owner of the company delivers his speech. Applause were heard afterwards. Maya’s eyes were glued to the first row where Chard is seated. Maybe, he really has a high position in the company for he is seated next to the owner, she thought. Then it hit her hard on how she treated that guy last few days. She patted her forehead in disbelief. She might get fired with her actions. Oh Maya!

They are now gathered outside waiting for their service van. Big bosses are also out bidding their good-byes to the other heads. She surreptitiously glanced at Chard. A few moments after, he caught her staring at him which made her switch her gaze somewhere else.

A smile was given by Ricky.. The first time he gave such for a long time. This was noticed by his friend, Ryan. Ryan traced where his friend’s eyes are on. This might be the start of his friend’s moving on, he thought.

“Bro, wait lang ha. You guys go ahead.”

“Di na Ricky, hihintayin ka na namin. May pinaguusapan pa naman kami ng mga department heads natin eh.”

“Okay, excuse me.” He made his way to Maya. He finds her cute. Too cute to annoy and tease.

“Hello nature lover. Wala pa ba yung service niyo?” He asked her, his lips curves up in a smile.

“Omggg! Girl, kinakausap ka ni sir pogi!” Emman whispered to Maya with his giddy tone.

“Siya si Sir Pogi? Hay. Oo nga pala Maya siya yung tumulong sa’yo.” She, yet again talks to herself.

“Uhm.. Yes sir.” She answered politely

“Oh. What happened to the Tiger that I just encountered last night? Got tamed by me?” He teased her again. He doesn’t know why, but he enjoys teasing her.

She doesn’t want to answer. Random thoughts are in her mind now. She’s so confused with the sudden turn of events. The thick air of awkwardness are everywhere. Imagine, talking to the lead character of the lovestory that you’re so hooked in. Good thing, their service came in. Saved by the van!

“Uhm.. Sige sir, we have to go.” She tried to smile at him as she tries to maintain her composure.

“Alright. Take care. See you around.” He waved his hand at her as he bids good-bye.

Tell me that he is not serious about that ‘see you around’ thing?, she thought. She doesn’t want to see him again. She’s experiencing a rush of different emotions. Annoyance, guilt, anger, and others that she cannot even name. She really hopes it’ll be the last time that she will see him. If this is the punishment of what she just did, please oh please if only she can travel back, she will never, ever even touch that notebook!

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Notes From The Heart: Chapter 7: Encounter

Chapter 7: Encounter

(A/N: hi guys! Since bitin daw, okay pinost ko na ito agad. Thanks sa mga nageeffort magbasa at magcomment. Haha :)))

It is already 7 in the evening. The seminar for the day just ended. Everyone are given their own time to relax. Maya chose to stay in their room while her other friends are outside, swimming.

“Ano na Maya magkukulong ka na lang ba here?” Emman barged in their room

“Sige na, kayo na lang. Dito na muna ako.” She lazily answered, still lying on her bed

“Hay nako! Bahala ka. May nakita pa naman akong gwapo kanina. Kaso boss ata natin yun.”

“Ha? Kung boss natin yun, kilala natin yun.”

“Oo nga, pero parang dun siya sa sister company natin eh. Yun ata ang hinahandle nya. Kasi yung si Tin na kasama ko kanina sa pagwewelcome kilala nya yun eh. Boss daw niya eh sa kabilang company siya. Gwapo talaga! Hay. Kaso masungit eh! Binati ko tapos pangalan agad ang sinabi para mahanap agad yung upuan niya.” He fully said while rolling his eyes

She laughed. “Ikaw talaga! Sige na dun ka na.”

“Grabe ka naman makataboy sa beauty ko! Bahala ka pag ako ang unang nakakita sa kanya ha.”

“Sige. Sa’yo na!” She replied, laughing still as her friend exits her room.

When boredom strikes her, she picks up her jacket and proceeded outside.

The cold breeze welcomed her. The pool is just few walks to her left while the beach is few minutes of walk in her right. She wanted to be alone. Just for tonight, she thought.

With her jacket, white shirt, shorts and a pair of flip flops on, she walked towards the beach. It is dead quiet there with the sound of the waves crashing as the only sound that can be heard.

Her eyes immediately searched for a place where she could sit. A huge rock is located near the water, she loves the ocean for it gives her the relaxation that she wanted. Dismissing the bench that she saw which is far from the ocean, she doubled pace her way to the rock.

Her footprints are washed away by the waves. Like a little girl, she jumped and splashed her feet as the waves crash in the sand.

After a few moments, she made her way back to the rock. She slowly climbed up.

“Miss! Be careful!” Suddenly, a man shouted behind her which startled her and made her slip her right foot. Fortunately, she is able to hold on to a part of the rock which stopped her from falling and hitting her head.

But then, she can no longer move her foot. It is stuck in between the space of the rock and it badly hurts whenever she tries to remove it.

“Ouch!!” She cried in pain.

The man quickly climbed up the rock and helped her.

“I told you to be careful! Madulas nga dito!” He scolded

She looked up, obviously irritated by the man. But she cannot picture his face for it is dark in that area. “Anong ako? Eh ikaw nga itong may kasalanan! Kung hindi mo ako sinigawan kanina, hindi ako magugulat at madudulas! Ugggh!”

“At ako pa talaga? Wow. You’re unbelievable!” He shouted back to overpower the waves as he tries to remove her foot without hurting her.

“Ouch! Masakit!” She cried in pain and gave the stranger a slap on his arm.

“Wait! Wag kang magulo!”

“Eh masakit nga eh! Ako na nga lang! Di ko naman kailangan ng tulong ng may kasalanan nito!”

“Fine. Kung ayaw mo ng tulong, good luck.” Pissed, he left her hanging there.

Irritated, angry even, she fished her phone in her pocket to ask for help when the stranger is nowhere insight. He really did left her there.

Unfortunately, there is no signal. She shouts for help but no one can hear her. The beach is isolated at this time of the night. She is shivering now and the jacket can no longer help.

She is losing hope when suddenly, Emman and some other people ran to her.

When the nurse of the resort helped her to get out and bandages are placed to her foot, she was helped by Emman in walking back to her room.

“Girl, ikaw talaga. Nag-alala ako sa’yo! Paano kung hindi kami sinabihan ni Sir Pogi na may kasamahan daw kami ata na in danger?! Tinignan pa namin kung nasa room ka pa, at boom! Wala ka dun, so mega takbo pa kami papunta dito. Haaay! Baka kung nalate kami kung ano na nangyari sa’yo!” Emman animatedly said, concern written all over his face

“Sir pogi?”

“Oo! Yung ikinukwento ko sa’yo kanina lang! Siya yung nakakita sa’yo eh kaso ayaw mo daw magpatulong. Lalo tuloy ako nainlove sa kanya!! Haaaay” He shrieked “Mabait pala siya. Kaso kaasar ka, ako ang unang nakakita tapos ikaw ang unang nagka-moment!”

“Yun? Mabait? Eh ang yabang nga eh!”

“Grabe ka girl, tinulungan ka na nga eh. So, nakita mo na siya? Sabi sa’yo gwapo eh.”

“Hindi ko nakita ang mukha niya, madilim dun. At wala akong pakielam kasi kasalanan niya ito!” She irritatingly answered as she remembered what happened earlier

“Ha? Bakit siya?”

“Eh kung hindi naman siya sumigaw hindi ako magugulat at madudulas!”

“Eh ano ba ang isinigaw? At bakit ka ba kasi dun pa umaakyat sa malaking bato? Aber?”

Limping, she answered back “be careful daw. Alam ko naman, dahan-dahan nga ako eh. Kaso nagulat ako sa kanya!”

“Wow, concerned lang yung tao friend.”

“Basta! Hindi siya mabait, okay?” She said in finality

“Don’t judge the book when you don’t see its cover yet!!” He playfully teased, Maya just rolled her eyes in response.

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Notes From The Heart: Chapter 6: The Event

Chapter 6: The Event

458 days after.
Another good night sleep has occured. He had another dream with Alex. His smile was written on his face. How he miss his lady love. But after a few minutes, reality hit him again. How he wish he could live in his own dream.

Groggily, he tried to stand up. His head is still pounding hard. Another hangover, he should get used to it.

Cans and bottles of beers are scattered all over the floor. The smell of the beers can be smelled all over the room. Anyway, his helper would clean up this again later.

Ring. His phone is ringing again. He answered it after a couple more of rings were heard.


“Bro, finally!” A sigh was released by the caller.

“What do you want?” He asked

“Well, baka lang nalilimutan mo yung event natin with our sister company. 3 days yon ha. Ano, sasabay ka ba sa’kin papunta sa venue?”

He shook his head, and pinched the bridge of his nose. He totally forgot all about that event. Actually, he really didn’t care about anything now. Nothing really matters. “I’m not in the mood bro. I’m not feeling well. I am really planning nga of not going to the office today.”

“Bro, hindi pwede! Clients are there, kailangan nandun ang mga head. Once a year lang ito. Last year nga hindi ka na nakasama–” the guy on the other line trailed off as he remembered that his friend is still hurting and a mere mention of anything that could lead to the past is sure to hit Chard again.

“Fine. I’ll go, I will just pack my things. Ako na lang ang pupunta.”

“Yun! Okay we will wait for you. See you there bro!”

He hung up immediately. He hates such events. Before, Alex would force him to go and she would even tell him that she’ll go with him. But now, he will go alone. But he believes he needed this. He can’t lock himself up every day. This might be a start. A day to forget all about the pain that he is feeling.

“Girl! Ano? May dala ka bang swimsuit?” Emman excitedly asked her. They are now in the office, waiting for their service van. Today is the event of their company that they had been very busy preparing about with the last weeks.

“Ha? Anong swimsuit ka dyan?”

“Ano ka ba naman girl! 3 days tayo dun. May pool, wide ocean and everything! Pwede daw magswimming after ng mga tiring seminars.”

“Kailangan swimsuit pa? Di na. Wala naman ako balak magswimming eh.”

“Maria Clara ka talaga! Ito naman. At ano naman ang gagawin mo dun after ng seminars? Magbasa na naman ng notebook na napulot mo, aber?” He said, his arms crossed.

“Wag ka ngang maingay!” She whispered. She still feels guilty about her, reading what’s not hers. “Tsaka isa pa, wala na akong babasahin.”

“Oh, eh bakit? Nabalik mo na sa.. Ano nga ba pangalan nun?”


“Ay. Oo! Yun nga.”

“Hindi ko pa nababalik. Pero natapos ko na kasi basahin.”

“Omg! Ano ba kasi mayroon dun at masyado kang hook? Tutal tapos mo na naman, ipahiram mo na lang sa’kin!” He happily suggested.

“Sira! Ano yun, published book? Nagi-guilty nga ako pero kasi nakaka-curious.” She bit her lips. She can’t believe she finished reading other people’s private life.

“Ngayon ka pa talaga naguilty diyan?!”

She heaved a sigh. Yes, he’s right. “Tama na nga. Oh, ayun na pala yung van. Tara na.” She pulled Emman inside the van

Maya and her other girl officemates are in the same room. There are three of them per room. The venue is a beach resort located in a province hours away from Manila.

They are given 1 hour to rest and freshen up before helping in preparing for their seminar. Big bosses are all coming in this event, everything should be perfect.

Chairs, tables, foods, lists are all prepared. Maya is designated to help in everything. Busy as a bee, she walks in every corner of the hall making sure that every thing is okay.

“Bro, nasaan ka na?”

“I’m already here. Papunta na ako sa seminar.”

“Okay, good. Nandito na din kami eh. Malapit na din magstart. Anyway, sasabihin naman nila kung saan ka uupo eh. Sige bro, see you!”


He hung up his phone as he continues to walk towards the function hall.

“Good afternoon sir!” A staff greeted him

“I’m Ricky Lim.” He answered, not greeting the staff back. Chard uses his nick name in almost everything, except, of course different documents. He reserves his name to Alex. After his wife’s death, no one is allowed to call him in his given name. Alex loves calling him Chard with her sweetest voice ever.

“Ay. Yes sir, Iya please assist Mr. Lim to his seat.”

The seminar lasted for a couple of hours. Chard’s mind is wandering somewhere else. In boring times like this, he’s given a reason to think about Alex.. Yes, his lady love.

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Notes From The Heart Chapter 5: LAST DAYS

Chapter 5: Last Days

(A/N: this will be a short one. Other chapters are already on my lappy wala lang talaga time to post. Salamat po sa lahat ng nagbabasa and nagko-comment! :)) I’m also writing na yung After The Wedding Part 4. After Prelims ko na lang siguro ipopost. Thankieee :))

Every single day I can feel that I’m getting weaker. Chard convinced me to try everything that the hospital can offer to cure me but I dismissed everything. I pleaded him to just let me live as normal as possible. I don’t want to get stuck on my bed and to stay there all of my remaining days. I wanna spend the rest of my life with him, as happy as it can be. I want memories, more memories to treasure and to bring with me in heaven.

He is beside me every minute now. Scared of leaving me even a few minutes. Last night, I saw him crying. Trying his best to control his sobs. I am hurting as well. I am still here with him and yet, I can witness him like this. Devastated. How much more when I’m gone? I cannot bear watch him from heaven like this, even worse than his state now. Lord, please if you’ll take me away from him, give him someone better than me who can make him feel whole again. Please…

Yesterday, I ask Chard to accompany me. I wanna go to the beach, let the cold breeze touch my face. Fortunately, he agreed. We stay side by side, watching the waves crash on the rocks. The sun setting with the light slowly disappearing. The stars lit up, I know one day, I’ll be one of those stars and would watch over my husband. I rested my head on his shoulder and stayed there beside him. I could stay like this with him forever… Only, there is no such thing as forever.

This would be the last entry that I might write here. It is harder for me to write now, even do things that I normally do. I easily gets tired now. I don’t think I will last for few more weeks. I can feel it. The breathing seems like a hard task for me now. I want few more days but I know I’ve been given days that I deserve. At least, I was given few more days to be with the people that I love. I am lucky enough to be able to bid them good-bye.


Love thank you. I am so happy that I’ve experienced living and spending every single day with you. I love you. Please take good care of yourself. Live your life. Promise me that you will. This is not the end for you.. Neither for us, I will remember you and will continue to love you even when I’m gone.

Loving you longer than what forever may give,
Alex Lim

That is the last entry of Alex in the notebook. Maya cried harder now, she is also in pain.

She turns again the page hoping for another letter or anything that she might found. And again, there it is. Another letter, the last written there in the notebook. Stained with water.. Or maybe tears.

I belong right beside you. You are my life, how can I live now that you’re gone? Tell me! I am nothing at all. I am alone… Waking up each day without you is the hardest thing ever. Facing each day without you, Love… I am so lost without you. Every night I dream of you..I long for you. I hate it that all that I can do now is to remember you. That is not enough! I don’t know what else to do. If you’re here, you would tell me.. You always know how to ease the pain, how to make me smile.. I love you…please..please… I need you…

Maybe, it is the same thing that Chard is writing down when she saw him on the train. Surely, if Maya will see Chard again, she will hug him tight. He needed comfort. There are no dates on the other entries so she doesn’t know when did Alex died. One thing is for sure though, no matter how long she left him, he is still hurting. He is barely breathing. He is still stuck in the labyrinth of his past.

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