“Love the way you look at me”- Justin Bieber

Picture paints a thousand word.

Was momentarily surprised by this insta post of Justin that goes viral. I love Justin. Yes, I really do. But I’ve never ship Jelena. The first time that they’ve been linked together and Selena told us that Justin was like her little brother, and then later on they dated, I really don’t know why I started to feel a little bit annoyed to her. Lmao. I love her songs tho. :p anyway, whatever I feel towards this drama will never change anything.

We can say whatever we wanna say, but we will never have the right to stop them from being in love.

“Love is the master key that opens the gate of happiness.” ~Holmes

If they are really back to each others arms, then we should be happy for them. I’m happy for Justin because he deserve to be happy. He has been a sweet and caring guy to his fans. He always wanted to make his fans happy and now is the time that we should support him on this. (If rumors are true). All we gotta do is give ’em privacy and show some respect.

I don’t ship Jelena but I shouldn’t dwell on hating her bc of making Justin cry whatsoever. They are much way more matured now. I will forever support Justin. 🙂 don’t worry gals we can always sing “That should be me” *wink*


4 thoughts on ““Love the way you look at me”- Justin Bieber

    • Sorry but that post was a random thought and this is actually a random blog about all of my faves. so basically all of my stars of thoughts are shared here. I will update that tomorrow, I guess. 🙂

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