Their Own Haven: Chapter 1: Last Day

Their Own Haven

(Disclaimer: This is a pure fiction. All of these are from my imagination, none of this is true.)

Chapter 1: Last Day

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Their first teleserye together has finally come to an end. It has been a long time before it finally ended. Sure enough, all of the people that has been part of the show are saddened by this. But as they say, all things has an end. Anyway, all of the casts and staffs had been very close to each other. All of them became good friends. The show might end but the friendship that grew among them will never have its end.

But to the two main casts of the show, it was more than that. They had been very close. They had built a very good relationship as a loveteam, the fact that this was the first time that they have been teamed up, it surely is a blessing to have each other because this show made their way to the peak of their respective careers.

They trust each other so much and had been used to seeing each other almost every day that’s why they will surely miss one another.

On the last day of the shoot, Maya seemed so distant to Richard. Whenever Richard is around talking to the other casts, Maya will go back inside her tent and would play games on her phone. Richard noticed this, and it’s bugging him. He’s been wanting to spend more time with her. This will be the last time that they will be together, he wanted to talk to her like the other days.

He was about to go to Maya’s tent when suddenly their director called him asking him to prepare for the last scene. He immediately stepped back and went to his own tent.

From the moment that the camera started rolling until the last scene was finally done, Maya didn’t dare to talk to Richard. Yes, she would talk to him if the scene asks for it but of course all of the conversations are scripted.

All of the staff and casts started to have a late victory dinner. Buzzling sound can be heard everywhere as all are so engrossed in talking. No one wanted to waste any second. This will be the last time that they will see each other again and they will not waste such moment.

Richard wanted so bad to approach her, to ask her if she’s okay. But she is ignoring him and is busy talking with Cristina, Maya’s sister in the soap. She is animatedly talking to her laughing with their banter. Richard couldn’t help but smile. He will surely miss this kind of environment. This happy set.

Finally, as the crowd started to pack up, he find his chance to talk to her. Maya is on her way to her van after bidding goodbye to the staff, crew and other co-actors, except of course, Richard. She didn’t notice that Richard is behind her already.

“Maya.” He immediately made his way to her before she could open her van’s door.

Slowly, she face him. “Hi Chard, ah. Uuwi ka na din? Goodnight. See you around.” She waves his hand as she bids goodbye.

“Ah. Wait, may problema ba? I just noticed that you’re ignoring me the whole day. May nagawa ba ako?” He asked, his forehead creased.

“Wala, wala. Sorry, hindi lang kita napapansin.”

“What? I’m here all day, palagi ka naman umiiwas.”

“Ano ka ba, hindi ah. Akala mo lang yon. Sige na Richard, sobrang late na. Sobrang pagod na tayo, see you around the network na lang. Ingat ka.” She smiled at him lovingly before going inside the van. Richard could only stare at the van as it moves away. Leaving him standing there alone.

One thing is for sure, she is ignoring him.

The next few days are like normal days for Richard. It felt as if he’s a normal guy again. But there is something missing, and he is not that sure what is it.

He was given a month of vacation after a long and tiring shooting days. He should rest and relax for a while as his manager and the management are having meetings to be able to come up with another project for him. He wasn’t sure if he’ll enjoy this vacation. He is missing the early call time and the busy staff and crews passing by their locations during the set. And most of all, he is badly missing Maya. Yes, her loveteam.

Before, he is ignoring such feeling towards her because he is so sure that this can’t be happening. They are not for each other. But as days passed, his heart is overflowing with thoughts of her. And he cannot deny it anymore.

He’s been holding his phone for what seemed to be as eternity. He wanted to send Maya a single message but couldn’t compose one. Well, what would he say? How are you?, I miss you? Ugh! This can’t be.

Standing up from his seat, he went to the kitchen to have a snack and wince his thoughts of Maya away.

Maya is laying on top of her bed pulling the covers up. Oh how she miss such long sleep. She deserve this off that were given to her. And she can’t wait to spend it wisely.

Her mind started to wander and was interrupted when her phone beeped.

The message was from her boyfriend, Simon. A rich man from a good, respected and wealthy family. They are together for quite some time now and before, she is so happy with him. But now, everything is different. She is not that happy anymore.

“Hi beautiful! Lunch later?”

Before, she would feel giddy with his endearments and morning messages but now, it felt like it was from a friend. She replied with

“Goodmorning, I’m still sleepy, I think I will just stay at home. Maybe some other time.”

This is the first time that she declined his offer. What is happening to her?

“If that’s the case, sige. Let’s just plan on where will we go during your vacation. :)” He texted back.

She paused for a while thinking what to reply. She doesn’t want to disappoint him, he’s been a good boyfriend but she wants this vacation to be spent alone. She needed to think things over. Especially now that she is confused. A feeling is growing inside her and she knows she needed to dismiss it. She can’t fall. She just can’t.

“I’m sorry, I already have plans. I wanted to have some time alone sana. Sorry. Sorry.” Was her reply to him which was easily understood by Simon, and just requested to spend a day with him before she leaves.

By mid-afternoon, she was busy surfing the net of a good place to spent a vacation. She still doesn’t know where to go. A vacation in her own country would be good but the people would easily recognize her and that wouldn’t give her the peace that she needed right now. Maybe, out of the country would be nice. But which country?

She is now so into going to Japan again as she browses the pages and blogs, looking for a good destination to stay and to visit.

But her heart started thumping loud as she recalls all the good times that was spent there during the shoot of their show. Before her mind completely can reminisce, she closes the site and opened another tab. She can’t think of those memories. She had to divert her attention to something else.

Ring. Her phone started ringing. To her surprise, it was James who is calling her. James is one of her co-actors in her show that just ended.

“Hi James!” She happily answered.

“Hi, Maya. Kamusta?”

“Ito, busy kakahanap ng mapupuntahan. Wala pa ako makita eh. Ikaw ba saan ka magbabakasyon?” She asked, as she shifted from her seat

“Well, I won’t be having vacation. Too bad. But at least I have a new show in the process. Kailangan na kasi simulan.”

“Wow! Congrats!” She smiled. She is so happy for him. He’s been a good friend although he was part of their show for only a short period of time but his role really marked for he is the reason on why the lead male character realized how much he loves the female character. He is such a jolly person that’s why they easily became close.

“Thank you. Anyway, sabi mo you are looking for a place to stay? Away from the noise of the city ba?”

“Yes! Kaso lang wala pa ako makita.”

“Oh. Well, lucky for you that I called. I know a good place. And it’s so peaceful there, I promise. Convenient pa because it’s only here in the Philippines. Your vacation will be well spent!” He confidently said

“Talaga? Saan naman yun?”

“I will text you all the details later, for now, I have to go to my pictorial. See you soon!”

“Thanks James! Bye.” She hung up. The location of the said place is still unknown to her but she is so excited. She is so sure that she doesn’t want any other place for her to stay than the place that James recommended. She is not sure why, but she knows she will love the place even though she doesn’t see it yet.

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