The One That Got Away- Chapter 7: Bonding

Chapter 7: Bonding

That Sunday morning, Maya and Richard took a two-hour journey from their house to Richard’s resthouse. A Sunday is usually spend this way with Maya and Richard’s parents. They will have a simple lunch and dinner together. It’s been like this for the past three years. And these days are the only day in a week that Maya is always looking forward to.

They would often act as a happy couple. Richard would treat her very well sweet, even. Before, she’s contented to this but now it’s different. She doesn’t want him to act as if he’s happy with her anymore. She wanted everything to be real.

It’s as if she’s brought back to those days when they are playing..From the get-go. She is playing with her barbie doll while Richard would always save that doll using his Superman action figure. They were happy during those days but why can’t it be the same way before?

The car halted outside their resthouse. Richard held her hand and pulled her inside. She intertwined their fingers and held it tight, Richard didn’t mind and just continued to walk inside the living room.

Teresita and Arturo same as with Esme and Roberto rushed to them as soon as the couples saw them coming in. They embraced and kissed their children and ushered inside. Maya was afraid to let go of Richard’s hand, fortunately for her, he didn’t let go. He still held her hand as they walk their way inside with their parents asking them questions one after the other.

Once they are settled in the dining table, Maya placed some food on Richard’s plate. She knows too well what food he likes even what amount of food he can consume. He didn’t seem to mind and allowed his wife to do her wife duties as he answers the question of his father about their business.

A moment of comfortable silence ensued as they pause for a while to munch some food. But someone broke it, and the question was thrown to Maya and Richard like a grenade.

“Hanggang ngayon, hindi nyo pa din kami mabigyan ng apo.” Arturo said to the two while Esme, Teresita and Roberto nods their head in agreement.

“Oo nga naman, kayong dalawa talaga. Tuwing linggo na lang yun ang hinihintay naming announcement na manggaling sa inyo, pero wala pa din.” Esme told them.

Maya remained quiet. She, too wanted to have kids sooner with Richard yet she knows that is impossible at the moment. She couldn’t answer the question so she just gave a smile. He was surprised when Richard cleared his throat and gave his answer. As if it’s the easiest question thrown at him.

“Well, we are working on it Ma, Pa..” He said as his eyes transfers from their parents. Of course it was a lie!

They all nodded yet another question popped in their parents’ minds. “Eh, hanggang ngayon still working on it?” Teresita asked.

“Baka naman may isang may problema? Magpatingin na nga kayo. Excited na talaga kami magka-apo eh!” Roberto added and the other elderly on the table nodded.

Richard chuckled and answered. “Don’t worry, everything will have its right time Ma, Pa. Walang may problema. Just leave it to us. Right Sweetheart?” Richard stares back at Maya with a teasing smile on his face. Sometimes, she wonders if it’s real.

“Ah.. Opo.” She answered unable to say anything else. Today, is one of those days when Richard would call her ‘Sweetheart’ her heart loves the sound of it, however it also breaks her heart whenever reality strikes back.

“Okay, fine. Hindi na namin kayo mamadaliin but please sana sooner.” Esme pushed.

“Alright Ma.” He answered.

She can’t help but to say what she truly feels at that moment. “Sana nga po Ma, Pa. Gusto ko na din talaga magka-baby.” She said which earned a smile from their parents.

Richard heaved a sigh and faked a smile. He doesn’t know if she’s also acting or if she really wanted to have their own baby already. He felf uncomfortable with the thought.

“Double time mga anak!” Arturo teased the two which made Maya blush.

After having their hearty lunch, the gentlemen stayed in the living room talking about their business while the ladies are all in the kitchen baking some cookies and cakes for their dinner.

Maya is busy as she stirs the bowl of flour and egg. It is good to keep her mind occupied for a while. She needed a little break from overthinking.

“Maya, gusto nyo ba magbakasyon? Para naman mapabilis ang apo namin!” Esme told her which startled her. Some of the flour scattered on the table.

“Ma naman!” She exclaimed.

“Oh bakit? Anak naman, hindi na kami bumabata.” Her mother added.

“Eh Ma, busy si Richard. Saka na lang po, okay na muna siguro yung kaming dalawa muna.” Maya said shyly, although she wanted the idea, she doesn’t want to force Richard in a thing that he doesn’t like.

Sandy went to Manuel’s house after their shoppping. She is holding the magazine that Manuel is telling her. After that incident of seeing him with that same woman for the second time, she doesn’t believe Richard anymore that the girl is not his girlfriend. For sure she is!

After a few flips from the pages of the magazine, her heart skipped a beat. She just can’t believe what she just had read. The article tells it all, Richard is indeed married! She’s now sure that it’s Richard in the picture. Her heart broke once more as tears started to fall from her eyes. True enough, the girl is not his girlfriend but rather his wife!

“Girl?” Manuel went to her side and rubbed her back as she cried her lungs out.

“Manny,.. It’s.. I-it’s him!” She yelled.

“My gosh!” Manuel gasps and covered his mouth. He worriedly looked at his friend who is now crying so hard beside him.

“Ano na plano mo girl?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll talk to him” she said.

“Then? Pag inamin nya what will you do?”

She paused and tried to control her sobs. Her mind seemed not to know the right answer to Manuel’s question. She doesn’t know what she will do. Sure thing, she’s hurt. Deeply hurt. Yet, she cannot get angry at him. Her love is just so strong. She hates how he affects her like this.

“I don’t know. Ayokong maging home wrecker. But.. B-but.. I.. ” She sighed “I’m not sure. We still should talk.”

“What’s this, Pa?” Richard asked his father, when he handed him a white envelope.

“Well, open it. It’s a gift from us.”

He stared at his father for awhile looking confused and shifted his gaze back to what he is holding. He slowly opened it and was surprised to see what’s inside.

“What is this for?”

“I told you, it’s a gift from us.”

“Pa, para nga san?”

“For vacation lang yan Richard. Para sa inyo ng anak ko.” Maya’s father, Arturo answered him this time.

He shook his head and closed his eyes for a few seconds. As he opened his eyes, he saw hopeful stares from his and Maya’s father. He shook his head again in disbelief. Staring at the plane tickets, he doesn’t know how he should react.

“Thanks.” He answered coldly.

“You’re welcome! Have a great vacation with Maya in HongKong, son!”

They are on their way home after the dinner with their parents. Richard kept silent inside the car. Maya doesn’t mind, he is like this ever since. This is not new to her so she kept her eyes focused on the cars window embracing the silence surrounding them.

“Maya, next week we will be leaving.” He said without glancing at her. He turned the stirring wheel to the left and fixed his eyes on the road.

Maya glances at him and asked, “Ha? Saan tayo pupunta.”

“Out of the country.”

Her eyes widened. Why are they leaving the country? Is it only the two of them? Where are they going? She wanted to ask so many questions to Richard but she might annoy him. “Uhh.. Saan tayo pupunta at bakit?”

“In Hongkong. Our parents’ gift.” He answered her questions.

“Tayo lang?”

He sighed and said “Yes”

Maya’s lips slowly crept up for a smile. She just can’t hide it. She will be leaving the country with Richard! She remembered how they spent their honeymoon before, they went to Paris. They are not that sweet during that two weeks there but sure enough, Richard had been very attentive and gentleman to her. He is also caring during those times. She can’t wait to feel that side of him again.

“Okay!” She beamed.

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The One That Got Away- Chapter 6: A Flicker of Hope

Chapter 6: A Flicker of Hope

“Oo, girl!” She exclaimed on the other line. It is ten in the morning and Maya is talking to her close friend, Eds.

“You mean, you fell asleep sa living room and then nagising ka nung ginigising ka niya but hindi ka gumising kunyari dahil hinihintay mo kung anong gagawin nya?”

“Yes. And then he carried me up stairs! Then I opened my eyes slightly and I saw him staring at me! And he smiled!! Tapos kunyari I’m still sleeping and I hugged him, at first parang ayaw nya but then he allowed me. That’s a first!” She stated giddily.

“Oh-kay. And the thing is?”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “The thing is, baka naman may gusto na din siya sa’kin. Sa tingin mo?” She asked her friend.

She is on a good mood since she woke up that morning remembering the things that transpired. That is the closest romantic way ever that they slept in that bed. It felt like she is still dreaming.

“Well, I hope so. Pero akala ko ba may babae yang si Ricky mo?” Eds’ question brought her back to reality. Yet, her mind has already an answer for that.

“Sa tingin ko kasi, it’s just another flavor of the month ni Richard. I’m sure of it.” Maya told Eds surely

“Eh paano kung hin-”

“Hep hep! Wag ka na kasing nega naman!” She cut her friend off. She doesn’t want to hear any negative thoughts about their relationship with Richard now.

“Okay, friend. Basta ayoko lang umasa ka ng umasa. Ang tagal mo na umaasa, girl!”

She bit her lip. Eds is right, yet she knows she also has a headstart in the game. “Hanggang ako ang asawa niya, may pag-asa.”

Richard is waiting for Sandy in their favorite coffee shop with a bouquet of flowers at hand and a smile plastered on his face as he scanned the people who are passing outside the shop.

When Sandy alighted from the doors of the shop, Richard smiled widely. It’s as if everything inside the shop were in slow-mo. It happens everytime and at first it felt awkward because it’s as if he is a teenager out with his first girlfriend but now he no longer cares. He is happy and in love.

When their eyes met, she immediately made her way to him. He stood up and waited until his lady love reached her. “Hi my love.” He greeted her and handed the bouquet.

“Thanks.” She kissed him. “Sorry if I keep you waiting, nadelay kasi yung flight ng konti.” She explained as they sat across each other.

“It’s alright, may inaayos din naman kaming plane today.”

She took a sip of the frappe that he ordered for her earlier and caught Richard staring at her. “Bakit?” She asked.

“Anong bakit?”

“Bakit ka nakatitig sa’kin.”

“It’s just that, you’re very pretty.” He said which made Sandy blush.

“Well, thank you.” She answered and gave him a quick kiss. “A reward from the compliment”

“Wow. I think I should do it often.” He said and they laughed.

A couple of beeps were heard from Richards phone afterwards. Messages came in his phone. He glances at the screen and found Maya’s name flashing on his screen. He sighed and put it back on his pocket leaving the messages unread.

“Hm.. My love, after this can we watch a movie?” She requested.

“Anything for you.”

They ended up watching a foreign rom-com movie. Surprisingly, Richard enjoyed watching a movie with someone, add to the fact that it’s a romantic chick film. Maybe it’s the company, he usually gets bored whenever he watches a movie with Maya and ended up sleeping on his seat.

“Ang cute ng story no?” Sandy asked Richard when they headed out the theater. Their eyes adjusting with the sudden light that hit their eyes after the darkness.


“I find him cute”

“Who?” He asked with his eyebrows raised. Seriously scanning the mall looking for any man that she could find cute.

She chuckled with his reaction. “The lead character in the movie! Nagseselos ka naman agad eh!” She laughed some more.

“Stop making fun of my feelings.” He acted hurt.

“Asuuus! Stop being so pa-cute my love.” She said and gave him a kiss on his lips.

“You know what? I’ve realized I should do it often, making pa-cute and complimenting you.”

She smiled at his realizations. “Well then, you’ll get more of this.” And she started kissing him again. More and more and more.

The blanket keeps on bothering her no matter how hard she tries to move or lie still. She just can’t sleep. It is not really the blanket, rather those thoughts that Richard and another girl is spending another quality time with each other.

She reached for the empty space of the bed. She misses him there although he doesn’t seemed to care for her, she still wants to see him sleeping peacefully beside her.

How could he not even dare to answer any of her messages to him? Even just a single one. She hates how he is treating her yet she cannot complain.

The night is very quiet as if a single movement would create a noise. She remembered that Manang Fe informed her that Richard will go home late because of his pending reports that he needs to finish.

She didn’t buy it. She doubt it. Usually, when there are works that he needed to finish, he will go home and spend the rest of the night in his home office, but not now. Not anymore. And she knows that he is spending his time with another girl. Something creeps in her heart. That feeling which she hates the most. It hurts like hell yet she cannot do anything about it.

A tear fell from her eye. “Okay lang yan. After a few weeks or days, he will find someone new. Ganyan naman siya. Just wait. Tama. Fling lang nya yan.” She muttered and dozed off to sleep after.

It is not a beautiful morning the next day. With the sun hiding behind the clouds, Maya’s day couldn’t get any brighter as well. When she woke up, Richard is still not in their room. She frowned and became sad, yet she managed to hold back her tears.

“Goodmorning Maya.” Manang Fe greeted her when she reached the dining table. Manang Fe is busy preparing the table. However, she noticed that there is only a single plate on the table.

“Uh.. Manang, si Ricky po?”

“Ah. Eh kakatapos lang kumain, maaga bumangon. Nandiyan pa ata kakalabas lang. Kinuha yung susi ng kotse kanina sa opisina niya.” She told Maya. And with that, Maya rushed out the house hoping to cast a glance at him. She’s been dying to see him since last night.

She saw Richard who was about to open the car door. She called out his name and he looked at her. He looks dashing as ever. She can feel how her heart beats so fast. “Good morning, Sweetheart!” She greeted very sweetly and kissed him on his lips.

He saw him shook his head yet he greeted her back a good morning. As casual and cold as he usually does.

“Uhhh.. Anong oras ka na nakauwi kagabi?” She wanted to have a conversation with him. Even a few more minutes.

“Late.” He answered as he keeps on looking at his watch. “I have to go, I’m running late.” He said and opens his car door.

She reached for his arm to stop him one last time. “Ah wait! Ano.. Kasi..”

“Hurry up.”

“Okay, sorry. Uh..I’m wondering if pwede mo ba akong samahan bukas? Weekend na and our parents will be busy tomorrow so naisip ko na tayo na lang ang umalis. Let’s watch a movie please?” She begged.

He sighed and shrugged. “Alright” was his short and cold answer and with that he left her waving at him. She’s smiling yet her eyes were not happy. How she wished she could make him fall for her sooner. Because as days passes, she can feel that Richard is slowly fleeting away and her feelings growing strong.

Saturday came. Maya is just so excited during weekends. She will be able to spend the whole weekend with Richard. They can sit, talk, and eat together. Her mind wanders off on how this day would be.

Her and Richard in the dark room of the cinema. Him feeding her popcorn, them holding each other’s hands, him drapping his arm on her shoulder, and her leaning on his chest. It’ll be perfect. But of course, that didn’t happen.

What comes next is that they are seated beside each other watching a chick flick while Maya is so focus on the movie, Richard is sleeping beside her. Instead of him holding her hand, she reached for his hand and held it tight. That is the same scenario everytime they went out together. She is happy, he is not.

She pursed her lip holding back her tears. She can’t cry yet. The scene is not that sad for her to cry. Everyone in the room is laughing so it felt weird that her tears are flowing free from her eyes. She let it fall. No one can notice her crying. Not even the guy who is seated beside her that is the reason for her tears. She just hates how much she loves him.

“How did you find the movie?” She asked him once the credits started rolling and the lights are turned back on.

Richard stood up from his seat and shrugged. “I don’t know. Cheesier as it is. Same as before.” He answered totally unmindful of the words he’s saying.

SAME AS BEFORE? “What do you mean by Same as before?” She had to ask. Her instinct is telling her that he had watched it before. And of course, he’s not alone. For sure, he’s with another girl. She frowned with the thought.

Walking side by side on their way out of the cinema, Richard stopped walking for a few second. Words just slipped from his mouth! Damn. He resumed walking afterwards, not wanting Maya to doubt. “Uh.. You know, same as before with the other cheesy movies.”

Maya could just nod her head. But in reality she didn’t believe his alibi. “Anyway, I’m hungry let’s eat muna?”

“Alright. But I have to go home after. I need to finish something.” He said.

Maya smiled sweetly at him and nodded. “Sige, sweetheart!” She reaches for his hand and intertwined their fingers as they walk their way to the nearest restaurant that they saw.

“Girl, yung Richard ba na jowa mo ay owner ng isang Aviation Services?”

“Ha? I don’t know, although ang alam ko lang he does work sa nagmamaintain ng planes. I think mataas position nya but I never asked. Why?”

“Well, kasi nakita ko kasi sa isang magazine yung name ng bf mo. Though hindi ko pa din sya nakikita, ang nakalagay kasi dun he do maintenance ng airplanes tapos, he is married blah blah blah.” He animatedly told Sandy

“I don’t think that’s him.” She answered. “And anyway, I asked him already about dun sa nakita kong kasama nyang girl before. Sabi nya, not his girlfriend daw.” She shrugged

“What?! You saw him with someone else before?” He exclaimed. Sandy nodded. “Eh ano daw nya yon? Kapatid? Pinsan?”

Sandy didn’t know how to answer. She never asked him again ever since. She answered with another shrug

“Kaloka. Mamaya hindi nga nya girlfriend pero baka fiance, or asawa” he faces his friend with arms crossed

“For sure hindi.” She said and walked away.

Sandy is doing her day off shopping that day with Manuel, her gay friend. They are almost done shopping for new things and agreed to eat first before strolling some more.

As Manuel and her were inside the restaurant, her eyes roamed around the room looking for a vacant table. As her eyes shifted some more from table to table, she saw a familiar man sitting on a table with someone. Her heart momentarily stopped. She no longer needs to go near her just to confirm that it’s him. She is so sure. So sure that it’s him and that he’s with the woman whom she saw that he’s with the last time.

“Manuel, yung sinasabi mong magazine, pwedeng makita? And sa iba na din tayo kumain.” With a huff, Sandy left the restaurant followed by a confused Manuel.

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The One That Got Away- Chapter 5: The Legal Wife

Chapter 5: The Legal Wife

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“Hello, Ma’am.” She called Richard’s wife that night.

“Hello, Liza! Ayan ka na naman sa ma’am na yan ha. Drop it already, please.” She nicely asked. They’ve been friends for years since the day that she married Richard. They grew close and all that she asks to Liza is to update her about her husband.

“Basta, mamaya na yang pagtatalo about the ma’am thingy. Ang importante itong sasabihin ko.”

The caller on the other line felt nervous. She somehow knows what is this call all about. She’s been noticing the changes in Richard’s actions that she, herself finds strange. That’s why she take one step forward on her given space to him and had been extra caring and sweet wife. But then, she would caught him most of the time smiling foolishly while texting. Even having phone calls late at night. And she’s so sure that it is not Liza updating him of his meetings.

There is also this time, during their family lunch out, Richard seemed to be preoccupied. As if his mind is wandering elsewhere, but when she asked him what she is thinking about, he didn’t answer her. It’s always like that ever since.

“Ano yun, Liza?”

She paused. “Well, someone came earlier today.”


“I don’t know eh.. She’s a flight attendant. I forgot to ask her name kasi alam mo naman nasanay na din ako sa mga babaeng naghahanap kay sir na nagkakagusto sa kanya, hindi naman pinapansin kasi ni sir, so hindi ko na din binalak na tanungin pa yung name.”

“So, what’s with her?”

“Para kasing may iba e.. Parang interesado si sir sa kanya.” She paused for a while to hear any reactions but she got none. “Kasi napansin ko, first time na hindi kumunot yung noo ni sir kapag may babaeng naghahanap sa kanya, and he even smiled upon seeing her!” She told Richard’s wife the things that she noticed.

Her hands were shaking. Her heart just broke into pieces. Her first love, her first heartache. She knew this day will come but not this soon. “Thanks, Liza for telling me this.”

“You’re welcome. Basta, mas ipakita mo na yung pagmamahal mo sa kanya. Kaysa maunahan ka pa.”

The wife, named Maya dela Rosa-Lim is a beautiful lady with a big love to her husband. They’ve been childhood friends, he is Maya’s puppy love, first and last love. She is aware that Richard doesn’t love her, that’s why she never even dared to tell him what she’s been feeling for years. And the moment that she knew that they’ll end up together, via fix marriage, she just could no longer wait but to grow up!

While growing up, she saw Richard enjoying life and would often meet his flavor of the month. She’s used to it, she allowed it because they are still young and she wants Richard to enjoy his life while they are still not married. One day, she is so sure that he would stop on playing around because she will make him fall in love with her. But that day didn’t came.

The first few months of being married to Richard is tough. He will often come home late and she will be waiting for her until morning. Maya would ask him of his whereabouts but wouldn’t get any reply from Richard. It seemed as though they are both strangers living in a single roof. Their mansion is not a home. It is not filled with love.

“Maya, hindi ka pa ba matutulog?” Manang Fe, Richard’s nanny who also looked after Maya whenever she and Richard are playing when they are still young, asked her. She is waiting in the living room for Richard. It is 11 in the evening and he is still not at home. Her heart is slowly breaking upon thoughts of Richard and that flight attendant spending time together filled her mind.

“Mamaya na po, Manang. Si Ricky po ba hindi nagtext sa’yo?” She asked her. Richard wouldn’t mind texting her but would always call or text Manang Fe instead whenever he will be going home late. He treats Manang Fe as his second mother.

“Ah. Kanina. Ang sabi nya may pupuntahan lang daw siya pero uuwi agad. Sabi ko nga umuwi na at hinihintay mo sya.”

“Po?!” Richard might think that she’s getting clingy.

“Bakit? Sabi nga nya may sasabihin ka daw ba at hinihintay mo sya?” Manang Fe taps her shoulder and said, “Maya, alam kong mahal na mahal mo sya. Iparamdam mo lang sa kanya kung hindi mo pa kayang sabihin.”

She kept quiet with what Manang Fe told her. Maya’s actions these past few days had been obvious however, Richard didn’t get her hint. Or maybe, he is not really into her.

Richard arrived that morning at 2 o’clock. He got lost of time and fell asleep on the couch in Sandy’s condo, the girl that his heart is beating for the past weeks. Sandy’s head is still resting on his shoulder, and she, too had fallen asleep. Sandy even offered him to sleep on the other room beside hers since no one is occupying that and it’s very late but Richard declined, he knows that Manang Fe will get mad at him if he won’t go home.

At the end, Sandy bid him goodbye and kissed him goodnight.

As the mansion’s front door flew open, Richard was startled when she found Maya sleeping on the couch of the sala with the lamp as her source of light. There is a book that was already on the floor, he assumed, that she’s reading that earlier and fell asleep.

Slowly, he approached her to wake her up and ask her to go up stairs. With light taps on her shoulder, he tried to wake her up. Maya stirred in her sleep but continued to sleep some more. It seemed as though she’s in a deep slumber.

“Maya.. Wake up.” He shook her shoulder one last time but still, she didn’t wake up.

With no other choice left, he carried her up stairs to their room and laid her comfortably on her side of the bed.

He stared at her sleeping figure. As he watches his wife, he is silently hoping that it’s Sandy. He knows it is wrong, yet he cannot stop his heart from saying so.

As he lays on his side of the bed, Maya stirred and shifted her position such that her arm is on top of his chest. Maya is hugging him. He slowly lifted it up to put back on her side but she held him tighter. In the end, he let her hug him that night and closed his eyes thinking that it’s Sandy who’s beside him.

He smiled contentedly with the thought.

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The One That Got Away- Chapter 4: It’s Complicated

Chapter 4: It’s Complicated

He is pacing back and forth. Stressed and depressed. He is trying to reach her phone but still she is not responding. He’s been busy with meetings that he doesn’t have any time to see her again. He misses her terribly, and he hates the fact that she’s avoiding him.

He tried to call someone who might help him.

“Hello?” A voice from the other line greeted him

“Hi, Ryan.”

“Oh bro, what’s up?”


Ryan is a big boss on the airline where the girl is working. He is the source of Richard when it comes to her. “Okay, okay. It’a about her? Am I right? Bro, I already warned you. Sabi mo, nothing serious.”

Ryan is also a friend of Richard’s wife. And he knows that from the start, Richard’s wife loves Richard. She is only giving him time to love her, too. But then, Richard is slowly falling in love to someone else. And it’s his fault of making his friend Richard to fell in love and to break the heart of Richard’s wife.

“I didn’t tell you that it wasn’t serious!” He said

Ryan was surprised “what? Don’t tell me..”

“Yes. I love her. Now, give me her schedule please. She’s been avoiding me!” He scowled

“Relax, bro. I never saw this coming.” Ryan sighed. “So, you’re in love huh?”

He nodded as if Ryan could see him. “Yes.”

“How about you-know-who?” He asked his friend. Should he tell him that his wife loves him so bad?

“You know I don’t love her.” Richard answered coldly

“But you can’t just leave her.” That is the truth. Richard can’t leave her.

“I know.” Things are just so complicated.

“What now?”

“I don’t know. I really don’t.”

He found himself waiting for her outside her condo unit where she is residing. He kept on bugging his friend Ryan about HER. Ryan was really worried about everything but when he sees that his friend is devastated, he couldn’t say no.

SHE was more than surprised to see him standing outside her condo unit. It has been a long and tiring day. Ever since she saw Richard with a lady, she’s been avoiding him to the point that she changed her number and even went home straight after her flights. Staying inside the terminal lounge makes her sad and mad.

Their eyes locked seems like time is drastically slowing. He smiled, she frowned.
Oh how he missed her! He wanted to hug her so bad but HER facial expression stopped him from doing so.

She continued walking to her condo unit where Richard is leaning on the wall next to her unit. She’s still upset, but this must be the right time to have a talk. She will give him a piece of her mind.

His smile never left his lips. He is just beyond happy to finally see her again after days of sadness. Although he is really confused on why she never even smiled back at him, it can’t ruin his mood.

“Anong ginagawa mo dito?” She asked him as soon as she was outside her unit’s door.

With the tone of her voice, Richard knew that she’s mad at him, but why? “Uh. I.. I.. Missed you. You never answered my calls so I was wondering what’s wrong?”

SHE gave Richard a fake smile. She is mad at him for dating other girl. Yes, they may not be a couple, yet but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for her that he will date another girl.

“Nothing’s wrong. Now that you already saw me, you may go. I’m tired.” She can’t still talk to him. She’s furious! She turned the knob of her condo and slipped inside. Richard stopped the door from closing and entered as well.


“Let’s talk. I won’t leave until you talk to me.” He is starting to get annoyed with the situation. He waited for this day to come and now she’s pushing him away.

She looked at him while crossing her arms. “Kinakausap naman kita, di ba?”

He sighed. “Please, tell me what did I do?” He pleaded. He stepped forward to be near her but she took a step backward.


“Eh ikaw kasi eh!” She half-shouted that startled Richard.

“Okay, what? Ano bang problema?”

“I.. I” she’s already on the edge of crying. She hates how this man affects her.

“Hey, don’t cry.” He tried to hug her but she moved backward.

“Makinig ka lang!”

He stopped and stood in front of her and obeyed.

“I..I saw you. Remember when I asked you sa party ng friend ko and you said you already have plans during weekends?” She asked him, Richard replied with a nod. “Hindi na ako tumuloy sa party di ba? So I went out with my friend. And I saw you…” She sighed. “You’re with a girl.” She turned around to hide her face. She’s in pain and she doesn’t want him to see that she is that pissed because of him.

A few minutes of silence ensued. Richard couldn’t be more surprised in hearing that from her. This is the day that he’s been worried about. Slowly, he embraced her from behind. Fortunately, she let him. “I’m sorry.. But I love you.”

SHE turned around again to face him. Her heart broke with his sorry, it’s confirmed. Him saying sorry confirms that he’s committed. But his I love you made her weak again. But she managed to be strong. “So, totoo nga? You have a girlfriend? Sasabihin mo na mahal mo ako tapos may girlfriend ka naman pala!”

Richard bowed his head. “She’s not my girlfriend. I swear she’s not.”

Her heart believes him whether he’s lying or not. His effort of going there to see her even though as she remembered, she never did allowed him to send her home even once during their dates. How did he knows where she lives? She loves him. And heck he loves her back! But why is there something else on the way that he tells her that the girl is not her girlfriend? And the hell! The girl kissed him!

“Paano ko papaniwalaan na totoo yung sinasabi mo na mahal mo ako at hindi mo siya girlfriend?” She started to ask him calmer. She wanted this fight of theirs to stop. She’s been missing him. So bad.

“Because I’m here? Because I just do.” His eyes mirrors his love for her. She can clearly see it. Whenever she’s in love, she doesn’t care anymore. Enough of the drama what is important is Richard is with her and he just told her that he loves her. That’s enough for now. So she hugged him tight and cried. All of her hanging questions were forgotten. Things are still not clear, but she will let it pass.

He was about to tell her that the girl is not her girlfriend rather his wife. Now how could he tell her that? Now that they are okay?

“Chard!” He went inside HER condo unit one Monday evening. He makes sure that there is an alloted time in his schedule for her. Especially after what happened earlier when SHE surprised him to the Airport’s maintenance place. He can’t let her do that again.


“Chief, okay na po ito.” A younger engineer of him told him. The sun is shining brightly and they are all sweating profusely with grease on their hands and shirts.

“Good. Ako na bahalang tumapos.” Richard replied while examining the plane.

“Chief!” Called a lady wearing a formal uniform half-running to their spot.

The two engineer turned their attention to her “Yes, Liza?” It’s Richard’s secretary.

“Ah. May naghahanap po kasi sa inyo.”

Raising his eyebrows thinking on who that might be, he asked. “Who?”

“Eh. Flight attendant po e.”

His eyes went big and round. What is she doing here?

“Okay, where is she?”

Liza led Richard outside to approach the lovely lady all in uniform waiting outside. She’s also sweating from the heat coming from the sun.

As her eyes landed on his, she smiled “Chard!” She called. Liza is confused and could just stare at the lady. She thought that this lady must be one of those girls who are so into his boss. One who would always flirt on him. She’s used to them, they didn’t get any attention back from Richard anyway. So, she’s waiting on how her boss will shoo away this pretty lady without being so rude. He’s good at it all the time.

“What are you doing here?” He said almost inaudible.

“Huh? I’m here to surprise you. Pinagtanong ko pa sa mga tao sa airport kung saan banda ‘to. Kakatapos lang ng flight ko. Nacancel kasi yung isa pa.” She happily informed but got worried on his reaction. “Ah..ayaw mo bang nandito ako? Wala pa akong hug” she pouted.

He smiled. “Hindi naman, but just don’t go here. Hindi din kita maaasikaso. And about that hug, pawis na pawis ako and I’m dirty. Mamaya na lang, okay? Ipapahatid na lang kita.” He said.

Liza clearly heard everything and could only raise her eyebrows. This is not good, she thought.

“Okay. Punta ka ma-”

“Okay.” He cut her off as she remembered that Liza is behind him. He understood that SHE wants him to visit her in the condo. He turned around and ordered Liza “Pakisabi kay Mang Lem ihatid siya.”

Liza nodded, although confused on Richard’s actions. “Alright, sir.” She turned her attention to the lady “let’s go?”

SHE waved her hand to Richard and walked away.

Richard’s employees are used to girls approaching their boss but he never did gave them attention so, he tried so hard not to be engage into a long conversation with HER because they might get a hint. But he couldn’t stop himself from sending her home with his driver. He wanted her to be safe at all times.

That Evening:

“Hi.” He kissed her on her cheek

As he is seated on the couch, she went in the kitchen to prepare the food that Richard brought.

“Chard, bakit Sir ang tawag nila sa’yo? Mataas ba position mo? Head engineer ka ba?” She asked him from the kitchen

“In a way.” He answered sleepily. He is very tired, a long day had been very hard for him. Too much things should be done.

She prepares the dining table and glances back at Richard who is still seated on the couch. “Aah. Tinatanong ko nga kanina si Liza, ang tahimik naman.”

He sat up immediately. “Anong tinanong mo?” He is worried that Liza might told her that he is married. Liza would do that sometimes to help him in pushing off the girls away.

“Wala naman, tinanong ko kung bakit sir ka niya i-address, sabi niya boss ka nga daw niya. Secretary mo daw siya. Tapos
.. Uh.. Tinanong din niya kung matagal na ba akong FA.” She told him

He stood up from the couch and approached the dining table.

“What else?” He asked again.

“Yun lang. Di siya masyado nagsasalita eh.” She told him.”

He sighed in relief. He knows that sooner or later, she will know about his wife. He doesn’t know how she will take it. But one thing is for sure, he cannot bear the pain if she will decide to stay away from him.

He made a promise, he will do anything just to make her loved. He will assure her that she is the one that he loves.

Happy weekend! 🙂

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The One That Got Away- Chapter 3: THEM and HER

Chapter 3: THEM and HER

questions will be answered soon. :’)


Weeks had passed and they continue to see each other very often. Richard would often go to the airport whenever the girl has her flight. He would do maintenance of the planes himself, much to the surprise of his team.

And whenever Richard doesn’t go back to the office with his team, he will earn a few teasing from his people but they will quickly retreat once they sees his serious face.

The beautiful flight attendant and Richard had grow close to each other. They are not a couple but sure thing, they are more than friends. No one ever brought up the topic about their status, they are just happy enjoying each other’s company and contented on having each other.

They both wanted every word of their conversation to last for hours, their gazes to last for days or even weeks. Moments together feels like magic. But Richard knew that they can’t. And it hurts like hell.

“Uhm.. Richard, I will be having my day off on the weekend.” She happily informed him, one Thursday morning after her flight. Richard remained quiet as he waits for what was she really up to.

“Ano. Kasi, ano eh.”

“Come on, what is it?” He asked as he smiles at her.

“Alright, I’m going on Sunday sa Laguna. My friend is hosting a party. Birthday niya and uhm.. My ex is coming with his girlfriend.” She stated hoping he would get her hint

He nodded. “You wanted me to come because your ex is there with someone na pinalit niya sa’yo?” He asked with his eyebrows furrowed

“No. No.” She shook her head. “Gusto ko lang talaga i-invite ka. And gusto ka din makilala ng friends ko. They already know that I am dating.” She said the last words barely audible. They never had talked about who they are to each other so she is really shy to tell him what is her say on this set-up of theirs. For her, they are dating and is on the way to having a relationship. She had completely moved on. And is now ready to open her heart to him.

Richard’s eyes grew big upon hearing the word “dating” from her. He is very happy whenever he’s with her but he needed time and effort to fix things first before having a commitment with her. The last thing that he wanted is to hurt her. He knows that he doesn’t just like her, he totally loves her.

The girl took his reaction negatively. Her heart pierced with pain. Maybe, she’s only a friend to Richard. Just what she had planned them to be from the start.

“Ah.. Ano, kung ayaw mo, okay lang.” She focused her attention to her food to hide the pain that she’s feeling but Richard touched her chin and lifted her head to face him.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I already have plans during weekends.” He said. The girl realized that they are seeing each other during weekdays and nodded in realization that he might be busy during saturdays and sundays.

“I will make it up to you some other time, okay?” He said with his sweet voice that could melt girls’ heart.

And with that, her mood changed. “Okay.”

“Uy girl. Kainis ka, dapat pumunta na lang tayo sa birthday ni Nadine kaysa nasa mall at magsho-shopping!” Manuel, the beautiful flight attendant’s gay co-FA pouts at her in annoyance. They are strolling around the mall after attending Sunday mass. She made a decision not to go to her friend’s party. She doesn’t want to go there alone.

“Eh ayoko nga. Hindi ko naman sinabi na huwag ka na din pumunta ha.”

“Kahit na! You know naman na ayoko pumunta dun pag wala ka. Ikaw kaya pinaka-close ko.” He crossed his arms

Laughs. “Oo na, next time na lang.”

“Hmmm.. O sige next time!” He happily said and added “pero dapat ipakilala mo na sa’kin yang jowa mo! Hanggang ngayon the guy with the name Richard lang ang pagkakakilala ko sa kanya ha! Kaloka.” He teased

She could only laugh with her friend “hindi pa nga kami. Pero, sige next time. Busy kasi siya eh.”

“Fine. Fine.”

“Where r u?” She suddenly received a text from Richard. Her face lights up.

“Out with my friend. Eh ikaw?”

“Work. Busy during weekends. You take care, okay?” Simple messages from him could really make her heart leap. He sure is something good for her.

They are now checking dresses inside the department store when a certain guy caught her attention. She is a few meters away from him. He is not looking to her direction but when the guy shifted his face, he was shocked to see him there. Is this the place where he works? He just texted her a while ago that he’s busy with work! Now he’s lying! What a liar!

She is so upset and was ready to talk to him when a beautiful lady wearing simple blouse and jeans approached Richard. She is smiling while holding a red dress for Richard to see.

She saw Richard nodded at the lady and smiled. She saw the lady kissed Richard before going back to the dressing room. How could he lie to her? Well, he didn’t tell her that he does or doesn’t have a girlfriend. But it should be clear to him that they are seeing each other! But then, again, they are not a couple to begin with. So why should she be affected? He is not committed to her.

“Oh, gurl, okay ka lang ba?” Manuel approached her when he noticed that his friend is out of herself.

“U-uh. Ye-yes. Let’s go somewhere else. I’m tired.” She reasoned before going out of the store.

Her heart, once again, broke into a million of pieces.

It is sad that when you belong to someone else then the right one comes along. Just when you thought that the girl that you decided to spend the rest of your life with is the girl that someone up there decided to give to you.

And when you thought that you are happy with your chosen partner, the girl that someone up there truly gave you, will bother your secured heart. She will make you smile much way wider than you think you can. She will make your heart jump and flip with so much joy.

SHE. She is the woman that your heart is shouting. Unfortunately, your mind keeps on telling you that it is not love, rather temptation. You are tested with your marriage. That she, the girl that you just met is not really the girl destined for you but your chosen partner.

However, you agreed that you will stay with your marriage even though you are not in love with her. You promised you would stay. You had an arrangement. Both of your families had agreed to fix a marriage for the two of you, and you agreed because you never thought of settling down and never had imagined of being in love.

But this girl comes along. That girl that made your heart jump with so much joy.

How can you make your heart stop? Can you really stop it, when all along she is the reason for its beating? You are so sure that you will die when you won’t see her. Because she is the light of your world, the center of your universe. And you are starting to hate her, because she appeared late. Everything is complicated.

This is life. You have to accept things.

He checked on her whereabouts. He misses her so bad. How he would love to spend his weekend with her but he just can’t. He promised that weekends would be a family day, that is- spending time with his parents and his wife.

He is not in love. This marriage was planned since he was a kid but he made a promise and vowed to stay with her, to make her happy, and to try to love her. That is easy for him for the first few years since he had never been in love and had never been serious with relationships. So, he thought that this would be an easy set-up since also, their marriage would make their family business to do good.

But when the right one comes along, your heart will re-direct you to something. As if there is something missing.

“Is this okay?” His wife, startled him with his thoughts as she holds a red dress for him to see.

“Yes.” He answered and gave a weak smile.

“Okay, isusukat ko lang.” Richard nodded again and was surprised when his wife kissed her.

He shook his head in disbelief. Maybe, for the past three years, finally his wife fell in love to him. For the past few days, she’s been extra sweet to him that is new to him. She is not like that before, sure thing she is nice, but not that sweet.

He waited and decided to make a call. He can no longer take it, he wanted to hear HER voice.

Few rings. Then it was declined. He tried some more time but after his 5th try, she already turned her phone off, much to Richard’s surprise. They are okay earlier.

So, Richard decided to text her.

“why are you not answering your phone? Lowbatt ka ba?” That is the only acceptable reason that he can think of. They are okay. He knows that they are.

But Richard didn’t receive any reply nor calls from her since then.

This story, is about.. Uh.. Malalaman nyo sa chapter 5. :p




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The One That Got Away- Chapter 2: I am Falling

Chapter 2: I am Falling

(A/N: since may pasok na bukas, I will update again. Happy reading! :)))


She doesn’t know him. But she wanted to see him. Why is he so nice to her? A familiar emotion is bubbling up inside her again. Something is telling her to talk to him. To erase all of her ex’s memories and to get to know this new guy. He might give her a fresh start. He could be a good friend, she thought.

Before her flight to HongKong that day, she received a fresh bouquet of sunflowers with a note that says: “Hi, I guess you will like this more than a cup of coffee from me. Something to brighten up your day. 🙂 – Mr. Stranger”

For the first time after a couple of days, she smiled, and this time, it’s for real. A smile that reached her eyes. He could really be a good friend, she thought. Just a friend.

She is ready to talk to him after her flight from HongKong to Manila. She doesn’t know him and he only thinks that he would show up at the coffee shop in the Terminal lounge like he used to. She just hopes that he will.

She waited. She ordered a frappe and took her seat near the entrance of the shop where he could easily see her if he’ll go there. She knows that he must like her for he knows that she loves sunflowers, she is so sure that it is not a coincidence because he seemed to know her schedule as well.

Yet, she reminded herself that she only needed a friend. Just a friend, she needed a break from heartaches.

45 minutes had passed, still no sign of him. Maybe, he is busy that day. Still, she waited until an hour just passed that is when she decided to go home.

The clock keeps on ticking. Its sound is banging in his ears. He knows that her plane just landed now and yet he cannot go there and see her. Not today.

He is so focus on his company and she is a distraction. He needed to finish something in his office, a big deal should be sealed today. She could be his inspiration anyway.

So, he remembered what he had phoned the guy on the airport earlier that day.

“So, kamusta?”

“Naibigay ko na po, sir” the guy answered


“Nakita ko po siyang ngumiti.”

He smiled upon hearing that. He even imagined how she would look like when she smiles. Because the few times that he saw her, there’s sadness in her eyes in which he wanted to take away.

He doesn’t know what force is attracting him to her but all he knows is that, its force is so strong. Like the pull of gravity. And without that force, he will be floating with no direction. It is weird because they barely knew each other and he just felt like he is the Little Prince, who tamed a beautiful rose.

She is at her favorite coffee shop again waiting for her flight. She waited for him to show up in the past two flights of her but he didn’t. Maybe he got tired of approaching her. Anyway, it is good because she can have an alone time.

An hour before her flight, she’s been checking her bag if she brought the things that she’ll be needing when she noticed a guy stopped in front of her table from her peripheral vision.

When she slowly looked up, she saw him smiling at her.

Her lips curved up for a beautiful smile.

“Hi” he greeted her “for you” he handed her a bouquet of fresh sunflowers

“Hello, thanks.” She smiled so lovingly. She is really happy to see him. So glad that after days, she saw this man again.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Sure, take a seat.”

Richard sat across her and placed his hands on top of the coffee table. “You have a flight?”

“Yes. In about an hour.”

“So, I suppose we can’t have lunch together?” He said with a tone of disappointment. Although he knew her schedule, he just can’t have lunch with her that time. He only dropped by to see her because he is longing for her.

“Yeah.” She paused for a while. They sat there quietly just enjoying having each other around.

Her eyes were then shifted to Richard’s wrist, and his watch caught her attention. She will be late for their briefing! “Uh, sorry Mr. Lim but I really have to catch my flight.” She stood up immediately.

He did the same. “Alright. Uh.. So, see you around?”

“Yeah. See you when I see you.” She smiled at him. Richard remained rooted on his place as he watches her slowly walking away. Then she stopped and half-ran back to where he is standing.

“See you on Tuesday. I will be back from my flight. We can have lunch, then.” She smiled and quickly went away to hide her blush that is slowly creeping. She bit her lip, did she really asked him out? Why is she so comfortable to this certain Mr. Lim? Heck! She doesn’t even know his first name, yet!

He is a stranger. Yet, he made the pain go away. She no longer yearns for her ex-boyfriend.

Tuesday, 11 am, Manila Time. She excitedly went to the terminal lounge as soon as her flight landed. She scanned the coffee shop and sat on a vacant table, placing her luggage beside her.

She sighed. She totally misses him. This stranger. How is that possible? She doesn’t even know him that much, and yet, he has this effect on her. Weird.

She waited patiently. After half an hour, she stood up to order a frappe to have something to drink as she waits. An hour had passed and still there is no sign of him, she is dead hungry. This is what she hates about this set-up, she doesn’t even have his number, or she totally even forgot to tell him what time will she land. It is sinking in, maybe he won’t show up.

He doesn’t know her schedule, anyway. So she made a decision, they will see each other sometime if fate wanted to. For now, she will follow what her tummy is shouting- Food. She needed to have her lunch alone.

He is so bored. He is having a lunch with his family. He is aware that the girl he is seeing is now back from Manila. He couldn’t contain his happiness when she said that they could have lunch when she comes back, but then when she left, he realized that he has an important family lunch on that day, in which he couldn’t miss.

His mind is wandering on what would this Tuesday would have been if she’s with that lady. It would be full of fun and getting to know each other conversation. He would love to know her very well. He is very interested to her. The next time that they will see each other, in which he makes sure that will happen, he will apologize to her and would ask her out.

“Anong iniisip mo?” Someone seated beside him brought him back to reality.

He smiled. “Nothing. Continue eating.” He ordered as he watches his parents and other relatives in spooning their foods and chattering anything under the sun.

Finally. The day came when they both saw each other again. Richard apologized to her that he didn’t make it, and she said it was okay, saying that it was really her fault that she wasn’t able to tell him her schedule. They exchanged numbers and full names as a conversation was held during their lunch out. The first time that the two of them were out together of the corners of the terminal.

“So, Mr. Stranger who happened to be Mr. Richard Lim, can I ask you something?”

“We’ve been asking each other stuffs for quite some time, ngayon ka pa nagpaalam?” They both laughed.

“Well, oo nga, so I think I should just ask. Hmm.. Anong work mo? Kasi I often saw you sa lounge. Are you working sa airport?” She asked as she eats her pasta.

He is thinking what he should say. “Hm.. Partly. I’m actually on the maintenance of the planes. An engineer.” He didn’t lie, but he didn’t tell her everything, too.

“Oh.” She nodded

“So.. Can I also ask you something? But it’s quite personal.”

“Sure thing”

“The day that we met, uhm.. Are y-you broken hearted, then?”

She nods slowly as she remembered that day. She remembered being sad during those days but her heart seemed to forget how painful those days had been. Truly Richard is a good company.

“I was.”

“Mind if you could tell me who he is so I could punch him on his face?” He quipped which earned a laugh from her.

“I wouldn’t mind.” She smiled “but, it’s okay, I’m so over him, anyway.” She wanted to add ‘thanks to you’ but quickly dismiss it, she doesn’t want him to think that she likes him.

“Good to hear.” And there is something about his eyes. She is so sure that it lit up when she said that she’s over her ex-boyfriend.

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The One That Got Away- Chapter 1: How They Met

Chapter 1: How they Met

“Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible- it cannot be seen or measured- yet is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession ever could.”~ B. De Angelis

It’s the most wonderful and much awaited time of the year-Christmas season. People are hurriedly walking pass through each other not even giving anyone a glance. Couples, kids, and others are all busy in their own world.

The lady in the corner of the terminal lounge is busy in her own world as well. Unlike others who are all excited for this Christmas, she had never been so sad in her life. She is holding a cup of coffee, seated at the table of a coffee shop but she never did took a sip from her cup. She’s been staring at it making it cold for the past few minutes.

Christmas songs are playing everywhere and they are all reminded about the spirit of Christmas which is to give love to others. But how can she be able to give love if she, herself doesn’t know how to fix her broken heart? How can she give love if the love of her life just left him and brought her heart with him?

Her eyes are puffy from crying. Even her co-flight attendants noticed this while they are on their flight to Japan. And now that she’s back in the Philippines, it is still obvious that she is not on her best. Even so, she is so gorgeous that day with her make up on and her flight attendant uniform, guys would definitely pause and take some seconds to glance at her.

HE is an engineer, a CEO of his own company. Their company services the airplanes of the airlines in its maintenance and all.

A plane needed their immediate assistance that day which made him to decide to go with his team right away. He doesn’t usually go and check airplanes himself, he is more on the handling and managing of the business, but that day is an exception. He doesn’t know why, but something make him feel that he needed there. Anyway, the airline is a huge customer of his company so that also made him to decide that his team needed his presence.

After paying his coffee on the counter, he quickly looked around for an available table, but to no avail. He scanned the whole shop but he couldn’t find any seat available. It is christmas season after all, and add to his annoyance, all he could see around are couples enjoying their coffee and sharing stories together.

Before finally giving up and deciding to go back to where his team is, he saw a beautiful young flight attendant who seemed so sad that day. And he was happy to see that she is alone.

Without having second thoughts, he went near her table and approached her.

“Uhm.. Excuse me.” He said

Slowly, she looked up and saw a man with his blue polo on, extremely handsome, but she is not in the mood for talking to anyone so she kept mum.

“Uh, I was just wondering if I can seat with you? Uh.. Wala na kasing available seat.” He added, hoping she would agree.

But she continued to stare back at him, then shifted her eyes and scanned the whole place. “Ayun oh, paalis na yung couple dun sa kabilang table.” She replied her face didn’t show any emotion.

He looked around and saw the couple a few table away already leaving. ‘Sayang!’ His inner self shouted and for an unknown reason, he doesn’t know why but he wanted to talk to the lady. But then again, he doesn’t want to scare her. “Well, yes. Buti na lang, sige miss, thanks anyway.” He said. He turned his back and was about to go when she heard her commented.

“Buti na lang na you won’t be able to seat beside a selfish girl like me?” She asked in an annoyed tone.

His eyebrows shoot up, heck! He doesn’t even say anything to push his luck. That is not what he meant! “Hey wait, I didn’t even say that.” He turned back and looked straight to her eyes.

“Yeah right. Pare-pareho naman kayo.” She said, eyes on her cup

He decided to take the vacant seat across her so that he could talk to her. “Miss.. Look. I don’t know if you do have a problem right now though it seemed obvious, but all I could remember is that I asked for a seat and you just told me to just back off.”

Eyes shifted on him, she answered back. “Hindi ko naman sinabi na you back off. Sabi ko lang may vacant seat sa kabilang table.”

“I know, now we’re even” he smiled “well, at least medyo close to what you meant right?”

She stared at him again and find him adorable. He seemed nice, she thought. “I’m really sorry. I am not at my best. I’m not a good company right now.” She answered apologetically.

“That’s alright. And it’s okay if we aren’t on our best most of the time. Anyway, we don’t really know each other so I’m really expecting to be shoo’d away.” Once again, he gave her his cutest smile ever. Though she seemed affected by his looks, she can’t be tamed, not today.

“Sorry again, Mr.” She then stood up “I think I should go now. Nice to have a small talk with you.” Luggage at hand, she decided to leave. She wanted a time alone.

“It’s Mr. Lim by the way. And you are?” He waited for her answer but only got a stare. He then saw her name plate on the left side of her uniform and got her name. He smiled. She followed where he glanced and nodded. “Nice to meet you then, Mr. Lim”

With a wave and a small smile, she left him.

“Yes, that is her. Well, I guess.” He said on the other line as he sat on his swivel chair, tapping his fingers on top of the table. “Can I get her sched?”

“Hey bro, wait. Are you into her? Well let me just remind you-” the guy on the other line told him and was cut off by Richard Lim.

“Please, I don’t wanna be reminded. And don’t worry I won’t do anything wrong.” He is grinning.

“Alright bro, sabi mo e. Anyway, She’s pretty huh.”
4 Days Later.

The sun is slowly dipping into the sea when her plane landed back to Manila. She is usually into HongKong to Manila or Japan to Manila flights.

Her eyes are still puffy from crying every night. It is hard for her to move on especially that she’s so dependent to him for the past 2yrs.

She hated his reasons of breaking up. He told her that she is so possessive, so dependent and so selfish! But she knows deep within that she is not. And once upon a time, he just told her that he love her from who she is and what ever she will be.’The nerve of all of the guys!’ She would always shout to her inner self.

“Uy! Girl! Ano? Sama ka sa’min? Kain muna tayo sa labas?” Her co-FA and a friend asked her

“Uh, wag na. Okay na ako. Salamat. Ingat kayo” she declined and flashed a smile

“Sure? Eh mukhang hindi ka pa okay eh.” Her friends really know her that much

She shook her head a couple of times before answering “okay lang ako. Sige na.”

Reluctantly, her friends left her and left the terminal while she proceeded to the terminal lounge.

Right after entering the lounge, she quickly searched for her favorite coffee shop and ordered her favorite coffee.

While seated, her mind continued to wander like what she used to do every night. Her mind is flashing back good memories with her ex. It hurts her so much that those are only memories and could no longer be real. A tear fell from her cheek as emotions engulfed her.

When Richard saw her, he followed her. He is waiting for this day to arrive. He doesn’t know why but he wanted to see her again. And when he did, his heart flutter with so much joy. He even felt that it somersaulted. What is this feeling?!

He saw a tear fell from her eye. He is only few steps away from her and it seemed that he didn’t notice him yet, or maybe she already forgot who he is.

Quickly, he approached her and handed his handkerchief to her.

“I think you needed this.” He said. Still, she didn’t even bother to cast a glance at him.

“Mr. Stranger, I don’t need that.” She said with annoyance on her tone still not looking up.

“Alright. But can I seat here?”

She shifted her eyes from her cup to the corners of the shop and found a couple of tables vacated. She is actually used to guys approaching her and she knows how to handle them without getting pissed, but not this time. “Ang dami dami pang seats na pw-” she wasn’t able to finish her sentence when she looked up and saw a handsome, familiar man smiling down at her.

Her eyebrows shoot up trying to figure out where she had met the guy. For sure he wasn’t a complete stranger.

Realizing that she really didn’t recognize him, he introduced himself. “I’m Mr. Lim, remember? The guy 4 days ago?” He is still smiling as he sat down across her. “Mind if I join you?”

She paused for a few seconds until she recognized this man. “Oh. Oo nga, yes, sure. I’m about to go anyway.” She tried to stand up only to be stopped by Richard.

“Wait.” She stared. He paused to think of what to say. “Uh. Uhm.. Can we have coffee?” Heck. He wanted to blurt that out with more appropriate words or much better words that would make her say yes but his skills in doing business is fleeting away right now. He wanted to talk to her. But it seems like she is not interested. Is he too quick?

She didn’t say a word. She stared at him for quite some time. “I’m sorry, I already got one. I’m a bit in a hurry. Bye Mr. Lim.” She smiled before completely leaving. He wanted to stop her. He wanna run and tell her to get to know him or ask her why does she seemed sad whenever he sees her. But he can’t. She doesn’t want to.

What can ya say? 🙂 anywy, will try if I can still write an epilogue on NFTH.

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