Notes From The Heart Chapter 20: Sick

Chapter 20: Sick

One step at a time, her eyes roamed around the house quietly. She’s appreciating the peacefulness and that at home feeling that the house gives its visitors. The whole house with its glass walls gives the sun an opportunity to light up making it look and feel warm.

Beside Richard’s room are other rooms, four of them. The other one’s door is colored in blue while the door beside it is colored in pink. The other two rooms were colored like Richard’s just plain brown with unique carvings. She wondered whose room are those, maybe his parents and sister or brother is living here with him. She should meet his family soon, he never mentioned them to her.

Small talks and murmurs were heard by her as her feet landed on the ground floor of the three-storey house. Following it, the voices led her to the kitchen where two maids are talking. With her body hidden behind a wall, she did not intend to eavesdrop, but their topic is quite interesting for her to make herself noticed, so she pretended she wasn’t there.

“Ayun na nga, bff!” The other woman who sounded familiar to her which she assumes the maid who opened the gate for her earlier, answered.

“So ang conclusion mo, finally nambababae na si sir?” The other maid asked with a surprised tone.

“Hindi naman sa nambababae, siguro yung girl talaga yung may gusto kay sir, kasi naman kilala naman natin si sir, hindi naman yun tumitingin sa ibang babae eh, kay ma’am Alex lang talaga.” She explained which stabbed Maya’s heart to death. She doesn’t know if she should get mad with their assumption that she is the one who is obsessed with him or should she get hurt with what they said about Alex.

“Hayaan mo na, bff. Hindi din magtatagal yan. Sana lang maging masaya na si sir, hindi ko na siya nakitang ngumiti.” The other one commented. She is hurting deep inside, but then, she smiled on the thought that she could make Richard smile again. And sure enough, he loves her. Enough of sinking in what others are saying, what matters is them. Her and Richard. And the love that radiates between them.

“Oo nga, pero malay natin di ba? Almost two years na din wala si ma’am Alex, sana makapagmove on na si sir.”

With that final statement from the maid, Maya steps in to make herself noticed. Clearing her throat, the two maids shifted their gaze to her with a surprise look. “Ay ma’am, may kailangan po kayo? Ipapahatid ko po ba kayo kay Joma?” The one who opened the gate asked her. Maya shook her head as a reply.

Looking around the kitchen, she noticed that they are cooking something. “Magluluto kayo?” Asked, Maya.

“Opo.” Answered the other maid “Ay nako Doris! Hindi mo inalok si ma’am kung ano gusto kainin.” She said to the one who opened the gate earlier, named Doris.

“Oo nga pala, Sabel! Nako, sorry po. Ano po gusto nyo? Meron po kaming cake.” Doris offered to Maya.

Maya smiled at them and turned her gaze back to the stove she’s eyeing. “Ay, ano salamat, pero kasi si Richard..” The maid’s eyes rounded in surprise upon hearing how she addressed Richard. Thinking that it’s because she forgot the word ‘Sir’, she rephrased her sentence. “I mean, si Sir kasi ipagluluto ko sana ng soup.”

“Ay ma’am kami na lang po.” Doris quickly offered

“Hindi, okay lang. Ako na lang.” She smiled at them and headed towards the stove. “Saan yung kaldero?”

Minutes passed and she’s cooking Richard’s soup. She also asked Doris and Sabel for a cup of milk and medicine for Richard.

With her back facing the two maids, she somehow overhear the other’s whisper to the other “narinig mo ba kanina na tinawag niyang Richard si Sir Ricky? Sobrang close siguro nila.” This made Maya to stop for a while and think. She wondered why does Richard wanted him to be called Ricky than Richard. She knows that is his name as well, but he doesn’t want to be called Richard, instead everyone calls him Ricky. Maybe, she had to ask him one day.

A bowl of soup together with Richard’s milk and medicine were already on the tray. Both Doris and Sabel are smiling at her after the food was finished. A question popped inside her head so before heading to Richard’s room, she asked them. “Ah, alam nyo, ang ganda nitong bahay. Pero mukhang bago pa.” Her curiosity about the house popped in, she somehow dreamt of such big house so she had to make a comment.

“Ay Opo, pinagawa po talaga ito ni Sir para sa kanya.” Doris said, her arms resting on top of the kitchen counter and her eyes staring at the wedding picture of Richard and Alex hanging on the wall. Somehow, Maya senses that Doris doesn’t like her. But she cannot blame her, she never knew her and she came inside Richard’s house as an employee. An obsessed employee with their boss for their point of view.

She sighed. Richard is really such a sweet man. She doesn’t want to feel anymore pain, so she immediately turned around and headed to Richard’s room.

He is still sleeping when she entered his room. Blanket pulled over his head. Slowly, she placed the tray on the bedside table and carefully sat on the bed as she taps his shoulder. “Ricky, kain ka na.”

“Hmm” he grumbled

“Ricky, kumain ka na.”

He slowly peeks through his blanket and mumbled “can I eat downstairs?”

“Ha? Eh, masama pakiramdam mo di ba?”

“I can manage. Please? I need a little sunlight.” He pleaded.

With a deep sigh, Maya agreed and she helped him as they both went downstairs. Richard’s arm is resting over Maya’s shoulder as they took one step at a time down the stairs.

Maya helped Richard in settling down his seat, as she asked for Sabel to get the tray left on his room.

Sitting on the seat near Richard, she spoon feed him. Making sure that he will eat and that it is no longer hot before feeding it to him. She is aware of the stares that she’s getting from the maids, wanting to make herself clean, she conversed with Richard. “Mahal, kumain ka ng madami, ok? Ubusin mo yan.” She ordered sweetly.

Richard stared back at her, surprised on how she called him. He doesn’t want to be called mahal, because that reminds him of ‘love’ his endearment to Alex. “Maya, ayoko na. I’m full. And please, not that endearment.” He said. He doesn’t mean to offend Maya, but she was hurt.

Both Doris and Sabel exchanged meaningful glances at each other, somehow saying ‘I told you!’

Sensing that she’s hurt, Richard immediately reached for her hand and held it tight. “I’m sorry, baby. I just don’t like that endearment. I will be fine with other sweet names, except that.” He stares at her while she kept her head bowed down.

Upon hearing Richard addressed Maya as ‘baby’, the maids wore that confused face.

Lifting her head up with his fingers from her chin, he made eye contact with Maya. “I love you” he said lovingly which made Maya smile.

“Uubusin ko na, wag ka lang magtampo.” He said and continue eating, finishing the bowl of soup no matter how hard it is for him to finish it, because he really doesn’t have an appetite.

Doris and Sabel were surprised on how their boss called their visitor. This is the first time that they met a new girl in Richard’s life after Alex died. And they are sure that Richard is still into Alex, maybe he is trying to move on, was their assumption.

“Sige, ubusin mo na yan, Ricky tapos magpahinga ka na ulit, okay?” She said as her right hand touches his forehead

“Opo.” He grinned at her

After lunch, Richard went back to his room accompanied by Maya. Richard insisted that Maya should go home because she might also get sick.
She refused at first but Richard still push her to go home and instructed Joma to send her home instead of sending her back to the office.

“Joma, be sure to send her home.” He instructed as he led Maya outside his abode, his arm rested on her shoulder.

Joma, the driver outside the house answered. “Opo, sir.”

Richard, then shifted his gaze to Maya and stared at her lovingly. “Thank you for taking care of me. I love you.” His arm pulled her in a tight embrace.

She rested her head on top of his shoulder breathing in his manly scent. “Gusto pa nga kita alagaan pero pinapauwi mo na ako.” She said

Hugging her even tighter, he replied “I also wanted you to stay, but ayokong mahawa ka. I will be okay, I promise.”

Pushing Richard a little to meet his eyes, she kissed him on his cheek and responded “okay lang sa’kin if mahawa ako.” She smiled broadly. She really wanted to stay.

Suddenly, Richard became serious. He really doesn’t like it whenever someone he loves gets sick. He remembered how Alex once had a fever, and everything gets worse. The next thing he knew, she’s dying. “Maya, it is not okay with me. So, sige na. Umuwi ka na, wag ka na bumalik sa office, okay?” He planted a kiss on her forehead before Maya left him that day.

She couldn’t sleep that night thinking about Richard. She is so worried on how he is feeling that moment. He is not answering her calls, but she knows that maybe he is resting so she texted him instead, making sure that he will be reminded to take his medicine every four hours and to eat his food.

After her 20th message sent, Richard managed to text her.

“I will. Thanks, baby. I love you. I will rest.” He texted and with that, she drifted off to sleep with a sigh of relief.

Early the next morning, she headed outside the kitchen and started cooking poridge. She wanted to give it to Richard before going to the office. She is still very sleepy with the lack of sleep she had last night. Her mind would often worry about how Richard is, it makes her mind wide awake.

She texted him that morning to inform him that she will come over and as well as to remind him to drink his medicines.

The sun is rising, with its light slowly filling up the room when Maya was done cooking. She is preparing it already when her mom came down stairs.

“O, Maya napakaaga mo naman ata nagising. Naunahan mo pa ako.” Her mom was used to Maya’s late waking up habit. So she is surprised to see her awake that early.

“Good morning po. Eh Ma, dadaan po kasi ako kay Ricky.” She answered casting a smile to her mother then she continued to prepare Richard’s poridge.

Her mom nodded knowingly. “Kaya naman pala, pagmamahal ang dahilan.” She teases her daughter, Maya chuckled. Maya’s mother went beside her to breathe in the smell of the poridge she cooked. “Mukha naman masarap. Teka, bakit ka nga ba dadaan kay Ricky? Di ka ba masusundo?” Her brows shot up.

“Ay, Ma. May sakit kasi si Ricky kaya ayun, dadalhan ko ng makakain.” She said.

“Aaah, kaya pala hindi ka din nasundo kahapon. O siya, mag-ingat ka.” Her mother gave her a hug before she headed to Richard’s house.
The gate was immediately opened by Sabel as soon as she rang the door bell. The maid is smiling widely at her, somewhat expecting her that day. Maybe Richard told them that she will be coming over.

“Good morning, Sabel!” She happily greeted her “tama, di ba? Ikaw si Sabel?” She asked

“Ay, opo ma’am. Good morning din po, pasok po kayo.” Sabel opened the gate wider to let Maya in.

“Pwedeng wag na ma’am? Hindi naman ako mayaman at lalong hindi nyo naman ako boss, nakakailang kasi. Maya na lang.” She requested, once they are inside the house

“Ay baka mapagalitan kasi kami”

“Hindi yan, basta pag ako lang kausap nyo, Maya na lang.” She smiled.

“Ay, parang si ma’am Alex” she whispered to herself but Maya still heard it very clear. “Sige po ma’am, este.. Maya” Sabel smiled at her and directed her to Richard’s room

Peeking through the door, she saw Richard leaning on the headboard of his bed as he types on his laptop. He is so engrossed in it that he didn’t notice her.

“Ricky, bakit ka nagtatrabaho?” She suddenly asked which startled Richard

He is still sick and it is evident in his face yet he is busying himself in work. He is always like this since Alex died, he doesn’t really care if he is sick. He will keep himself busy just to divert his thoughts from his late wife.

“Hi baby.” He greeted, his face lit up. He tried to stand up to kiss Maya but it was Maya who went near him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Sitting on beside him on his bed, she peeked to what he is doing and her eyebrows creased when she saw what he is working on. “Ricky naman eh, sabi ko magpahinga ka. Ang aga pa tapos nagtatrabaho ka na. Ni hindi ka pa nga magaling, ta-” she wasn’t able to finish her sentence when Richard stole a kiss from her.

“Shh..” He said. “I will be done soon. I just have to send this via e-mail. This is really important. I promise I will stay in bed all day after this.” He is now typing again on his laptop while Maya is blushing profusely beside him.

“Fine. Nagdala nga pala ako ng lugaw, Ricky.”

“Really? Thanks.” He said still his eyes were fixed on his laptop.

She is watching him as his hands were typing fast, pausing in few sentences to think for appropriate words to use when an idea hit her head. She cannot allow him to be alone that day. Especially now that she saw him working. He still might work when she’s not on sight. “Uhm.. Ricky..”


“I will stay, hindi na ako papasok para maalagaan ka.” She laid out her idea. He paused from working and looked up at her.

“No. Maya, I’m okay. I will be fine. Ayokong naiistorbo ka. And baka mahawa ka pa. I told you ayokong magkasakit ka.” He said obviously not liking her idea.

Maya was hurt. She really wanted to take good care of her boyfriend. And she will not make him stop her no matter what!

Richard shifted his gaze back to what he is doing, while Maya remained silent and bowed her head. Richard noticed this, so he closed his laptop and looks back at her.

“Hey..” He lifted her head up to meet his gaze, but Maya looked away.

He sighed. He cannot win this time to her. “Alright, sige na, you can stay.”

As she heard what she wanted to hear, Maya happily meet Richard’s gaze. “Thank you, Ricky” her arms flew to Richard’s body, engulfing him in a tight hug.

He embraced her back. With just the thought of Maya taking care of him makes him feel better. For sure he will be okay, in no time.

(A/N: sorry if ngayon lang ulit nakapagupdate. Sobrang busy lang sa school. Thank you readers and for some comments :))

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Their Own Haven Chapter 3: Vacation

Chapter 3: Vacation

The place that James suggested is more beautiful than the description. It was 4hrs drive from Manila but after hours on the road, she is still so energetic especially upon seeing the place.

The cold breeze coming from the ocean gave her this relaxation that she needed. She couldn’t thank James more, she sure is in the right place.

As her driver puts her luggages on the house that she rented, she made her way to the beach. This is a private beach so it will definitely give her the privacy that she wants after all those months that the media had followed her.

Her feet left footprints on the sand as she continued to walk. Only the sound of the waves crashing to the rocks and the chirping of birds can be heard. A gazebo from a far can also be seen. She’s starting to love this place more.

“Ma’am, nailagay ko na po lahat ng gamit sa loob.” Her driver got her back from her reverie

“Ay. Salamat po. Sige po, bumalik na kayo sa bahay. Pakisabi na lang po kay Manang na siya na muna bahala dun at huwag mag-alala sa’kin. Kaya ko na sarili ko dito. Tsaka, kapag magpapasundo na lang ako saka na lang kayo bumalik.” She instructed

“Opo ma’am. Puno na rin po yung bahay ng food supplies. Ingat po ma’am.”

“Sige po! Ay! Yung mga libro ko ba nandiyan na?” She asked again, on this vacation of her, she imagined herself reading a good book while seating and staring at the view of the beach.

“Opo ma’am andun po sa bag.”

“Okay, salamat ulit.” She waves her hand as her driver left, started the engine and drove away.

“Yes bro, don’t worry, I will. Thanks!” He replied to the man on the other line then he hung up.

He is now packing his things for his vacation. A couple of shirts, shorts and others that he thinks he’ll be needing. He could only smile foolishly. Oh how he can imagine these days would be… Full of fun.

“Sir Richard, okay na po yung sasakyan.” His driver, Mang Lem told him.

“Okay, thanks. I’ll be gone for a few days, kayo na pong bahala dito. I will be back soon.” He smiled as he puts his bags inside the backseat, humming the theme song of his show.

She’s reading her favorite book outside the house. She’s near the beach, only few meters away, reading from the street lamp standing beside the bench she was seated on.

She smiles whenever she feels so giddy on the lovestory that she is so consumed in. She didn’t notice that it was already time for dinner and he hadn’t cook something for her to eat, yet.

So, she decided to have sandwich for dinner since it will be easier for her to prepare and could also be a good food to munch as she continues reading.

She is walking back to her rented house when she saw that the light is on. She remembered that she didn’t turn it on since she left the house at 5 in the afternoon so there is still a sun lighting the whole place.

She quickly searched the beach to look for something hard for her security if there is someone inside the house. But Maya could only find a coconut on the sand, which she took. “Pwede na siguro ito pamukpok.” She thought.

She was so nervous as she gets closer to the house. She doesn’t know what to do especially that she is alone there.

As quiet as she can, she slowly made her way inside the house. As she reached the front door, she heard noise coming from the kitchen. And she couldn’t be so scared than ever!

She wanted to run, but where will she go? Her car is not here. She should deal with it. If there is a bad guy inside the house, she will throw the coconut to him. That wouldn’t kill the bad guy of course.. But she couldn’t do anything else.

Slowly, she walks into the kitchen. She saw a man standing, his back facing her. The bad guy seems to be busy in the kitchen with all the veggies and meats sliced in bowls. He will sure cook something for dinner. That will save her tummy for tonight, but hey, wait! That’s her supply for the whole month!!

It’s a thief!! “Magnanakaw!” She screamed and was ready to throw the coconut to him when the man turned around, startled by her presence.

She was so shocked. Why is he here?, she asked herself.

She couldn’t move, her feet were glued on the floor, her eyes fixed on the face of the man standing before her. All that she is aware right now, is that he is slowly walking towards her. She is still staring. Her heart is racing.

He is now in front of her, he touched her right hand, and he quickly took the coconut from her left hand as he spoke. “Yun! Meron na tayong buko juice.” He smiled “wait, umakyat ka sa puno?” He grinned

“Wa-it. Ba-bakit ka a-andito?” She asked, the words stumbling after another.

“Well, same as what you’re here for. I’m also here for a vacation.” He turns around and placed the coconut on top of the kitchen table and he gets back to what he’s doing.

“Ano? Te-ka.. I rented this house, so anong sinasabi mo?” She’s so ready for a talk right now.

He smiled again, that smile would always calm her down. But she cannot fall from that, not now. “Maybe because, we have common friends who suggested this place. And actually, medyo mura mo narentahan ito, right? That’s because you will have a housemate. There are three bedrooms here, akin yung isa. Pwede pa nga tayo magpaupa e.” He quipped

She rolled her eyes. “At bakit naman hindi nila ako ininform na may makakasama ako dito? Kaya nga ako magbabakasyon para mapag-isa!” She cannot take it. Her voice is rising now.

He sighed. “Calm down, okay? I promise, I will stay out of your way. Hindi kita papakielaman, if you want I will lock myself inside my room. But before staying out of your way, I will just cook our dinner. Sorry, hindi ako nakapamili ng food ko. Bukas na lang siguro. Anyway, I think hindi ka pa nakakapagluto so.. Ako na lang.” He smiled

Her arms crossed, she sighed and gave up. The thought of him ignoring her makes her heart pierced with so much pain. What is this man doing to her?!

“Aaah.. Richard.”

“Yes?” He turns around to face her while he puts his apron on.

“Ano ba lulutuin mo?” Finally, he saw her smile at him.

Maya sets up the table as soon as Richard was done cooking adobo. It smells so good especially to the hungry stomach of Maya

She is busy eating like as if there is no tomorrow. Richard is staring at her, loving the way she eats. Maya is very much aware of the stare that she’s getting from Richard, so she pretends that she’s busy with her food.

“Ang sarap mo pala magluto.” She commented without lifting her head to meet his gaze.

He smirked “well, thank you very much.”

“Seryoso yun ah. Di ko talaga alam na magaling ka magluto, well nadidinig ko lang na marunong ka pero di ko naman alam na masarap ka magluto.”

He smirked once more. “Seryoso din yung thank you ko.”

An awkward silence ensued. Richard wanted so bad to start a conversation with Maya but he doesn’t know what to say.

Maya is troubled by their situation. Her mind is telling her that she should hate this vacation of hers, but her heart is jumping with excitement on how this vacation of hers will be well spent.

She is only wishing that this wouldn’t be on the healine later on. For sure this will be the talk of the whole country as soon as someone knows that they are together. Fans will love it, but haters will forever hate.

“Pero, teka!” She stopped eating and shifted her gaze to him, raising his hand in the air cutting the silence surrounding them as a question popped in her head. “Si James ba yung nagsabi sa’yo na nandito ako?”

He answered immediately. “No. Actually, I don’t know na nandito ka. What he just told me na maganda itong place na ‘to. And probably there will be also someone na makakasama ko sa bahay, but he told me that it’ll be okay because hindi naman daw ako papakielaman nung kasama ko dito, so I thought foreigner yung kasama ko na hindi ako kilala, I didn’t know that it’s you.” He explained while toying his food.

Maya nodded but is not that convinced. If he really do know, why does it seemed as if he is very cool with their set up? Well, maybe it’s because she is the only one who is affected whenever he’s around so it doesn’t bother Richard that she’s there. She could feel that James planned it all along. She doesn’t know if James knew about her growing feelings towards Richard or if she is just really that transparent enough to be noticed by James, but she cannot spend her vacation with Richard! It’ll make things worse. Just a thought of him makes her knees weak, and now he is indeed that close to her.

“Okay, let’s just make a deal.” She said which made Richard to turn his eyes back on her and listened very carefully. “Let’s just stay out of each other’s way para naman medyo makapagrelax tayo.” She said, standing up and wiping her lips with the table napkin. “And, o! Thanks for the dinner, ako na lang maghuhugas ilagay mo na lang sa sink. Aakayat lang muna ako sa room.” And with that, she left him in a huff without waiting for his response and Richard’s eyes following her.

She is pacing back and forth inside her room with her phone near her ear. She’s trying to reach James on his phone but he is not answering. Maybe he has a shoot or a pictorial that day. Upset with the situation she’s in, she threw her phone on the bed and went downstairs to wash the dishes.

Her eyes searching the place, she couldn’t find Richard so she walk her way to the kitchen.

Walking closely, she found him there with his apron on as he washes the dishes. Half running to his side, she half shouted “Uy, Richard ako na yan.” She taps his shoulder as she approached him

“Ako na. You go upstairs and rest.”

She pouted. “No. Ikaw na nga yung nagluto e. Dali na, ako na dyan.”

“Wag na nga.” He said firmly.

Crossing her arms, she answered “alright! Tutulungan na lang kita.” She immediately stepped beside him and starts rinsing the plates. He secretly smiled.

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Starting Over Again Movie Review

Good things were said about this certain new movie of Star Cinema, so after our Law class, we went straight to the mall and got ourselves tickets of the Last Full Show. I am actually not a fan of Filipino movies but this story really did struck me. I don’t know if it’s because I, once upon a time had a crush in my teacher way back then or the story really did touched my heart.

Things that you can do for love, ei? Never did I imagined what love can do to you. Crazy things. I don’t know how to write without spoiling the whole movie. But I should say, it is indeed a must watch! I love the acting of Piolo, and Toni as well in this movie. Their confrontation part and all, it’s just soooo ugh. Heartbreaking. Seriously I nearly cried(my tears would stop from falling bc of some funny scenes tho) and even my bestfriend was touched. We can’t stop from reacting to every scene.

What I had learned, We cling on to whatever hope we can have which can push us to do crazy things to reach our goal. We also assume but I must say, even a flicker of light can guide us to a dark place but that also could start a fire. A fire that could burn your whole personality, making a fool of your own self.

I should not say more. You guys better watch it. Haha oh, btw, I do love the last part. It’s really funny! Hahaha *wink*

Notes From The Heart Chapter 19: Valentines Day

Chapter 19: Valentines Day

Red. That is the color of the day whenever Valentines day arrives, and that is also the color of her blouse that Saturday. It is still early in the morning and she’s been waiting for Richard’s text or call greeting her happy Valentines day. This is their first Valentines day together and she could no longer wait to celebrate it with him!

Yesterday, she’s been dying to know what to expect for the Valentines date with Richard. And of course, to be able to know what to expect, she should ask his ex’s. And the only available source that she has is Alex’s notebook. Sure enough she had read that parts way before, there are, as long as she remembers, three Valentine days written on it but she totally forgot some details about those days for she’s envious about the sweetness of Richard. She never experienced that with James before.

February 14. First Valentines day with my love. This is the first time that we’ll be spending such special day, and I can no longer wait!

I was so surprised when someone came with a delivery of fresh bouquet of roses and my favorite dark chocolates. He’s busy today with his meetings but he made sure that he will make me feel important and loved.

There’s a voice recorder that is inside the box handed to me by the delivery guy. When I pressed the play button, I heard his beautiful voice saying: “happy first Valentines day together, love. I’m so excited to spend Valentines with you. Mahal na mahal kita. See you!” A short message that made my heart do somersaults. I love this guy! We also had dinner, we danced and he also sang to me our themesong. Isn’t he sweet? I can’t wait for another special event with my love!


There are two more entries about the Valentines day that they had spent before. But she decided not to read the others because she can no longer bear the pain. She shouldn’t be jealous because it is already in the past, but maybe, it’s the thought that she might expect too much to him and that expectation may not be met.

Whatever happens though, she can no longer wait for tomorrow. And their day together will also be a memorable one.

Nine o’clock in the morning and she still doesn’t hear anything from Richard. She is starting to get furious when, suddenly, the door bell rang.

She immediately ran outside to open their gate, half-expecting Richard but then, a delivery boy greeted her a goodmorning instead.

“Good morning po ma’am. Happy Valentine’s day po. Delivery po para sa inyo.” He happily gave the bouquet of sunflowers to Maya.

Maya quickly took the note from the flowers and read it.

“Hi baby, Happy Valentines day. I’ll pick you up at 12nn.”

She smiled genuinely. With a simple note, her mood has changed.

At 1pm, they are already having their lunch in a restaurant inside a certain mall. There are a lot of couples inside, good thing Ricky made a reservation for them.

“Ah.. Ricky, thank you sa flowers ha? Yung gift ko sa’yo nagustuhan mo ba?” She gave Richard an expensive polo shirt from her savings. The moment she saw that shirt, she knows it’ll fit him perfectly.

He smiled. “Yes. Thank you. You don’t really have to, Maya.”

“Hindi pwede na wala akong gift no.” She glances at him and smiled before spooning her food. “So, saan tayo pupunta after lunch?” She is expecting a surprise from him. She knows that there is something waiting for her.

He paused for a while to think. “Well, let’s watch a movie. Anything you want.”

Her eyes lights up. “Talaga? Anything I want?” She had this childish smile plastered on her face which Richard loves about her.

They ended up watching a romantic-comedy Filipino movie that is showing that day. Never did she pictured that she will watch a chick-flick with the great Mr. Lim.

After watching the movie, they stroll inside the mall while holding each other’s hands. It is still early so the lights are still on, ladies inside the mall would cast a glance at her boyfriend. He is so handsome that day. Dashing as ever. Girls would really envy her, whether they are single or not.

“Ah.. Maya, what do you want as a gift?” He asked her as they stopped outside a boutique of designer shoes and bags. She stared at Richard, why does it felt like he is not prepared with their first Valentines together?

“Wag na, hindi naman kailangan. May flowers na ako kanina, okay na yon.” She said, although she expects that he already have something for her ready wrapped days ago. Because she, herself had a hard time of thinking what to give to him, she thought he’s like that as well.

“No. Gusto ko may regalo ako sa girlfriend ko. I’m really sorry na hindi ako nakabili. I’m really busy with work.” He apologized, his voice so smooth and sweet.

Maya nods. Whether he apologize or not, he’s already forgiven. He kissed her forehead before pulling her inside the store.

As soon as she entered, a saleslady already approached them and suggested their latest shoes and bags in which Richard immediately asked for a size and a bag color.

She felt like she’s his princess, like cinderella when he slipped in to her right foot a very beautiful blue stiletto. It felt so good to have a prince charming, and she will never ever let any witch or villain take her prince away.

“You like this? Bagay sa’yo ‘to.” He told her after letting her fit the shoe on

“Hm.. Sa tingin mo?”

“Well, yes of course. Anything looks good to you.” He grinned. Her heart do somersaults. “And please, don’t look at the price when you choose. My princess deserves anything.” He said when he noticed that Maya kept on saying no to beautiful shoes and bags handed to her whenever she sees the price.

With paperbags hand in hand, after a couple of hours, the day is soon to end. They are outside a seafood restaurant located in Manila waiting for a table. It is jampacked with customers, mostly couples having dinner dates. They wasted an hour or so waiting for a vacant table. She hated the fact that Richard hadn’t planned on spending the whole day with her because he didn’t even bother to reserve a table for dinner, but she doesn’t want to dwell on it. He must be really that busy with work. Well, who wouldn’t be? Especially that he is the boss of two companies? She should stop on expecting things from Richard, especially having the notebook as the basis of her expectations. Her and Alex are different she should not compare the past from the present.

“I love this place. Gives me peace. Kaso crowded ngayon because of Valentines. But believe me, this place is really good. Let’s eat again some other time here kapag wala masyadong tao.” He said staring at the ocean beside the restaurant.

It is indeed a romantic place to have a dinner date with. She wondered if he once brought Alex here. Well, for sure he did.

As soon as they were eating their orders, a waiter came and handed Maya a long stemmed white rose.

“Happy Valentines day po ma’am.” He said and turned to look at Richard as he adds “galing po kay sir.”

The man left after, while the two lovebirds on the table were gazing lovingly at each other. Maya could smell the scent of the rose and felt so loved.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Sorry about this date, medyo to be honest, not as romantic as the other dates that you might have watched on movies. But it’s still the best, right? What is important is that we’re together.” He reached for her hand on top of the table and squeezed it. Maya realized that too. This date is somehow not what she expects but the date turned out to be memorable. Because a date will be a date as long as a couple is together. It doesn’t need to be as romantic as those in movies. What is important is-them.

She nods her head. “Thank you, Ricky. Sobrang saya ko!”

“Me too baby.”
Monday morning came and Richard didn’t fetch her. She didn’t even got any calls or texts from him telling her why. She is late today because she waited an hour waiting for Richard to come.

She’s worried sick. She sent him several messages but she didn’t got any reply from him. Maybe he’s out of town for an important project. But why wouldn’t he let her now if there was one? Or maybe there’s an emergency thing in his other office that he needs to attend to?, she is starting to ask her innerself. Where is he?

The clock ticks, still Richard is not yet in his office. She stood up from her chair and took few steps to approach Liza, who is currently talking to one of their employees, as if telling her orders.

“Hi, Liza. Good morning.” She immediately greeted her when Liza glances at her.

“Oh, Maya. May kailangan ka ba?”

“Ah, yes. Nasaan si Ricky? I mean, si sir Ricky?” She asks.

Liza pauses to shift her gaze back to the other employee that she’s talking to. “Well, Dianne, pakibigay kay sir yan, okay? You may go.”

The other lady nodded her head and turned to walk away from them. Liza shifted her eyes back to Maya. But before she could say anything, Maya asked her again. “Saan pupunta si Dianne?”

“Kay Sir Ricky. May pinapakuha kasi siya.”

“Eh nasaan ba siya? Hindi niya sinasagot mga tawag at texts ko eh.” She worriedly asked Liza.

“Don’t worry, Maya. Sir Ricky is sick but-”

“What?!!” She gaped

“Hey, it’s okay. He is alright. Galing ako dun kanina and he told me na sabihin ko daw sa’yo na kay Mang Lem ka magpahatid pauwi. Dapat actually ipapasundo ka din niya kay Mang Lem kanina kaso nalimutan niya.” She informed her calmly.

She’s mad at him for not informing her that he’s sick! “Bakit hindi man lang niya sinabi? Kung pupunta dun si Dianne, ako na lang. Ako na lang ang magbibigay nung nalimutan ni Sir.” Her eyebrows are furrowed. She wanted to go where he is.

Liza heaved a sigh. “Maya, kasi, Sir ordered me, and it’s very clear na kay Dianne ko daw ipadala yung pinapakuha niya. Ayaw ka niyang mag-alala.”

“No! I’m his girlfriend. I should be there.” She had enough. If earlier she’s trying to stay calm, she is now half-shouting with too much annoyance. She’s upset, alright.

“Fine, okay. I will call Dianne para pabalikin. For sure hindi pa nakakalayo yun.” And with that, Liza went back to her office to get a piece of paper.

The paper is already crumpled in her palm which Liza gave her. Richard’s address is written on it. She rode a taxi on her way to Richard’s house. She is excited to see where he lives for the first time. They are a couple for a few weeks now, but he never bring her to his house. She doesn’t really care if he still hadn’t introduced her to his parents, they had been together for quite sometime, so it doesn’t really matter to her, yet.

The taxi stopped in front of the gate of a subdivision. She is not really that surprised to see such place, she knows that Richard is rich but the subdivision really did amazed her.

“Good evening po. Sino po ang kailangan nila?” The guard asked Maya on the backseat, with the windows of the taxi rolled down.

“Uhm.. Dun po ako kay Mr. Lim. Ricky Lim.” She smiled warmly at him

The man stared at her. “Aah. Opo, kayo po ba yung taga dun sa company? Ineexpect nga po kayo ni Sir. I.D na lang po.” He said, his palm opened wide, asking for something.

She fished for her ID and handed it to him. The guard quickly looked at it before handing in back. “Okay na po, ma’am. Sign in na lang po kayo.” Maya filled up the rectangular notebook with her information before the guard let them in.

Her eyes feasted on the enormous houses inside that subdivision. When she was still a little girl, she used to dream on living inside such house. She even promised her parents that she’ll buy them one when she grow up. Actually, she’s still saving for her dream house and these houses are wonderful. She wondered what would Richard’s house looks like.

The taxi stopped at the number of the house that her address says. She had to blink her eyes several times, she couldn’t believe what is standing in front of her. It is what she wanted. It is a big house painted in white and brown, mostly the whole house is made of glass. Such structure where in you can appreciate nature whatever part of the house you lay your eyes on.

Just by looking at it, you can feel its peacefulness. She could stare outside from its glass walls for eternity.

She rang the doorbell thrice and waited for few minutes before the gate flew open. A woman dressed in uniform opened it for Maya.

“Yes ma’am? Ano po yun?” The woman asked Maya

She smiled warmly before answering “ah.. Si Ricky Lim po ba nandiyan? Dala ko yung pinapadala niya.” She said peeking through the woman’s shoulder to have a view of the house.

“Ay. Opo ma’am. Sabi po ni sir, kunin ko daw po sa inyo tapos ibigay ko sa kanya.” She said firmly.

Maya understood what she meant. She should just give the files to the maid then she should leave, but she won’t do that. She will take care of her boyfriend. “Ah.. Miss, pwede bang ako na lang yung mag-aabot nito sa kanya?”

“Ay nako po, ma’am. Ang utos po kasi sa akin wag ko daw po papapasukin, kunin ko lang daw po.”

“Ah.. May importante din kasi akong sasabihin.” She tried to push

“Ako na lang po ang magsasabi.” No. She can’t be moved.

Maya scratched her head. “Okay, ganito na lang. Pakisabi nandito sa baba si Maya, Maya dela Rosa.” She asked, trying to smile.

The woman half-smiling reluctantly obliged. She left Maya outside the gate and went inside. Maya followed her with her eyes from the glass walls of the house. She saw the woman went upstairs and inside a certain room. After a few minutes, the woman came back and opened the gate widely.

“Sige daw po, pasok. Akyat na lang po kayo ma’am sa 2nd floor. Pangalawang pinto sa kanan.” She stepped aside to give Maya space as she went in.

The house is very clean and the furnitures are surely expensive. The paintings pinned on the walls around the house gave it that magnificent look. It added amusement to her eyes. She halted on the huge picture frame of Richard and Alex’s wedding picture hanging on the corner of the house where it’ll welcome the visitors. They still really look good together to her.

Running her hand slowly on the rail of the stairs, she slowly go up the stairs appreciating every corner of Richard’s house. She finds it cool to be walking inside his boyfriend’s home. Feels like she first landed on the moon.

Turning the knob of Richard’s room, she exhaled deeply. Her heart pounding fast. She’s worried about him and upset at the same time for not informing her about him getting sick.

The first thing that she saw is him laying on top of his bed, his eyes closed. His scent can be smelled all over the room. With the scent slowly fading as she gets accustomed to it.

Richard’s eyes flew open once he felt her prescence. “Hi.”

She smiled and rushed to him. Putting the files on top of his bedside table. “Okay ka lang ba? Bakit hindi mo sinabi na may sakit ka?” She asks him while her hand is touching his forehead, checking his temperature.

“I’m okay. I’ll be fine soon. Lagnat lang naman.” He answered feeling tired.

“Kahit na. Ricky naman pinagaalala mo ako! Hindi mo man lang ako tinext or tinawagan! Tapos parang ayaw mo pa ako papuntahin dito. Nakakainis ka!” She half shouted with her arms crossed.

He reached for her hand and squeezes it. “I’m sorry baby. Ayoko lang mag-alala ka that’s why I ordered Liza not to tell anyone.”

“Sorry, sorry! Ewan ko sa’yo! Kahit hindi mo sabihin mag-aalala ako, hindi mo kaya sinasagot tawag ko!” She pouted. He laughed.

She frowned. “Come here.” He pulled her and she ended up leaning on his chest, him hugging her and feeling his heartbeat. He is very warm because of his fever but she doesn’t mind.

“I love you, Maya. I’m sorry.” He whispered and kisses her head.

Without thinking,”I love you, too.” She replied. Good thing that her face is buried on his chest so he couldn’t see her blushing.

“Kumain ka na ba?” She asked him as soon as she escaped from his tight embrace.

“Not yet, I’m not hungry though. Ikaw ba?”

“Kumain na ako kanina. Ricky, kahit walang gana kumain ka, okay? Paano ka gagaling nyan? Ganito na lang, ipagluluto na lang kita.” She happily suggested.

Feeling very ill, he could only smile weakly as a response. Every movement tires him very bad. After a few, she kisses him before she went out of his room and headed in to the kitchen.
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“Pinagawa po niya talaga ito para sa kanya.”

“Totoo bang-“

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Notes From The Heart Chapter 18: Past and Present

Chapter 18: Past and Present

He stirred from his bed and slowly opened his eyes. But to his surprise, he wasn’t on his bed. He is laying on the grass, what is he doing here? How did he even get here? He must have been dreaming.

The dust mites danced in the ray of sunshine and the butterflies are flying freely above the wonderful flowers. They were beautiful- magnificent even, surely, Alex would love them. Oh, Alex. He sighed upon remembering her. His heart would never forget how to love her. He roughly wiped away the moisture that easily formed at the corner of his eye and stood up.

He is indeed dreaming. This place looks like heaven to him. He ran. He shouted, but no sound came. He scanned the place. If this is heaven, she must be here. Alex might be here.

A smile formed on his lips as the moments with Alex flashed momentarily on his mind. He misses her terribly.

“Richard.” An angel, he thought. As a woman’s voice was heard by him while his eyes were closed, he knew it’s an angel calling him. How did he die if this is heaven?

Slowly, he opened his eyes. His heart leaped with so much joy. It’s Alex! He hugged her so tight as if never wanting to let go. “I love you, so much.”

“I love you, too. I miss you.” She uttered. And that was it. He is staying with her forever.

He woke up. He sat on the edge of his bed and covered his face. Another dream that is better than his reality. Why is he reminded again of his wife? Maybe Alex wants him to hang on to their love. But what will he do? He is starting to fall deeply in love to Maya. She keeps him happy in this world that he is still living. “What do you want me to do, Alex?” He asked

He stopped on his routine of sending her home after office hours. He also spent his time on their other company so that he won’t be on the company where Maya is. He needed time to think. His heart needed a little time to know who is it still beating for.

Maya on the other hand had missed him so bad. He no longer call nor text her. He must be very busy in his work so she let him. That also made her to know what she truly feels. So she made a decision that day.

“Hi Ricky!” She sounds so happy on the other line as Richard accepted her call on his way to the office.

“Good morning, Maya. Do you need anything?” He asked casually.

“Uh..wala naman, ano lang. May gusto kasi akong sabihin sa’yo. May meeting ka ba ng lunch?” She asked nervously

He paused for a while to think. “I have one this morning, but I think it’ll end before lunch. Well, sige. Let’s have lunch mamaya. I’m on my way to the office.”

“Okay, sige ingat ka.” She hung up immediately after his confirmation.

He is starting to wonder what would she say to him. Will she dump him now? He thinks that’s a better idea. It will be for the best for he is now confused.

“Girl, ano? Una na kami magLunch?” Emman asked her as soon as the clock hit twelve noon. Richard is still inside the board room having a close door meeting. But Maya opted to wait for him.

“Yes. Sige” she smiled

Emman eyed his friend and gave her a teasing smile. “Okay, so I guess alam mo na”

“Yes, alam ko na.” He happily answered.

Emman covered his mouth with giddiness stopping himself from shreaking “I’m so happy for you, friend!”

“Thank you.”

There are so many things running inside her head. She’s thinking on how to start the conversation about their courting stage and on how she should answer him with a ‘yes’. Richard had been very quiet the whole time they had been together. He is no longer that sweet. When she asked him if he has problems, he answered that it’s about work so she shrug it off.

Richard couldn’t think clearly. He is so confused with his feelings. He loves Maya, but is his dream earlier a sign that he should stop on pursuing her?

“Ah. Ricky?” She broke their silence in eating.

He lifted his head to meet her gaze.

“Ano.. About James.. Kasi..”

He stared at her, waiting what was she about to say next. Maybe, she is really dumping him.

“I already told him to stop.” She blurted out. She studied his face but couldn’t seem to read his reaction.

So does that mean that.. She chose him?? “Uh..what do you mean?”

Without wasting any moment she said,”I am choosing you.”She flashed a smile that melted Richard’s heart. His heart shouted yes! But his heart shouted no!

Biting her lip, she studied him and was worried that he didn’t like the idea. Don’t he love her anymore? Change of plans? “A-ayaw mo ba?” She asked those words with so much pain.

“No. I mean, of course gusto ko! I am so happy, Maya.” He smiled at her lady. He is happy, very happy indeed. He wanted to give his heart what it wanted- this present love.

She’s laying on top of her bed repeating the scene earlier that day. She’s just so giddy! Everything feels surreal. After their lunch out together and her, giving him her sweetest ‘yes’, she’s smiling like a fool. They also had their dinner together and drove her home. She even caught him glancing at her a couple of times. She can’t hide it, she loves him so much!

As she shifted her position from her bed, she saw the notebook that is on the bookshelf. Her heart sank upon remembering that thing. She hadn’t gave it back, yet. She feels so guilty about it, so she stood up and get it from the shelf.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, she scanned once again its pages. It seemed ages since the last time that she held it yet, it still looks the same, including the picture in it.

When will they have such perfect picture as a couple? Will he smile as big as that when it’s the two of them having a picture of? Those thought bug her head. Surely, she came into conclusion, that they will have. He will be very happy with her. She’ll make sure of that.

After the last entry of the notebook, she started staring at the blank page. She wondered what might be the next entries of Alex would had been if she’s still alive? Probably, happy moments with Richard and those cute little babies that they might now have.

Her heart felt like it was stabbed in pain but she shrug it off away. He’s with her now, she’s the present and Alex is the past. He might had so much good memories with Alex but he will have new wonderful memories with her, she makes sure of that.

With her right hand shaking, it starts to do some scribbling. Letters become words, and words turned into thought. Until the whole blank page is no longer blank but is filled with black ink and her own hand-writing.

Her mind is full with thoughts that she wanted to tell Alex, questions that she wants to ask. And she thought that this is the only way to connect to her. Alex’s notebook.

Dear Alex,

Hi. I honestly don’t know what to tell you. Maybe, I wanted to thank you for I believe, giving us way to meet. I do know that it is not an accident that I saw your notebook. You made him left that on purpose. For us to meet, for him to move on. You are so lucky to be loved by Ricky, you know? I even envy you when I was reading this notebook of yours. I can feel his love for you through the words that you put here. I also wanted you to know that today, we are already a couple. I hope you don’t mind. I promise I will take good care of him. I swear I would.

I may not love him the way you do, only you can give such love. But I swear, I will love him in my own way. Gee, I love his smile. I know you do, too. It’s actually awkward to say these things to you but since you are really special to him, and also to me, I would like to tell you this. He still loves you, and it’s okay. You are worth his love and I wouldn’t mind if you still occupy a portion of his heart, as long as I know I’m also loved it doesn’t matter.

Again, Thank you Alex. Please do pray for our love to last.


After writing that, she embraced the notebook and fell asleep.

Goodmorning beautiful! Rise and shine. See u in a bit.

She woke up with Richard’s message to her. It is indeed a good morning.

Lazily, she stood up and prepares for another day. But today is not just an ordinary day. It is the first whole day that they will welcome as a couple.

She is smiling the whole time as she enters the office. Richard fetched her from her house and they both went to the office together. All of the employees are looking at them while greeting Richard good morning.

Hands intertwined, the two seemed not to mind others. As they reached Maya’s table, he bid goodbye.

“I have a meetings today, I may not accompany you to lunch.”

“Okay lang.”

“Okay, dinner instead?”


“Alright. See you later, baby. I love you” He kissed her on her cheek and went inside his office. Maya’s heart leaped with so much joy upon hearing the word ‘baby’ and ‘I love you’. She feels that she is floating.

When Richard is out of sight, Emman, and Simon hurriedly went to his table.

“Girl!!! OMG. Finally! Kayo na no?” Emman shreaks too loud to be noticed by other employees.

“Shh! Oo. Wag ka nga magulo, nakakahiya sa iba eh.”

“At bakit naman nakakahiya? Kung jowa ko yan ipagsisigawan ko! At isa pa, wag kang mahiya na baka malaman ng iba dahil alam na ng lahat! Kaloka ka eh magkasabay kaya kayo pumasok ng magkaholding hands!” He teased. Simon could only laugh at the two. While Maya shook her head, blushing.

“O, Maya, congrats. So.. Si James wala na?” Simon suddenly asked her

“Wala na. Sinabihan ko na siya, okay naman daw sa kanya.”

“Haaayy. I’m so happy for you! Buti ka pa may ka-Valentines na!” Emman pouted and the three of them laughed.

Oh yes, Valentines day is approaching and she couldn’t hide her excitement! She wonders how that day would be spent by the two of them. She dreamily smiles.

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