Notes From The Heart- Chapter 26: I Love You, Goodbye

Chapter 26: I love you, Goodbye

(A/N: hi po. Super duper thank you sa mga comments and all. Natutuwa akong magbasa. Hehe. Sorry medyo minadali ko lang ‘to para di kayo maghintay ng matagal. Hehe πŸ˜‰ busy lang din nowadays. But I’ll try to update as fast as I can. πŸ™‚ this chapter is for arlyn011087 thanks sa effort magcomment haha. Happy reading! :))


The gray sky surrounding the whole country pictures the loneliness of the man inside his room. It’s been 2 weeks since they broke up and ever since, Maya never appeared in their office. Liza told him that Maya is resigning because of a much way better offer elsewhere. At first, he wanted to suggest to Liza to double Maya’s offer but then, he knew that money is really not the real reason on why she is leaving the company. He let her go again. Space is neccessary for a fresh start.

His phone would explode of the missed calls that it’s receiving but he is not in the mood to answer any of them. He is becoming the same old Richard again, ignoring the world.

The notebook on top of his bedside table caught his attention. Since the day that Maya gave it back to him, he never dared to open it. Afraid of refreshing all of those sweet memories with Alex and unable to move on again. He’s missing Maya so bad and he wanted to move on with his life together with her.

But at that moment, he felt the strong desire to touch it again and read its content. Maybe, he needed this.

“Anak, mag-iingat ka duon ha? Wag magpapalipas ng gutom. At wag ka masyado gumala ng hindi nagsasabi sa tita mo at baka maligaw ka duon.” Her mother reminded her while they are inside the cab on their way to the airport.

“Opo..” She answered and forced a smile.

Her mother still doesn’t know about her break up with Richard. Yes, most of the time she sees her daughter’s puffy eyes and sometimes would hear her crying at night but she gave her daughter some time. She wants Maya to voluntary tell her what’s wrong when she’s ready.

She once thought that Maya and Richard are facing some problem in their relationship but when she asked her daughter earlier if Richard would be there too in the airport, Maya told her that he won’t be there because they already broke up. So that is the reason on why Maya decided to accept her aunt’s decision that fast. Maya even asked if she could go there soon enough. Her daughter is broken, she can see it in her eyes. However, Maya doesn’t want to say anything on why they broke up.

“Basta anak, mag-enjoy ka din duon kahit papaano. Wag puro trabaho. Ipapasyal ka daw muna ng tita mo bago ka magsimula ng trabaho sa Lunes. Mag-iingat ka duon ha? Tatawag ka kapag wala kang ginagawa.” Maya’s mom added.

“Opo.. Wag po kayong mag-alala sa’kin.”

Maya’s father who is seated on the passenger’s seat glances at her daughter from the rear view mirror. He, too noticed how her daughter is slowly breaking inside.

Their cab halted as they reached the airport. Maya’s parents immediately went out of the cab and took her luggages. Maya breathed in deeply the air of her country. Sure thing she will miss everyone she will be leaving here. She sent messages to her friends for the last time and informed them that she will be leaving for Italy.

They all wished her a safe flight. Somehow, she waited for that familiar number to flash on her screen. How silly of her to even wish that he’ll stop her when he doesn’t know that she’s leaving the country.

“Alex, I may not know you.. But I do have a favor.. Please do take care of Richard…” She silently utter before she bid goodbye to her parents. Tears are shed once again because of the separation.

“Mamimiss ka namin ‘nak.” Her father said

“Ako din po, ingat po kayo!” She embraced them again and started walking away. This is goodbye..

“Why are you here?” Richard’s face scrunched up with annoyance as Liza suddenly appeared inside his room after few knocks.

“Ah.. Sir, sorry pero kasi I really need your approval of these papers. Ang dami na po kasi and it needs your immediate response. Yung father nyo po tumatawag na from China asking me what’s wrong…”

Richard half-listened and continues to stare back at the window. “Just leave it there. Then close the door when you leave.” Was his cold reply.

“Alright, sir.” She turn her heels and was about to go when she felt that she needs to inform him on something. “Sir, I just want to tell you that Maya is leaving in about 3 hrs for Italy. She will be working there.” After saying that, Richard finally shifted his eyes and looked at her.

Liza waited for what he will say but he remained quiet. “Sige po sir, aalis na ako.” She bid goodbye and closed the door as she was told.

Richard couldn’t believe it. Maya is really leaving her. The space that she gave him is too much. Italy is so far away! He thought that the offer that she accepted is within the Philippines. Never did it crossed his mind that Maya can really leave this country just to move on and stay out of his sight.

The hours is passing so quickly. Few more moment and she will leave this country where she grew up. How ironic, she wanted so bad to leave this place and settle down elsewhere but now, her heart is breaking on just a mere thought of staying in another country. That was her original plan before, to stay settle down abroad but things really do change when love enters your life.

She is currently waiting for her flight, her heart slowly dying as the minutes passed. Her phone suddenly flashed again and her mother sent her another message about reminders. Her mother, Teresita had reminded her thousand of times already, yet Maya would still smile of her mother’s concern.

When she touched the home button of her phone, she smiled bitterly of her wallpaper. It’s the last photo taken of her and Ricky. The last dinner date that they shared wherein she is already noticing the changes in their relationship. As she stares at the photo of her and Richard, she noticed how Richard’s eyes were lacking of the love that she wants to see. Maybe it’s only because she hates him at that moment that she is starting to notice that, or maybe not.

Without having second thoughts, in order for her to move on, she went to the photo gallery of her phone and started deleting all of her pictures with Richard. She had to do that. This is really goodbye.

“Makakalimutan din kita katulad ng pagkaya ng puso kong kalimutan si James dati. Dadating yung araw na hindi na ako masasaktan kapag naaalala kita. Mas masakit pala ito kaysa sa pinagpalit ako ni James dati.. Kasi ang kakumpetensya ko, wala na pero siya pa din ang mahal mo… Salamat Ricky, bye.”

She threw her phone inside her bag and stares back at the digital clock of the airport. Few more minutes left and she will be out of this country that is her home for years. Goodbye mother country! When I come back, I will be the better version of what I am now.

He is reading the notebook of Alex silently. He is smiling at the memories he spent with his late wife as the notebook reminds him of his past. Before, he would cry as memories filled his mind but now, He no longer misses Alex that much and he was surprised.

He reached the last part of the notebook and was so shocked to read it. The last journal is not from his wife but from the woman who is occupying his mind for weeks.

Dear Alex,

Hi. I honestly don’t know what to tell you. Maybe, I wanted to thank you for I believe, giving us way to meet. I do know that it is not an accident that I saw your notebook. You made him left that on purpose. For us to meet, for him to move on. You are so lucky to be loved by Ricky, you know? I even envy you when I was reading this notebook of yours. I can feel his love for you through the words that you put here. I also wanted you to know that today, we are already a couple. I hope you don’t mind. I promise I will take good care of him. I swear I would.

I may not love him the way you do, only you can give such love. But I swear, I will love him in my own way. Gee, I love his smile. I know you do, too. It’s actually awkward to say these things to you but since you are really special to him, and also to me, I would like to tell you this. He still loves you, and it’s okay. You are worth his love and I wouldn’t mind if you still occupy a portion of his heart, as long as I know I’m also loved it doesn’t matter.

Again, Thank you Alex. Please do pray for our love to last.


Tears started welling up from his eyes once again. His sobs were uncontrollable. He is so stupid not to realize the love he was showered with. Things are really not a coincidence, there is a purpose on why he accidentally left that inside the train.

There is a reason on why the notebook was found by Maya. Maybe Alex wanted him to be happy again. To finally let go of his memories with her. Maya might be right, Alex guided him to her. She wants him to be happy with Maya.

Maya… The woman who is invading his thoughts. She left him. And this is much way more heartbreaking than when Alex left him. Because with Alex, he is so sure that he will be the last man she’ll ever love and she has no choice but to leave him. But Maya, she has the freedom to love someone else.

He checked his watch and found that it’s already more than an hour left before Maya leaves the country, as what Liza had told him. Immediately, he reached for his phone and called on Liza. He asked her all of the information about her flight. He needs to stop her. He love her and he can’t picture the next days, months and years without her in his life. He is now sure. He wants her to be part of his life.


The sky has lost it’s colour
The sun has turned to grey
At least that’s how it feels to me
Whenever you’re away

The rain that the clouds were holding all the time started falling on the ground. It had caused traffic jam and the loud honking of cars were heard everywhere. Obviously people hates the delay that it causes all of them. Some, maybe are hurrying for their reservations in a fancy restaurant or in a cinema that is showing the most talked about film today.

But the man inside the black BMW is pissed with the whole situation. He is really in a hurry to catch Maya’s flight! This happens all the time! When he is in a hurry, traffic is really heavy! And add to that, it is raining so hard. Is the heaven against his plan of reconciling to Maya?

Heck! Enough of that. Nothing can stop him now from getting Maya back.

Without even thinking, he went out of his car and ran as fast as he could away from the traffic, leaving his car in the middle of the road. He doesn’t even care if he is starting to get wet. He runs and runs and runs. Like as if he is joining a fun run and Maya is the prize.

When he saw a cab in a street where there is no more traffic, he immediately stopped it and went in.

He ordered the driver to hurry up and offered to triple the price of his bill. He needs to catch Maya. He needs to stop her from leaving him. His heart needs to see her. Or he will die the second time if he didn’t.

I crawl up in the corner
To watch the minutes pass
One second, one minute, one hour
Each one brings me closer to
The time you’re comin’ back

“Please, Lord. I need her.. I need her. Please hear my prayer this time..” He silently prayed and begged

The cab halted in front of the airport. He pulled out a few bills from his wallet and handed it to the driver and quickly went out.

I can’t take the distance, I can’t take the miles
I can’t take the time till I next see you smile
I can’t take the distance and I’m not ashamed
That with every breath, I take I’m callin’ your name
But I can’t take the distance

He made it passed the guards and had entered the airport. He searched and searched the whole area with her eyes. Too many people were walking everywhere and his eyes and heart are helping one another to find that familiar woman that he is longing for.

I still believe my feelings
But sometimes I feel too much
I make believe you’re close to me
But it ain’t close enough
Not nearly close enough

I can’t take the distance, I can’t take the miles
I can’t take the time until I next see you smile
I can’t take the distance and I’m not ashamed
That with every breath I take I’m callin’ your name

His eyes are starting to well up again. He scanned the whole place but cannot find her. He looked at his watch and noticed that he is already 20 minutes late. “Don’t give up Richard! She is worth the fight. Maybe her flight has been cancelled or delayed.”

He ran in front of the information center, had asked anyone he can see about the flight where his Maya is.

The man in front of the counter had told him that the plane had just left. He asked him if he was late and didn’t make it to his flight. He even asked if he wants to book another flight. But Richard’s mind is wandering elsewhere. He had lost her. He doesn’t know where in Italy she will be living.

What should he do? The woman whom he had took for granted is gone. He doesn’t know when she will come back or if he will see her again. Just the thought of losing her forever pierces his heart in so much pain. “I love you, Maya… I don’t want to say goodbye.. I’ll see you soon.. I will find you.”

I brave fire and I brave rain
To be by your side I’d do anythin’
I can’t take the distance

I will go the distance, I will go the miles
That’s how much you mean to me
‘Cause I can’t take the distance, I can’t take these miles
I can’t take the time till I next see you smile
I can’t take the distance and I’m not ashamed
That with every breath I take I’m callin’ your name

I can’t take the distance
It’s hard to remember as long as you’re away
When I find solace there’s only one way
It’s hard to remember as long as you’re away
When I find solace there’s only one way
It’s hard to remember as long as you’re away
When I find solace there’s only one way
It’s hard to remember as long as you’re away
When I find solace there’s only one way


(A/N: The song that was used is “The Distance” by Evan and Jaron. You guys try to listen to it ;)) leave some comments pls :))

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54 thoughts on “Notes From The Heart- Chapter 26: I Love You, Goodbye

  1. Talagang mag comment ako My GOD RICHARD sundan mo na c maya sa ITaLY… salamat na realized mo rin..sana nagkamali ng inform sana cancelled ang flight dios ko po sana may ksunod na.. puro heartbreaking ang ang stories today ah nag usap ba ang mga writer??? hehehe

  2. Mga sis, I told you Maya have been give her heart and her heart to Richard in their relationship.Richard didn’t give her his heart to her. It will be opportunity to Maya experience to work abroad. 1st James and now Richard.Richard need a lesson to learn to love.

  3. This is heartbreaking but I really like the flow of the story. Let Richard suffer. (sorry I just dont like what he did to Maya) He better go to Italy and find her if he really wants her back. I hope they meet again after 1-2 years and he would be a better and happier Maya without him. But of course at the end of this story, I still want them to be together. Hahaha!

  4. Ricardo sundan mo na ang Mayabels before its too late ikaw kasi !!!! Haaaayyyy…. At least natauhan at nalaman niya kung gaano niya kamahal si Maya ..Ms Katey thanks for the update sana next chapter na please BITIN lalo na weekend ..I’m also waiting for more update on some of your stories…have a nice weekend

  5. Let’s see if Richard will learn to love Maya again, after all Maya was struggle to keep their relationship di ba? Even though Maya already deleted her pics with him sa cellphone before she board in airplane. Richard, please give your heart and love to her. Will Maya give 2nd chance to him? What do you think mga sis?

    • Naku sis tama ka Maya struggled thru their relationship kaya she deserves someone better and if Richard finally let go of Alex”s and love Maya wholeheartedly without any doubt in his heart then he needs to show that to Maya if that means going to Italy and find her and let her know how he feels……before its too late…sana magkakita na sila para more kilig moments….

      • Nah sis, i don’t know if Maya will him a 2nd a chance or forgives him to what he did for a heartaches he gives to her.remember she deleted her pics with him sa dates. Some of you like to him to follow Maya. But will she gave her heart again if they meet again? Hahai

      • Gusto ko nga yon na huwag siyang big yan ni Mayabels ng chance at ng matauhan hang Ricardong yan minahal siya ng tudo ni Maya anong sinukli niya naku eto na naman ako at nag eemote parang ako si Maya sa sakit sa dibdib so dapat lang paghirapan niyang kunin ang loob ni Maya if they were meant to be then it’s meant to be………

      • As for me, I would like Maya to focus her work in Italy, she may forget Richard to what he did to her, but she will not forgives him for all the heartaches causes to her. If maya come back here after she work abroad, maybe Richard plan win her back into his life and also open up her heart to him. Ano bang klase suyuin ni Richard kay Maya?

      • Agree ako sis time heals all wounds kailangan ni Mayabels ang time sa sarili niya para makarecover siya kay Richard …for the meantime ganoon din ang Ricardo eh kailangan din niya para pag nagkita sila pareho na silang ready para harapin ang isat isa….I can’t wait for the next chapter…….

  6. Kate pwede bang paki lagay sa story mo yung i can’t get over you by: lionel richie promise maganda to and bagay rin sa story nato or sa part ng break up nila Maya and Richard Thank u😊

  7. yan natauhan din c richard kung talagang mahal nya c maya susundan nya un hindi ung hihintayin nya lang…. hayst next chapter na po pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee……..

  8. Heartbreaking!… Ano dapat gawin mo Richard?..Sundan mo sa Italy!…bumawi ka sa lahat Ng heartaches that u caused to MayA!..Kainis ka Richard!
    Next chapter pls… Thanks!

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  11. Nice follow up. I think 1 or 2 years apart will do them both good. By that time Richard would have moved on from Alex, and Maya will realize there is no one else but Richard. Heck she could date some guys in Italy for her to realize that.

    Btw, what happened to chapter 25? It disappeared on your blog. Baka na-delete. Please put it back.

    Follow up soon please.

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  13. nakakaloka ang story na ito ….. ngayon narealize mo richard na mahal mo pala si maya ….. sana nga tuparin mo ang huling sinabi mo na “I love you maya …. I don’t want to say goodbye …. I’ll see you soon …. I will find you.” kaya gawa ka ng paraan para makuha mo ang address ni maya sa italy at sundan siya …. yun nga lang di namin alam kung bibigyan ka ng second chance ni maya …. well na kay ms. kate yun ….. siya lang ang nakakaalam kung ano ang susunod na mangyayari ….. salamat dito ms. kate.

  14. Hayzzz your story really affected me so much! Salamat po for the updates kahit sobrang bigat sa dibdib huhu! Well theres always a rainbow after the rain sana lang mabilis bilis kaka excite eh hehe… Thank you hoping for the next chapter very very soon πŸ™‚

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  18. Hi Ms. Kate,

    thank you so so so much sa update, sobrang thank you talaga πŸ™‚
    heart braking chapter, hay Richard naman kasi eh, ayan tuloy huli ka na, hay.

    I don’t know what to say. hhhmmmm ang sakit2 kasi. 😦 i’ll just post my long comment later nalang, crying mode pa ako now eh 😦

    Ms Kate? request ulit, papost na po ng next chapter please πŸ™‚

    thank you po ulit sa update ha?

    Take care always po , more power and God Bless

  19. Richard Lim… Ikaw ang may gawa ng sakit n nararamdaman mo. Sinaktan mo si maya ng sobra- sobra . You have to move heaven and earth to win her back… Next chapter n miss katey !!!

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  22. Richard; Paano bay an? Your too late na, ang tagal naman kasi ng realization nay an eh, eh di yan tuloy Maya is gone na. hhhmmm if you only know her worth in your life noon habang maaga pa it will not happen I’m sure. Kaya lang, sabi nga nila walang pagsisising nauuna lagging nasa huli yun, at malamang wala ding realization na nauuna kung hindi ka pa iniwan di mo pa marerealize her worth, hay naku naman. What you can do now is to fix your life first bago mo sya hanapin at harapin ulit. Be sure na nakamove on ka na kay Alex, na you are no longer living with the past, na you fully accept the realityna she was gone na, yung tipong she will no longer be the reason para magduda yung taong mahal mo sa extent ng feelings mo towards her kasi din a ganun kalalim yung feelings mo towards Alex, I’m not saying na you don’t love her anymore, she will always have a special part naman in your heart kasi minahal mo naman din talaga sya. What I’m trying to say is that, she was no longer holding the biggest part of your heart na, it was occupied by someone else (Maya) na. Ayusin mo muna yung buhay mo para samuli nyong pagkikita ni Maya nasa maayos ka na. Let her be muna for a while, let her heal the wound in her heart na ikaw din ang may kagagawan, let her experience muna to work elsewhere and grow. Pabayaan mo muna sya na ayusin din yung sarili nya kasi right now she’s broken and hurt pa. di din naman kayo magkakaintindihan ngayon kasi galit pa s’ya sa’yo palipasin mo muna ang galit at pain na nararamdaman nya. In time pain will be gone bad memories will also be gone at yung matitira na lang eh yung masasayang alaala at ang lhopefully the love that she have for you eh nandyan pa din. When your ready at pati s’ya ready na din, destiny will lead you both to each other and when that time comes, wag mo na s’yang pakawalan, prove yourself to her, prove her how much she means to you, prove her your love and her worth to your life. Make sure to get her back into your arms again.

    Maya: I understand what you feel, masakit at mahirap nga naming tanggapin na yung kaagaw mo sa puso ng mahal mo eh patay na, its hard to compete with someone na wala na and yet she still occupy the biggest part of Richards heart. Sige umalis ka muna, lumayo pansamantala. Be happy, enjoy life in Italy muna habangpinaghihilom mo yung sugat dyan sa puso mo na kagagawan ni Richard. Someday, magiging okey ka din, magiging Masaya ka din. Mawawala rin yang sakit na nararamdaman mo, ang tanging matittira nalang ay masasayang alaala at hopefully yung pagmamahal mo kay Richard. Sana Maya if okey ka na you still love him, he still occupy the biggest part of your heart at sana you could still give him a chance to love you and have you back.

    Sabi nila, ang tunay na pagmamahal daw ay di basta basta nawawala, nasaktan ka man daw ng taong yun, nagkalayo man daw kayo ng matagal, nagawa mo man daw na paghilumin ang sugat sa puso mo na kagagawan nya, ang pagmamahal ay di basta bastang nawawala, lalo pa at kung kayoay inilaan ng D’yos para sa isa’t isa. Ito ay mananatili sa puso mo at lalo mo pang mararamdaman sa mga panahong wala na yung sakit, galit at hinanakit sa puso mo. Yung tipong kahit na sobra ka nyang nasaktan eh s’ya pa rin yung kayang kilalanin at mahalin ng puso mo. In a right time, destiny will play his part, dadating yung time na pag okey ka na, na pag kaya mo na ulit mahalin at tanggapin yung taong yun sa buhay mo, muli kayong pagtatagpuin ng tadhana and this time, magiging okey na ang lahat. In his part, he will realize your worth and how much he loves you, In your part, you will axxept na he is your happiness and he is the one who could complete you and make you whole again. S’ya yung bubuo sa basag mong puso na s’ya rin naman yung may kagagawan. Yung tipong, sa kabila ng lahat, s’ya ay s’ya pa rin ang kayang mahalin ng puso mo at s’ya pa rin ang nakikita mong kasamo sa buong buhay mo. Na sa kabila ng lahat, di mo s’ya magawang burahin sa puso mo dahil nakaukit na s’ya dun at din a basta basta mawawala pa. on his part naman you are holding his whole heart and no one can enter his heart again kahit pa yung kanyang past love.
    ooppppsss napahaba nabaman po, hope may sense itong mahavba kong post. Thank you so much Ms. Kate for the update ha? Sobrang thank you po talaga pasensya na din sa sobrang haba ng comments. Sobrang affected lang po 

  23. sabi nga nila kailangan na mawala ang isang bagay bago mo marealize kung gaano eto mahalaga sayo. ganon siguro ang tama for you Richard. Lesson learn. Now you have to earn her love again. But I do love happy ending.

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