Notes From The Heart: Chapter 7: Encounter

Chapter 7: Encounter

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It is already 7 in the evening. The seminar for the day just ended. Everyone are given their own time to relax. Maya chose to stay in their room while her other friends are outside, swimming.

“Ano na Maya magkukulong ka na lang ba here?” Emman barged in their room

“Sige na, kayo na lang. Dito na muna ako.” She lazily answered, still lying on her bed

“Hay nako! Bahala ka. May nakita pa naman akong gwapo kanina. Kaso boss ata natin yun.”

“Ha? Kung boss natin yun, kilala natin yun.”

“Oo nga, pero parang dun siya sa sister company natin eh. Yun ata ang hinahandle nya. Kasi yung si Tin na kasama ko kanina sa pagwewelcome kilala nya yun eh. Boss daw niya eh sa kabilang company siya. Gwapo talaga! Hay. Kaso masungit eh! Binati ko tapos pangalan agad ang sinabi para mahanap agad yung upuan niya.” He fully said while rolling his eyes

She laughed. “Ikaw talaga! Sige na dun ka na.”

“Grabe ka naman makataboy sa beauty ko! Bahala ka pag ako ang unang nakakita sa kanya ha.”

“Sige. Sa’yo na!” She replied, laughing still as her friend exits her room.

When boredom strikes her, she picks up her jacket and proceeded outside.

The cold breeze welcomed her. The pool is just few walks to her left while the beach is few minutes of walk in her right. She wanted to be alone. Just for tonight, she thought.

With her jacket, white shirt, shorts and a pair of flip flops on, she walked towards the beach. It is dead quiet there with the sound of the waves crashing as the only sound that can be heard.

Her eyes immediately searched for a place where she could sit. A huge rock is located near the water, she loves the ocean for it gives her the relaxation that she wanted. Dismissing the bench that she saw which is far from the ocean, she doubled pace her way to the rock.

Her footprints are washed away by the waves. Like a little girl, she jumped and splashed her feet as the waves crash in the sand.

After a few moments, she made her way back to the rock. She slowly climbed up.

“Miss! Be careful!” Suddenly, a man shouted behind her which startled her and made her slip her right foot. Fortunately, she is able to hold on to a part of the rock which stopped her from falling and hitting her head.

But then, she can no longer move her foot. It is stuck in between the space of the rock and it badly hurts whenever she tries to remove it.

“Ouch!!” She cried in pain.

The man quickly climbed up the rock and helped her.

“I told you to be careful! Madulas nga dito!” He scolded

She looked up, obviously irritated by the man. But she cannot picture his face for it is dark in that area. “Anong ako? Eh ikaw nga itong may kasalanan! Kung hindi mo ako sinigawan kanina, hindi ako magugulat at madudulas! Ugggh!”

“At ako pa talaga? Wow. You’re unbelievable!” He shouted back to overpower the waves as he tries to remove her foot without hurting her.

“Ouch! Masakit!” She cried in pain and gave the stranger a slap on his arm.

“Wait! Wag kang magulo!”

“Eh masakit nga eh! Ako na nga lang! Di ko naman kailangan ng tulong ng may kasalanan nito!”

“Fine. Kung ayaw mo ng tulong, good luck.” Pissed, he left her hanging there.

Irritated, angry even, she fished her phone in her pocket to ask for help when the stranger is nowhere insight. He really did left her there.

Unfortunately, there is no signal. She shouts for help but no one can hear her. The beach is isolated at this time of the night. She is shivering now and the jacket can no longer help.

She is losing hope when suddenly, Emman and some other people ran to her.

When the nurse of the resort helped her to get out and bandages are placed to her foot, she was helped by Emman in walking back to her room.

“Girl, ikaw talaga. Nag-alala ako sa’yo! Paano kung hindi kami sinabihan ni Sir Pogi na may kasamahan daw kami ata na in danger?! Tinignan pa namin kung nasa room ka pa, at boom! Wala ka dun, so mega takbo pa kami papunta dito. Haaay! Baka kung nalate kami kung ano na nangyari sa’yo!” Emman animatedly said, concern written all over his face

“Sir pogi?”

“Oo! Yung ikinukwento ko sa’yo kanina lang! Siya yung nakakita sa’yo eh kaso ayaw mo daw magpatulong. Lalo tuloy ako nainlove sa kanya!! Haaaay” He shrieked “Mabait pala siya. Kaso kaasar ka, ako ang unang nakakita tapos ikaw ang unang nagka-moment!”

“Yun? Mabait? Eh ang yabang nga eh!”

“Grabe ka girl, tinulungan ka na nga eh. So, nakita mo na siya? Sabi sa’yo gwapo eh.”

“Hindi ko nakita ang mukha niya, madilim dun. At wala akong pakielam kasi kasalanan niya ito!” She irritatingly answered as she remembered what happened earlier

“Ha? Bakit siya?”

“Eh kung hindi naman siya sumigaw hindi ako magugulat at madudulas!”

“Eh ano ba ang isinigaw? At bakit ka ba kasi dun pa umaakyat sa malaking bato? Aber?”

Limping, she answered back “be careful daw. Alam ko naman, dahan-dahan nga ako eh. Kaso nagulat ako sa kanya!”

“Wow, concerned lang yung tao friend.”

“Basta! Hindi siya mabait, okay?” She said in finality

“Don’t judge the book when you don’t see its cover yet!!” He playfully teased, Maya just rolled her eyes in response.

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