Notes From The Heart Chapter 16: Mutual

Chapter 15: Mutual

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He is sweating profusely as he gathers his courage. He is not really sure on how to say to her what he’s been feeling. He feels that this is not right. He still loves Alex, but there is also a growing feeling for Maya that he can no longer ignore.

“You what?” She probed.

“Um. I think.. I love you.” He blurted out. The last 3 words are said like it has been fast forwarded in a movie.

“Ha?!” She exclaimed, her eyes grew big and round in shock.

“I said, I think I love you.”

She was surprised more than ever. She feels giddy inside. She wanted to jump upon hearing those words. But wait, she realized that there is something wrong in how he had said it. “You.. Think? So, you just think you love me? You are not so sure.” A tone filled with sadness was released by her. She was sad upon realization.

“No, I’m just.. I know, I do.. But.. It’s just that..”

“Ano?” Her heart missed a thousand beats while waiting for his answer. The thing that he said that he does love her but there are reasons to made him feel so confused. Well, she herself is confused with him.

He felt all the nervous static in his heart empty into his bloodstream. He doesn’t know what to say to her. He might get rejected or avoided with just a single wrong word.

“Well, I.. I .. Can I court you?” He asked for a permission. And for that single moment of his life, he forgot his promise. To stay away from Maya.

She kept mum, she wanted to tell him to stay away for a while to make sure if he really do loves her, but the thought of him staying away from her already hurts like hell. She sure is fazed with the sudden turn of events. Although Richard is still puzzled with his own feelings, and she assumed it’s because of Alex, she is beyond happy! Imagine your crush feels the same way! But, she doesn’t know what to say. What should she say? Guys shouldn’t ask such question to a girl.

So, she stared at him. Like as if Richard is not there in front of her.

“Um.. Okay, I will just court you, then.” He grimaced. Oh how his face lights up. Maya couldn’t help but smile, too.

A long stemmed white rose with a note and a bouquet of tulips were on her table the next day. For sure, the rose is from James but the bouquet, she is not sure where it came from.

Her officemates and friends are teasing her as soon as she came in to the office.

“Oh, ang ganda mo te!” Emman teased her as soon as she puts her bag on top of her table and held the bouquet of tulips. She could only smile in response.

“Oh ano dali! Kanino galing yan?” Emman asked her.

“Ewan ko, ito na nga babasahin ko pa lang di ba?” She playfully replied.

“Gooo! Dali!” Emman went beside her and leaned to her shoulder to be able to read the note from the bouquet.

Hi. Goodmorning! Dinner later? – Ry

Ry? Is it Richard? Or well, yes, Ricky? She asked herself. She doesn’t want to assume that Richard is serious in courting her. Did he really sent her this?

“Girl! Sino si Ry? Ikaw ha! Bukod kay James meron pa. Magpagupit nga tayo bukas!” He pinches his friend to her side

“Sira. Ewan. Back to work na nga te. Ikaw talaga.” She laughed

“Nakoo. Umiiwas! Malalaman ko din kung sino yan!” He rolled his eyes before leaving Maya’s table. Maya could only chuckle.

She’s busy doing paper works when suddenly, at 10am, everyone greeted someone a goodmorning. And when she lifted her gaze to see who it was, her lips curved up for a smile. It’s Richard.

He casted a glance at her and half-smiled before greeting everyone a goodmorning and heading in to his office.

All of them were surprised that Richard greeted them back a good morning. He’s indeed in a good mood today. She wonder if she’s the reason behind it. She couldn’t help but smile for too much happiness.

At exactly 12 in the afternoon, she is already going out with her friends. They’ll be having their lunch out. She’s still in cloud nine as the bouquet caught her eyes. She is too giddy. She just couldn’t help it.

“Oi girl, dali na, I’m super hungry na. Sila Simon nasa baba na. Wait na lang daw nila tayo there.” Emman stomped in front of Maya’s table while waiting for her to finish.

“Oo, Emman. Ito na.” She said while fixing her things inside her bag. She lifted her gaze at Emman and was on their way towards the elevator when Liza, Richard’s secretary saw them. Liza is behind them, shouting Maya’s name.

They turn around to face Liza. “Oh, Liza, bakit?” Maya asked her as soon as she faces her.

“Eh kasi, pinapatawag ka ni Sir Ricky. Pagkatapos nung meeting namin, sabi nya papuntahin daw kita dun e. May itatanong ata about dun sa paper.” She explained.

Maya shifted her gaze from Liza to Emman. “Hay nako girl, sige na tawag ka ni sir pogi na bipolar. Hihintayin ka na lang namin sa baba.” Emman said and leaned in to her to whisper something. “Sige na Maya, baka namiss ka!”

She can feel her cheeks blushing but she quickly shook her head to hide her giddiness. “Ay. Nako, sige wag na Emman. Gutom ka na nga. Dami mo nang sinasabi. Una na kayo, baka matagalan pa yun lalo na kung may ipapabago si sir.”

Emman pursed his lips to hide his giddiness, and nodded. “Goodluck girl. Bawas-bawas sa kilig!” He whispered again to her before he disappeared.

Maya could only roll her eyes. Emman might knew that she likes Richard but she will not tell him yet that Richard is courting her already. With the thought of him courting her makes her smile like a fool!

But what does Richard want now? She knows that, that paper was reviewed by her twice, no, thrice. She is so sure that it’ll pass his standards. So, what now?

“Uuh.. Maya?” Liza brought her back from her reverie. “Tara na?”

“Ay. Oo nga. Sige.”

“Sir?” Liza stepped inside Richard’s office.

“Yes?” He looks up to her while seated on his swivel chair.

“She’s here.”

“Okay, let her in.”

Liza moved backward to give Maya some space. “Good afternoon po, sir.” She smiled tentatively.

He nodded at her.

“Ah.. Sir, may kailangan pa po ba kayo?” Liza asked Richard as soon as Maya was seated on the chair in front of Richard’s table.

“Wala na. Thank you. You can now have your break.”

Liza raised her eyebrows. Did she really heard him say thank you?

“What?” Richard eyed her.

“Ay. Wala po, sir. Sige po.”

As soon as Liza went out, Richard turned off his laptop and faced Maya.

“Ah.. Sir, may kailangan po ba baguhin sa pinasa ko?” She asked. It was too awkward to talk to him now. Is that normal?

“Well, sorry to disturb your break but it really can’t wait.”

“I know, sir. Okay lang po. Ano po ba yung kailangan kong baguhin?” She asked but she cannot look straight into his eyes.

“Baguhin? No. You’re already perfect.” He said. Maya could feel her cheecks burning red. Why is he like that?! She wanted to scream with too much giddiness.

It took her a moment to answer. Richard is smiling at her. He is so cute.
“Sir, naman eh. Ano nga po yung papaguhin dun sa pinasa ko kanina?”

He laughed. “Maya, tayo lang ang nandito. So please, drop the sir. And saan mo naman nakuha yung idea na ipapabago ko yung pinasa mo? In fact, I’m quite impressed, it is not because that I am courting you, okay? It’s really good. I think nagsawa ka na, na pabalik-balik dito sa office ko kapag may ipapaayos ako sa works mo kaya sobra mong ginalingan.” He told her

Maya blushed more upon her hearing once again that he is courting her, add to that, he’s impressed with her work. This is all too much for her mind to handle.

He chuckled upon seeing her blush. Heck, when is the last time that he laughed like this?

“Anyway, that is actually the reason why I called on you.” He grinned

“Dahil nga sa paper?”

He laughs. “No, silly. It’s because I no longer see you, so I miss you.” He stares at her ever so lovingly.

Ano ba, Chard, papatayin mo ako sa kilig!, her head shouts.

“Eh.. Kanina lang kaya nakita mo ako. Tapos magkasama tayo kahapon.” She complained.

He smiled again. “Yes, but hindi naman tayo nakapag-usap kanina. Uhm, also, did you like the flowers?”

“Aah, Oo. Salamat.” Her face lights up.

“That’s good, uh.. So.., naisip ko na, since it’s lunch break, we could go out for lunch?”

Maya couldn’t take it and laughed her lungs out. “Ang dami pang sinabi mag-aaya lang pala kumain, kanina pa kaya ako nagugutom!” She pouted

“Okay, okay, sorry. So, let’s go?”

They are on the elevator, and there are few people on the lift eyeing them. Maya was nervous from the stares that they are getting. Richard is standing beside her while the other people inside the lift are on the side of the elevator, and they are on the middle.

On the next floor, all of the people went out of the elevator as if giving them privacy. She knows that not all of them are going to that floor because there are other floors that are pressed on the buttons inside the lift. She shook her head, she knows she will be the talk of the office for the next few days. Especially that when they stepped in the lift, Richard’s hand is on her waist.

While eating inside the restaurant, Maya is quiet. She’s eating quietly, savoring the moment with this guy. Everything feels surreal.

“Don’t you like the food?” Richard asked her when he can no longer take her silence

“Ha? Ah.. Hindi. Masarap nga eh.”

“Eh bakit ang tahimik mo?”

“Wala naman”

“Okay, so.. After office hours uuwi ka na?”

“Yes. Bakit?”

“I have a meeting until 7pm. I will just cancel it, then.” He flashed a smile

“Ha? Teka, bakit?” She asked, confused

“Of course, ihahatid kita sa inyo.”

“Ha? Wag na. Sasabay na lang ako kay Emman or kay Simon.”

“What? No. Nanliligaw ako remember? And besides, baka mamaya may iba pang sumundo sa’yo, so.. Ako na lang.” He reasoned and smiled again

Maya could only smile back. She let him take her home after their office hours. Emman was raising his eyebrow when Richard went on Maya’s table and immediately reached for her bag to carry it. She let him do that. Which earned whispers from others who are envy, and a smile from the people who knew them.

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