Notes From The Heart: Chapter 6: The Event

Chapter 6: The Event

458 days after.
Another good night sleep has occured. He had another dream with Alex. His smile was written on his face. How he miss his lady love. But after a few minutes, reality hit him again. How he wish he could live in his own dream.

Groggily, he tried to stand up. His head is still pounding hard. Another hangover, he should get used to it.

Cans and bottles of beers are scattered all over the floor. The smell of the beers can be smelled all over the room. Anyway, his helper would clean up this again later.

Ring. His phone is ringing again. He answered it after a couple more of rings were heard.


“Bro, finally!” A sigh was released by the caller.

“What do you want?” He asked

“Well, baka lang nalilimutan mo yung event natin with our sister company. 3 days yon ha. Ano, sasabay ka ba sa’kin papunta sa venue?”

He shook his head, and pinched the bridge of his nose. He totally forgot all about that event. Actually, he really didn’t care about anything now. Nothing really matters. “I’m not in the mood bro. I’m not feeling well. I am really planning nga of not going to the office today.”

“Bro, hindi pwede! Clients are there, kailangan nandun ang mga head. Once a year lang ito. Last year nga hindi ka na nakasama–” the guy on the other line trailed off as he remembered that his friend is still hurting and a mere mention of anything that could lead to the past is sure to hit Chard again.

“Fine. I’ll go, I will just pack my things. Ako na lang ang pupunta.”

“Yun! Okay we will wait for you. See you there bro!”

He hung up immediately. He hates such events. Before, Alex would force him to go and she would even tell him that she’ll go with him. But now, he will go alone. But he believes he needed this. He can’t lock himself up every day. This might be a start. A day to forget all about the pain that he is feeling.

“Girl! Ano? May dala ka bang swimsuit?” Emman excitedly asked her. They are now in the office, waiting for their service van. Today is the event of their company that they had been very busy preparing about with the last weeks.

“Ha? Anong swimsuit ka dyan?”

“Ano ka ba naman girl! 3 days tayo dun. May pool, wide ocean and everything! Pwede daw magswimming after ng mga tiring seminars.”

“Kailangan swimsuit pa? Di na. Wala naman ako balak magswimming eh.”

“Maria Clara ka talaga! Ito naman. At ano naman ang gagawin mo dun after ng seminars? Magbasa na naman ng notebook na napulot mo, aber?” He said, his arms crossed.

“Wag ka ngang maingay!” She whispered. She still feels guilty about her, reading what’s not hers. “Tsaka isa pa, wala na akong babasahin.”

“Oh, eh bakit? Nabalik mo na sa.. Ano nga ba pangalan nun?”


“Ay. Oo! Yun nga.”

“Hindi ko pa nababalik. Pero natapos ko na kasi basahin.”

“Omg! Ano ba kasi mayroon dun at masyado kang hook? Tutal tapos mo na naman, ipahiram mo na lang sa’kin!” He happily suggested.

“Sira! Ano yun, published book? Nagi-guilty nga ako pero kasi nakaka-curious.” She bit her lips. She can’t believe she finished reading other people’s private life.

“Ngayon ka pa talaga naguilty diyan?!”

She heaved a sigh. Yes, he’s right. “Tama na nga. Oh, ayun na pala yung van. Tara na.” She pulled Emman inside the van

Maya and her other girl officemates are in the same room. There are three of them per room. The venue is a beach resort located in a province hours away from Manila.

They are given 1 hour to rest and freshen up before helping in preparing for their seminar. Big bosses are all coming in this event, everything should be perfect.

Chairs, tables, foods, lists are all prepared. Maya is designated to help in everything. Busy as a bee, she walks in every corner of the hall making sure that every thing is okay.

“Bro, nasaan ka na?”

“I’m already here. Papunta na ako sa seminar.”

“Okay, good. Nandito na din kami eh. Malapit na din magstart. Anyway, sasabihin naman nila kung saan ka uupo eh. Sige bro, see you!”


He hung up his phone as he continues to walk towards the function hall.

“Good afternoon sir!” A staff greeted him

“I’m Ricky Lim.” He answered, not greeting the staff back. Chard uses his nick name in almost everything, except, of course different documents. He reserves his name to Alex. After his wife’s death, no one is allowed to call him in his given name. Alex loves calling him Chard with her sweetest voice ever.

“Ay. Yes sir, Iya please assist Mr. Lim to his seat.”

The seminar lasted for a couple of hours. Chard’s mind is wandering somewhere else. In boring times like this, he’s given a reason to think about Alex.. Yes, his lady love.

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