Notes From The Heart- Chapter 27: Festival

Chapter 27: Festival

(A/N: helloooo. Super thanks sa mga nagcomment pati na din sa nagttweet sa twittuuur. Haha this is not that long so, sorry. πŸ™‚ yung susunod na update, di ko pa sure when but I am working on it. Happy reading! :))


Maya is living in Treviso, Italy a city near Venice with her aunt. It is a little walled city with medieval gates and cobbled streets. She is working in the office of a spa which is also located in Treviso, Italy. The place where she is living right now is peaceful which she needed during those days when she’s hurting. At that point of her life, she cannot say that she fully had moved on, yet she no longer cries whenever she remembers Richard.

Richard.. That guy whom she loved the most yet still managed to break her heart. Sometimes, she still wonders on what he might be doing right now. Is he alright? Is he happy being alone? Is he eating the right amount of food? Is he drinking again? Those questions keeps on flashing in her head. She can’t help it. She is still concerned to him.

But of course, as time flies, all of those concerns lessen. There are times when she won’t think about him anymore. And that is a fresh start. These past few months, she is starting to live a happy life.

piΓΉ veloce Cielo! faremo tardi!” Maya’s aunt shouts at her son. They are on their way out of the house to watch the festival that day.

“Maya, sumama ka ha? Wala ka naman gagawin dito sa bahay. Para naman malibang ka. Sumama ka na sa’min ng pinsan mo” her Aunt requested. Maya would opt to stay at home and read a book or watch movies instead in the internet as she usually does. But at that moment, she wants to experience that much awaited festival.

“Sige po.”

bene! andiamo … ehi, Maya vieni?” Cielo, Maya’s cousin went downstairs and asked her if she will join them. Cielo is Maya’s cousin whom she got close with during her 10 months stay in Italy. They are actually at the same age.

SΓ¬. Cielo, I’m coming!” She excitedly said

“Good! Let’s go pretty couz!” He held her hand and pulled her out of their house. With smiles plastered on their faces.

After the long trip to Italy, he finally landed in Marco Polo Airport. His stop on that nth trip of him to Italy is Venice.

An archipelago of 118 islands connected by bridges. Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. The city’s picturesque waterways and historic architecture make Venice, Italy one of the most famous and romantic cities in the world.

After checking in his hotel, he rested for an hour before going out and started strolling.

Carnevale di Venezia is an annual festival held in Venice. The said festival is famed for its elaborate masks. Approximately 3 million visitors come to Venice every year for Carnival. And Richard, is one of them that year. He made it to the point to visit Italy every time he can. He is silently hoping to see her there. Maybe destiny will finally let them see each other again. It is Lent season so he had another opportunity to go out of the country and visit Italy.

He went to Rome before, where the city welcomed him with exhibit walls of what seemed to be like an outdoor museum. It is indeed wonderful for his eyes, yet, his eyes couldn’t see anything much more beautiful than Maya. He also visited Florence, Milan and Cinque Terre before. All of those beautiful places that one may had dreamt to visit someday. However, he cannot find the happiness in those places. He can’t still find her.

Richard once asked Maya’s parents on her whereabouts but they refused to tell him where their daughter is staying. Even when he pleaded, still they didn’t give her address to him. In the end, he made a decision to find her himself. After all, it is all his fault on why she left him. He should then do everything just to see her again.

There are no cars in Venice so he walked and walked passed an enormous number of people. The streets are filled with people dressed in colorful costumes and masks especially in Piazza San Marco. His eyes feasted on the wonderful masks and costumes of the people around him. Even the buildings surrounding the city attracted him, too. However, he is also looking for that familiar woman. Her eyes he can never forget.

“Mask, la maschera piu bella! mister! Only 70 euros.” A beautiful handmade mask, very detailed one was offered to him by the vendor beside the street. He stopped and take a look of it.

“This one fits you! It is a Pantalone mask. It means he who wears the father figure. It represents a sad old man. You’re not that old. Although you look sad.” The vendor said. A Pantalone is a half-mask with an oversized nose and high brows and slanted eyes. Is he really that obvious? Why does someone would always notice that he is not happy? He slightly shook his head in disbelief.

“Okay, I’ll buy that one.” He said and bought the mask. He should at least try to blend in the people around him even just with the mask.

He wore the mask as he continued walking again. He captured almost every corner of the place. Treasuring all of the things that his eyes sees with his lenses. One thing that he had learned with all of the things that he experienced is to treasure every moment spent here on earth.

“Wear this one pretty.” Cielo bought her a moretta mask and handed it to her. “We should blend in, you know?” She obliged and wore the moretta which means dark one lady. It was a small strapless black velvet oral mask with wide eyeholes and no lips or mouth.

They are joining the group of people who are buying things on the side of the street. Maya couldn’t help but smile with the place. She’s been living in Italy for almost a year, yet this place still amazes her.

“Oh, dyan na muna kayong dalawa. May bibilhin lang ako dun.” Her Aunt Pia bid goodbye and left the two of them.

Cielo and Maya were enjoying each others company. Sure they’d grown so close because they are holding each others hands all throughout their sightseeing. Others who don’t know them could really guess that they are not blood related because of the closeness that they have. They looked like a couple out on a date.

Maya is standing beside Cielo who stopped in front of a coffee shop. They are currently watching outside the shop all of the people who joined the mask parade. They are smiling from ear to ear with what they are seeing.

“Sobrang ganda pala dito, Cielo!” She looked like a little kid on her first day of trip.

“Yup. Ikaw kasi, you always decline our invitation whenever we asked you out.” Cielo learned how to speak Tagalog from her mother because when he was younger, Pia was still new in Italy so she herself finds it hard to speak the language.

“Eh nakakahiya naman kasi eh. Pinapatira nyo na nga ako ng libre tapos ayaw pa ni tita na mag-abot ako ng kahit konti mula sa sweldo ko. Nakakahiya kaya.” She said.

He smiled at her and started pinching her cheeks “We are family, remember?” He said. Maya smiled at her cousin who never fails to make her happy. Cielo knows about Richard and was the one who told her to move on and to find someone else in Italy. Cielo even arranged dates for her but Maya still cannot find someone who is deserving of her love. Or maybe, it’s because she is still hoping that one day, Richard will realize that he loves her. And now, he is willing to let Alex go.

“Oo na, grazie couz! You’re the best!”

“la sfilata Γ¨ qui!” A bystander shouted. And Richard understands very well that the parade is already there. He can now understand their language. He had learned it since he is visiting the country very often.

He stopped and readied his camera to capture that parade. A group of people accidentally pushed him to his left causing him to move. He glances to his left and someone caught his attention.

He cannot see her face. But his eyes and heart knew that the woman he is staring at is the woman whom he is longing for. “ei Γ¨ bella” he uttered. She is indeed still beautiful even with her eyes only seen because of the mask covering her face.

What pierced his heart is on how the man beside her is whispering so close to her face. And the lady is laughing with what he is saying! Richard’s face turned red with anger. But he should confirm it first if that woman is really Maya. He should be sure before he snatched her from that man and punch that guy on his face!

After few more seconds, the lady slowly took off her mask and started wiping her face with her handkerchief. His heart momentarily stopped from beating. It’s her! It’s his Maya!

The guy beside her also removed his mask and Richard found the guy extremely handsome. Although he is sure that he is much way more attractive than that guy, his heart still ached on that scene of seeing her with another man.

Even so, Richard immediately made his way towards them. He is approaching. Bumping with the strangers who is blocking his way. Unfortunately, a group of girls walked pass him, blocking his view. He shouted “Maya!!!” With all his heart

But when the group of girls left, Maya is no longer where she is earlier.

At one moment, he thought that maybe he is just hallucinating of seeing her there but he is so sure that he saw her! Damn! How and When can he see her again? He sighed deeply. At least now, he knows that he is near.. Yet so far from her. Finally! She is in Venice. Without second thoughts, Richard started to walk again with his chinky eyes scanning almost everyone in the area. Hoping that she will appear somewhere in the crowd.

“10 months is enough, Maya.. I can no longer wait for us to be together again…” He is determined. He will never lose hope.

(A/N: ciao! Addio! Haha. I would like to apologize if there are any errors whatsoever in this chapter. Thanks for the comments and for following this blog. Grazie! :)))

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  1. Hay salamat naman…o ayan Richard…magdusa ka..ikaw kasi eh. Thanks for the update….Sana may kasunod agad πŸ™‚

  2. You are near and yet so far.. It’s ok.. At least alam mo na kung nasaan na sya! Just go and Find her! Ansito kami, baback-up sayo.. πŸ˜€ Thanks for this! when will you post the Nest Chapter po? πŸ™‚

  3. Karma is a b!+€& di ba ? Too close yet oh so far …. Would she forgive him once they see each other? Will see if their love for each other wil prevail ESP Maya …Ms Katey thanks for the update kaya lang para akong nakabitin ng patiwarik nagiisip Kung ano ang susunod na mangyayari.. So please next chapter na !!!!

  4. Magselos lang ng magselos si Richard please para masaya. Haha. Sana naman magpakipot muna si Maya, medyo magpasuyo sya ng bongga.

  5. oh my geee…. so close yet so distant 😦 what will happen next? hmmm… thank you ms katey!! affected pa din ako ng breakup nila:( gnun kalakas ang dating ng ff na to! hahahhaa πŸ™‚ anyway thanks for sharing your stories to us!! will wait for the next update!!

  6. hi Ms Kate

    kakabasa ko lang ng update na to. thank you po ha for the update.

    still heart braking, pero okey lang there will be sunshine after the rain ika nga nila diba. Magiging okey din ang lahat. Surely Maya can forgive him when the right time comes, tulad nga nung sabi nila, gaano ka man nasaktang at nasugatang ng mahal mo, time heals the wound and darating yung time na mawawala na yng pain, maheheal na yung wound and all that’s left is your love towards the person, na no matter how he hurt you, s’ya at s’ya pa rin ang kayang mahalin ng puso mo, kaakibat ng pagmamahal ay ang kakayahan nitong magpatawad at bigyan ng pagkakataon ang taong iyon na patunayan ang sarili nya sa’yo, kasi alam mo na walang ibang taong kayang kilalanin yung puso mo kundi s’ya lang, someday, kakayanin ulit ng puso mong magtiwala at magtake ng risk to give that someone a chance na makapasok ulit sa puso mo dahil alam nito na s’ya at s’ya lang ang makapagsasaya ay makapagbubuo ng puso mong s’ya din ang may kagagawan kung bakit ito nasaktan. Someday destiny will lead you back in each others arms ulit. Kaya Richard, wag ka mawalan ng pag asa, wag ka susuko, find her, make her love you again, make her happy again and be sure to prove yourself to her and let her know how much you love her and how much she mean to you. do everything that you can to get her back πŸ™‚

    Ms Kate, thank you po ulit sa update ha at pasensya na sa mahabang comment, di ko nga lang sure if may sense ba comment ko, hehehe, pwede po request ulit? next chapter na po please πŸ™‚

    Take care always po and more power πŸ™‚

  7. Malapit na cla magkita!! Katey, pinasisikip mo ang dibdib ko!! I almost cried with Maya ng mkipagbreak cya… (Can’t afford to do that though coz nasa office ako) lol

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