Notes From The Heart- Chapter 22: The Wedding Day

Chapter 22:The Wedding Day

A/N: Update update din pag may time 😉 para sa mga laging nagco-comment 🙂


“Ricky, nasaan ka na?”

“I’m stuck in traffic, baby. I’m sorry, I’ll be late.”

“Okay lang, sige.” She hung up immediately. It’s the wedding day of Maya’s friend, Lara that morning. She and Richard are invited. They are supposed to go there together but Richard has an important emergency meeting to attend to, so he will only follow.

“Oh ano na girl? Nasaan na siya?” Dianne, her other friend excitedly asked her. All of her friends are excited to finally meet Richard. It’s the first time that Maya will introduce him to her highschool friends. She, too is excited.

“Eh natraffic daw siya eh. Maya-maya dadating din yun.” She smiled at them

“Hay. Grabe excited na lahat makilala yang jowa mo. Kilala naman kasi yang pamilya nila. And alam ng lahat kung gaano siya ka-gwapo!” Her friend giggled.

“Kayo talaga.” She commented. Everyone in the entourage is now set. The groom is ushered to wait in the altar while the guests are now settled in their seats.

All eyes were fixed as soon as the bride made her way to the altar. Maya’s friend is beyond beautiful that day. Everyone were all in tears as they watch her intently. Maya wondered what would she look like in her wedding day. For sure, she is gorgeous as well. She smiles dreamily when she imagined walking down the aisle while Richard stares at her with love. Speaking of him, where is he now anyway?

She texted him.

“Ricky, where are you? Nagsisimula na yung wedding.”

She then shifted her eyes back to her friend who is now crying as she reaches the altar. A tear fell from Maya’s cheek and quickly wiped it away.

It is a busy day for Richard. He is really thankful that there is an emergency meeting that he needs to attend to. He doesn’t want to attend the wedding, but he also doesn’t like to disappoint Maya. Now he is torn between going or not. So, at the end, he chose to come there late. He texted Maya that he will be late because she is already texting him about his whereabouts.

The road going to the church is not really busy. There is no traffic. It is smooth flowing. So, he decided to take a coffee break at a nearby coffee shop before attending the wedding. After Alex died, he never attended such event because he only remembers that wonderful day with his wife. Their own wedding day.

He could clearly remember how much they prepared for that day. The two of them were counting days as it passes by, very excited for their wedding to come. And when it did, they happily imagined how days would be like everyday with each other. However, their marriage didn’t last that long. Not long enough to make each other feel how much they love each other.

It is already four in the afternoon when he arrived in the hotel where the reception is held. Maya is waiting for him in the lobby in the hotel and greeted him once she saw him.

“Ricky! Kanina pa kita hinihintay. Sobrang tagal mo naman, sayang di mo naabutan yung kasal sa simbahan. Sobrang nakakakilig!” She happily told him as she loops her arm on his.

“Sorry, baby.” He kissed her head and walked towards the lift. “Is the program over?”

“Nope. Kakasimula pa lang din.” He frowned upon hearing that. Heck, the program also started late. Just when he thought that the program will end soon enough as he arrived, but he’s wrong. “Tara, bilisan na natin.”

“To the newlyweds..” The announcer raises a glass “cheers!” And all did the same. The next thing that happened, that familiar sound made by the glass and fork filled the place as all of the guests asks for a kiss from the new married couple.

The guests squealed in delight when the two, kissed in front of them. Richard is uncomfortable seeing this. It’s like he’s drawn back to the happiest day in his life, only to find out that there is really no such thing as happily ever after.

“Ito na, ang pinakahihintay ng mga girls!” The emcee announced in front with an excited tone. “Sasalo na kayo ng bulaklak!! All the single ladies come and join us here, please!”

Every girl in Maya’s table stood up but Maya remained seated beside Richard.

“Uy, Maya? Tara na! Single ka pa din no, hindi ka pa married!” Maya’s friend, Aira teased her.

She blushes. “Oo, alam ko, kaso kasi…” She looks at Richard somewhat asking for his approval, and when he nodded, she quickly stood up and walk with her other friends.

“Sus! Papaalam pa.” Dianne said, and they all laughed.

“Oh, basta ang makasalo alam na! Ako ulit ang gawin nyong emcee sa wedding ng makakasalo
ha?” He joked in which everyone laughed.

“In three! Ready na ba kayo girls? Walang tulakan!! Kalma lang kayo sa may likod ng bride.”

“One!” The bride raises the bouquet in the air.

“Two!” All of the girls were anticipating and were focused on the flowers.

“THREEEEE!!!” The bouquet flew in the air. And like a slow-mo in the eyes of the girls, it flew up and fell down landing on Maya’s hands. She lovingly smiled.

“Oh! We have a new bride! Maybe next year?” The emcee teased her while the other quests did the same. She blushed even more with their teasing.

She was then ushered to take a seat on the stage beside the newly wed as the throwing of the garter is now up on the program.

This time, all of the single guys were invited in front to catch the garter that will be thrown by the groom.

Some guys started to go in front. In the table of Richard, Maya’s girl friends were back and the guys are already standing somewhat waiting for Richard to do the same. But he remained seated on his chair.

“Bro, tara na.” The man named Dan called on Richard.

“Oo nga Ricky, dapat ikaw ang makakuha nung garter for Maya!” Sarah, another friend of Maya told him.

“I’m sorry, I’m not in the mood for this game.” He seriously replied.

“Are you sure, bro?” Dan asked

“Yes.” He replied firmly. They didn’t even dared to ask him once more and left him seated on his chair.

Maya stared on their table. She’s expecting that Richard would join, but she was surprised when he didn’t stood up. More of disappointed that he didn’t join to win her. That is what she feels. Her smile instantly faded away.

“Okay, boys. Kayo naman! Galingan nyo naku! Ang ganda pa naman ng nakakuha ng bouquet ng bride. Ang swerte nyo! Yung makakakuha hingin nyo na yung number nito pagkatapos para kayo naman ang susunod na ikakasal!” The people around them laughed their hearts out. Maya’s friends on the table took a glance at Richard and they found him frowning with what the emcee had said.

“Places! Places! In threeee!!!” The emcee shouted. “One, two, three!” All said in chorus.

After a few, the guy named Dan, who happened to be one of Maya’s friends is the one who caught the garter. He earned a lot of teasing from their friends. He smiled foolishly. That is the time that Richard heard about Dan having a crush on Maya when they are still on High School. Richard frowned some more. His mood becomes worse.

Richard, then checked on Maya’s reaction and found her smiling from ear to ear. As if she’s happy that it’s Dan who caught it. Darn!

“Ayan na! Are you guys ready?” All roared ‘yes’ “hindi na natin papatagalin pa, since we started late so kailangan natin bilisan. You guys look good together, by the way!”


“Higher! Higher!” They all cheered as the garter is slowly moved up on Maya’s legs then to her thigh. Richard’s jaw clenched while watching. He can clearly see how much that guy named Dan is enjoying this moment. His eyes were shooting daggers to almost everyone he hears that is shouting ‘higher’

Maya and Dan had their pictures taken,afterwards. The emcee even requested for a kiss, in which Dan gladly gave to Maya. He kissed Maya on her cheek. That kiss earned another teasing from their group of friends. Richard made a mental note that he would punch that emcee later on his face after the party because he seemed unmindful if the two already had someone special in their lives. Heck!

“Nako, Ricky, sabi sa’yo dapat sumali ka na. Wag ka mag-alala magkaibigan naman talaga yang dalawa na yan.” Dianne, who is seated on his left tapped his shoulder. She might noticed that he’s mad based on how he looks at Maya and Dan.

Is he really that obvious? “I’m okay” he replied. Of course he’s lying, he is not okay! He will burst out of jealousy if Maya wouldn’t stay away from that guy right now!

When Maya and Dan came back to their table, she smiled at Richard although she’s is still disappointed that he didn’t joined, she still had fun.

Richard became quiet until the end of the program. Surely, he would answer all of the questions asked to him but that’s it. He will not engage himself in a long conversation with Maya’s friends. Especially that he noticed how Dan looks at Maya. He would then hold Maya’s hand possessively everytime he notices Dan staring at Maya.

Maya knew there is something wrong with Ricky, but she let it pass for now. She will talk to him later. Anyway, she is enjoying on how Richard holds her hand most of the time.

Richard’s car is parked outside Maya’s house now. Silence filled the air as no one dared to talk. Finally, Maya managed to break the silence. “Ricky, goodnight na.” She smiled at him and quickly removed her seatbelt before leaving his car, but Richard reached for her arm and stopped her. Maya stared at Richard.

“Bakit?” She asked him. He remained staring at her. “Ay! Oo nga, goodnight kiss pala!” She smiled widely before planting a kiss on his cheek. But still, Richard held her arm tighter.


She heard him sigh. “May problema ba?”

Sighs. “Are you really close with that guy?” He finally blurted out what’s bothering him.

“Ha? Sino?”

“You know who is he. That Dan!” He is pissed just as remembering that guy

She nodded “Aaah. Oo, bakit ba?” She could clearly see how Richard’s face turns red and she knows that he is upset.

“Did she courted you before? Crush ka pa din ba niya? Alam ba niyang he doesn’t have a chance on winning you?” He asked her one question after the other.

Maya’s reaction changed from confused earlier, to a smiling Maya. He must be jealous! She just can’t help but to feel giddy. So to test the water, she played along.

“Ang dami mo namang tanong. Yes nanligaw siya, pero matagal na yun.” She answered and noticed how his eyes turned into slits.

“How about my question if he still has a crush on you?” He asked again without looking at her



“Ewan ko, dapat di ba siya ang tinatanong mo?” She answered. She would really burst out laughing any moment now.


She can no longer help it, she laughed so hard. “Ano ka ba kasi,” laughs some more. “Nagseselos ka ba, Ricky?” She asks as she controls her laughter



He didn’t answer. “Alam mo kasi, dapat sumali ka na lang. Eh di sana, hindi ka nagkakaganyan. Eh di sana, ikaw yung aasarin nila na next na ikakasal kasama ako!” She smiled teasingly.

“Alright, I’m jealous. So stay away from him” he stated

“Sungit! But he’s my friend.”

“Fine. Just.. Just try to stay away, okay?”

She nodded. “Tama na pagiging seloso, Ricky. I love you!” She cups his face and gave him a quick kiss on his lips. “Goodnight!” She bid goodbye and headed inside their house.

Richard remained inside his car, staring on the road. Not leaving yet. Realization sank in to Richard with what Maya had told him. He heaved a sigh. He can’t. He just can’t.

About Richard’s realization, saka na lang. Tho y’all could always guess. Nyaha. :)) salamat po sa mga naghihintay ng update. *hugs*

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14 thoughts on “Notes From The Heart- Chapter 22: The Wedding Day

  1. Ano ba yan richard unfair kay maya yang ginawa mo kung d mo pa rin ma let go si alex sbihin mo kay maya kwawa nman xa kung sa iba pa nya mlaman ms lalo pa siyang msaktan bka dlawang babae pa ang mwala sa yo. to think maya has lots of admirers..

  2. Hello po to everyone, i’ve been following this story since nung ngsimula po ito and honestly po there are moments n minsan i want to post a comment about sa ikinikilos ni Richard, it seems like d p tlga kasi sya tlga nakaka move on to his past, d lng po ako makapagpost kasi minsa i tried to type my comments eh di ko po matapos tapos kaya i end up not posting anything nalang instead keep my sentiments on my own. pero this time i can’t help it but try to type something para maipalabas ko yung nararamdaman kong inis kay Richard at awa kay Maya. inis kasi parang it shows na di pa talaga sya nakakamove on from Alex’s lost, dna di pa rin talaga fully nakakamove on si Richard. i pa sya nakakawala sa nakaraan nya, oo he loves Maya very much, he showed her how much he loves her pero di pa rin ganun ka lalim yung feelings nya for her. he’s being unfair with her kasi in a way parang nagsisinungaling sya kay Maya, naaawa ako kay Maya kasi she’s not really aware sa totoong nararamdaman ni Richard, she’s not aware na di pa talaga lubosna nakakamove on si Richard. Nasasaktan ako for her kasi parang lumalabas na di kasing lalim ng love ni Maya kay Richard ang Love ni Richard sa kanya, na parang may kulang pa rin. Sana lang marealize ni Richard na he is being unfair na Kay Maya, sana lang magpakatotoo nalang sya kay Maya habang maaga pa, Sana lang wag nya masaktan ng husto si Maya na magiging dahilan ng pagkawala ni Maya sa buhay nya. Sana lang marealize din nya how much Maya’s worth into his life while she’s still there hindi yung kung kailan mawawala na o nalawa na si Maya sa buhay nya. Sana he will not do something he will surely regret.

    oooopppsss pasensya na po ha. napahaba yung comment ko, di ko lang sure if my sense ba to o ano all i want is to share my comment po 🙂

    Thank you so much po dear writer for this nice story, love it so much, Thank you po ulit 🙂

    • Awh. :”) thank you for this long and nice comment of yours. 🙂 naappreciate ko yung pagtype mo and all. Haha :”)) imma say: the best way to measure how much you love someone is not to measure at all. Bc in love, laging may mas nagmamahal but that doesn’t mean na talo ka. 😉 thankyouuuuu for the comment! *hugs*

  3. Kung tama ang hinala ko na hindi pa ready si richard makasal ulit, baka mas okay na magbreak na lang sila. 😦 In that way he will realize Maya’s importance and will do his best to win her back.

  4. If Richard doesn’t totally let go of Alex”s memories walang mangyayari he will also lose Maya in the process for him to move on kawawa naman si Maya kung di siya magbago ..thanks for the update !

  5. This is the second i feel bad for maya.. Yup given an instance na mhal niya si maya at nanduon ang bouts of jealousy..pero mas nararamdaman ko na di pa niya ma let go si Alex.. I know the intensity of love cant be the same, pero unfair sa karelasyon mo na hindi mo maibigay ang bong puso mo kasi meron pang ibang nakatatak duon..

  6. Am so eager to know na on what reason they will break-up hahaha….at gusto ko talaga silang mag break LOL! Thankie sa update!

  7. ay ay ay!!!! ano na naman ba ricky? unfair yang ginagawa mo, nagseselos ka pero bakit di mo malet go si alex? hihintayin mo bang mawala rin si maya sa iyo ….. nakakainis ka na ….. gusto na kitang isako …… hmmmp ….. mainam nga siguro na magbreak sila para marealize niya kung mahal ba niya at ano sa buhay niya si maya? salamat ms. kate sa update.

  8. hmmm…alam ko na what ricky meant when he said..he can’t, he just can’t…it’s what maya said about him gettting married with her kung siya ang nakasalo ng garter….kelangan na ni mayang humanap ng iba..kawawa naman kasi siya. hala!!! afftected much ako dito ah…:)

  9. He is unfair to Maya.. He shouldnt have courted Maya if he cnt let go of Alex.. Seloso and KJ pa.. Ay nako si sungit nga!.. Next chap na pls.. Thanks!

  10. hello po Ms Kate

    wahhhhhhh, ano ba to, ilang beses ko na po ito binasa, sa bawat sandaling binabasa ko sya, nadadagdagan yong nararamdaman kong inis ky Ricky gustong gusto lo na s’yang isilid sa sako at itapon sa malayo. I feel hurt for Maya din, sobrang hurt kasi sobrang unfair talaga ni Ricky sa kanya. ayaw ko man na magbreak sila, pero sa mga nangyayari, sa pagiging unfair ni Ricky towards her parang ok na din sa akin na magbreak nalang talaga sila kesa lalong masaktan c Maya. in that way, masesave sya sa too much pain cause by Richard and para she can find someone na totoo at buong magmamahal sa kanya. Also in that way din, baka sakaling marealize ni Ricky ang maling ginagawa nya at marealize din nya how much he loves her, kung gaano kahalaga c Maya sa life nya, how stupid he is for taking her for granted and eventually loose her into his life and para marealized din nya yung worth ni Maya sa buhay nya. i want to teach him a lesson na di nya malilimutan that will make him realize kung gaano sya unfair kay Maya, kasi d naman nya marerealized yung worth ni Maya sa buhay nya hangga’t hindi ito mawawala sa kanya,

    Ms Kate, thank you sa mga stories you ha, i love all your wonderful stories po tlga. thank you tlga so much 🙂

    sana po my kasunod na cxchapter na po, sabik na akong malaman ang susunod na mga mangyayari.

    happy weekend Ms Kate 🙂 Take care and more power 🙂

  11. Bakit b ganun c Richard? parang unfair naman Kay Maya na ganun yun feeling nya Sana …mahal pa din nya c Alex pero ayaw naman nya hiwalayan Maya ….ang gulo ng utak mo Richard kung c Alex p din e d lumayo k muna…

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