Notes From The Heart Chapter 17: Falling

Chapter 17: Falling Deeper

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The following days are the same. They would go out together during lunch, or if Richard has an important meeting, they will have dinner instead. He made sure also, that he will be the one to drive Maya home.

And as expected, rumors are circulating around the office about them, that they are already a couple. Maya would just shrug her shoulders whenever asked and just admitted about their current status to her close friends whom she trust the most.

On the other hand, Maya can feel herself falling so deep. He is like a trap, and she’s almost trapped. But James wouldn’t also stop from bringing her back. She’s missing the sweet gestures of James as well.

As Richard drives her home, James is waiting inside their house and had cooked dinner for her and her whole family. That’ll explains why her mother adores James so much. She allowed James to do what he wants to do, he wouldn’t budge anyway.

Good thing, James would always park his car a little bit far from their house so that it wouldn’t block their gate. That’s why whenever Richard drives her home, he has no idea that James is waiting for Maya inside their house.

“Maya..thank you ha.” James thanked her as she leads him outside their house after the dinner that he prepared for them.


“For welcoming me almost everyday here. Hindi na kita nahahatid pauwi kasi may nauna na sa’kin, but at least, you are allowing me to continue showing you how much I still love you.” Yes, James knew that he now has a competitor, that made him to doble his efforts.

She gave a weak smile and nodded. “Salamat din sa dinner.”

“No problem. So, see you tomorrow. Goodnight.”

Tomorrow? Saturday bukas ah?, she thought. But before she could ask why would she see him tomorrow, James rode his car and drove away.

Weekends are usually her day off from Richard and James’ sweet gestures. She would always decline their offer during weekend to give herself a break from too much giddiness that they’re giving.

As she laid on top of her bed, her phone rang and she saw Ricky’s name flashing on the screen.

“Hello, Ricky.” She greeted him with a smile on her face

“Hi. I just got home.”

“Oh, kanina mo pa ako hinatid di ba?”

“Yes, medyo traffic kasi and before I went home, bumalik ako sa office, I forgot something”

“Ay ganun ba? Osige na, gabi na. Magpahinga ka na.”

“Alright, ikaw din.. So, see you tomorrow, goodnight Maya.”

“Wha-” Maya was about to ask why would they see each other tomorrow, but Richard hung up already. So what now? How will she be able to see James and Richard tomorrow? Well, it’s not her problem anymore. She didn’t said yes, anyway.

Richard is very excited for today, he is smiling foolishly as he imagines how this day would be. He immediately parked his car outside Maya’s house and texted Maya “I’m here” then he waited patiently outside.

It is 9 in the morning and James couldn’t help himself but to smile from ear to ear. He had a list of the things to do today with Maya. He should have a headstart from his competitor whom he doesn’t know that it was Richard.

Imagine the shock on their faces as both of them were surprised. Both are holding a bouquet of flowers. One, holds roses and the other one is holding a bouquet of sunflowers. They studied each other from head to toe with their eyebrows raised.

Right there and then, a confrontation would be held, only if Maya didn’t came.

“Uh… Hi.” She greeted them as soon as she noticed the tension building between the two.

Immediately, Richard and James shifted their gaze to Maya. And the frown from their faces had vanished as they saw a beautiful woman standing there.

“Hi, Maya.” Richard greeted her and gave her the sunflowers.

Richard was about to kiss her on her cheek but James holds his left shoulder to stop him and gave the roses to Maya. “Hi Maya, goodmorning!” James smiled at her.

Maya could only heave a sigh. “Goodmorning, uh.. Anong ginagawa nyo dito?”

“Di ba, I told you last night na we will see each other?” Richard reminded her

James gave Richard a dagger look. “Ah, di ba kagabi, bago ako umuwi, I also told you na magkikita tayo ngayon?”

Richard shifted his eyes back to James and stared at him with eyebrows furrowed. “Nandito siya kahapon?” The question was asked to Maya but his eyes were fixed to James.

“Ah.. Oo.” She answered nervously

“Yes, almost every night. I cook for her family.” James smiled at Richard annoyingly.

Richard’s heart pierced with pain, all along he thought that he is the only one that Maya is entertaining. Although, of course, Maya has the right to entertain other suitors. But he just couldn’t take it that the guy who made Maya cry before was given another chance.

“Ah.. Guys, pwede pasok na muna kayo sa loob?” She told them, and both followed Maya quietly.

James took his seat on the left side of the couch while Richard took the right side. Maya stood in front of them, scratching her head.

“Ah… Ano gusto nyo for lunch? Magluluto ako. Pero kumain muna kayo ng breakfast.”

“Ahm.. It’s okay, Maya. I already ate breakfast at home” Richard said

“Ako din” James told her

“Okay, pagtitimpla ko na lang muna kayo ng kape. Namalengke pa kasi si mama.” She said and left the two of them.

Maya would occasionally look at Richard and James from the kitchen as she stirs the cups of coffee. She makes sure that they won’t fight.

She came back with two cups at hand and handed them to the two. In which both thanked her simultaneously.

The thick air of awkwardness is slowly filling the place as minutes of silence pass by. Fortunately, Maya’s mother broke it.

“Maya, nak.” Teresita, Maya’s mother went in and was surprised to see two guys sitting on the couch who immediately stood up and greeted her a goodmorning when they saw her.

“Aah.. Magandang umaga din. Oh, James ang aga mo naman ata ngayon.” Teresita smiled genuinely to James.

“Ah.. Aayain ko po kasi sana si Maya lumabas eh.”

Richard bowed his head down. With the sound of her voice, it is sure that Maya’s mother likes James so much.

When Maya saw Richard, she immediately introduced him to her mother. “Aah, Ma, si Ricky nga pala.. Ano…”

“Ricky Lim. Manliligaw po ni Maya.” Richard quickly offered his hand for a handshake to her mother which she took. Teresita could only switch his eyes to Maya and to Richard as she shook Richard’s hand. Teresita was surprised to find out that Maya’s boss is courting her daughter.

“Ay kung ganoon, maupo na muna kayong dalawa at magluluto kami muna ni Maya. Teka, kumain na ba kayo ng agahan?” Teresita asked the two

“Opo” the two replied

“O sya, sige. Dito kayo magtanghalian ah? Kaming dalawa lang naman ni Maya ang nandito ngayon eh. Maya halika na sa kusina.” Teresita made her way to the kitchen ready to talk to her daughter.

She took the remote control of their flat screen tv and took a cd in her father’s collection of action movies that she thought the boys would like to watch as they wait for lunch.

“Ah, Ricky, James, manuod na muna kayo ha. Sandali lang.” She smiled at them before she left.

Richard is uncomfortable sitting beside this man. Never did he imagined that his plan of taking her to Tagaytay for a date would end up like this. He mentally reviewed all the activities that he prepared to do that day, but all of his plans didn’t happen. And it’s because of the guy seated beside him. He glances at James and it seemed as though he’s enjoying the Jackie Chan film that is shown on the television.

He is starting to hate this day. Well at least, he could still spend his day with Maya. Yes, that’s it, he should still be thankful.

James is not enjoying the movie. He loves Jackie Chan but the situation that he’s in right now makes his mood bad. He planned on taking her out for a movie date like they used to do before during weekends. He would love to spend time with Maya alone. Surely, he would enjoy this movie that they are watching if only Maya is seated beside him. And he wouldn’t care if the movie is boring or if he had watch it a thousand times already. What matters is if Maya is beside him. But that is not the scene he is in righ now.

He took a glance at Richard, and it seems as if he’s enjoying the movie that they are watching. He is starting to hate him.

“Anak, kanina ka pa tingin ng tingin sa sala.” Teresita noticed her daughter as she continues to slice the veggies. “Baka naman mahiwa ka sa pagbabalat ng patatas.” She teased

“Ehhh. Ma, naman e.”

“Nako, anak. Hindi ka man lang nagkukwento na meron ka pa pala isang manliligaw. Akala ko si James lang. Siya lang naman kasi ang nakikita ko palagi.”

“Eh, nito lang din naman po nanligaw si Ricky. Tsaka palagi po nya ako hinahatid kaso hindi ko na naaaya pumasok kasi alam ko nandito si James” she stated.

“Ah. Kaya pala… Pero mukhang mabait din naman yang si Ricky..”

“Opo naman Ma.” She smiled

Teresita raised her eyebrow upon seeing her daughter smile. “E, sino ba ang lamang?” Teresita eyed her daughter

“Ma, naman e!” She pouted and shook her head

Teresita laughed upon seeing her daughter blush. That would answer her question. She knows her daughter very well and she now knows who is the reason of the bright smiles of her daughter.

“Alam mong boto ako kay James kasi kilala ko na sya. Siguro nga nagkamali sya pero alam naman nating pareho na talagang seryoso sya sa paghingi ng patawad at sa sinabi nyang mahal ka pa din niya. Pero, mukhang maayos din naman si Ricky. Wag mo lang paasahin anak kung sino man ang sa tingin mo’y walang pag-asa.”

After hearing her mother, Maya shifted her gaze back to the two guys who are seated on the couch who seemed so consumed on the tv. She sighed. “Sino nga ba sa kanila, Maya?”, she asked herself before going back to what she’s doing.

Richard and James are sitting on the chairs of a rectangular dining table. Richard and James are seated across each other.

Maya sat beside James because her mother took the seat beside Richard. The jealousness inside Richard’s heart became more noticeable to him because James had the chance to be beside his Maya and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Richard was about to offer Maya rice when James also took it. Both James and Richard’s hand were holding the bowl of rice, eyeing each other as if telling each other to back off, but James lets go of the bowl. Richard immediately offered it to Maya and smiled. While James, on the other hand took the bowl of kaldereta and offered it to Maya’s mother in which the lady gladly took.

“Wrong move Ricky! You should have offered it first to Maya’s mom. You wanted to gain her trust don’t you?!” He is mentally scolding himself.

“Kain lang kayo ng kain, wag kayo mahiya ah” Teresita told them as they started eating. She shifted her attention to Richard when she noticed how quiet this man is, unlike James who keeps on talking and making her and Maya laugh with his stories.

“Ah, Ricky..” Richard lifted his eyes to meet Maya’s mother asking why. “Ah, eh hindi kasi kita kilala pero alam ko na boss ka ni Maya. Eh.. Talaga bang gusto mo ang anak ko?” She asked

“Ma!” Maya butted in

“Oh, bakit? Nagtatanong lang naman”

Richard smiled nervously. “Opo naman.”

“Mabuti naman. Yun lang naman ang gusto kong malaman. Wala namang problema na nanliligaw kayo. Mabuti nga at nakilala ko kung sino ang manliligaw ni Maya.”

Maya could only shook her head. She looked up and hers and Richard’s eyes met. She smiled, he smiled.

After lunch, Richard, Maya and James, seated in that order are watching Maya’s favorite chick-flick movie. She is so consumed in watching that she didn’t notice that the two guys beside her is watching her intently. But after a few, James and Richard’s eye met and they frown before they stared back to the television.

“Uh.. Maya, thanks for today.” Richard told her as Maya ushers Richard and James outside their house.

“Thank you din.”

“Ah Maya, I enjoyed a lot. See you on Monday? Ipagluluto ko ulit kayo nila tito” James told her as he flashes a smile

“Sure, sige.” She could see the disappointment in Richard’s face from her peripheral vision as she agreed to James’ offer.

“Well, goodbye Maya.” The two bid their goodbyes and left her standing outside the gate.

She is so confused. She will be needing time to think things over.


Days had passed and Richard and James continued in courting Maya. Same routine of Richard having lunch and sending her home while James is spending dinner time with her. There are also times when Richard would ask Maya to have lunch in their house together with her mother. She knows that Richard is trying to also win her mother’s heart which she appreciates the most.

She sure is confused with different emotions bubbling up inside her. One friday afternoon, Richard can’t take her out for lunch since he has a lunch meeting. So, she is having her lunch with her old buddies, Simon and Emman.

“Oi! Girl, tulala ka na naman.” Emman noticed Maya staring at nowhere while toying her food.

“Ha?.. Ay. Sorry.”

“May problema ba, Maya?” Simon asked her, worried.

“Eh.. Ano kasi..”

“Okay! Parang alam ko na.. Confused ka?”

“Eh.. Oo, Emman.”

“Wait, confused saan?” Simon shifted his gaze to Maya and Emman

“Shhh! Quiet ka dyan Simon. Of course, confused sya sa feelings nya! Haba ng hair ng friend natin e. Nako!” Simon could only laugh at Emman’s comment and upon realizing what he meant.

“Emman naman eh! Naguguluhan na nga ako nang-aasar ka pa.”

“Hay nako. Ano ba ang magulo girl? Okay, sabihin na nating medyo naguguluhan ka sa nararamdaman mo, pero hindi naman pwede na parehas mo silang mahal. So, sino ba ang lamang?” Emman leaned forward waiting for her response

“Eh! Hindi ko nga alam.” She pouted

“Naloko na!” Simon chuckled

“Naku po! Ganito lang yan Maya gurl. Sino yung nagpapangiti sa’yo, kapag nakikita mo or nagtetext or tumatawag?”

She paused as she thinks “Uh.. Pareho.”

“Sino yung gusto mong nakikita?”

“Uhm.. Pa-pareho??”

“Nako problema yan!” Simon butted in

“Shhhh! Quiet ka dyan, Simon. May pangFinale question pa ako! Pag ito pareho pa din ang sagot mo, sinasabi ko sa’yo ako na gugupit sa buhok mong mahaba!”

“Emman naman e!” They all laugh

“Oo na, ito na!.. Okay, last question. Ito ha, timbangin mong mabuti…” Maya nodded while waiting for the question to be thrown. She needed enlightenment from her feelings. “As I told you, hindi mo sila parehong mahal. Maaaring natutuwa ka dun sa isa or yung isa naman namimiss mo lang yung dating siya. So… Here it goes. Sino sa kanila ang hindi mo kayang tumigil sa panliligaw at makita na may iba ng kasama kinabukasan?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

She gazed at her two friends who are staring intently at her. She is thinking.. Lost with her own thoughts. Her heart is piercing on just a mere thought of this guy leaving her alone… She finally knew the answer. And her answer is him.. Yes, it is him.

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Notes From The Heart Chapter 16: Mutual

Chapter 15: Mutual

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He is sweating profusely as he gathers his courage. He is not really sure on how to say to her what he’s been feeling. He feels that this is not right. He still loves Alex, but there is also a growing feeling for Maya that he can no longer ignore.

“You what?” She probed.

“Um. I think.. I love you.” He blurted out. The last 3 words are said like it has been fast forwarded in a movie.

“Ha?!” She exclaimed, her eyes grew big and round in shock.

“I said, I think I love you.”

She was surprised more than ever. She feels giddy inside. She wanted to jump upon hearing those words. But wait, she realized that there is something wrong in how he had said it. “You.. Think? So, you just think you love me? You are not so sure.” A tone filled with sadness was released by her. She was sad upon realization.

“No, I’m just.. I know, I do.. But.. It’s just that..”

“Ano?” Her heart missed a thousand beats while waiting for his answer. The thing that he said that he does love her but there are reasons to made him feel so confused. Well, she herself is confused with him.

He felt all the nervous static in his heart empty into his bloodstream. He doesn’t know what to say to her. He might get rejected or avoided with just a single wrong word.

“Well, I.. I .. Can I court you?” He asked for a permission. And for that single moment of his life, he forgot his promise. To stay away from Maya.

She kept mum, she wanted to tell him to stay away for a while to make sure if he really do loves her, but the thought of him staying away from her already hurts like hell. She sure is fazed with the sudden turn of events. Although Richard is still puzzled with his own feelings, and she assumed it’s because of Alex, she is beyond happy! Imagine your crush feels the same way! But, she doesn’t know what to say. What should she say? Guys shouldn’t ask such question to a girl.

So, she stared at him. Like as if Richard is not there in front of her.

“Um.. Okay, I will just court you, then.” He grimaced. Oh how his face lights up. Maya couldn’t help but smile, too.

A long stemmed white rose with a note and a bouquet of tulips were on her table the next day. For sure, the rose is from James but the bouquet, she is not sure where it came from.

Her officemates and friends are teasing her as soon as she came in to the office.

“Oh, ang ganda mo te!” Emman teased her as soon as she puts her bag on top of her table and held the bouquet of tulips. She could only smile in response.

“Oh ano dali! Kanino galing yan?” Emman asked her.

“Ewan ko, ito na nga babasahin ko pa lang di ba?” She playfully replied.

“Gooo! Dali!” Emman went beside her and leaned to her shoulder to be able to read the note from the bouquet.

Hi. Goodmorning! Dinner later? – Ry

Ry? Is it Richard? Or well, yes, Ricky? She asked herself. She doesn’t want to assume that Richard is serious in courting her. Did he really sent her this?

“Girl! Sino si Ry? Ikaw ha! Bukod kay James meron pa. Magpagupit nga tayo bukas!” He pinches his friend to her side

“Sira. Ewan. Back to work na nga te. Ikaw talaga.” She laughed

“Nakoo. Umiiwas! Malalaman ko din kung sino yan!” He rolled his eyes before leaving Maya’s table. Maya could only chuckle.

She’s busy doing paper works when suddenly, at 10am, everyone greeted someone a goodmorning. And when she lifted her gaze to see who it was, her lips curved up for a smile. It’s Richard.

He casted a glance at her and half-smiled before greeting everyone a goodmorning and heading in to his office.

All of them were surprised that Richard greeted them back a good morning. He’s indeed in a good mood today. She wonder if she’s the reason behind it. She couldn’t help but smile for too much happiness.

At exactly 12 in the afternoon, she is already going out with her friends. They’ll be having their lunch out. She’s still in cloud nine as the bouquet caught her eyes. She is too giddy. She just couldn’t help it.

“Oi girl, dali na, I’m super hungry na. Sila Simon nasa baba na. Wait na lang daw nila tayo there.” Emman stomped in front of Maya’s table while waiting for her to finish.

“Oo, Emman. Ito na.” She said while fixing her things inside her bag. She lifted her gaze at Emman and was on their way towards the elevator when Liza, Richard’s secretary saw them. Liza is behind them, shouting Maya’s name.

They turn around to face Liza. “Oh, Liza, bakit?” Maya asked her as soon as she faces her.

“Eh kasi, pinapatawag ka ni Sir Ricky. Pagkatapos nung meeting namin, sabi nya papuntahin daw kita dun e. May itatanong ata about dun sa paper.” She explained.

Maya shifted her gaze from Liza to Emman. “Hay nako girl, sige na tawag ka ni sir pogi na bipolar. Hihintayin ka na lang namin sa baba.” Emman said and leaned in to her to whisper something. “Sige na Maya, baka namiss ka!”

She can feel her cheeks blushing but she quickly shook her head to hide her giddiness. “Ay. Nako, sige wag na Emman. Gutom ka na nga. Dami mo nang sinasabi. Una na kayo, baka matagalan pa yun lalo na kung may ipapabago si sir.”

Emman pursed his lips to hide his giddiness, and nodded. “Goodluck girl. Bawas-bawas sa kilig!” He whispered again to her before he disappeared.

Maya could only roll her eyes. Emman might knew that she likes Richard but she will not tell him yet that Richard is courting her already. With the thought of him courting her makes her smile like a fool!

But what does Richard want now? She knows that, that paper was reviewed by her twice, no, thrice. She is so sure that it’ll pass his standards. So, what now?

“Uuh.. Maya?” Liza brought her back from her reverie. “Tara na?”

“Ay. Oo nga. Sige.”

“Sir?” Liza stepped inside Richard’s office.

“Yes?” He looks up to her while seated on his swivel chair.

“She’s here.”

“Okay, let her in.”

Liza moved backward to give Maya some space. “Good afternoon po, sir.” She smiled tentatively.

He nodded at her.

“Ah.. Sir, may kailangan pa po ba kayo?” Liza asked Richard as soon as Maya was seated on the chair in front of Richard’s table.

“Wala na. Thank you. You can now have your break.”

Liza raised her eyebrows. Did she really heard him say thank you?

“What?” Richard eyed her.

“Ay. Wala po, sir. Sige po.”

As soon as Liza went out, Richard turned off his laptop and faced Maya.

“Ah.. Sir, may kailangan po ba baguhin sa pinasa ko?” She asked. It was too awkward to talk to him now. Is that normal?

“Well, sorry to disturb your break but it really can’t wait.”

“I know, sir. Okay lang po. Ano po ba yung kailangan kong baguhin?” She asked but she cannot look straight into his eyes.

“Baguhin? No. You’re already perfect.” He said. Maya could feel her cheecks burning red. Why is he like that?! She wanted to scream with too much giddiness.

It took her a moment to answer. Richard is smiling at her. He is so cute.
“Sir, naman eh. Ano nga po yung papaguhin dun sa pinasa ko kanina?”

He laughed. “Maya, tayo lang ang nandito. So please, drop the sir. And saan mo naman nakuha yung idea na ipapabago ko yung pinasa mo? In fact, I’m quite impressed, it is not because that I am courting you, okay? It’s really good. I think nagsawa ka na, na pabalik-balik dito sa office ko kapag may ipapaayos ako sa works mo kaya sobra mong ginalingan.” He told her

Maya blushed more upon her hearing once again that he is courting her, add to that, he’s impressed with her work. This is all too much for her mind to handle.

He chuckled upon seeing her blush. Heck, when is the last time that he laughed like this?

“Anyway, that is actually the reason why I called on you.” He grinned

“Dahil nga sa paper?”

He laughs. “No, silly. It’s because I no longer see you, so I miss you.” He stares at her ever so lovingly.

Ano ba, Chard, papatayin mo ako sa kilig!, her head shouts.

“Eh.. Kanina lang kaya nakita mo ako. Tapos magkasama tayo kahapon.” She complained.

He smiled again. “Yes, but hindi naman tayo nakapag-usap kanina. Uhm, also, did you like the flowers?”

“Aah, Oo. Salamat.” Her face lights up.

“That’s good, uh.. So.., naisip ko na, since it’s lunch break, we could go out for lunch?”

Maya couldn’t take it and laughed her lungs out. “Ang dami pang sinabi mag-aaya lang pala kumain, kanina pa kaya ako nagugutom!” She pouted

“Okay, okay, sorry. So, let’s go?”

They are on the elevator, and there are few people on the lift eyeing them. Maya was nervous from the stares that they are getting. Richard is standing beside her while the other people inside the lift are on the side of the elevator, and they are on the middle.

On the next floor, all of the people went out of the elevator as if giving them privacy. She knows that not all of them are going to that floor because there are other floors that are pressed on the buttons inside the lift. She shook her head, she knows she will be the talk of the office for the next few days. Especially that when they stepped in the lift, Richard’s hand is on her waist.

While eating inside the restaurant, Maya is quiet. She’s eating quietly, savoring the moment with this guy. Everything feels surreal.

“Don’t you like the food?” Richard asked her when he can no longer take her silence

“Ha? Ah.. Hindi. Masarap nga eh.”

“Eh bakit ang tahimik mo?”

“Wala naman”

“Okay, so.. After office hours uuwi ka na?”

“Yes. Bakit?”

“I have a meeting until 7pm. I will just cancel it, then.” He flashed a smile

“Ha? Teka, bakit?” She asked, confused

“Of course, ihahatid kita sa inyo.”

“Ha? Wag na. Sasabay na lang ako kay Emman or kay Simon.”

“What? No. Nanliligaw ako remember? And besides, baka mamaya may iba pang sumundo sa’yo, so.. Ako na lang.” He reasoned and smiled again

Maya could only smile back. She let him take her home after their office hours. Emman was raising his eyebrow when Richard went on Maya’s table and immediately reached for her bag to carry it. She let him do that. Which earned whispers from others who are envy, and a smile from the people who knew them.

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After The Wedding Part 4

After the Wedding part 4

It echoed through the room like an ancient unknown language chant. She was asking it, her eyes shooting daggers.

He was shocked at her question. For it sounded as a statement rather as a question. He was acused of something that never did crossed his mind.

For a moment, he kept mum, not wanting to add fuel to the fire. But deep inside, mixed emotions are bubbling up inside him. He is puzzled on how on earth did she even asked that and mad on why did she acused him already.

He recalled things that might make her think of such but his memory is failing him. Damn! He cannot recall all of the things that happened days ago. He closed his eyes and heaved a sigh.

He is now angry. Yet he knew too well that he should take note of his wife’s situation. She is pregnant and he should not give her stress. Lifting his head up, meeting her gaze, he tried to smile at his wife. Maybe it’s her hormones that is upsetting her in things too easily.

“At anong nginingiti ngiti mo?!” She raised her voice.

“Shhhh…” He hushed her and calm her down by trying to caress her shoulder but she removed his hand.

“Sagutin mo yung tanong ko!” She crossed her arms

“Are you jealous, mahal ko?” He teased

“Oo! At kapag hindi ka nagsabi ng totoo, pagsisisihan mo.” She admitted to him. She is so damn jealous.

He smiled at the admission of his wife which earned a frown from Maya. “Okay, fine. I don’t know where did you get that stupid idea. But please, don’t stress yourself too much thinking about things that are not real. Sige ka, baka nakakunot mukha ng baby natin paglabas.” He quipped but Maya remained shooting daggers at him. Heck. He doesn’t know what to do to pacify her.

“I already said the truth, Maya.” He paused. Gathering right words to say. “Come on, saan ba kasi nanggaling yun?” He asked, with eyebrows furrowed. He wanted to know why did that question even popped up in her pretty head.

She bit her lip and kept mum for a while. He took it as an opportunity to reach to her and hug her tight.


“So–sorry.” She stuttered. He is right. She shouldn’t feel alarmed. She is so secured. Her husband is a one woman man and no matter how good-looking his new secretary is, she knows that Richard will never be seduced.

And besides, why would she be affected of a simple 8 missed calls that she saw one night on Richard’s phone from his secretary. That is just normal, right? Iya is indeed his secretary and whatever her reason of trying to call her husband on the middle of the night, is surely pure business. Why would she react such way? When before, Liza would do that, too. ‘Must be the hormones’ that made her ask him if there’s another one, she thought.

“It’s alright. Just please, trust me okay?”

She nodded and hug him back. He embraced her tightly somehow making her feel more secured and loved. Their right and left foot stepping sideways, dancing in a music that only the two of them could hear.

“Now, tell me what made you think of that?” He asked, still on the dance.

“Ewan ko nga din mahal ko. Sorry, kasi naman nung natutulog tayo, naalimpungatan ako dun sa tawag ng tawag sa phone mo. Eh ang himbing siguro ng tulog mo kaya hindi mo narinig.”

He smiled, her calling him with their term of endearment is a sign that the war is over. “And then?”

“Ayun, babae yung tumatawag. Ang daming missed calls.”


“Yung secretary mo.”

His eyebrow raised. “Maybe she’s updating me with a certain meeting. Baka nakalimutan sabihin or what.” He reasoned

“Siguro.” She replied to end the topic. Richard kissed her now and she kissed him back. For Richard, everything is okay now but to Maya, there is something that she feels that she wanted to confirm. For her sanity, she badly wanted to know the answers.


“Goodmorning Liza!” She happily greeted her as they saw each other, although Maya was a bit surprised not to see Richard’s secretary on her table.

“Oh! Maya, good to see you. Kamusta ka?”

“Ito, medyo tumataba.”

“Nako, okay lang yan. Maganda ka pa din. Anyway, si Sir Richard ba? May meeting lang saglit pero matatapos na siguro yun.”

“Ah ganun? O sige, pwede ko ba sya hintayin sa office nya?”

“Oo naman. Go ahead.”

It was almost an hour before the door of Richard’s door flew open. Richard and his secretary came in, and what Maya did not like about it is when she saw the two of them laughing at something, she hates how the girl stares at her husband. They only stopped when Richard’s eyes saw her.

“Oh, mahal. Why are you here?” Maya saw the surprised look on his face.

“Oh, bakit parang nagulat ka? Hindi ba nasabi sa’yo ni Liza?” She asked

“Well, no. She’s not outside. Baka may nilakad na papers. Kumain ka na ba?” He asked her as he steps in. Iya, the secretary stayed behind Richard which annoyed Maya even more. She doesn’t know if it was only her or if Iya really did looked at her again from head to toe and smirked.

“Uh.. Hindi pa. Pero hindi naman ako gutom, mahal” that was a lie. She is really hungry especially that she waited for an hour. She is craving for vanilla ice cream. But when she saw the look on Iya’s face, she lied.

“Are you sure?” Richard sat across his wife and touched her tummy. “Our baby might be hungry.”

“Hindi talaga”

He nodded. “Uhm, Iya, could you please order a pasta for my wife?” Richard shifted to look at Iya and smiled.

Maya hates how Richard smiles at his secretary. As far as she can remember, Richard never smiles at Liza when he instructs her before, or so she thought. Add to that, Richard’s secretary would smile as well to her husband. Oh! And she remembered that he didn’t get her welcome kiss yet! He never fails to give her that!

“Right away, sir. Ikaw sir do you want anything?”

“No. I’m okay.”

And with that, Iya left the room. Maya rolled her eyes and pouted. Maya stood up and sat on the couch of Richard’s office and started reading magazines.

“Mahal, okay ka lang ba diyan? I will just finish my paperworks, okay?”

Maya nods. Richard sat on his swivel chair and continued to work on his laptop.

Richard sits beside Maya on the couch as Maya eats the pasta that he ordered. She’s spooning every second, munching as if there’s no tomorrow.

“Oh, dahan-dahan… Akala ko ba hindi ka gutom?” Maya heard Richard chuckled.

She stops eating and realized how big she had been, and it’s because that even after she just ate, she easily gets hungry. And whenever she sees food, she couldn’t control herself. She wants to eat.

“Oh, why? Busog ka na?” He asked

“Hindi. Kasi… Tumataba na ako.” Tears starts to roll down her face.

Richard was surprised upon seeing his wife cry again. He collects her in his arms, running his hand at her back trying to pacify her. “Mahal, stop. It’s alright, atleast we’re sure na healthy si baby bunso.” He teased but that made Maya to cry louder

“Shh.. Sorry, sorry. Stop please.. Di ba sinabi ko na naman sa’yo before that I don’t care if you get fat or not? I still love you.”

“Tse! You still love me ka dyan!” She pulled away while wiping her tears.

“Oh, bakit na naman?” He tried to embrace her again but Maya slapped his shoulder

“Kanina nga nagulat ka nung nakita mo ako! Tapos wala pa akong kiss!” She sobs.

Richard couldn’t hold his laughter anymore.

“Sige tumawa ka pa!”

“Haha. I’m sorry, mahal. Nagulat lang talaga ako na nandito ka. And, about the kiss sorry na.. How many kisses do you want?” He teased her.

“Hindi na! Ayoko na!” She pouted

He smiled at his wife. She is so cute. He cupped her face and started kissing the tip of her nose, her forehead and her lips. “I love you.” He whispered, and when she saw Maya smiled, he kissed her again.

“Roomieee! Ano bang ginagawa natin dito? Para na naman tayong spy niyan eh!” Emman whispered as they are hiding behind a post outside a restaurant.

“Wag kang magulo!”

“Roomie, sa laki mo-” Emman got a cold stare by Maya that made him to chuckle and to change his sentence. “What I meant was, sa laki natin and ng tummy mo, hindi rin naman tayo matatago nitong poste na ‘to! At bakit ba tayo nandito?”

“Eh kasi nga, may meeting daw si Ricky dito.”

“Oh, eh si sir chief Ricky naman pala, gorabels na tayo sa loob!” She took a step forward but Maya grabs his arm.

“Oh? Bakit ba Roomie?”

“Dito lang tayo, magmamatyag.”

“Magmamatyag? Kay Sir Chief Ricky??” He asked Maya with raise eyebrows.


“At bakit naman?” Emman probed, his arms crossed demanding for an answer

“Eh kasi, basta! Yung secretary niya kasi nakakainis. Titignan lang naman natin kung sweet ba sila or what…”

“HA? Saan naman nanggaling yan? So, pinagdududahan mo si Sir Chief Ricky?” He gaped

“Hindi naman sa ganon, kasi, ano e… Basta. Feeling ko kasi.. Hay nako! Hirap i-explain.” She scratches her head.

“Nako Roomie, hindi naman magagawa ni Sir Chief Ricky na lokohin ka. So, let’s go home!”

“Eh.. Kasi, sandali lang, okay? 10 minutes!” She pleads.

“Fine, 10 minutes.”

Maya then saw Richard’s table near the restaurant’s window. Richard is seated beside Iya. They are currently waiting for the people that they’ll be meeting.

A waiter arrived and served their food. What made Maya tears flow was when the girl serves Ricky food on his plate and Richard didn’t seem to mind. She even saw him smile at the girl.

“Emman, tara na.” She turned around and walks away

“Uy Roomie, bakit ka umiiyak? Wala lang naman yun e.”

“Hindi naman gawain ng secretary yun!” She raised her voice as she sobs

“Eh, yung girl lang naman yun e.”

“Parang natutuwa naman si Ricky!”

“Roomie, hindi naman ganun.” He’s trying not to overthink things, because he knows that Richard loves Maya so much. And that Maya’s reaction is just because of her condition. She’s so emotional these days.

“Kinakampihan mo pa!” He was startled when Maya half shouted.

But he can’t allow her to be stressed. He believes that she’s acting this way because she’s pregnant. “Okay, umuwi na tayo. Pero please, bawal mastress! Wag ka na umiyak, okay?”

Emman hailed a taxi, Maya kept mum the whole ride as she stares outside the window.


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Their Own Haven- Chapter 2: PressCon

Chapter 2: PressCon

(A/N: ito na po continuation, sorry sobrang busy. ayun lang. :)))


A day before their official vacation starts, Richard and Maya, together with the other casts will have their presscon for the promotion of the last 2 weeks of their show on television.

It feels so weird on Maya’s part that she’s been missing Richard so much. And this growing feeling is the reason on why she tries to avoid him. But because of their work, she cannot do that. She cannot avoid and run away from him forever. That’s why she wanted so bad to have her vacation for it will give her the peace that her mind needed.

The room is crowded already with press people and other guests. People around the room were busy buzzing about things.

Maya is inside her dressing room while waiting for the presscon to start.

“Ayaan! Ang ganda ganda mo lalo. Ready ka na for the press!!” Her hair stylist squealed with delight upon seeing his finish product. Maya smiled with his reaction. But, she’s not satisfied yet, she wanted to be the most beautiful girl as she steps out her dressing room, and for who? She wince her thoughts away.

Her face shifted from left to right, staring at her own on the mirror. Maya’s make up and hair suits her well. She looked much more beautiful.

“For sure, lalong maiinlove nyan si Sir!” The gay hair stylist added which made her smile fade.

She then remembered the day that she had spent with him yesterday. Riding their bicycle is one of their bonding together. She enjoyed it very much, but now, her mind wanders whenever she’s with him. And she would always glance at her watch to check on the time.

Those things that she loves doing with him before feels different now.

“Ms. Maya, get ready na po.” One of the staffs informed her. She smiled and check on her face again before going out.


The moment that she saw Maya entered the room, he can’t help it. He could only stare at her. She is so beautiful that day… Well, everyday.

She smiled at her, he stood up to greet her and gave her a kiss on her cheek. He doesn’t know if it’s only him or if he really did saw her blush.

“Nalungkot ba kayo na magkakahiwalay na kayo?” The presscon started for 15 minutes already with the press questioning all of the casts and their director as well, with some questions connected to the show and as well as about their personal life. Now it’s Richard’s turn again to answer.

“Well of course, nasanay na din kasi kami na almost everyday nagkikita ng casts. So kumbaga yung… Ayun, yung happy set, yung mga biruan dun, definitely we’ll miss it, I am really sad na this show has to end but of course, endings are also the start of a new beginning.”

“What I meant was, kayo.. Kayo ni Maya”

Richard was taken aback by the question. He turns his head to look at Maya who is seating beside him. Maya is looking at him, too. “Of course. Nakakalungkot na mapalayo sa kanya. Syempre ayun nga, nasanay na kaming lahat sa set na nagkikita madalas so of course naninibago kami when our shoot ended.” He smiled after his statement. What he had said came from the bottom of his heart. Of course he is deeply saddened that their show ended, he will miss everyone in the show.

The press and some of their fans squealed with delight with Richard’s answer, Richard could only chuckle.

Maya secretly smiled.

“Any future projects together, soon?”

“Uh, we still don’t know yet, but Maya and I are very happy sa support na natanggap namin. Sana, of course, we do wish and hope for a new project together if ever…”

“Ikaw naman Maya? What will you miss the most about the show and Richard?”

She smiled first before answering. Her hand is shaking and she doesn’t know why. “Ah.. Yung ano po, yung tawanan, kulitan sa set, yung kahit sobrang aga ng call time namin, ang saya pa din, kahit puyat, okay lang. Sobra ko talagang mamimiss yun.”

“Eh about Richard?”

Richard shifted his gaze to her, waiting for her answer. The people inside the room laughed with the question left unanswered.

“Ahh.. Ano, ano nga ba mamimiss ko sa’yo?” Everyone laughed. The fans are feeling giddy. Richard chuckled. Her cheeks are blushing as Richard looks at her. “Yung ano siguro, yung pagiging maaalalahanin nya. Tsaka yung kakulitan din minsan.” She smiled. She wanted to say more but stopped herself from doing so.

“After this nabalitaan namin na you are given rest. So any plans?”

“Uh.. Actually, James suggested a place. Wala kasi talaga pa akong maisip na place to spend my vacation..” Maya responded

“So kasama mo ba siya?” Laughter filled the room. Richard became uncomfortable with the question thrown to Maya. Somehow he hopes that she’ll answer no.

“No. I will spend my vacation alone.” Richard heaved a sigh. Maya was asked if she’s happy with her personal life and she smiled and said that she is.

Maya is busy collecting her things before heading home, when Richard suddenly went in.

“Uuwi ka na?” He asked

She turn around to face him. He is smiling at her, oh how his smile could melt her heart. “Ah. Oo. Mag-aayos pa kasi ako ng gamit.”

“So, you’ll start your vacation right away?”


“You don’t want to come with us? Nag-aaya sila Cristina and Direk to go out and have dinner. Last bonding.” He asked her, hoping she would come.

“Ahm.. Hindi talaga ako pwede e. Next time na lang.” She want to go and to spend some more minutes with them.. But she just can’t. She needs to stay away.

A brand new day ahead. It’s only 4 in the morning as she excitedly jumps in her car. She texted James earlier saying that she’s on her way to his suggested place.

The driver started his engine, and drove away. As soon as the car is far from the city, she opened the car’s window and peeked outside shouting “Hello peaceful days!!!”

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Their Own Haven: Chapter 1: Last Day

Their Own Haven

(Disclaimer: This is a pure fiction. All of these are from my imagination, none of this is true.)

Chapter 1: Last Day

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Their first teleserye together has finally come to an end. It has been a long time before it finally ended. Sure enough, all of the people that has been part of the show are saddened by this. But as they say, all things has an end. Anyway, all of the casts and staffs had been very close to each other. All of them became good friends. The show might end but the friendship that grew among them will never have its end.

But to the two main casts of the show, it was more than that. They had been very close. They had built a very good relationship as a loveteam, the fact that this was the first time that they have been teamed up, it surely is a blessing to have each other because this show made their way to the peak of their respective careers.

They trust each other so much and had been used to seeing each other almost every day that’s why they will surely miss one another.

On the last day of the shoot, Maya seemed so distant to Richard. Whenever Richard is around talking to the other casts, Maya will go back inside her tent and would play games on her phone. Richard noticed this, and it’s bugging him. He’s been wanting to spend more time with her. This will be the last time that they will be together, he wanted to talk to her like the other days.

He was about to go to Maya’s tent when suddenly their director called him asking him to prepare for the last scene. He immediately stepped back and went to his own tent.

From the moment that the camera started rolling until the last scene was finally done, Maya didn’t dare to talk to Richard. Yes, she would talk to him if the scene asks for it but of course all of the conversations are scripted.

All of the staff and casts started to have a late victory dinner. Buzzling sound can be heard everywhere as all are so engrossed in talking. No one wanted to waste any second. This will be the last time that they will see each other again and they will not waste such moment.

Richard wanted so bad to approach her, to ask her if she’s okay. But she is ignoring him and is busy talking with Cristina, Maya’s sister in the soap. She is animatedly talking to her laughing with their banter. Richard couldn’t help but smile. He will surely miss this kind of environment. This happy set.

Finally, as the crowd started to pack up, he find his chance to talk to her. Maya is on her way to her van after bidding goodbye to the staff, crew and other co-actors, except of course, Richard. She didn’t notice that Richard is behind her already.

“Maya.” He immediately made his way to her before she could open her van’s door.

Slowly, she face him. “Hi Chard, ah. Uuwi ka na din? Goodnight. See you around.” She waves his hand as she bids goodbye.

“Ah. Wait, may problema ba? I just noticed that you’re ignoring me the whole day. May nagawa ba ako?” He asked, his forehead creased.

“Wala, wala. Sorry, hindi lang kita napapansin.”

“What? I’m here all day, palagi ka naman umiiwas.”

“Ano ka ba, hindi ah. Akala mo lang yon. Sige na Richard, sobrang late na. Sobrang pagod na tayo, see you around the network na lang. Ingat ka.” She smiled at him lovingly before going inside the van. Richard could only stare at the van as it moves away. Leaving him standing there alone.

One thing is for sure, she is ignoring him.

The next few days are like normal days for Richard. It felt as if he’s a normal guy again. But there is something missing, and he is not that sure what is it.

He was given a month of vacation after a long and tiring shooting days. He should rest and relax for a while as his manager and the management are having meetings to be able to come up with another project for him. He wasn’t sure if he’ll enjoy this vacation. He is missing the early call time and the busy staff and crews passing by their locations during the set. And most of all, he is badly missing Maya. Yes, her loveteam.

Before, he is ignoring such feeling towards her because he is so sure that this can’t be happening. They are not for each other. But as days passed, his heart is overflowing with thoughts of her. And he cannot deny it anymore.

He’s been holding his phone for what seemed to be as eternity. He wanted to send Maya a single message but couldn’t compose one. Well, what would he say? How are you?, I miss you? Ugh! This can’t be.

Standing up from his seat, he went to the kitchen to have a snack and wince his thoughts of Maya away.

Maya is laying on top of her bed pulling the covers up. Oh how she miss such long sleep. She deserve this off that were given to her. And she can’t wait to spend it wisely.

Her mind started to wander and was interrupted when her phone beeped.

The message was from her boyfriend, Simon. A rich man from a good, respected and wealthy family. They are together for quite some time now and before, she is so happy with him. But now, everything is different. She is not that happy anymore.

“Hi beautiful! Lunch later?”

Before, she would feel giddy with his endearments and morning messages but now, it felt like it was from a friend. She replied with

“Goodmorning, I’m still sleepy, I think I will just stay at home. Maybe some other time.”

This is the first time that she declined his offer. What is happening to her?

“If that’s the case, sige. Let’s just plan on where will we go during your vacation. :)” He texted back.

She paused for a while thinking what to reply. She doesn’t want to disappoint him, he’s been a good boyfriend but she wants this vacation to be spent alone. She needed to think things over. Especially now that she is confused. A feeling is growing inside her and she knows she needed to dismiss it. She can’t fall. She just can’t.

“I’m sorry, I already have plans. I wanted to have some time alone sana. Sorry. Sorry.” Was her reply to him which was easily understood by Simon, and just requested to spend a day with him before she leaves.

By mid-afternoon, she was busy surfing the net of a good place to spent a vacation. She still doesn’t know where to go. A vacation in her own country would be good but the people would easily recognize her and that wouldn’t give her the peace that she needed right now. Maybe, out of the country would be nice. But which country?

She is now so into going to Japan again as she browses the pages and blogs, looking for a good destination to stay and to visit.

But her heart started thumping loud as she recalls all the good times that was spent there during the shoot of their show. Before her mind completely can reminisce, she closes the site and opened another tab. She can’t think of those memories. She had to divert her attention to something else.

Ring. Her phone started ringing. To her surprise, it was James who is calling her. James is one of her co-actors in her show that just ended.

“Hi James!” She happily answered.

“Hi, Maya. Kamusta?”

“Ito, busy kakahanap ng mapupuntahan. Wala pa ako makita eh. Ikaw ba saan ka magbabakasyon?” She asked, as she shifted from her seat

“Well, I won’t be having vacation. Too bad. But at least I have a new show in the process. Kailangan na kasi simulan.”

“Wow! Congrats!” She smiled. She is so happy for him. He’s been a good friend although he was part of their show for only a short period of time but his role really marked for he is the reason on why the lead male character realized how much he loves the female character. He is such a jolly person that’s why they easily became close.

“Thank you. Anyway, sabi mo you are looking for a place to stay? Away from the noise of the city ba?”

“Yes! Kaso lang wala pa ako makita.”

“Oh. Well, lucky for you that I called. I know a good place. And it’s so peaceful there, I promise. Convenient pa because it’s only here in the Philippines. Your vacation will be well spent!” He confidently said

“Talaga? Saan naman yun?”

“I will text you all the details later, for now, I have to go to my pictorial. See you soon!”

“Thanks James! Bye.” She hung up. The location of the said place is still unknown to her but she is so excited. She is so sure that she doesn’t want any other place for her to stay than the place that James recommended. She is not sure why, but she knows she will love the place even though she doesn’t see it yet.

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Notes From The Heart Chapter 15: His Broken Promise

Chapter 15: His Broken Promise

(A/N: hello po! Super thank you sa mga nagco-comment. Kayo talaga nakakapagPush sa’kin pag tinatamad ako magupdate. Haha :)) Happy weekend. Maybe I’ll be posting another story. Baka mamaya or tomorrow. Comment your thoughts about this chapter. Enjoy! :))


The almost empty bottle of beer is on top of the table. It might melt if it only can with the gaze of the man staring at it for what seemed to be an eternity. A couple of minutes ago, he had read Maya’s reply to him that he just got home. And it made him so upset. It’s already 10 o’clock in the evening and that pisses him that she is out with that other guy this late in the evening.

This can’t be. He shook his head a couple of times. Oh yes he tried to stay away from it. To stay away from this temptation. He made a promise. A promise that he wanted to keep for the rest of his life. He swore he will never ever like someone else. Even just a little.

But her eyes, her smile, her face, is so wonderful. Once, he tried to be a monster to her. He scowled her wanting her to be mad at him. But at the end of the day, he will regret it. And that feeling that he felt when he learned that she will be having dinner with that James. It hurts like hell!

He closed his eyes trying to clear his head. Filling it up with memories of his late wife. A smile made its way to his lips. He made a promise. And he will do everything to keep it. He will try to stay away before it’s too late.

Help me Alex, to stick with us. To love you forever.

His eyes are closed. Flashing back good memories with Alex. He is just confused. He will love no one else. Alex will be the only one, and no one can replace her.

He uttered a silent prayer to help him be reminded of his undying love to his wife.

Days passed and Richard’s been busy with the other company. He focused his time more on it rather than on where Maya is. The whole day of him would be spent mainly on the other company and would just pass by to its sister company when there are no more employees left and there are no more instances that he can see Maya. Surely, it kept him away of his growing feelings towards her, but he can’t hide from it forever.

No matter how hard he tried to stay away, fate seems to find its way to make his feelings stay. At seven in the evening, he is on the lobby of the LAS, the company where Maya is working. This has been his routine for the past few days. He will drop by just to finish his work in this company to avoid seeing Maya.

He is studying the whole floor when his eyes landed on the man seated on the receiving area of the building. The man is holding a bouquet of red roses with a smile plastered on his face. Chard immediately recognizes him, and his heart suddenly felt that old familiar pain.

With long strides, he went in a lift on his way up to his office.

His mind is full of thoughts about work, and of course about his feelings that he wanted to dismiss, when suddenly, his peripheral vision saw the woman that is the reason of the strange familiar feeling in his heart.

“Why is she still here?”, he asked himself.

He was about to enter his office when Maya lifted her eyes from her computer and blurted “good evening, sir.”

Maya’s voice was surprised to see him again after days of not seeing him. She hated him once, because he no longer texted her nor granted his promise of fetching her from her house to the office. She knows too well that he is not obligated but she somehow misses him. Yes, they are not even that close but her heart feels otherwise.

Richard’s feet were glued on the floor as he slowly turns around to face her. “Damn. She is so beautiful.” He whispered.

“Good evening.” He answered not even smiling. Trying his best not to be overcome by his emotions.

“May gagawin po kayo, sir?” She asked wanting to have even a short conversation with him. She is still seated on her chair while Richard is few steps away.

“Ah. Yes. Bakit ka nagover time?” He had to ask.

“May mga kailangan lang pong tapusin, sir”

“Matatagalan ka pa ba?”

“Hindi naman po, uuwi na din po ako.”

The man on the ground floor suddenly appeared in his mind. “Bakit? Kasi may naghihintay sa’yo?” He blurted out. They are both shocked. He was surprised because he never intented to say that out loud. She, on the other hand doesn’t know why there is something else on the way that he had said it.


He wanted to dismiss his thoughts away but his curiosity gets the better of him. “You know who he is. Kayo na ulit?” He asked calmer this time, he doesn’t want to sound like a jealous boyfriend.

Although surprised, she answered him “hindi po. Hindi ko nga alam na nandiyan na naman siya.”

A sigh of relief was released by him when she said that they aren’t back together but why is he here again?, were the thoughts running in Richard’s head. Without even saying goodbye, he left her and headed to his office.


He buried himself on his paper works. He is so upset upon knowing that James is pursuing Maya. He is mad at himself for what he is feeling, he knows that he shouldn’t feel that way, that he promised that he would stay away, but she is like a magnet which attracts him to her. And the passed few days of not seeing her made his feelings grow. The avoiding thing is not a good idea.

He stood up and peeked through the glass walls of his office and saw her clutching her bag and organizing folders, preparing to go home.

He wanted to ask her to have a dinner with him or ask her if he could drive her home, but before he could leave his office, she is already heading to the elevator. His mind stopped his actions reminding himself of his promise.

As the elevator opened, Maya huriedly went in. Slowly, the doors closes when Richard made a decision to stop her.

He half run to the elevator, pressing the button going down a hundred of times. As it opens, he hurriedly went inside.

Few seconds inside the lift felt like a thousand years to him. And as it stopped, he ran as fast as he can.

What made him stop is when he saw Maya waving her hand as she watches the car drive away. He is so happy to find out that she didn’t agree to go home with James but what bothered him, is when he saw her smiling as she waves her hand. That smile that she once gave to him alone, or so he thought.

His heart pierced with so much pain upon seeing that. Without having second thoughts, he dragged her to his car.

“Wha- hey! Sir!” Was all that she could say as he was being pulled by him. His hand tightens his grip on her arm.

He half-threw her inside his car. Maya was so confused and annoyed with his actions. Why is he like that?

As soon as Chard steps inside his car, Maya is shooting daggers at him.

He stared back at her. He cannot seemed to find the right words to say to explain his actions.

Giving him a final glance, she reached for the door and was about to open it when Chard quickly started the engine and drove away. “Sir!!” Screamed Maya.

“Sorry, your seatbelt please. Let’s talk somewhere.” He said, eyes fixed on the road.

Maya couldn’t argue and just obeyed. She also wanted to talk to him on why he drag him on his car. She wasn’t scared, she’ll never be scared of him.

He parked his car outside an Italian restaurant. It is the nearest restaurant that he can find. He wanted to talk to her sooner, and inside his car isn’t the best place for a good talk.

She’s been confused about his actions for the past few days. He’s been like a puzzle and she cannot find the missing piece for her to find out the bigger picture. That is, what he really feels towards her.

The silence inside the car earlier made her think things through. And while inside the car, she caught Richard several times of glancing at her. So, she assumed that he likes her, and she feels giddy about it.

But how about James? He had been very vocal about his intentions that he wants her back. She tried to avoid him, she even treated him bad but he still wants her. For the past few days, James had been very caring. He was not like that before, even when he courted her way back then. But this time is different. She knows too well that he changed and that he is sorry about what he did. Should she give him another chance? Is love really sweeter the second time around?

And how about Richard? She is so sure that she also feels something towards him. Yes, that crushie feeling. And a part of her admits that it is no longer just a simple crush.

He pulled the chair for her to sit. There are few people around the restaurant, so the place would really give them privacy.

After he ordered, silence ensued. They keep on staring at each other. Finally, when she no longer can hold the silence, she managed to ask him.

“Uhm, sir, with all due respect, bakit niyo ako hinatak bigla?” She asked, irritated. Yes, she may have something for him but that doesn’t mean that he can do that to her with no valid reasons. Heck, she cannot be dragged just like that.

He paused. This is harder than he thought it would be. Words keep on falling from his head. And the sentences that he practiced on his head earlier inside the car seemed no longer right to say.

“I’m sorry, I– um.. I have.. Some-thing. To, tell you.” Heck! He is sweating with too much nervousness. It is also the first time that he stammer. Well, second time actually, the first one was with Alex.

She placed her arm on top of the table, leaning in so that she could listen to what he will say. “Okay, sir. I’m listening.”

He heaved a sigh. A few seconds passed.

She raised her eyebrows as she waits.

The clock ticks.

“Sir?” She checked.

“Okay. Uh.. Sorry, I just want to say. That I think, I .. I… ”


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Notes From The Heart: Chapter 14: The Past: James Ventura

Chapter 14: The Past: James Ventura

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She is very quiet while on the road with James. She wanted so bad to accept Chard’s offer of having a dinner with her and eventually sending her home. But because she knows that she needed to close one chapter of her life in order to proceed to another chapter, she made a decision not to cancel her dinner with James.

She needed this. A closure.

“Maya, are you okay? You seemed really quiet?” James asked her as soon as he was done ordering.

“Okay lang. Simulan na lang natin, mag-usap na tayo.”

“How about, let’s wait for our food first?” He suggested. He doesn’t want this night to end. Not too soon.

“James, kaysa naman nakatunganga tayo habang naghihintay ng food, pag-usapan na lang natin ang dapat pag-usapan. Kaya nga ako pumayag sa dinner na ‘to para makapagusap tayo di ba?” She said, her voice was louder than was usual. She just can’t help it. She is so annoyed.

“Okay, um.. Sorry, gusto ko lang naman na medyo tumagal pa yung… Yung ito, kasama ka.”

She raises an eyebrow upon hearing this. Here she is talking to the man who once broke his heart. She still doesn’t trust him nor believe everything that he says.

“Ah. Ano bang pag-uusapan?” She asked ignoring what he said

“Well, first, I wanna apologize for-”

“Okay na yun, tapos na yun, matagal na yun. Yun lang ba?” She cut him off before he can get too dramatic. She was badly hurt before and she is still mad at him. She was so sure that she doesn’t love him anymore but it is really hard for her to forget.

“Maya.. I…I know hindi madali magpatawad, and I am sure that I am not yet forgiven. But can you give me chance to just show how sorry I am?” He said with sincerity. He is looking at Maya’s eyes, as he tries to read what’s running in her head.

She heaves a sigh to calm herself. She doesn’t want to lash him with hurtful words, anyway. “James, para saan pa? Anong mapapala mo sa pagkuha ng pagpapatawad ko? I already told you, okay na. Tapos na yon.”

He reached for her hands on top of the table and squeezed it. Maya wanted so bad to remove her hands but when she saw how his eyes mirrors his sadness, she just let him hold it.

“Maya, I… I know you’ll get mad once I blurted this out. But please, hear me first, okay?”

Maya wanted so bad to yell at him and to tell him how dare him ask her how to react. But again, she doesn’t know why but her head automatically moved up and down, nodding to him in approval.

“Thank you. I.. I ju- I …” He stammered. His eyes shuting close for a few seconds as if gathering courage.

“Just say it!” She ordered.

“Okay, I want you back.” He said, his eyes still closed. He doesn’t want to see her reaction. He knows too well that she’ll be shooting daggers at him. But once he opened her right eye, with a few seconds followed by the left eye, he saw her staring at him. Poker faced.

“Look, I know and I realized how stupid I was. I know sobrang laki ng kasalanan ko sa’yo and no words can ever make the pain and those bad memories go away… I don’t have any good explanations about what I did. I know it was wrong. And.. I…” Tears started to roll down his face which he quickly wipe away. “I still love you.. Just please let me show you how much. Kahit pahirapan mo ako everyday, it’s okay. Because I deserve it. Just please Maya, I beg. I love you.” He ended and stared at her.

Maya doesn’t know what to do. She sure hates him, but why does she feels that she want to let him enter her life again? Maybe, she wants to make him suffer. Yes, that is the main reason.

“Okay, sige. Bahala ka.” She answered coldly which made James to smile from ear to ear.

“Thank you! Thank you!” He squeezes her hands tighter. “I promise I’ll make you feel how much I love you and how sorry I am”

As soon as she gets home, her mom asked her questions one after the other. Especially when she saw who sent Maya home. This is what bugs her. Her mother really likes James for her and she doesn’t know why. Well, of course her mom also hated him when he cheated but maybe James convinced her, too that he loves Maya and that he changed.

Anyway, she was happy back then when they are together. James is a sweet, funny and loving guy. And just when she thought that he is not any other guy, she will be proven wrong. Oh how she remembers on how she hated the world when she saw him kissing another girl. That made her world crash.

“Kayo na ba ulit, ‘nak?” Her mom had this meaningful smile on her face

“Ma! Hindi po. Nag-usap lang kami, iyon lang po.” She answered

“O, sige. Nagtatanong lang naman ako. O siya, magpahinga ka na.” She heaved a sigh of relief once her mom went to her room.

Laying on top of her bed, her mind is full with random thoughts. She recalled how she felt giddy whenever Chard is around. She is indeed happy, she is her crush after all. And whatever that Richard is showing her, she is reminding herself not to assume things.

Now, that James is back in the picture, she is puzzled on the reason why she decided to give him a chance to prove himself. Does she still loves him? Heck no! She squeezes the pillow on top of her head as she screams from frustation. How can life be so complicated as this?


Her phone suddenly got a message, and when she lazily reached out for it on top of the bedside table, she smiled upon seeing who texted her in the middle of the night.

It’s Richard.

Hi, Maya. Are you home already?

She immediately texted back. Her heart is thumping loud.

Yes. I just got home.

She replied. She waited for his reply for a couple of minutes but it never came. Maybe, he’s busy or he dozed off. Whatever the reason is, she is still floating with giddiness with him checking if she is already home.

As she was so close to dozing off to dreamland, she again, heard her phone beeping which made her to sit up and reach for it immediately, hoping that it is another message from Richard. But once she got a hold of her phone, she saw a message from James.

Goodnight, Maya. Sleep tight. 🙂

Her thumb automatically types a reply message. “Goodnight” her reply reads. Somehow, she wanted to send that as well to Richard, but she doesn’t want him to think that she’s getting so annoying. She doesn’t have any idea anyway on why did Richard texted her. But the fact that he did, makes her smile as he lays back to bed.

She slowly lifted up her pillow in order to get the notebook of Alex. She flipped through its pages, she is starting to wonder, does he still loves Alex that much? For sure he does but is his heart still closed from loving someone else?

She drifted off to sleep as her mind wanders and her, hugging the notebook.

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