Someone who can help me in organizing my stories? I honestly don’t know how to create a library for my works. Nagpopost lang kasi talaga ako dito so I am not familiar. Instructions on how to do it pls. :’) thanks! 😉

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5 thoughts on “help!!

  1. You have to go to your Dashboard. It is found when you manage your account.
    You can create a page within your blog and label it your library.
    You can then start placing the content.
    Hope this helps

  2. Just adding to Flevents comment ..

    While on the new page you created, type in the content you want.

    To link the content to a particular story,

    1. while on VISUAL (not TEXT mode)
    2. highlight the text you want to be linked,
    3. click on the INSERT/EXIT ICON (this was the 11th from the left)
    4. a new window will open
    5. For URL .. choose from the story you want from the “or link with existing content”
    6. Type in the TITLE
    7. hit update
    8. the new window will close and take you back to the new page you are creating
    9. Hit update
    10 Hit preview changes
    11 Test your new link

    Hope this is helpful.

    OR you can download a widget. I have not tried that

    Good luck!

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