Notes From The Heart Chapter 20: Sick

Chapter 20: Sick

One step at a time, her eyes roamed around the house quietly. She’s appreciating the peacefulness and that at home feeling that the house gives its visitors. The whole house with its glass walls gives the sun an opportunity to light up making it look and feel warm.

Beside Richard’s room are other rooms, four of them. The other one’s door is colored in blue while the door beside it is colored in pink. The other two rooms were colored like Richard’s just plain brown with unique carvings. She wondered whose room are those, maybe his parents and sister or brother is living here with him. She should meet his family soon, he never mentioned them to her.

Small talks and murmurs were heard by her as her feet landed on the ground floor of the three-storey house. Following it, the voices led her to the kitchen where two maids are talking. With her body hidden behind a wall, she did not intend to eavesdrop, but their topic is quite interesting for her to make herself noticed, so she pretended she wasn’t there.

“Ayun na nga, bff!” The other woman who sounded familiar to her which she assumes the maid who opened the gate for her earlier, answered.

“So ang conclusion mo, finally nambababae na si sir?” The other maid asked with a surprised tone.

“Hindi naman sa nambababae, siguro yung girl talaga yung may gusto kay sir, kasi naman kilala naman natin si sir, hindi naman yun tumitingin sa ibang babae eh, kay ma’am Alex lang talaga.” She explained which stabbed Maya’s heart to death. She doesn’t know if she should get mad with their assumption that she is the one who is obsessed with him or should she get hurt with what they said about Alex.

“Hayaan mo na, bff. Hindi din magtatagal yan. Sana lang maging masaya na si sir, hindi ko na siya nakitang ngumiti.” The other one commented. She is hurting deep inside, but then, she smiled on the thought that she could make Richard smile again. And sure enough, he loves her. Enough of sinking in what others are saying, what matters is them. Her and Richard. And the love that radiates between them.

“Oo nga, pero malay natin di ba? Almost two years na din wala si ma’am Alex, sana makapagmove on na si sir.”

With that final statement from the maid, Maya steps in to make herself noticed. Clearing her throat, the two maids shifted their gaze to her with a surprise look. “Ay ma’am, may kailangan po kayo? Ipapahatid ko po ba kayo kay Joma?” The one who opened the gate asked her. Maya shook her head as a reply.

Looking around the kitchen, she noticed that they are cooking something. “Magluluto kayo?” Asked, Maya.

“Opo.” Answered the other maid “Ay nako Doris! Hindi mo inalok si ma’am kung ano gusto kainin.” She said to the one who opened the gate earlier, named Doris.

“Oo nga pala, Sabel! Nako, sorry po. Ano po gusto nyo? Meron po kaming cake.” Doris offered to Maya.

Maya smiled at them and turned her gaze back to the stove she’s eyeing. “Ay, ano salamat, pero kasi si Richard..” The maid’s eyes rounded in surprise upon hearing how she addressed Richard. Thinking that it’s because she forgot the word ‘Sir’, she rephrased her sentence. “I mean, si Sir kasi ipagluluto ko sana ng soup.”

“Ay ma’am kami na lang po.” Doris quickly offered

“Hindi, okay lang. Ako na lang.” She smiled at them and headed towards the stove. “Saan yung kaldero?”

Minutes passed and she’s cooking Richard’s soup. She also asked Doris and Sabel for a cup of milk and medicine for Richard.

With her back facing the two maids, she somehow overhear the other’s whisper to the other “narinig mo ba kanina na tinawag niyang Richard si Sir Ricky? Sobrang close siguro nila.” This made Maya to stop for a while and think. She wondered why does Richard wanted him to be called Ricky than Richard. She knows that is his name as well, but he doesn’t want to be called Richard, instead everyone calls him Ricky. Maybe, she had to ask him one day.

A bowl of soup together with Richard’s milk and medicine were already on the tray. Both Doris and Sabel are smiling at her after the food was finished. A question popped inside her head so before heading to Richard’s room, she asked them. “Ah, alam nyo, ang ganda nitong bahay. Pero mukhang bago pa.” Her curiosity about the house popped in, she somehow dreamt of such big house so she had to make a comment.

“Ay Opo, pinagawa po talaga ito ni Sir para sa kanya.” Doris said, her arms resting on top of the kitchen counter and her eyes staring at the wedding picture of Richard and Alex hanging on the wall. Somehow, Maya senses that Doris doesn’t like her. But she cannot blame her, she never knew her and she came inside Richard’s house as an employee. An obsessed employee with their boss for their point of view.

She sighed. Richard is really such a sweet man. She doesn’t want to feel anymore pain, so she immediately turned around and headed to Richard’s room.

He is still sleeping when she entered his room. Blanket pulled over his head. Slowly, she placed the tray on the bedside table and carefully sat on the bed as she taps his shoulder. “Ricky, kain ka na.”

“Hmm” he grumbled

“Ricky, kumain ka na.”

He slowly peeks through his blanket and mumbled “can I eat downstairs?”

“Ha? Eh, masama pakiramdam mo di ba?”

“I can manage. Please? I need a little sunlight.” He pleaded.

With a deep sigh, Maya agreed and she helped him as they both went downstairs. Richard’s arm is resting over Maya’s shoulder as they took one step at a time down the stairs.

Maya helped Richard in settling down his seat, as she asked for Sabel to get the tray left on his room.

Sitting on the seat near Richard, she spoon feed him. Making sure that he will eat and that it is no longer hot before feeding it to him. She is aware of the stares that she’s getting from the maids, wanting to make herself clean, she conversed with Richard. “Mahal, kumain ka ng madami, ok? Ubusin mo yan.” She ordered sweetly.

Richard stared back at her, surprised on how she called him. He doesn’t want to be called mahal, because that reminds him of ‘love’ his endearment to Alex. “Maya, ayoko na. I’m full. And please, not that endearment.” He said. He doesn’t mean to offend Maya, but she was hurt.

Both Doris and Sabel exchanged meaningful glances at each other, somehow saying ‘I told you!’

Sensing that she’s hurt, Richard immediately reached for her hand and held it tight. “I’m sorry, baby. I just don’t like that endearment. I will be fine with other sweet names, except that.” He stares at her while she kept her head bowed down.

Upon hearing Richard addressed Maya as ‘baby’, the maids wore that confused face.

Lifting her head up with his fingers from her chin, he made eye contact with Maya. “I love you” he said lovingly which made Maya smile.

“Uubusin ko na, wag ka lang magtampo.” He said and continue eating, finishing the bowl of soup no matter how hard it is for him to finish it, because he really doesn’t have an appetite.

Doris and Sabel were surprised on how their boss called their visitor. This is the first time that they met a new girl in Richard’s life after Alex died. And they are sure that Richard is still into Alex, maybe he is trying to move on, was their assumption.

“Sige, ubusin mo na yan, Ricky tapos magpahinga ka na ulit, okay?” She said as her right hand touches his forehead

“Opo.” He grinned at her

After lunch, Richard went back to his room accompanied by Maya. Richard insisted that Maya should go home because she might also get sick.
She refused at first but Richard still push her to go home and instructed Joma to send her home instead of sending her back to the office.

“Joma, be sure to send her home.” He instructed as he led Maya outside his abode, his arm rested on her shoulder.

Joma, the driver outside the house answered. “Opo, sir.”

Richard, then shifted his gaze to Maya and stared at her lovingly. “Thank you for taking care of me. I love you.” His arm pulled her in a tight embrace.

She rested her head on top of his shoulder breathing in his manly scent. “Gusto pa nga kita alagaan pero pinapauwi mo na ako.” She said

Hugging her even tighter, he replied “I also wanted you to stay, but ayokong mahawa ka. I will be okay, I promise.”

Pushing Richard a little to meet his eyes, she kissed him on his cheek and responded “okay lang sa’kin if mahawa ako.” She smiled broadly. She really wanted to stay.

Suddenly, Richard became serious. He really doesn’t like it whenever someone he loves gets sick. He remembered how Alex once had a fever, and everything gets worse. The next thing he knew, she’s dying. “Maya, it is not okay with me. So, sige na. Umuwi ka na, wag ka na bumalik sa office, okay?” He planted a kiss on her forehead before Maya left him that day.

She couldn’t sleep that night thinking about Richard. She is so worried on how he is feeling that moment. He is not answering her calls, but she knows that maybe he is resting so she texted him instead, making sure that he will be reminded to take his medicine every four hours and to eat his food.

After her 20th message sent, Richard managed to text her.

“I will. Thanks, baby. I love you. I will rest.” He texted and with that, she drifted off to sleep with a sigh of relief.

Early the next morning, she headed outside the kitchen and started cooking poridge. She wanted to give it to Richard before going to the office. She is still very sleepy with the lack of sleep she had last night. Her mind would often worry about how Richard is, it makes her mind wide awake.

She texted him that morning to inform him that she will come over and as well as to remind him to drink his medicines.

The sun is rising, with its light slowly filling up the room when Maya was done cooking. She is preparing it already when her mom came down stairs.

“O, Maya napakaaga mo naman ata nagising. Naunahan mo pa ako.” Her mom was used to Maya’s late waking up habit. So she is surprised to see her awake that early.

“Good morning po. Eh Ma, dadaan po kasi ako kay Ricky.” She answered casting a smile to her mother then she continued to prepare Richard’s poridge.

Her mom nodded knowingly. “Kaya naman pala, pagmamahal ang dahilan.” She teases her daughter, Maya chuckled. Maya’s mother went beside her to breathe in the smell of the poridge she cooked. “Mukha naman masarap. Teka, bakit ka nga ba dadaan kay Ricky? Di ka ba masusundo?” Her brows shot up.

“Ay, Ma. May sakit kasi si Ricky kaya ayun, dadalhan ko ng makakain.” She said.

“Aaah, kaya pala hindi ka din nasundo kahapon. O siya, mag-ingat ka.” Her mother gave her a hug before she headed to Richard’s house.
The gate was immediately opened by Sabel as soon as she rang the door bell. The maid is smiling widely at her, somewhat expecting her that day. Maybe Richard told them that she will be coming over.

“Good morning, Sabel!” She happily greeted her “tama, di ba? Ikaw si Sabel?” She asked

“Ay, opo ma’am. Good morning din po, pasok po kayo.” Sabel opened the gate wider to let Maya in.

“Pwedeng wag na ma’am? Hindi naman ako mayaman at lalong hindi nyo naman ako boss, nakakailang kasi. Maya na lang.” She requested, once they are inside the house

“Ay baka mapagalitan kasi kami”

“Hindi yan, basta pag ako lang kausap nyo, Maya na lang.” She smiled.

“Ay, parang si ma’am Alex” she whispered to herself but Maya still heard it very clear. “Sige po ma’am, este.. Maya” Sabel smiled at her and directed her to Richard’s room

Peeking through the door, she saw Richard leaning on the headboard of his bed as he types on his laptop. He is so engrossed in it that he didn’t notice her.

“Ricky, bakit ka nagtatrabaho?” She suddenly asked which startled Richard

He is still sick and it is evident in his face yet he is busying himself in work. He is always like this since Alex died, he doesn’t really care if he is sick. He will keep himself busy just to divert his thoughts from his late wife.

“Hi baby.” He greeted, his face lit up. He tried to stand up to kiss Maya but it was Maya who went near him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Sitting on beside him on his bed, she peeked to what he is doing and her eyebrows creased when she saw what he is working on. “Ricky naman eh, sabi ko magpahinga ka. Ang aga pa tapos nagtatrabaho ka na. Ni hindi ka pa nga magaling, ta-” she wasn’t able to finish her sentence when Richard stole a kiss from her.

“Shh..” He said. “I will be done soon. I just have to send this via e-mail. This is really important. I promise I will stay in bed all day after this.” He is now typing again on his laptop while Maya is blushing profusely beside him.

“Fine. Nagdala nga pala ako ng lugaw, Ricky.”

“Really? Thanks.” He said still his eyes were fixed on his laptop.

She is watching him as his hands were typing fast, pausing in few sentences to think for appropriate words to use when an idea hit her head. She cannot allow him to be alone that day. Especially now that she saw him working. He still might work when she’s not on sight. “Uhm.. Ricky..”


“I will stay, hindi na ako papasok para maalagaan ka.” She laid out her idea. He paused from working and looked up at her.

“No. Maya, I’m okay. I will be fine. Ayokong naiistorbo ka. And baka mahawa ka pa. I told you ayokong magkasakit ka.” He said obviously not liking her idea.

Maya was hurt. She really wanted to take good care of her boyfriend. And she will not make him stop her no matter what!

Richard shifted his gaze back to what he is doing, while Maya remained silent and bowed her head. Richard noticed this, so he closed his laptop and looks back at her.

“Hey..” He lifted her head up to meet his gaze, but Maya looked away.

He sighed. He cannot win this time to her. “Alright, sige na, you can stay.”

As she heard what she wanted to hear, Maya happily meet Richard’s gaze. “Thank you, Ricky” her arms flew to Richard’s body, engulfing him in a tight hug.

He embraced her back. With just the thought of Maya taking care of him makes him feel better. For sure he will be okay, in no time.

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  4. Hi Ms. Katey. I have been a silent reader of your stories but I can’t help but comment here in this chapter. I feel sad for Maya that her love is not completely reciprocated. I hope in the succeeding chapters Richard will realize how important Maya is and completely fall in love with her.

  5. Katulad ng comment nila.. Ako ang nasasaktan para kay maya.. Given na mahal siya ni Richard pero sa tingin ko hindi pa ito na ka get over kay Alex kasi nanduon pa rin yung wedding picture nila.. Sana naman ms. Katey redeem Maya sa next chapter.. Make her feel the love that she deserve..

  6. Ugh .. I’m crying! parang tagasuply ako ng tubig dito … In time naman siguro after that sickness of Ricky ay magkaroon sila ng heart to heart talk about everything. Ako ang nasasaktan for Maya e …

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