Notes From The Heart Chapter 15: His Broken Promise

Chapter 15: His Broken Promise

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The almost empty bottle of beer is on top of the table. It might melt if it only can with the gaze of the man staring at it for what seemed to be an eternity. A couple of minutes ago, he had read Maya’s reply to him that he just got home. And it made him so upset. It’s already 10 o’clock in the evening and that pisses him that she is out with that other guy this late in the evening.

This can’t be. He shook his head a couple of times. Oh yes he tried to stay away from it. To stay away from this temptation. He made a promise. A promise that he wanted to keep for the rest of his life. He swore he will never ever like someone else. Even just a little.

But her eyes, her smile, her face, is so wonderful. Once, he tried to be a monster to her. He scowled her wanting her to be mad at him. But at the end of the day, he will regret it. And that feeling that he felt when he learned that she will be having dinner with that James. It hurts like hell!

He closed his eyes trying to clear his head. Filling it up with memories of his late wife. A smile made its way to his lips. He made a promise. And he will do everything to keep it. He will try to stay away before it’s too late.

Help me Alex, to stick with us. To love you forever.

His eyes are closed. Flashing back good memories with Alex. He is just confused. He will love no one else. Alex will be the only one, and no one can replace her.

He uttered a silent prayer to help him be reminded of his undying love to his wife.

Days passed and Richard’s been busy with the other company. He focused his time more on it rather than on where Maya is. The whole day of him would be spent mainly on the other company and would just pass by to its sister company when there are no more employees left and there are no more instances that he can see Maya. Surely, it kept him away of his growing feelings towards her, but he can’t hide from it forever.

No matter how hard he tried to stay away, fate seems to find its way to make his feelings stay. At seven in the evening, he is on the lobby of the LAS, the company where Maya is working. This has been his routine for the past few days. He will drop by just to finish his work in this company to avoid seeing Maya.

He is studying the whole floor when his eyes landed on the man seated on the receiving area of the building. The man is holding a bouquet of red roses with a smile plastered on his face. Chard immediately recognizes him, and his heart suddenly felt that old familiar pain.

With long strides, he went in a lift on his way up to his office.

His mind is full of thoughts about work, and of course about his feelings that he wanted to dismiss, when suddenly, his peripheral vision saw the woman that is the reason of the strange familiar feeling in his heart.

“Why is she still here?”, he asked himself.

He was about to enter his office when Maya lifted her eyes from her computer and blurted “good evening, sir.”

Maya’s voice was surprised to see him again after days of not seeing him. She hated him once, because he no longer texted her nor granted his promise of fetching her from her house to the office. She knows too well that he is not obligated but she somehow misses him. Yes, they are not even that close but her heart feels otherwise.

Richard’s feet were glued on the floor as he slowly turns around to face her. “Damn. She is so beautiful.” He whispered.

“Good evening.” He answered not even smiling. Trying his best not to be overcome by his emotions.

“May gagawin po kayo, sir?” She asked wanting to have even a short conversation with him. She is still seated on her chair while Richard is few steps away.

“Ah. Yes. Bakit ka nagover time?” He had to ask.

“May mga kailangan lang pong tapusin, sir”

“Matatagalan ka pa ba?”

“Hindi naman po, uuwi na din po ako.”

The man on the ground floor suddenly appeared in his mind. “Bakit? Kasi may naghihintay sa’yo?” He blurted out. They are both shocked. He was surprised because he never intented to say that out loud. She, on the other hand doesn’t know why there is something else on the way that he had said it.


He wanted to dismiss his thoughts away but his curiosity gets the better of him. “You know who he is. Kayo na ulit?” He asked calmer this time, he doesn’t want to sound like a jealous boyfriend.

Although surprised, she answered him “hindi po. Hindi ko nga alam na nandiyan na naman siya.”

A sigh of relief was released by him when she said that they aren’t back together but why is he here again?, were the thoughts running in Richard’s head. Without even saying goodbye, he left her and headed to his office.


He buried himself on his paper works. He is so upset upon knowing that James is pursuing Maya. He is mad at himself for what he is feeling, he knows that he shouldn’t feel that way, that he promised that he would stay away, but she is like a magnet which attracts him to her. And the passed few days of not seeing her made his feelings grow. The avoiding thing is not a good idea.

He stood up and peeked through the glass walls of his office and saw her clutching her bag and organizing folders, preparing to go home.

He wanted to ask her to have a dinner with him or ask her if he could drive her home, but before he could leave his office, she is already heading to the elevator. His mind stopped his actions reminding himself of his promise.

As the elevator opened, Maya huriedly went in. Slowly, the doors closes when Richard made a decision to stop her.

He half run to the elevator, pressing the button going down a hundred of times. As it opens, he hurriedly went inside.

Few seconds inside the lift felt like a thousand years to him. And as it stopped, he ran as fast as he can.

What made him stop is when he saw Maya waving her hand as she watches the car drive away. He is so happy to find out that she didn’t agree to go home with James but what bothered him, is when he saw her smiling as she waves her hand. That smile that she once gave to him alone, or so he thought.

His heart pierced with so much pain upon seeing that. Without having second thoughts, he dragged her to his car.

“Wha- hey! Sir!” Was all that she could say as he was being pulled by him. His hand tightens his grip on her arm.

He half-threw her inside his car. Maya was so confused and annoyed with his actions. Why is he like that?

As soon as Chard steps inside his car, Maya is shooting daggers at him.

He stared back at her. He cannot seemed to find the right words to say to explain his actions.

Giving him a final glance, she reached for the door and was about to open it when Chard quickly started the engine and drove away. “Sir!!” Screamed Maya.

“Sorry, your seatbelt please. Let’s talk somewhere.” He said, eyes fixed on the road.

Maya couldn’t argue and just obeyed. She also wanted to talk to him on why he drag him on his car. She wasn’t scared, she’ll never be scared of him.

He parked his car outside an Italian restaurant. It is the nearest restaurant that he can find. He wanted to talk to her sooner, and inside his car isn’t the best place for a good talk.

She’s been confused about his actions for the past few days. He’s been like a puzzle and she cannot find the missing piece for her to find out the bigger picture. That is, what he really feels towards her.

The silence inside the car earlier made her think things through. And while inside the car, she caught Richard several times of glancing at her. So, she assumed that he likes her, and she feels giddy about it.

But how about James? He had been very vocal about his intentions that he wants her back. She tried to avoid him, she even treated him bad but he still wants her. For the past few days, James had been very caring. He was not like that before, even when he courted her way back then. But this time is different. She knows too well that he changed and that he is sorry about what he did. Should she give him another chance? Is love really sweeter the second time around?

And how about Richard? She is so sure that she also feels something towards him. Yes, that crushie feeling. And a part of her admits that it is no longer just a simple crush.

He pulled the chair for her to sit. There are few people around the restaurant, so the place would really give them privacy.

After he ordered, silence ensued. They keep on staring at each other. Finally, when she no longer can hold the silence, she managed to ask him.

“Uhm, sir, with all due respect, bakit niyo ako hinatak bigla?” She asked, irritated. Yes, she may have something for him but that doesn’t mean that he can do that to her with no valid reasons. Heck, she cannot be dragged just like that.

He paused. This is harder than he thought it would be. Words keep on falling from his head. And the sentences that he practiced on his head earlier inside the car seemed no longer right to say.

“I’m sorry, I– um.. I have.. Some-thing. To, tell you.” Heck! He is sweating with too much nervousness. It is also the first time that he stammer. Well, second time actually, the first one was with Alex.

She placed her arm on top of the table, leaning in so that she could listen to what he will say. “Okay, sir. I’m listening.”

He heaved a sigh. A few seconds passed.

She raised her eyebrows as she waits.

The clock ticks.

“Sir?” She checked.

“Okay. Uh.. Sorry, I just want to say. That I think, I .. I… ”


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8 thoughts on “Notes From The Heart Chapter 15: His Broken Promise

  1. ms. katey ….. naka hang ako ngayon ….. dahil cliff hanger ang chapter na ito …. grabe pareho na kami ni rom23316 …. you’re killing me with suspense too ….. sana di bumalik ang sakit sa puso ko…. hehehehe ….. way to go I enjoyed it …. and for richard sometimes you cannot keep your promise ….. and maya even me I’m confuse of your action …. so better make up your mind …. who will be? ….. thanks ms. katey for the update …. ♥

  2. Ms. Katey… Isang comment na Lang Gawin ko after mabasa ko chapter 7-15….. That was turmoil of emotion sa part ni Richard… Confusing Naman sa part ni Maya.. I could feel Richards pain…. Trying to hold on to his wife memories nd promise and at the same time falling to somebody… Maya on the other hand… Been in love but was cheated on… Could she trust love again…. Hay hay…. Let’s see what will be on the next chapter.

  3. Richard, pls.say… “I think, I’m falling for you…” sana, si Richard nman ang magsusulat ng notes from his heart. 🙂

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