Notes From the Heart Chapter 9: Fate

Chapter 9: Fate

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The strong wind lashes its way on the whole area. Sun is hiding somewhere behind the dark clouds. She is quietly sitting on the still dry grass uttering a silent prayer. A few moments after, a smile crept up her lips. She badly misses her grandmother and not even a bad weather would stop her from visiting her. Not on her death anniversary.

Fresh bouquet of flowers are laid near by her beside her grandmother’s grave. She closes her eyes once more appreciating the deafening silence of the place. An indeed, stress reliever.

She is walking slowly, making her way out of the cemetery when a huge tent and few people caught her attention. Soil piled up on one side as a white coffin is being placed slowly 6-feet below the ground.

Just then, loud cries were heard. It pained her heart to see such event. It somehow brings her back to the day that she lost her grandmother. She scanned from a far those who are there. She saw women and men trying to control their sobs, hankies covering their faces. But one man looks so devastated. He is crying his lungs out and she could only feel sad about this stranger’s pain. The guy suddenly cried so hard which broke the silence of the whole place. Surely, that guy is broken hearted.

The rain that the clouds were holding for a few hours suddenly poured heavily. Like the sky is also crying with this man. Maya could only hoped for the best for him as she prayed once more for this total stranger.

Shielding her eyes from the extreme heat from the sun, she doubled her steps wanting to get out of the cemetery as soon as she can. She visited her grandmother after another year. She’s been busy with work that it is only now that she gets a chance to visit her again.

Sweat is now dripping on her face, she quickly wiped her whole face with a towel when a familiar voice few meters away was heard by her.

“So, it’s you.”

Maya slowly lifted her gaze to the familiar voice.

She was shocked when he saw him there. Her feet were glued on the ground. Heck, what is he doing here? She thought that she won’t see him again. Fate could really play on you sometimes, she thought.

She can no longer feel the intense heat, her body becomes numb as she watches this man walking towards her, holding a bouquet of sunflowers.

“What are you doing here? Maya, right?” He asked, poker faced.

How she wanted to answer him with “What else will I do in a cemetery?” But she remembered who she is talking to. This somehow annoying guy is still her boss. Respect should always be there. “Uhm. I visited my late grandmother, sir.” She answered almost inaudibly.

His eyebrows raised noticing how she addressed him. “You are too formal. Wala naman tayo sa office. And besides, I’m not the one who is responsible for the company that you’re working in. I’m actually on the other company, the sister company, that is.” He half-smiled.

Maya could only nod lost with words.

“Anyway, pauwi ka na?”

“Uh.. Opo.”

“Then, just wait for me for a while. Sabay na tayo.” He stride his way to where he is supposed to go, not waiting for Maya’s response.

With Chard’s back now facing her, she can only roll her eyes. He’s been saying that she shouldn’t be too formal with him, and yet, he just commanded her to wait for him! How this guy could test her patience. She heaved a sigh in disbelief.

Like an obedient girl waiting for her parents, she watched Chard from a far as he knelt and placed the bouquet on top of the tomb stone. He traced the name embossed on the tomb. A few moments after, she saw him, wiping his tears away. Did she just saw him crying? She once again saw the sadness in his face like when the first time that she saw him. Now, she is so sure that he is really Chard.

But it seemed as though, she once saw him crying like this at the same place… She just can no longer recall when.

Thick air of awkwardness are all over the car, even an axe couldn’t cut it. He wouldn’t even dare to glance at her, he is so focused on the road.

“So, should I turn left?” He suddenly asked, glancing at her for seconds.

“Ah.. Opo. Tapos dun na lang din ako bababa sa may kanto, may sakayan na naman dun ng tricycle para di na din kayo mahassle.” She answered matter-of-factly

“No. Ihahatid na kita.”


“Anong street nung bahay mo?”

“Dito na lang po, sir sa tabi.”

Chard pulled his car outside a two-storey house painted with blue and violet.

She quickly got out of the car before he could open the door for her. “Ah..sir, salamat po. Sige po, pasok na po ako sa loob.” She tried to smile at him as she dismisses him.

“Alright.” He casted a glance at her and nodded before finally leaving her standing there.

She closed her eyes and sighed as a relief. She barely breathed with his presence. He really do look good, though, he looks better in the photo of him and his late wife. Oh how love can really do you good, eh?

The aircondition inside the room makes her shiver. It is still early for a coffee break, though, and she couldn’t even dare waste even a few minutes. She still has a lot of things to finish first.

Consumed by all of her paper works, she was startled when she heard everyone greeted someone a goodmorning.

Quickly, she shifted her gaze only to find an all too familiar figure of a man. Yes, it’s him again. She took a deep breath as her heart started pounding fast for the reason that she, herself doesn’t know as well.

Luckily, the man walked passed by everyone without greeting them back. A tiny part of her wanted her to be noticed by him, in which she quickly dismissed.

“Mayaaaaaa!!” Emman squealed in excitement when he approached Maya’s table.

“Oh?” She answered disinterested, somehow knowing what her friend wanted to say.

“Nabalitaan ko kasi, na si Sir pogi daw muna ang papalit sa daddy niya. Grabe lang girl. Major shareholder pala sila nitong company!! And, we just had an encounter with him! Haaaayy.” He said dreamily.

“Ah” she replied, though she was really shock with her friend’s news to her but what can she say? She just can’t believe it.

“Grabe ka, yun lang ang isasagot mo? Diyan ka na nga muna girl.” He pouted at her before he left.

The clock hit twelve in the afternoon, it is now their lunch break. Emman and her other officemates are now having their lunch as Maya opted to stay some more to be able to finish her report that needed approval.

The office of Chard is only a few tables away from hers. She would glance at his door every now and then wondering why he didn’t went out.

After scanning her report once again, she decided to have her lunch.

Few steps from her table, she was startled when Chard’s office door flew open.

Their eyes met. Time stood still.
She awkwardly smiled at him. He just stared back and didn’t even bother to acknowledge her presence, he suddenly removed his gaze to her and he started to walk away without even giving her a smile.

Weird, what’s wrong with him?, she asked herself. He’s been very kind to her last week when they saw each other in the cemetery and now he’s been acting weird. Well, maybe he’s stressed with work. And who are you anyway, Maya? She shook her head and made her way to the cafeteria.


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  1. yes!!! pero eng bee tin ako dun ah šŸ˜‰ ang hirap timplahin ni chard!!! di yata nkagamot.. hehehe.. salamat sa update!! sana may continuation na…

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