Notes From The Heart: Chapter 8: Day Two

Chapter 8: Day Two

Another tiring day for all of them. During the day, there are fun activities that happened although, she can’t join some because of her foot, she enjoyed watching them. Funny how she scanned almost every one in the venue hoping to see the man who somewhat, she confessed, did helped her. Even though, she didn’t even know what he looks like. So, she just look at those whom she finds kinda attractive as what Emman describes him. But then, she feels that the stranger is not there because if he is there, Emman won’t stop teasing her.

During their afternoon break, after eating their lunch, she went back in their room. The notebook is still inside her bag. Honestly, she doesn’t know why on the first place did she brought it here with her. She just finished reading it. Still, she opened it and scanned its pages. To her surprise, at the very last page of the notebook, there is a picture. It is a wedding picture together with the couple’s family which looked like it was just taken a few years ago. It was definitely well-kept.

She unintentionally flipped the picture and saw a familiar hand writing which says:

I love you Gel..
You will forever be my only love…


Once again, she saw the face of the man whom she saw few weeks ago. He is indeed very handsome especially when he’s smiling, she thought. He is very happy in this wedding picture with his love. No doubt that he surely loves her. And Alex, the first time that Maya saw her. She has been very curious on how she looked like and all that she can say is that, she really looks like an angel. She is photogenic, or rather really pretty. No wonder why she is loved by her husband way too much. A tug of bitterness creeped into her heart. When will she find someone as loving as Chard?

The stars light up the sky as the crashing of the waves can be heard as the background music. She is alone again on the beach but this time, she chose to stay far from the ocean. She chose to sit on the nearest bench that she saw.

Few steps away from her, she saw a figure of a man sitting on the sand. He is holding a can of beer on his right hand. He held it high and consumed it until its last drop. He was about to throw it on the ocean when Maya, saw what’s about to transpire, stopped him from doing so.

“Hey!!” She shouted.

The man places back the can of beer beside him but he didn’t search where the voice came from.

Maya slowly made her way to the man. Her right foot didn’t stop her from making her way to him.

“Alam mo bang bawal magtapon ng basura sa dagat? Kaya ang daming namamatay na isda sa dagat dahil sa mga kagaya mo eh!” She scolded him as soon as she’s on his back.

“I know miss Nature lover. Kaya nga hindi ko na tinuloy di ba? Happy?” He answered, inebriated. Still not looking back at her.

“Kaya mo lang naman hindi tinuloy kasi pinigilan kita!”

“Ano ba talagang problema mo? Ikaw ba may-ari nitong resort?!” Irritated, he stood up and faced her.

They are now staring at each other, face to face. Their faces, few inches away.

Maya’s eyes widened in surprise. “Yy-y–yo–”

“Yes, its me.” He answered, scrutinizing her from head to toe seeing her bandage. “Oh. I know now, ikaw yung babae kahapon. Well, you’re welcome.”

She’s shocked to see him this close. Add to that, he is not what she expected. She is not that nice and all. Now she hates the fact that she once upon a time hoped to find someone like him. Small world, and just yesterday, he is also the same man who well, kinda saved her.

“Lost your tongue?” He quipped after a deafening silence ensued. “Find me attractive?” He added and gave her his killer smile which annoyed her even more.

“Ang kapal.” She said, lost for words.

“Nice to meet you, too. I’m Ricky, and you are?” He reached his hand asking for a hand shake.

“Ricky? Pero… Siya si Chard eh. Wait, baka naman kamukha lang niya Maya.. Tama, kamukha lang niya. Malabong siya yun kasi malayo sa description ni Alex eh.” She told herself.

“Maya.” They shook hands

“Okay, nice name. How’s your foot?”

“Getting better.”

“Good. Well, nice to meet you, again. I better sleep. Goodnight nature lover. See you around.” He winked at her before leaving her behind. Maya could only heave a sigh.

All night long, Maya can’t sleep. She’s been holding the picture of Chard and Alex. She is so sure that it is Chard as well. But, why is his name Ricky? Maybe, they really looked alike.

Given that if it’s really Chard, what will she do? Hug him and comfort him like what she intend to? Oh no. Just a mere thought of him makes her blood boil. On the other hand, will she give the notebook back to him? What will she say? That you guys have the most touching lovestory ever? Or will she pretend that she didn’t even dare to open it? Uuugh. She now hates how small the world can be.

The last day of the company in the venue ends with another quick seminar. Everyone are all ears as the owner of the company delivers his speech. Applause were heard afterwards. Maya’s eyes were glued to the first row where Chard is seated. Maybe, he really has a high position in the company for he is seated next to the owner, she thought. Then it hit her hard on how she treated that guy last few days. She patted her forehead in disbelief. She might get fired with her actions. Oh Maya!

They are now gathered outside waiting for their service van. Big bosses are also out bidding their good-byes to the other heads. She surreptitiously glanced at Chard. A few moments after, he caught her staring at him which made her switch her gaze somewhere else.

A smile was given by Ricky.. The first time he gave such for a long time. This was noticed by his friend, Ryan. Ryan traced where his friend’s eyes are on. This might be the start of his friend’s moving on, he thought.

“Bro, wait lang ha. You guys go ahead.”

“Di na Ricky, hihintayin ka na namin. May pinaguusapan pa naman kami ng mga department heads natin eh.”

“Okay, excuse me.” He made his way to Maya. He finds her cute. Too cute to annoy and tease.

“Hello nature lover. Wala pa ba yung service niyo?” He asked her, his lips curves up in a smile.

“Omggg! Girl, kinakausap ka ni sir pogi!” Emman whispered to Maya with his giddy tone.

“Siya si Sir Pogi? Hay. Oo nga pala Maya siya yung tumulong sa’yo.” She, yet again talks to herself.

“Uhm.. Yes sir.” She answered politely

“Oh. What happened to the Tiger that I just encountered last night? Got tamed by me?” He teased her again. He doesn’t know why, but he enjoys teasing her.

She doesn’t want to answer. Random thoughts are in her mind now. She’s so confused with the sudden turn of events. The thick air of awkwardness are everywhere. Imagine, talking to the lead character of the lovestory that you’re so hooked in. Good thing, their service came in. Saved by the van!

“Uhm.. Sige sir, we have to go.” She tried to smile at him as she tries to maintain her composure.

“Alright. Take care. See you around.” He waved his hand at her as he bids good-bye.

Tell me that he is not serious about that ‘see you around’ thing?, she thought. She doesn’t want to see him again. She’s experiencing a rush of different emotions. Annoyance, guilt, anger, and others that she cannot even name. She really hopes it’ll be the last time that she will see him. If this is the punishment of what she just did, please oh please if only she can travel back, she will never, ever even touch that notebook!

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  1. Can’t wait for their next meeting the story is getting better each chapter hope to read the next chapter soon please!!! Thanks”………….

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