Notes From The Heart Chapter 17: Falling

Chapter 17: Falling Deeper

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The following days are the same. They would go out together during lunch, or if Richard has an important meeting, they will have dinner instead. He made sure also, that he will be the one to drive Maya home.

And as expected, rumors are circulating around the office about them, that they are already a couple. Maya would just shrug her shoulders whenever asked and just admitted about their current status to her close friends whom she trust the most.

On the other hand, Maya can feel herself falling so deep. He is like a trap, and she’s almost trapped. But James wouldn’t also stop from bringing her back. She’s missing the sweet gestures of James as well.

As Richard drives her home, James is waiting inside their house and had cooked dinner for her and her whole family. That’ll explains why her mother adores James so much. She allowed James to do what he wants to do, he wouldn’t budge anyway.

Good thing, James would always park his car a little bit far from their house so that it wouldn’t block their gate. That’s why whenever Richard drives her home, he has no idea that James is waiting for Maya inside their house.

“Maya..thank you ha.” James thanked her as she leads him outside their house after the dinner that he prepared for them.


“For welcoming me almost everyday here. Hindi na kita nahahatid pauwi kasi may nauna na sa’kin, but at least, you are allowing me to continue showing you how much I still love you.” Yes, James knew that he now has a competitor, that made him to doble his efforts.

She gave a weak smile and nodded. “Salamat din sa dinner.”

“No problem. So, see you tomorrow. Goodnight.”

Tomorrow? Saturday bukas ah?, she thought. But before she could ask why would she see him tomorrow, James rode his car and drove away.

Weekends are usually her day off from Richard and James’ sweet gestures. She would always decline their offer during weekend to give herself a break from too much giddiness that they’re giving.

As she laid on top of her bed, her phone rang and she saw Ricky’s name flashing on the screen.

“Hello, Ricky.” She greeted him with a smile on her face

“Hi. I just got home.”

“Oh, kanina mo pa ako hinatid di ba?”

“Yes, medyo traffic kasi and before I went home, bumalik ako sa office, I forgot something”

“Ay ganun ba? Osige na, gabi na. Magpahinga ka na.”

“Alright, ikaw din.. So, see you tomorrow, goodnight Maya.”

“Wha-” Maya was about to ask why would they see each other tomorrow, but Richard hung up already. So what now? How will she be able to see James and Richard tomorrow? Well, it’s not her problem anymore. She didn’t said yes, anyway.

Richard is very excited for today, he is smiling foolishly as he imagines how this day would be. He immediately parked his car outside Maya’s house and texted Maya “I’m here” then he waited patiently outside.

It is 9 in the morning and James couldn’t help himself but to smile from ear to ear. He had a list of the things to do today with Maya. He should have a headstart from his competitor whom he doesn’t know that it was Richard.

Imagine the shock on their faces as both of them were surprised. Both are holding a bouquet of flowers. One, holds roses and the other one is holding a bouquet of sunflowers. They studied each other from head to toe with their eyebrows raised.

Right there and then, a confrontation would be held, only if Maya didn’t came.

“Uh… Hi.” She greeted them as soon as she noticed the tension building between the two.

Immediately, Richard and James shifted their gaze to Maya. And the frown from their faces had vanished as they saw a beautiful woman standing there.

“Hi, Maya.” Richard greeted her and gave her the sunflowers.

Richard was about to kiss her on her cheek but James holds his left shoulder to stop him and gave the roses to Maya. “Hi Maya, goodmorning!” James smiled at her.

Maya could only heave a sigh. “Goodmorning, uh.. Anong ginagawa nyo dito?”

“Di ba, I told you last night na we will see each other?” Richard reminded her

James gave Richard a dagger look. “Ah, di ba kagabi, bago ako umuwi, I also told you na magkikita tayo ngayon?”

Richard shifted his eyes back to James and stared at him with eyebrows furrowed. “Nandito siya kahapon?” The question was asked to Maya but his eyes were fixed to James.

“Ah.. Oo.” She answered nervously

“Yes, almost every night. I cook for her family.” James smiled at Richard annoyingly.

Richard’s heart pierced with pain, all along he thought that he is the only one that Maya is entertaining. Although, of course, Maya has the right to entertain other suitors. But he just couldn’t take it that the guy who made Maya cry before was given another chance.

“Ah.. Guys, pwede pasok na muna kayo sa loob?” She told them, and both followed Maya quietly.

James took his seat on the left side of the couch while Richard took the right side. Maya stood in front of them, scratching her head.

“Ah… Ano gusto nyo for lunch? Magluluto ako. Pero kumain muna kayo ng breakfast.”

“Ahm.. It’s okay, Maya. I already ate breakfast at home” Richard said

“Ako din” James told her

“Okay, pagtitimpla ko na lang muna kayo ng kape. Namalengke pa kasi si mama.” She said and left the two of them.

Maya would occasionally look at Richard and James from the kitchen as she stirs the cups of coffee. She makes sure that they won’t fight.

She came back with two cups at hand and handed them to the two. In which both thanked her simultaneously.

The thick air of awkwardness is slowly filling the place as minutes of silence pass by. Fortunately, Maya’s mother broke it.

“Maya, nak.” Teresita, Maya’s mother went in and was surprised to see two guys sitting on the couch who immediately stood up and greeted her a goodmorning when they saw her.

“Aah.. Magandang umaga din. Oh, James ang aga mo naman ata ngayon.” Teresita smiled genuinely to James.

“Ah.. Aayain ko po kasi sana si Maya lumabas eh.”

Richard bowed his head down. With the sound of her voice, it is sure that Maya’s mother likes James so much.

When Maya saw Richard, she immediately introduced him to her mother. “Aah, Ma, si Ricky nga pala.. Ano…”

“Ricky Lim. Manliligaw po ni Maya.” Richard quickly offered his hand for a handshake to her mother which she took. Teresita could only switch his eyes to Maya and to Richard as she shook Richard’s hand. Teresita was surprised to find out that Maya’s boss is courting her daughter.

“Ay kung ganoon, maupo na muna kayong dalawa at magluluto kami muna ni Maya. Teka, kumain na ba kayo ng agahan?” Teresita asked the two

“Opo” the two replied

“O sya, sige. Dito kayo magtanghalian ah? Kaming dalawa lang naman ni Maya ang nandito ngayon eh. Maya halika na sa kusina.” Teresita made her way to the kitchen ready to talk to her daughter.

She took the remote control of their flat screen tv and took a cd in her father’s collection of action movies that she thought the boys would like to watch as they wait for lunch.

“Ah, Ricky, James, manuod na muna kayo ha. Sandali lang.” She smiled at them before she left.

Richard is uncomfortable sitting beside this man. Never did he imagined that his plan of taking her to Tagaytay for a date would end up like this. He mentally reviewed all the activities that he prepared to do that day, but all of his plans didn’t happen. And it’s because of the guy seated beside him. He glances at James and it seemed as though he’s enjoying the Jackie Chan film that is shown on the television.

He is starting to hate this day. Well at least, he could still spend his day with Maya. Yes, that’s it, he should still be thankful.

James is not enjoying the movie. He loves Jackie Chan but the situation that he’s in right now makes his mood bad. He planned on taking her out for a movie date like they used to do before during weekends. He would love to spend time with Maya alone. Surely, he would enjoy this movie that they are watching if only Maya is seated beside him. And he wouldn’t care if the movie is boring or if he had watch it a thousand times already. What matters is if Maya is beside him. But that is not the scene he is in righ now.

He took a glance at Richard, and it seems as if he’s enjoying the movie that they are watching. He is starting to hate him.

“Anak, kanina ka pa tingin ng tingin sa sala.” Teresita noticed her daughter as she continues to slice the veggies. “Baka naman mahiwa ka sa pagbabalat ng patatas.” She teased

“Ehhh. Ma, naman e.”

“Nako, anak. Hindi ka man lang nagkukwento na meron ka pa pala isang manliligaw. Akala ko si James lang. Siya lang naman kasi ang nakikita ko palagi.”

“Eh, nito lang din naman po nanligaw si Ricky. Tsaka palagi po nya ako hinahatid kaso hindi ko na naaaya pumasok kasi alam ko nandito si James” she stated.

“Ah. Kaya pala… Pero mukhang mabait din naman yang si Ricky..”

“Opo naman Ma.” She smiled

Teresita raised her eyebrow upon seeing her daughter smile. “E, sino ba ang lamang?” Teresita eyed her daughter

“Ma, naman e!” She pouted and shook her head

Teresita laughed upon seeing her daughter blush. That would answer her question. She knows her daughter very well and she now knows who is the reason of the bright smiles of her daughter.

“Alam mong boto ako kay James kasi kilala ko na sya. Siguro nga nagkamali sya pero alam naman nating pareho na talagang seryoso sya sa paghingi ng patawad at sa sinabi nyang mahal ka pa din niya. Pero, mukhang maayos din naman si Ricky. Wag mo lang paasahin anak kung sino man ang sa tingin mo’y walang pag-asa.”

After hearing her mother, Maya shifted her gaze back to the two guys who are seated on the couch who seemed so consumed on the tv. She sighed. “Sino nga ba sa kanila, Maya?”, she asked herself before going back to what she’s doing.

Richard and James are sitting on the chairs of a rectangular dining table. Richard and James are seated across each other.

Maya sat beside James because her mother took the seat beside Richard. The jealousness inside Richard’s heart became more noticeable to him because James had the chance to be beside his Maya and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Richard was about to offer Maya rice when James also took it. Both James and Richard’s hand were holding the bowl of rice, eyeing each other as if telling each other to back off, but James lets go of the bowl. Richard immediately offered it to Maya and smiled. While James, on the other hand took the bowl of kaldereta and offered it to Maya’s mother in which the lady gladly took.

“Wrong move Ricky! You should have offered it first to Maya’s mom. You wanted to gain her trust don’t you?!” He is mentally scolding himself.

“Kain lang kayo ng kain, wag kayo mahiya ah” Teresita told them as they started eating. She shifted her attention to Richard when she noticed how quiet this man is, unlike James who keeps on talking and making her and Maya laugh with his stories.

“Ah, Ricky..” Richard lifted his eyes to meet Maya’s mother asking why. “Ah, eh hindi kasi kita kilala pero alam ko na boss ka ni Maya. Eh.. Talaga bang gusto mo ang anak ko?” She asked

“Ma!” Maya butted in

“Oh, bakit? Nagtatanong lang naman”

Richard smiled nervously. “Opo naman.”

“Mabuti naman. Yun lang naman ang gusto kong malaman. Wala namang problema na nanliligaw kayo. Mabuti nga at nakilala ko kung sino ang manliligaw ni Maya.”

Maya could only shook her head. She looked up and hers and Richard’s eyes met. She smiled, he smiled.

After lunch, Richard, Maya and James, seated in that order are watching Maya’s favorite chick-flick movie. She is so consumed in watching that she didn’t notice that the two guys beside her is watching her intently. But after a few, James and Richard’s eye met and they frown before they stared back to the television.

“Uh.. Maya, thanks for today.” Richard told her as Maya ushers Richard and James outside their house.

“Thank you din.”

“Ah Maya, I enjoyed a lot. See you on Monday? Ipagluluto ko ulit kayo nila tito” James told her as he flashes a smile

“Sure, sige.” She could see the disappointment in Richard’s face from her peripheral vision as she agreed to James’ offer.

“Well, goodbye Maya.” The two bid their goodbyes and left her standing outside the gate.

She is so confused. She will be needing time to think things over.


Days had passed and Richard and James continued in courting Maya. Same routine of Richard having lunch and sending her home while James is spending dinner time with her. There are also times when Richard would ask Maya to have lunch in their house together with her mother. She knows that Richard is trying to also win her mother’s heart which she appreciates the most.

She sure is confused with different emotions bubbling up inside her. One friday afternoon, Richard can’t take her out for lunch since he has a lunch meeting. So, she is having her lunch with her old buddies, Simon and Emman.

“Oi! Girl, tulala ka na naman.” Emman noticed Maya staring at nowhere while toying her food.

“Ha?.. Ay. Sorry.”

“May problema ba, Maya?” Simon asked her, worried.

“Eh.. Ano kasi..”

“Okay! Parang alam ko na.. Confused ka?”

“Eh.. Oo, Emman.”

“Wait, confused saan?” Simon shifted his gaze to Maya and Emman

“Shhh! Quiet ka dyan Simon. Of course, confused sya sa feelings nya! Haba ng hair ng friend natin e. Nako!” Simon could only laugh at Emman’s comment and upon realizing what he meant.

“Emman naman eh! Naguguluhan na nga ako nang-aasar ka pa.”

“Hay nako. Ano ba ang magulo girl? Okay, sabihin na nating medyo naguguluhan ka sa nararamdaman mo, pero hindi naman pwede na parehas mo silang mahal. So, sino ba ang lamang?” Emman leaned forward waiting for her response

“Eh! Hindi ko nga alam.” She pouted

“Naloko na!” Simon chuckled

“Naku po! Ganito lang yan Maya gurl. Sino yung nagpapangiti sa’yo, kapag nakikita mo or nagtetext or tumatawag?”

She paused as she thinks “Uh.. Pareho.”

“Sino yung gusto mong nakikita?”

“Uhm.. Pa-pareho??”

“Nako problema yan!” Simon butted in

“Shhhh! Quiet ka dyan, Simon. May pangFinale question pa ako! Pag ito pareho pa din ang sagot mo, sinasabi ko sa’yo ako na gugupit sa buhok mong mahaba!”

“Emman naman e!” They all laugh

“Oo na, ito na!.. Okay, last question. Ito ha, timbangin mong mabuti…” Maya nodded while waiting for the question to be thrown. She needed enlightenment from her feelings. “As I told you, hindi mo sila parehong mahal. Maaaring natutuwa ka dun sa isa or yung isa naman namimiss mo lang yung dating siya. So… Here it goes. Sino sa kanila ang hindi mo kayang tumigil sa panliligaw at makita na may iba ng kasama kinabukasan?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

She gazed at her two friends who are staring intently at her. She is thinking.. Lost with her own thoughts. Her heart is piercing on just a mere thought of this guy leaving her alone… She finally knew the answer. And her answer is him.. Yes, it is him.

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6 thoughts on “Notes From The Heart Chapter 17: Falling

  1. Maya’s voice of reason – Emman. He did a good job in helping Maya decipher her true feelings for both guys. From the first few paragraphs, it’s stated that she’s falling deeper for Richard all the while missing James sweet gestures. I guess that’s it. The answer to Emman’s question. I wonder how will the disclosure about the notebook go…

  2. ang galing ni emman ….. alam niya kung anong tanong ang makakapamili kay maya between james at richard ….. siyempre dapat piliin ni maya si richard …. thanks ms. kate dito sa update ….. ♡

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