Notes From The Heart- Chapter 23: Missing!

Chapter 23: Missing!

He is doing a general cleaning in his room, rather their room with Alex. If he could, he would turn this room upside down just to find that notebook of his late wife. He doesn’t know where he lost it. He is not even sure if he did. He’s been very sad for a long time and that notebook is the only source of his happiness. Reading those sweet moments of him and Alex could light up his days during those dark nights.

He kicked the box of Alex’s favorite books out of frustration. He can’t find it. He also asked for his maids to search for that notebook all over their house but still, no one has found it. And he might had lost it somewhere, Some place that he’d been to. He usually goes out of the country to divert his attention before, maybe he had lost it somewhere there. He’s been looking for it for months now, and at first, he felt relieved that he misplaced it for a while because it can no longer remind him of those happy days with her. However, right at that moment, he needed it. On why, he is not sure yet. But he knows that he should find it again. He is confused on what he is feeling.

After the wedding that him and Maya attended to, another wedding of Maya’s high school friend happened and then another one again soon, for she happily informed him yesterday that her college friend is now engaged. He shook his head upon what he is feeling. He is sure that he loves Maya, yet he cannot still let go of his love for Alex. He just loves his wife so much.

Should he set Maya free? Is he being unfair to her? With the thoughts of Maya dating someone else pierces his heart. He doesn’t want to see her smile because of somebody else. Nobody else should hold her hand tight. He loves her, yet he cannot give her his whole heart. For Alex still occupies the biggest portion of it.


“Sweetheart! I love you so much! I miss you! Hindi ka daw papasok today sabi ni Liza? Sayang magpapasama sana ako bumili ng gift for the wedding.” Maya texted him that early afternoon.

He smiled after reading it, Maya is really such a sweet lady. He is so lucky to be loved by her this much. “I love you, too. I will fetch you after office hrs. Let’s go to the mall.” He replied

After a few seconds, she responded “yehey! Thankyou! Gusto sana kita tawagan kaso office hrs. Baka magalit boss ko. I love you!”

He chuckled with her text. “No. I doubt it. I think your boss loves you so he won’t get mad. I’m jealous.” He played along

Beep. “You think so? I think I’m falling for him too! Oh no! Sorry sweetheart. ;)” Richard couldn’t help but to grin widely. Maya could be so charming and funny. He felt more guilty. How can he not love this woman 100 percent? She deserves all of his heart.

“Sweetheart!” Maya called on him as soon as she saw him in the parking area. She instantly fell into his arms and wrapped him in an embrace. “I miss you!” She said.

“Yup. I can clearly feel it. Magkasama naman tayo kahapon ah?” He chuckled.

“Eh syempre. Ganun talaga. Bakit ikaw, hindi mo ba ako na-miss?” Her brows shoot up while questioning him.

He kissed her on her forehead. “Hmm.. Sobra. Sobra kitang namiss.”

Her eyes lit up and her heart leaped with so much joy. She just can’t get enough of Richard these past few days. She misses him so bad even though they only haven’t seen each other for a day. “Let’s go, baby. Meron ka na bang naisip na i-regalo?” He asked her as soon as they are settled in his car.

“Hm.. Wala pa nga eh. Dun na lang siguro ako mag-iisip.”
“Baby, we’ve been here for two hours already, the mall will close in about 2hours more. Hindi pa tayo nagdi-dinner. Wala ka pa bang napipili?” They are inside the department store of a certain mall near their office for 2hours already. They are walking hand-in-hand, stopping every now and then checking things that Maya would find interesting to buy.

“Eh kasi ang hirap naman mamili ng regalo!” She sighed in frustration which earned a chuckle from Richard.

“Ano na namang nakakatawa?” She crossed her arms and faces him.

“Eh paano ka naman kasi hindi mahihirapan mamili? Wag plato kasi baka pag nag-away sila, ibato lang, wag kutsilyo kasi baka magsaksakan sila, wag oven toaster kasi baka may nakaisip na nun, eh ano pa nga bang maireregalo natin nyan?” He laughed at her.

Maya smiled at him then she pouts. Richard couldn’t help himself as he finds him so cute and kissed her on her cheek. She blushed with what he did. “Para saan yon, aber?” She asked him as her hand touches her cheek where he kissed her.

“For your cuteness.” He winked. She blushed even more. “Tse! Kaysa katuwaan mo ako, ikaw na lang mag-isip ng ireregalo natin. Ano ba mga niregalo sa inyo nung kasal mo dati sweetheart?” She asked him innocently. She noticed how his face suddenly became serious. It tells her without saying in words how he doesn’t wanna be reminded of that day.

The moment she saw how his reaction changed, she immediately regretted what she had said. “Sorry, sweetheart.” She apologized. They never had talked about his past, yet they are both aware that Maya knows everything about it. Richard might have guessed that she overheard it from the gossips in the office or in the internet. But he doesn’t know that what Maya knows about him and Alex are all facts and not just rumors circulating in the office. She had read everything straight from Alex’s thoughts.

“Let’s hurry up, Maya. I’m hungry.” He said, and started walking towards the appliance center.

She heaved a sigh as she watches him walk away. She followed him right after and looped her arm to his. And from that moment, she can feel his treatment to her had changed.

“I have dreamt of this moment since I was younger. I often wondered when will the day that I will finally meet you. I wasn’t alone, I have friends, family, yet I feel incomplete. Way back then, I keep on praying about my future wife. I pray that may the Lord keep her safe at all times because we haven’t met yet and I am not there to protect her. And when He gave you to me, I thanked Him because you are you. He made you for me. I will forever be grateful because you are mine. I am the luckiest man in the world because you love me. Thank you, I love you.” Adam, Maya’s college friend lengthly said.

Today is the wedding day of Maya’s another friend and she came there alone. Richard told her that he will be in Davao for a project and he can’t go with her. The last time that they’ve spend time together was almost a week ago, a simple dinner after work. It’s okay with her, she accepted that it’s part of his work because he is not just an ordinary employee.

How that vow of her friend touched Maya’s heart. She wondered when will be the day that someone will told her those words. Richard’s face suddenly came flashing in her head. Her mind started wandering that day with him.

“Uy!” Emman nudged her when he noticed that she’s staring at the altar smiling broadly.


He laughed. “Ay nako girl, wag na isipin, mahal ka nun!” He teased her animatedly.

“Sira. Hindi ah!”

“Eh ano? Nakatulala ka pa dyan at ngiting-ngiti!” He glances at the couple in the altar and a realization hit him. “OMG!!! Wag mo sabihing nagpropose na sya sa’yo?!” His voice came out louder than expected. Some people in front stares back at them with annoyed faces.

“Sorry po. Naexcite lang.” Emman apologized but cannot hide his excitement. “Ano na te? Asan ang engagement ring??!” He shrieks and took Maya’s hand but cannot find any ring on it.

“Wala, hindi.. Ano ka ba.” She responded. How she hoped that someday it’ll happen though.

“Ay ganon?” He said, disappointed. “Di bale, for sure malapit na yan.”

‘Sweetheart, nasa Davao ka pa? Kailan balik mo?’ She sent him a text that evening. She misses him so bad. She waited. And waited. But she did not receive any.

She’s troubled. He is not like that before. Richard would always call her when he’s away even if he’s busy. But these past few days, she noticed how everything changed. Sure enough, they will still have that sweet talks and dates but things are not like before.

The sun is at its highest that day. The meeting just ended and Richard couldn’t focus. He called his friend, Ryan to go to his office. He needed his advice on something.

He is struggling whether to call Maya or not that day, he just came back from Davao yesterday and he still hadn’t called her. Yes, he misses her but he needs time to think things over. At least just that he could give to Maya to be fair to her.

(A/N: sorry if it’s not that long. This will actually end soon! Nyaha bitin munaaaa πŸ˜‰ happy summer! Please do follow this blog and also my twitter @mehlefangirl *hugs*)

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18 thoughts on “Notes From The Heart- Chapter 23: Missing!

  1. I could smell trouble and break up like what I said over and over until he totally let go of Alex he will never give Maya all the love that she deserved …kawawa naman siya I hope he will come to his senses soon before it’s too late….next na please !!!!!!! .

  2. Hay naku Maya… Gumising ka!!! Wala kang proposal na matatanggap from Ricatd kung ganyan siya parati. Richard…set Maya free..kawawa naman sya, you’re being unfair!!! Kainis talaga. Sorry po, affected much lang hahaha!! Thank you.

  3. naku richard pwede bang pakibilisan mo ang pagiisip ….. bago mahuli ang lahat …… kung ayaw mong I let go si alex eh di huwag …. tatanda kang magisa …. hay nakakaloka naiinis talaga ako sa iyo richard ….. malapit ng matapos ito ano kaya ang kahahantungan ng dalawa …… salamat sa update ms. kate.

  4. baka kung kelan naman ma realized ni Richard na he truly loves Maya and finally decides to let go of Alex eh saka nya ma discover about the missing notebook…how can you explain that Maya?!!!!
    Richard might think that the reason why Maya fell for him is because of pity. Aaahhhh ewan ayaw ko na mag isip, next chapter na please!

  5. yay!! pano na pag nalaman ni richard na kay maya ang nb? magalit kaya sya? hhmmm.. that’s scary:( si maya all the way ang pagmamahal pero si richard nd pa kaya talaga magmove-on… kawawa naman si maya 😦 anyway, thank you sa update πŸ™‚

  6. Tenks so much po for the update! So happy din dahil you promis for the next chapter within the week can’t wait anymore kahit masa kit s dibdib mga pinaggagawa Ni Richard huhu:(

  7. Hi Ms Kate, thanks for the update πŸ™‚

    ouch naman Richard, ano ba naman, umayos ka, baka naman pag narealize mo na how much Maya mean to you eh huli na dahil sa pinag gagagawa mo, your hurting her, sobra. ako nasasaktan for her eh, she loves you so much tapos ganyan ka? hay nako naman, set her free nalang kaya habang maaga pa kesa naman you keep her tapos t :)aken for granted mo naman sya, she deserve someone who will love her the way she deserve to be love kaya if you can’t give her your heart completely, set her free, di naman manhid c Maya eh, nakakaramdam sya, at nasasaktan din kaya if di mo sya kayang mahalin ng buo pakawalan mo nalang xa kesa naman lalo mo pa syang masaktan.

    hhhmmm teka nga, ay oo nga pala na kay Maya nga pala yung missing notebook ni Alex, ano nga kaya mangyayari if Richard will find out that the notebook eh nandun kay Maya? will he get mad? or will he interpret her love for him in a way that she just love him dahil naaawa xa sa kanya? or baka naman yung notebook pa yung way to make him realize how stupid he is for hurting Maya and taking her for granted, nakakaexcite naman.

    Ms Kate, nxt chapter na pls, excited na ako eh, thank you nga po pala for the update of this story, i super love it talaga promise kahit super affected ako sa mga pinag gagagawa at pinag kikikilos ni Richard, nakakasabik ang bawat eksena, yung tipong talagang hihintayin at pakaaabangan mo yung next chapter kc nakakaexcite ang bawat susunod na mangyayari πŸ™‚ Thank you for the update din nga pala ng other story mo, i also love it. thank you for your wonderful stories, it made me releive from a long tiring and stressful day.

    Take care always Ms Kate and more power. God Bless

  8. I think they need time & space to let Richard de ide clearly.. It’s not fair for MAya.. If theyr meant to be , they’ll get back together.. Nxt chap pls.. Thanks!

  9. Naaawa na ko Kay Maya d niya deserve ang nangyayari masyado niyang mahal c Richard dahil alam niya kung paano minahal nito c Alex pero ang d niya alam Kay Alex LNG niya kayang ibigay yun….Richard let go of Maya na LNG pra dka maging unfair sa kanys

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