Notes From The Heart: Chapter 12: From The Sender, with Love

Chapter 12: From the sender, with love

(A/N: hi guise. Sorry if I’m such a cliff hanger. Haha. Super thank you sa comments, tho puro bitin ang nababasa ko, natutuwa pa din ako basahin comments nyo. Haha :)) follow my jochard acct sa twitter @mehLefangirl or @kateydreamer thanks! Kapit-bisig!(: )


She held her breath. Her heart thumping louder than was usual. She waited patiently on what he will say.

“Hindi mo ba talaga kilala? I mean, wala kang idea who the sender was?”

“Wala po.” Of course it was a lie. She hinted that it was from him. She rather assumed.

“Well, just be very careful. We don’t know his agenda. It is probable that the person is a guy. So, well… I could drive you home when time permits.” He said. Stammering in some words. Her eyes grew wide. Did he just volunteered to drive her to her house?

What will she say? Come on, Maya, think! “Ha? Ay. Sir sobra na po yun. Nakakahiya na po talaga yun. Okay lang naman po ako eh. Nandiyan naman po si Simon tsaka si Emman. Sumasabay naman po ako sa kanila.” She explained. She wanted so bad to agree but her mind is saving her heart from falling deeper.

Silence followed. Richard could only nod. He seemed thinking of the next words to say.

“Alright. Ikaw ang bahala. But if wala kang kasabay, you could always tell me. I will be glad to accompany you. We’re friends naman di ba?” He asked shifting his gaze back to her.

Friends? After being scowled the last weeks? Anyway, it is work Maya. He is the boss. What are you expecting? For him to be nice even though you’ve never met what he wanted from your work??

She nodded and pursed her lips, left with no words to say. She just agreed. Why is he so moody? There are a lot of questions running in her head right now. And he is not helping her in answering those things. Every move of him adds another question to her left unanswered.

“Okay. Goodnight. See you tomorrow.” He coldly said. And now he is back from being cold. He is so Moody!

She nodded once more and thanked him once again before finally getting out of the car. She managed to keep a normal behavior even though deep inside, her heart is doing somersaults.

The next morning, as expected, there is another flower left on her table. But this time, there was a note tied with it.

She quickly read its content. It says:

Hi. You are very lovely. I’ll be waiting on the ground floor. Hope I could see you again. (:

Her feet were glued on the floor. Who could the sender be? She wanted to know who, but she is also scared. What if that man is really a stalker?

“Maya! Ito na yung kailangan for-” Emman approached her and wasn’t able to finish his sentence when he saw what Maya is holding. “Oh my. What is that? Nagpakilala na ba siya?”

“Hindi. Pero sabi niya maghihintay siya mamaya sa ground floor.”

“Nako! Scary!! Sasamahan ka namin mamaya pababa. Just in case na masamang nilalang yan. Nako. Security mo kami pauwi.” He secured her.

Left with no choice, she agreed with his idea. She cannot go home without passing through the ground floor, anyway.

The elevator opened on the ground floor. Emman, Simon and Maya immediately scanned the whole floor. Looking for an unfamiliar man.

Maya’s eyes though were stuck on a particular man. His back is facing her, a few feet away from where they are standing. Could it possibly be him? Could it be really her crush? Is it Chard who is sending those? But did he just cleared to her that he is not the guy?

When Richard turned around, he saw the three of them. He made his way to them ready for a talk.

“Pauwi na kayo?” He asked them, his eyes fixed on Maya

“Uhm. Kinda po, sir.” Emman answered.

“What do you mean?”

“Ah. Kasi po itong si Maya, kikitain yung admirer nya.” He blurted out which made Maya’s eyes to grow big and she nudged him.

Richard’s eyebrows furrowed upon hearing that. What was she thinking?! That is dangerous! He said to himself. He is so upset. “What?! That is dangerous. I won’t let you do that.” He said irritatingly.

Now, Maya is really confused on why he is acting like that. “Sir, kaya nga po sinama ko sila Simon eh. Tsaka may guard naman po tayo. Nandito lang naman siya. Kaya ko po ang sarili ko. Salamat po.” She tried to answer as polite as she can but she cannot hide her annoyance to this man.

“No. Ihahatid na kita pauwi.” He pulled her arm before she can argue. She tried to get his hand off her arm but he was holding it too tight. She was about to shout at him not minding if he was her boss, when someone called her from somewhere.

“Maya!” The man half-shouted.

Chard, Maya and as well as the astounded Simon and Emman shifted their attention to the man. Emman and Maya’s eyes grew wide upon seeing him. He is very familiar to them. Most especially, to Maya’s heart.

“James?” She mumbled.

The guy engulfed Maya in a bear hug making Chard to release her from his hold. But she quickly pushed him away. What is he doing here? She saw him holding a flower which startled her. So, it was him.

“Ikaw yung nagbibigay ng bulaklak?” She asked him. Although she knows that he is.

“Uh. Yes. Can we talk?” He asked, hoping that she will agree.

“Bakit pa? Hindi na kailangan. Uuwi na ako.”

“Wait. Please. Ako na lang maghahatid sa iyo. Gusto ko din kasi makita at makausap sila tita.” He said.

She shook her head and headed outside. She doubled her steps not wanting to be followed. “Wait. Hon!” He yelled which made Chard to look at him. James was about to follow Maya but Chard stopped him.

“Bro, ako na.” Richard left not waiting for his reply.

He half-run just to reach her. He saw her standing outside the gate of their building, waiting for a cab. She is wiping her tears away. So, he concluded that the guy earlier must be her boyfriend or someone special to her that she doesn’t deserve!

He took small steps in order to approach her. “Maya…” He almost whispered to her. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Was all that she managed to say.

“So, you know him huh?”

A nod.

“Your special someone?”

She shook her head violently which made her cry more. Startled, he collected her in his arms.

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  1. thanks for the update. Sana you will post everyday. Akala ko rin so Richard na ang nagbbigay. hehe! May complications pa pala. Who is Yuki pala?

  2. haay salamat at nagbunga na ang karerefresh ko hehehe…aba! nakakapagod do yun ah πŸ˜‰

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  3. na hopia ako akala ko si richard na ang nagbibigay ng flower ……… but wait yuki is james …. aha another character to explain ms. katey ….. will wait for the next chapter ….. thanks sa update …. β™‘

  4. na cliff hanger ako dun ha:) ano ba yan can’t wait for the next chapter.. anu na kaya mangyayari? hmmmm…. thank you sa nakakabitin na update πŸ™‚ hehehehee….

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