Their Own Haven- Chapter 4: Dinner what?

Chapter 4: Dinner what?

The rays of sun slipped through the window causing her to stir on her bed. She woke up late because she stayed up until morning thinking of the things that she should do to keep her vacation happy without bumping into Richard. Is that even possible? Heck! They are technically living in one roof!

She peeks in through her door looking for a sign of Richard in the hallway. Their bed rooms are across each other and she found it still closed. She wondered if he’s already downstairs or is still sleeping.

Feeling her stomach grumble, she went downstairs for breakfast.

The smell of garlic in the pan welcomed her as soon as she went downstairs. She quickly followed the smell and wasn’t at all shocked to see Richard cooking breakfast.

“Good morning!” She happily greeted him. She knows that she promised she’ll stay away. But she just couldn’t help herself. Her heart is so happy with him near her.

He looks back at her and gave her his heart melting smile. “Good morning. I’m almost done cooking. I prepared the table as well, upo ka na. Sandali na lang ‘to.” He said as he continues to cook.

Her heart almost jumped off her chest. It is a good feeling that someone cares for you a lot. “Sorry tinanghali ata ako ng gising. Ako na lang dyan.” She offered “no, wag na. Upo ka lang dyan.” He casted a glance at her again and smiled.
“So, what are your plans for today?” He asked her as they were seated on a hut ouside the house eating their breakfast. They’ve decided that it is better to eat outside because the view there adds to their appetite.

“Hmm” she pauses for a while to think. “I guess magbabasa ng libro.” She replied

“Oh. Yeah, nakita ko nga yung dala mong libro. Sobrang dami.” He commented “can you really finish those?”

“Oo naman. Pag wala akong ginagawa minsan, walang taping tapos minsan umuulan hindi din makalabas, nagsstay na lang ako sa bahay tapos nagbabasa. Minsan kasi parang sweet escape sya sa reality. Greatest passport kumbaga sa kung saan-saang lugar. Ganon.” She said dreamily.

He nodded at her. He sometimes had hoped in escaping reality.

“Hmm.. Eh, ikaw? Para naman I can, you know, mabigay yung space that you need.” She secretly hope that he will lock himself in his room just to give her some space. She can’t give her heart what it wanted. She just can’t see him every minute.

“Hm.. I think it’s a good day for a swim. Don’t you think?” He flashed her a smile then spoons his food.

“Ha?” Oh no! Her mind wanders off with seeing his bare chest, and his wet look. Geez!

“Yes. I think I should go for a swim.”
The sun is at its highest. It is indeed a sunny day, hot as ever. And the warmth that Maya’s feeling is not just from the sun, but as well as with the hotness of Richard in the beach. She bit her lips and shook her head with her own thoughts. She agreed earlier that she will read inside the house beside the windows to have that serene and peaceful environment and so, she could also take a peek of the view outside. She thought that it would be good for her reading, but she was wrong. Richard is the only one that her eyes sees outside. It distracts her from reading a good book. Geez!

Immediately, she closed the book that she’s holding. She can no longer concentrate. A sleep at that moment would be good for her. An escape for the unfamiliar feeling that is bubbling up inside her.

She is already on the stairs when she heard Richard’s voice behind her. “Maya.” He called her using his sexy voice. Maya trembled.

Slowly, she looked back and saw him with his shorts and with a towel hanging on his shoulder. “Oh? Tapos ka na magswimming?” She managed to ask him normally. Dismissing random feelings inside her.

“Well, yes. Medyo mainit na eh.” He said, somehow, Maya thought that he wants to say something.

“Ah. Eh may sasabihin ka ba?” She asked

He nodded “Well, you know.. I wanna ask you something. But of course, if it’s okay with you to talk.”

“Oo naman. Ano ba yon?” She is confused on what will he say that he looks so nervous.

“Alright. Let’s talk later during dinner. What do you want? I’ll cook something.” His face brighten up.

“Bakit hindi na lang ngayon?” She asked. His stares would kill her!

“Well, mas maganda kung mamaya na lang.”

“Okay, fine. Pero hindi mo naman kailangan na magluto pa. Ako naman ang magluluto mamaya.” She suggested. She actually loves the taste of Richard’s dishes especially that it made it easier for her because she doesn’t need to think what to cook but, she also doesn’t want Richard to think that she is enjoying the idea of him serving her.

“Uh. Ako na lang. How about, tomorrow you’ll be the one to cook. Pero mamaya, ako na muna ulit.” His eyes mirrored a glint of hope that Maya would agree to this. She doesn’t know why but she feels that he is up to something.

“Sige na nga. Ikaw na bahala kung ano gusto mo lututin.”

“Yes!” He threw his fist up in the air. Maya was surprised with what he did and stared back at him. “Uhh.. See you later!” He said and headed to his room. Maya could only shrug and couldn’t wait any longer for dinner. She should enjoy this time with him, even though afterwards, she should face reality.

At exactly 7 in the evening Maya woke up from her sleep and heard someone knock at her door. She stood up to open it up and found no one outside. “Trip ata ako ni Richard ah!” She pouted. She’s about to close it again when something on the floor caught his attention.

A white long-stemmed rose was left outside with a piece of paper attached to it. She took it immediately and reads the piece of paper.

Hi Maya, just go downstairs when you’re ready. I’m excited for our date! (:- Richard

“Date?!!” She blurted out. All he asked for is a talk during dinner, and not a date! She is trying to avoid him and then, this? Chard naman paano kita iiwasan nyan kung palagi kang nandyan?
She is staring inside her closet for quite some time now. She is still undecided on what to wear. Sure enough they will be spending dat so-called “date” inside this rented rest house, yet she wanna look good.

Since she didn’t have any formal clothes that she brought with her, so she decided to wear her white polo and her skinny jeans.

At exactly 8 in the evening, she slowly made her way downstairs. The whole house is filled with only the sound of her footsteps. She doesn’t like such sound for she felt so alone. “Richard?!” She almost yelled.

When she reached the living area, she was more than surprised to find him there. Smiling like a high school who is patiently waiting for his prom date. He is wearing a blue collared polo shirt and jeans. Simple, yet extremely handsome.

She smiled at him. For the first time after months of denying it, she admitted that she is indeed in love with him.

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11 thoughts on “Their Own Haven- Chapter 4: Dinner what?

  1. Naku Maya kahit anong deny mo sa sarili mo wala ka ng ligtas why don’t just enjoy the moment you have with haayyyy !!!! NAKAKAKILIG silang dalawa !!! Can’t wait for the next chapter sa outcome ng kanilang “DATE” ha ha ha…

  2. Naku maya wala ng deny deny iadmit mo na inlove ka na kay richard ….. kaya ienjoy mo na lang yang moment ninyo …. ano kaya mangyayari pagkatapos ng date nila …. kikiligin na ba kami ng todo sa next chapter …. haaaaayyy!!! salamat sa update ms. kate.

  3. Hey I think it’s time you make a special page to act as your library with links to the stories you have made for easy access

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