Their Own Haven- Chapter 2: PressCon

Chapter 2: PressCon

(A/N: ito na po continuation, sorry sobrang busy. ayun lang. :)))


A day before their official vacation starts, Richard and Maya, together with the other casts will have their presscon for the promotion of the last 2 weeks of their show on television.

It feels so weird on Maya’s part that she’s been missing Richard so much. And this growing feeling is the reason on why she tries to avoid him. But because of their work, she cannot do that. She cannot avoid and run away from him forever. That’s why she wanted so bad to have her vacation for it will give her the peace that her mind needed.

The room is crowded already with press people and other guests. People around the room were busy buzzing about things.

Maya is inside her dressing room while waiting for the presscon to start.

“Ayaan! Ang ganda ganda mo lalo. Ready ka na for the press!!” Her hair stylist squealed with delight upon seeing his finish product. Maya smiled with his reaction. But, she’s not satisfied yet, she wanted to be the most beautiful girl as she steps out her dressing room, and for who? She wince her thoughts away.

Her face shifted from left to right, staring at her own on the mirror. Maya’s make up and hair suits her well. She looked much more beautiful.

“For sure, lalong maiinlove nyan si Sir!” The gay hair stylist added which made her smile fade.

She then remembered the day that she had spent with him yesterday. Riding their bicycle is one of their bonding together. She enjoyed it very much, but now, her mind wanders whenever she’s with him. And she would always glance at her watch to check on the time.

Those things that she loves doing with him before feels different now.

“Ms. Maya, get ready na po.” One of the staffs informed her. She smiled and check on her face again before going out.


The moment that she saw Maya entered the room, he can’t help it. He could only stare at her. She is so beautiful that day… Well, everyday.

She smiled at her, he stood up to greet her and gave her a kiss on her cheek. He doesn’t know if it’s only him or if he really did saw her blush.

“Nalungkot ba kayo na magkakahiwalay na kayo?” The presscon started for 15 minutes already with the press questioning all of the casts and their director as well, with some questions connected to the show and as well as about their personal life. Now it’s Richard’s turn again to answer.

“Well of course, nasanay na din kasi kami na almost everyday nagkikita ng casts. So kumbaga yung… Ayun, yung happy set, yung mga biruan dun, definitely we’ll miss it, I am really sad na this show has to end but of course, endings are also the start of a new beginning.”

“What I meant was, kayo.. Kayo ni Maya”

Richard was taken aback by the question. He turns his head to look at Maya who is seating beside him. Maya is looking at him, too. “Of course. Nakakalungkot na mapalayo sa kanya. Syempre ayun nga, nasanay na kaming lahat sa set na nagkikita madalas so of course naninibago kami when our shoot ended.” He smiled after his statement. What he had said came from the bottom of his heart. Of course he is deeply saddened that their show ended, he will miss everyone in the show.

The press and some of their fans squealed with delight with Richard’s answer, Richard could only chuckle.

Maya secretly smiled.

“Any future projects together, soon?”

“Uh, we still don’t know yet, but Maya and I are very happy sa support na natanggap namin. Sana, of course, we do wish and hope for a new project together if ever…”

“Ikaw naman Maya? What will you miss the most about the show and Richard?”

She smiled first before answering. Her hand is shaking and she doesn’t know why. “Ah.. Yung ano po, yung tawanan, kulitan sa set, yung kahit sobrang aga ng call time namin, ang saya pa din, kahit puyat, okay lang. Sobra ko talagang mamimiss yun.”

“Eh about Richard?”

Richard shifted his gaze to her, waiting for her answer. The people inside the room laughed with the question left unanswered.

“Ahh.. Ano, ano nga ba mamimiss ko sa’yo?” Everyone laughed. The fans are feeling giddy. Richard chuckled. Her cheeks are blushing as Richard looks at her. “Yung ano siguro, yung pagiging maaalalahanin nya. Tsaka yung kakulitan din minsan.” She smiled. She wanted to say more but stopped herself from doing so.

“After this nabalitaan namin na you are given rest. So any plans?”

“Uh.. Actually, James suggested a place. Wala kasi talaga pa akong maisip na place to spend my vacation..” Maya responded

“So kasama mo ba siya?” Laughter filled the room. Richard became uncomfortable with the question thrown to Maya. Somehow he hopes that she’ll answer no.

“No. I will spend my vacation alone.” Richard heaved a sigh. Maya was asked if she’s happy with her personal life and she smiled and said that she is.

Maya is busy collecting her things before heading home, when Richard suddenly went in.

“Uuwi ka na?” He asked

She turn around to face him. He is smiling at her, oh how his smile could melt her heart. “Ah. Oo. Mag-aayos pa kasi ako ng gamit.”

“So, you’ll start your vacation right away?”


“You don’t want to come with us? Nag-aaya sila Cristina and Direk to go out and have dinner. Last bonding.” He asked her, hoping she would come.

“Ahm.. Hindi talaga ako pwede e. Next time na lang.” She want to go and to spend some more minutes with them.. But she just can’t. She needs to stay away.

A brand new day ahead. It’s only 4 in the morning as she excitedly jumps in her car. She texted James earlier saying that she’s on her way to his suggested place.

The driver started his engine, and drove away. As soon as the car is far from the city, she opened the car’s window and peeked outside shouting “Hello peaceful days!!!”

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8 thoughts on “Their Own Haven- Chapter 2: PressCon

  1. why is Richard hoping that Maya would say ‘No’ to the question kung kasama niya siya sa bakasyon, kung talagang hindi naman talaga sila magkasama? hmmnnn… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  2. I was hoping Maya could join them on their last dinner & She will have time with RL alone… Or maybe they will see each other again in her vacation… Next pls.. Thanks!

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