Notes From The Heart- Chapter 24: Happy Birthday!

Chapter 24: happy birthday!

(A/N: things are still not that good, tho I would like to thank all of those who are waiting for an update of this. Things will be better.. In time. Haha btw, thank you po Flevents and Fanficnewbie for the help, this chapter is dedicated to both of you. Salamat po ulit sa detailed help. Haha I already made a Library. Just check it out. Happy reading! :))


It’s been days since the last time that Richard spoke to her. But Maya made sure that she will connect to her boyfriend through sending him text messages every now and then even though she never received any replies.

Today is Richard’s birthday, she already has plans on how to celebrate it with him but after days of not talking to each other, she was bothered and couldn’t focus on her surprise. Good thing that Emman helped her in preparing a surprise inside Richard’s office.

Liza made sure that Richard will be there because she told him that he needs to attend an important meeting there.

The clock keeps on ticking and Maya, together with her friends are all busy as a bee. Inside his room, they set-up a long table and had placed different dishes on it. Mostly were cooked by Maya at 2 in the morning, while some are from Emman, Simon and Liza which they bought somewhere.

Richard’s room is also filled with balloons in blue. The glass walls of Richard’s office gave the place a happy atmosphere. She still hadn’t greeted Richard even so by only sending him a message, she wanted to surprise him even if she really doesn’t know if he can make it. At least, she made an effort.

“Oh girl, ayan na so pagpasok nya, sisigaw tayong lahat ng surprise!!” Emman suggested

“Teka, parang mas maganda kung Happy Birthday?!” Simon countered

Emman shook his head “no, no, no! Mas maganda kung surprise. Surprise party nga eh!”

“Eh obvious namang surprise party kaya dapat happy birthday na lang.” Simon pushed

“Tse. Malamang din naman alam nyang birthday nya, so, surprise na lang ang isigaw natin! Di ba, Maya?” Simon slightly shook his head and Liza bursted out laughing with their banter. As the three of them glances at Maya, they found him staring at her gift.

Emman tapped her shoulder. “Uy girl. Ano bang laman nyan? For sure naman magugustuhan nya yan sobra ka namang bothered.” He commented

“Sa tingin nyo ba magugustuhan nya lahat ng ‘to?” She asked them in a sullen face.

The three all nodded and smiled at her. “Don’t worry too much Maya. Sir, already texted he’ll be here in about 10 minutes!” Liza informed her.

“Okay. Salamat, Liza.”

“Group hug!!” Emman squealed.

That morning, Richard went to the cemetery and stayed there for two hours. That is how he would always celebrate his birthday, by staying there beside his wife, wondering on what might had happened if she’s still beside him.

His phone rang. The name of a familiar woman flashed on its screen. “Hello.” He happily greeted the person on the other line.

“Hello, Richard! I missed you!” The woman exclaimed. “Happy Birthday.” She added

“Thanks Mama!” He had almost forgot that he should be happy at that time.

“Let me guess kung nasaan ka, you’re with my daughter again, am I right?” She asked in which Richard nodded. “Yes.”

“Well, I guess my daughter would love it if I will borrow a few hours with my son-in-law.”

“You’re here in the Philippines?” He asked. Alex’s parents decided to move in the US after their daughter died in order for them to easily move on. Richard would have wanted to do the same but his parents didn’t agree. They wanted to be there with him as he heals his broken heart.

“Yes, I’m here to celebrate your birthday. I’ve dreamt of my daughter last week. I think she’s requesting me to go home for you.” She responded.

“Alright, Ma. I’ll see you.” He immediately hung up and stood up.

The two are having their lunch in a Japanese restaurant. Both are catching up about things that happened when they didn’t see each other. Richard is really happy to see Alex’s mom. They really looked a like. Alex’s mom, Sandra and Richard were really close like as if Richard is really Sandra’s son.

“I’m so glad to see you, again. You look good.” She said as she took a sip of her tea.

“Thanks Ma. You look good, too.” He responded with a smile.

“Anyway, so how are you doing? Are you seeing someone?” She asked casually.

“Uh..” He had lost for words. It seemed awkward talking about your new love to the mother of you past.

“It’s alright Richard, I’ve heard that you are dating someone. It’s good. First step of moving on. Ayoko namang habambuhay ka na maging malungkot.” She took a sip of her tea some more before she continued. “But, ayoko lang sana na ang ipapalit mo kay Alex ko ay yung malayo sa kanya. I mean, yung alam mo yon?” He could only nod. Of course, this is Alex’s mother, what could he expect?

“Don’t worry Ma. I still love your daughter. Forever will.” He assured.

They both keep quiet. His phone beeped. It was a text from Liza, informing him of his meeting.

“Cancel it.” He replied.

He wasn’t able to put his phone back in his pocket as he received another text from her. “Sir, nandito si Maya, hinihintay ka. May surprise sya eh. Pls sir wag nyo naman hindi siputin. Sobrang lungkot na po ng girlfriend nyo.” She filled him up with information. She doesn’t mind spoiling the surprise because if she didn’t do it, there will be no one to surprise.

Guilt filled Richard that very moment. He thought that Maya is already mad at him and wouldn’t mind greeting him, yet she managed to surprise him. This woman is really worth all the love in the world. “Uhm.. Ma, I’m sorry I have to go. I’ll see you again some time, ok?” He smiled and left immediately.

“Alright. Happy birthday, son!”


“Liza, girl, wala pa ba? Anyare sa 10 minutes and he will be here? Almost 1hr na ah. Baka mapanis na yung dishes!” Emman said quite annoyed. He hates how he sees his friend, Maya sad.

“Parating na talaga, malapit na. Sabi nya kasi i-move ko daw yung meeting saglit or if I could ask them to wait for a while. Na-traffic siguro.” She lied a little but at least, Richard is really on his way.

Few more minutes of waiting, the door of Richard’s office flew open surprising the people inside. It was Richard and no one had said the magic words “surprise” nor “happy birthday” they just stayed standing there. Glued to their spot. Unable to move.

“Aah.. Happy Birthday sir!” Liza, Emman and Simon finally greeted and it earned a smile from Richard. “Thanks guys.”

He, then took a glance at Maya. She seems sad, her eyes were almost crying. He moved closer to her and engulfed her in a hug. “How are you? I’m sorry baby. I’m a bit busy.” There is no doubt, he missed her terribly.

Maya embraced him tighter. “Alam ko naman, Ricky. I love you. Happy Birthday!” She expected more explanations from him. Such is unacceptable allibi. But she’ll let it pass, again. It’s his birthday anyway. And she’s just so happy that time that finally, she saw him again.

“Thank you. You made me happy.”

They are all eating and chatting at the same time. Maya missed serving Richard so his plate is full with food. He insisted that they should just share a plate. She giddily agreed though she is not aware that he’s just really full because of his lunch out earlier with his mother-in-law. She thought that he’s just being sweet.

After their lunch, Simon, Liza and Emman went back to their respective tables and resumed working. Richard asked Maya to stay for a while in which she happily obliged.

“Ah.. Ricky, gift ko pala. Sorry, wala kasi talaga ako maisip tapos lately, di pa tayo masyado nagkikita so ayan.” She explained while handling him her gift.

“You don’t have to explain, Maya. I appreciate everything you give for my birthday.” He said while opening Maya’s gift. Inside the box she gave to him is a small picture frame of him and Maya during one of their dinner dates. He smiled upon remembering that night with her.

“Ah.. Eh.. Naisip ko lang na since di na tayo palaging nagkikita, at least kapag nasa office ka or sa bahay mo, maaalala mo ako.” She said. ‘Lalo na at puro pictures nyo ni Alex ang nasa bahay at office mo.’ Her mind wanted to add but her mouth refused to blurt that out.

“Thanks, Maya. I’ll find a place for this.” He told her and placed it on the shelf next to his plaques and awards that are displayed on it. She would have wanted him to place it on his desk because he never spend time staring on that shelf and most of the time he’s busy working on his table. Anyway, maybe Richard wanted to boast everyone on their relationship like the awards displayed on that shelf. Maybe he’s just proud of their relationship.

But whenever Maya would see his table, she will envy that woman who almost filled his table with her pictures. There are three frames on top of it, one is with Alex, the other one is his family and another of a solo pic of his wife. How she hoped there is a space for her there, too.

After that day, Richard traveled to Cebu for another meeting. He is expected to go back after 3 days. Richard told her that he will be very busy there but assured her that even though he might not able to text or call her, he will be thinking of her most of the time.

Maya erased all of the negative thoughts about her relationship with Richard. She understands him perfectly. She love him way too much. And she can feel that Richard loves him too. He is just not that showy.

She received a text from him that night.

“Baby, goodnight. Always remember that I do love you. Things are difficult but I am trying to adjust. There are things going on in my head and I promise to fix everything. After 3 days, let’s talk. I’ll see you in 3days. Take care while I’m away.”

She was puzzled on his message. She managed to reply “ano ba yun, sweetheart?” But he didn’t replied anymore, so she texted him some more. “Alright. See you in 3days. I miss you.”

After a few, she heard her phone beeped. “See you. Love you.”

Sure enough, Richard is acting strange. Sometimes he’s sweet and then later on he’ll be distant and cold. After 3 days, they will talk. She will ask him all of the questions that she needs an answer.

He is indeed fazed with his own emotions. Most of the time he misses her. He really needs more time to move on. He should give his everything to Maya. She deserves everything. For now, he will focus on his work. After 3 days, he will talk to her. Hopefully, things will be better.

(A/N: Soon there’ll be a rainbow after this torturous storm.. Soon enough..hang on. haha pls do Follow this blog and comment some thoughts if you like. 🙂 )

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24 thoughts on “Notes From The Heart- Chapter 24: Happy Birthday!

  1. Ang sakit parang ako si Maya feling all the pain she’s feeling right now !!! Sana Richard will be able to let go of Alex before its too late……kawawa naman ang Mayabels ang “dakilang girlfriend” na sobrang mahal ang Richard… na please gusto ko ng malaman Kung ano ang mangyayari…..

  2. Thanks katey I hope Richard can make up his mind and make things clearer for Maya.She deserves to be happy. I hope the case of the notebook will be clarified also and not be taken agaist her.

  3. Naiirita n nman ako Kay Richard, may gf n pero picture p rin ng asawa Ang NASA desk niya… Kung ako si maya makikipag break muna ako sa kanya…para at least maliwanagan din c richard. Favor Kasi lagi Kay Richard eh.. Kasi alam niyang nandian c maya…

  4. Literal sumakit ung dibdib ko sa “cancel it” though hindi nya alam na may surprise si Maya for him. Pero sana this time, mas malaman na ni Richard kung ano yung halaga ni Maya sa kanya. And Maya, pakisoli na din ng journal ni Richard.. hehehe.. Its time..

  5. ay naku maya…kainis ka na talaga..gumising ka nga at wag kang martir dian..hala!! ako ang nasasaktan para kay maya..anu ba yan!!! thanks for the update 🙂

  6. Sana maya ask ka na muna ng space kay richard magbasyon ka ng malau try mo kung susunod c ricky kc nman awang awa na ako sau npaka martir mo…. ang sakit kya ng mkita ng picture ng ex wife nya na masa table pa tlaga at ung sau nasa ibang space na minsan lang mikta sb ng a nila mhirap makipag kumpetensiya sa patay mas ok daw sa buhay.. haaaayyyy.. chakittt

  7. Naiirita ako kay Richard. Alam ko medyo sadista lang, pero gusto ko talaga sila magbreak. And this time si Richard naman yung mas masaktan para mafeel din nya yung pinaggagawa nya kay Maya.

  8. Hi Ms. Kate, Thanks for the update 🙂

    Richard Richard Richard, I hate you sobra, ang sama2 mo promise, you hurt Maya again. sobra na yung pagtitiis ni Maya ah, sobra na syang nasasaktan. if you really don’t love her that much, then set her free nalang kesa naman lalo mo pa syang masaktan, kesa naman lunurin na s’ya ng sobrang sakit. she deserve someone who could love the way she should be love, not the way you do, you are taking her for granted and she does not deserve that. she loves you that much pero ikaw? nasasaktan ako for her, sumusikip dibdib ko sa sobrang sakit, di ko nga maisip kung papaano nakakayanan ni Maya yung pain na nararamdaman nya, ung mga negative thoughts na pinaglalabanan nya, she must really love you too much na nakakaya nya lahat kahit nasasaktan na sya, sana man lang makita mo yun, sana man lang marealize mo yun, Tandaan mo, kahit gaano pa kalalim ang pagmamahal ng isang tao sayo dadating ang araw mapapagod din ito, mapapagod sa kakatiis sa sobrang sakit hanggang sa pati ang magmahal ay kapapaguran nya na rin. Sana hindi umabot sa puntong yun dahil sa oras na dumating yung time na yun at saka ka pa naging handa na mahalin sya ng buo ay huli na ang lahat. sana hindi umabot dun dahil sa totoo lang napapagod din ang puso lalo na pagsobra sobra na itong nasasaktan,

    Hay, Ms Kate pasensya na napahaba nanaman yung comment ko ah, bumigat kasi dibdib ko sa inis kay Richard eh, napaiyak din ako nung nagsabi xa kay Liza na “cancel it” naawa talaga ako kay Maya. Anyway thanks again for the update, next chapter na po sana agad ha? hehehe

    Take care always po God bless and more power 🙂

  9. Although a lot of people may not agree, Dahil masa kit, I think they need a break from each other, or cool off or break up. Richard realizes Maya deserves more than what he is giving her, and He needs to sort his feelings. Maybe loosing her will make him see that he loves Maya equal to Alex. He lost Alex which is why is so fixated on her after all this time, he has not let go. Moving on doesn’t mean he loves Alex less, but he hasn’t put it in proper perspective. He hasn’t even tried to give Maya the same importance he gives Alex ( and she’s dead). He hasn’t learned to give equal or even more importance to the living and to life. So he pause he’s Maya aside.
    On his birthday, instead of making plans with Maya, he went to the cemetery. He did this before he met Maya. But now she is in his life doesn’t she merit the same importance? He could still visit Alex, but why not take Maya with him?

    Richard is so caught up in the past that he is loosing sight of the present and possibly his future.

    He needs to be shaken by the core. If loosing Maya ( not in the same way he lost Alex) will give him perspective and make him realize Maya’s worth and his love for Maya, then I think they SHOULD break up.

    For Maya, when they do break up, I’d like to see her realize her strengths more, also realizing she has to be patient but at the same time go on with her life in the meantime While Richard is getting his act together. It’s time to give back that notebook.

    Maya has had her heart broken with all her relationships. This time I want her to take charge.

  10. I hope I’ll see rainbow soon …. nakakairita lang ang pinaggagagawa ni richard ….. he keeps saying I love you to maya but does he meant it …. I’ll agree sa mga sis kong adik kailangan nilang magbreak up at dapat si maya ang maginiate nun …. at kung sakaling mangyari yun matauhan sana si richard ….. naku affected lang ang peg …. di ko na mahintay ang kasunod …. salamat dito ms. kate.

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