Notes From The Heart: Chapter 13: His Return

Chapter 13: His Return

(A/N: hi po. Sorry if I’m not always updating this series, this is a random blog after all so I post anything that runs in my head. Anyway, I think it will take a little while before I post another chapter because of school. But don’t worry, I’m trying to write when time permits. I would like to *wave* to those who are always leaving their comments. And this chapter is for y’all. Actually kayo nakakapilit sa’kin to post e. Haha if medyo matagalan yung next post, sorry. πŸ˜‰ oh, and Hi to @yazzmhine who followed me on twitter (@mehlefangirl) thanks, this one’s for you! :))


The two were quiet inside Chard’s car. She agreed to go with him because she is very tired from crying and his company makes her feel better. He is stealing glances at her on the passenger’s seat, aware of her controlling sobs.

“Let’s eat first? I’m hungry eh.” He said as he parks his car outside the restaurant.

He ordered for the two of them because Maya wouldn’t talk. She opted to stay quiet, well at least she is no longer in tears.

“Maya, are you sure you are alright? Come on, tell me. May ginawa ba sa’yo yun? Ako nang bahala gumanti, Ano?” He quipped. A smile was formed on her face. She appreciates him now. How she had missed the funny and teasing side of him.

Seeing her smile a little made him feel better.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Ano po yun, sir?” She answered, toying her food.

“Drop the sir first.” He ordered

“Eh. Sir, boss ko na po kayo di ba?”

He heaved a sigh. “Fine. Pero wala naman tayo sa office eh. You can call me Ricky.” She lifted her eyes to him. She knows that he is also Chard. Why would he prefer to be called as Ricky?


“About my question. Medyo personal. But I wanna know.” He looked into her eyes somewhat asking for a go signal.

When she nodded, he took it as a sign to continue “about the guy earlier, is he your boyfriend?”

She wanted so bad to change the topic. But he finds it unfair on Chard or Ricky’s part because she knows something about his personal life and she didn’t even ask for a permission. “Ahmm…” Sensing her discomfort, “well, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it.”

“No. It’s okay. Yes, he was once part of my life.”

“Ex boyfriend?” He absent mindedly asked. Maya could only nod.

“I guess gusto niyang magkabalikan kayo with what he is doing. He is trying to win you back.”

She heaved a sigh. “Well, hindi mangyayari yon.”

“Why are you mad at him? If you don’t mind me asking.”

She has an option to keep mum about the whole situation, but somehow Chard keeps her heart on over flowing. His presence makes her secured. “He had an affair. Mas maganda, mas sexy, mas lahat sa’kin.” She answered, eyes focused on her food.

He saw pain in her eyes. He hates seeing someone like that, for he knows how hard it is to handle the pain.

“So, I think I’ll see you tomorrow morning. I’ll pick you up around 6:30?” He asked with a smile on his face.

Confused, she asked “po?”

“It’s Ricky, remember?”

“Okay, Ricky. P-pero. Ano yung susunduin mo po ako?” She had to ask. She had to confirm that what she just heard was right and not just what her heart wanted to hear.

“Yes. I’m so bored whenever I go to work. Wala akong makausap. And I do like your company. Tsaka, di ba, your ex wanted to see you again? Mas mabuti na yung may security guard ka kapag nagkita kayo o pinilit ka na naman niyang kausapin.” Sensing that she is unsure, he pleaded. “Please?”

She wanted to say something but her throat seemed dry and couldn’t utter any word.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes, then.” He smiled ever so lovingly, or so thought by Maya.

Around 6:15 in the morning, she was done with all her preparations for work. She is so excited today.

A honking of the car was heard by her outside. Checking how she looks like on the mirror for the nth time, she hurriedly went downstairs to welcome him.

But to her surprise, she saw James talking to her mother and it seemed like they are having a serious talk when she saw them seated in the living room.

“Salamat po tita.” Were the words that Maya overheard. She wanted to ask her mother what did they talk about. She will do that later after she dismisses James.

“Anong ginagawa mo dito?” She irritatingly asked once her feet landed on the first floor of their house. Her eyes immediately saw the bouquet of flowers that he is holding.

“Uh.. Good morning. Sinusundo lang kita. Ito nga pala flowers. Ah.. Pero napaaga lang naman ako. Magbreakfast ka na muna.” He smiled at her and handed the bouquet.

Her arms crossed, she managed to control her anger. “No need. May susundo na sa’kin.”

“Sino naman anak?” Her mother asked her. Curious on who that might be.

“Si Char- I mean si Ricky po.”

“Yung boss mo?” her tone was higher than was usual. Surprised on why her daughter will be fetched by that man.

“Ma, Mamaya na lang po. Paparating na din si sir.”

Suddenly, she was saved by the awkwardness surrounding the room when her phone rang.

On the 3rd ring, she fishes it out of her bag, wondering who is the owner of the unknown number on her screen.


“Hi. Goodmorning Maya.”


“Yes. This is Ricky. I am really sorry, can’t pick you up. May emergency meeting kasi sa other company and I need to go there as soon as I can.” He explained

She glanced at her mother before answering the person on the other line. “Okay lang po yun. Hindi nyo naman kasi talaga dapat ako sunduin eh.” She replied, although she is really disappointed. On the second thought, where did he get her number?

“No. Susunduin talaga kita dapat. Well, just see you later, I guess.”

“Sige po. Bye.” Then, she hung up.

“So, sabay ka na?” Was James’ offer with an expectant look. She could only shook her head.

“No. I’d rather take a cab.” She bid her mother good-bye and left the house, James following her behind.

Sensing someone is following her, she halted and turned around to face him. “Pwede ba?”

“Please, let’s talk. Ihahatid na kita. Please.” He begged. She can see the sadness in his eyes. Though, she can no longer see his sincerity no matter how sincere he might be. She no longer trusts this guy.

Heaving out a sigh, she thought that this might be the start to clear things to him. “Fine. Pero dun ako sa backseat.”

He would occasionally glance at the girl on the backseat. He sighed. How he missed being close to her. He hated himself for hurting her and inflicting so much pain. She still looks lovely, very lovely, indeed.

“May gusto kang sabihin?” She asked when she caught him looking at her from the rear view mirror.

“Uh.. Can we have lunch together during your lunch break?”

“Wala ka bang pinagkakaabalahan at inaabala mo ako?” She raised her eyebrows in annoyance. What does he want from her?

He took a deep breath. He is somehow expecting this treatment. And he deserves this cold treatment after what he had done to her. “Well, I can do things at the same time, you know, handling my business and–”

“Oh. Oo nga, you can handle things at the same time. Nagawa mo nga kami pagsabayin di ba?” She cut him off, pissed. Worse is you chose to be with her., she thought

“Maya–” he called her name in his calm, sweet voice. He doesn’t want to upset her. All he wanted to do is to apologize and be with her again. He had learned his lesson. “Please, gusto ko lang na makapagusap tayo.”

The car pulled in the parking area. Finally she can breathe and stay away from him. She thought she was ready to be this close to him, but then again, she was wrong. Yet, she wanted to talk to him, too and ask him on why is he bugging her now. “Okay. But a dinner would do, instead.” With a few seconds, she’s out of the car and out of his sight.

“Maya, sorry kanina.” She was busy preparing to go home when Richard approached her table.

It’s already 6 in the evening and she didn’t expect that he’ll still drop by. She thought that they had a big problem with their sister company that he needs to attend to.

“Ay. Good evening po, sir. Okay lang po yun. Hindi naman po kasi talaga kailangan eh. Tsaka alam na naman din po natin kung sino yung nagpapadala nung bulaklak, mabait naman po yun kahit papaano.” She smiled. She’s worried the whole day about her dinner with James. It kept her occupied for a while, making her forget about her “crushie feeling” to this man, as to what Emman calls it.

She saw him frown. Now, she is curious on what’s running inside his head.

“Alright. To make it up, let’s have dinner? Ihahatid na din kita after. I wouldn’t take no for an answer.” He said with finality.

Her heart fluttered, though she reminded herself not to expect too much. She’s confused with his actions but she’s enjoying every bit of it. “Ah. Sir, hindi po kasi pwede. May lakad po kasi ako.”

“Oh. Okay. Sabay na lang siguro tayong bumaba. Nakuha ko na din naman yung files na kukunin ko dapat sa office.” He sounded disappointed

She nodded. When they are on the lift, her phone rang. It was an unknown number but the figures are familiar. Her heart remembers it.

“Hello James?”

“You still have my number.” He happily said on the other line. She deleted his number after their break up. And she hates the fact that she still memorize it.

Rolling her eyes, she answered. “Pababa na ako.” She ended the call right away not wanting to have a long conversation with him. Especially when she’s with her crush on the elevator.

“So, you’re going out with him?” He asked, his eyebrows raised.

“Uh. Opo.”

“I see… So okay na pala kayo? Kayo na ulit?” He asked again. His mood seemed different.

“Naku, sir. Hindi po.” She shook her head violently. Somewhat wanting to erase that thought away from him. She doesn’t want him to think that she and James are back together.

He laughed. Oh how cute he is when he’s laughing. If she can make him laugh like that every day then she will be the happiest girl alive. Why am I feeling like this?!, she thought.

They saw James waiting for her in the lobby. He is smiling from ear to ear.

“Ah, sir. Sige po bye.”

“Okay. Ingat.” He bid her goodbye before walking to the parking.

He is inside his car, not starting his engine yet. He saw James and Maya walking side by side. He opened the door for her on the passenger’s seat. When they left, he heaved a sigh before starting his engine and stepping on the accelerator.

A/N: If there are errors, I would like to apologize. πŸ˜‰ Next Chapter will be posted as soon as I can. : )

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