Starting Over Again Movie Review

Good things were said about this certain new movie of Star Cinema, so after our Law class, we went straight to the mall and got ourselves tickets of the Last Full Show. I am actually not a fan of Filipino movies but this story really did struck me. I don’t know if it’s because I, once upon a time had a crush in my teacher way back then or the story really did touched my heart.

Things that you can do for love, ei? Never did I imagined what love can do to you. Crazy things. I don’t know how to write without spoiling the whole movie. But I should say, it is indeed a must watch! I love the acting of Piolo, and Toni as well in this movie. Their confrontation part and all, it’s just soooo ugh. Heartbreaking. Seriously I nearly cried(my tears would stop from falling bc of some funny scenes tho) and even my bestfriend was touched. We can’t stop from reacting to every scene.

What I had learned, We cling on to whatever hope we can have which can push us to do crazy things to reach our goal. We also assume but I must say, even a flicker of light can guide us to a dark place but that also could start a fire. A fire that could burn your whole personality, making a fool of your own self.

I should not say more. You guys better watch it. Haha oh, btw, I do love the last part. It’s really funny! Hahaha *wink*


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