Noted From The Heart: Chapter 29: Confused

Maya woke up with a smile plastered on her face. She’s feeling giddy with Angelo’s text messages to her. He’s asking her if they could have another dinner later. Without having second thoughts, she replied with a yes.

It is the first time, after several months to finally get this attracted to someone else besides Richard. She wanted to get to know Angelo better. Maybe, he is her real destiny.

“Good morning, Maya. Halika at kumain ka na.” Maya’s aunt told her while she is going down the stairs.

“Good morning din po, tita” Her eyes are looking for her cousin but she can’t find him.

“Si Cielo ba? Nauna na Maya. Kailangan daw kasi siya ng mas maaga sa work.” Her aunt told her when she noticed that she’s looking for someone.

“Ahh.. Okay po. Akala ko lang po kasi tinanghali ng gising.”

After eating breakfast, she quickly went out of the house and made her way to work. Unknown to her, someone is hiding somewhere and is stalking her.

It is past three in the morning when he reached Maya’s building in Treviso. He knew that Maya will be early for work, rather he assumed because today is a weekday.

He patiently waited for her lady love to come out of her house. He is so excited to see her again. He hadn’t had enough sleep since last night. He is thinking of what to do when they meet again.

He is holding a long stemmed red rose as he brace himself on what might happen later. “Hi.. I’m sorry..if..” Damn! Don’t start with I’m sorry Richard! “Hi.. I miss you..” Should I start with that? He is practicing of his line for the past few hours while waiting for Maya to come out.

Finally, at exactly six in the morning, Maya went out of the building wearing her uniform. She looks so lovely in his eyes.

Maya is walking in front while Richard is walking few steps behind her. She is busy greeting some of the people she knew that she hadn’t notice the guy behind her. So imagine how shocked she was when she turned to another street, she saw Richard from her peripheral vision. Her heart stopped. She had to double check if it was really him. She shifted her gaze back at him and confirmed that it’s really him! Her eyes grew big. Her heart rejoiced.

Their eyes locked. Richard is smiling like a high school who saw his crush while Maya couldn’t believe what her eyes are seeing.

After a few seconds, she saw him walking towards her. Her mind tells her to run, but her heart tells her to wait for what he will do.

A smile never left his lips as he reached her. He handed the rose that he is holding. Maya stared at it for few seconds. She didn’t notice that he is holding such earlier for her eyes were focused on his face. Shocks. Ang gwapo niya lalo!

“Uh.. Hi, baby.” He greeted her. Those words that he practiced earlier are all failing him that moment. She can see how his eyes are getting misty. She had to control herself or else, she too will cry. She cannot let him know that he still has this effect on her. She promised that she will move on with her life without him. She should stick to that.

Maya nodded at him and took the long stemmed flower from his hand. “Thanks.” She said.

Finally! She talked to him. It’s like music to his ears. The long wait is over Richard. “A-anong ginagawa mo dito?” She had to ask. She should at least clear things to him.

“I-i..I’m here for you. I’ve searched for you for the last months Maya.” He answered with his eyes still fixed at her.

“Bakit? May utang ba ako sa’yo?” She quipped to lighten up the atmosphere.

He chuckled. How she miss hearing him laugh! “Of course not. I’m here because of you..”

“Ah..” She tore her eyes away from his gaze because she can no longer help it. She is happy yet she cannot forget the hurt that he make her feel before. She turned her heels and started to walk away from him. She doesn’t want to be that rude, and she knows that he will still follow her, so she manage to converse with him.

“So, where are you staying?”

“In Hotel Al Fogher” he answered as he walks faster to keep up with her. Hotel Al Fogher is a three-star hotel not maybe as fancy as those hotels he had stayed in but has a very convenient location. It is only a few minutes away from the airport. And that same airport where Cielo is working and where Maya and Angelo dated.

“Ah. Dito din pala sa Treviso.” She answered casually. But was actually surprised that he’s staying there. Oh how small the world could be. She wanted to ask if he saw her yesterday or how did he find her but decided not to do so. His answer might intensify her love for him.

“Uh yes. It’s very convenient.” He said

An awkward silence ensued. Richard is contented on just being with her but also wanted to talk to her yet he doesn’t know what to say anymore. He can feel that he is not welcomed. So, without even thinking, he told her what he wanted to tell her way back before.

“I’ve burnt and thrown everything that would remind me of her.. Including the notebook but excluding your journal there.” He paused and pulled out his wallet. Maya turns back and just stared at him. Richard pulled out a piece of paper inside his wallet and Maya immediately recognize her own handwriting. “You said that we’re destined.. And I do believe that we are.”

Her eyebrows shooting up, she answered quite annoyed. “Hiniling ko bang gawin mo yon?”

“Uh.. No. But I know that I need to do that, right?”

“Bahala ka. Sige, magtatrabaho pa ako. Ciao!”

She didn’t answer his question. She herself is not sure if she should be happy about that. She doesn’t want him to forget about Alex because she knows it is hard for him, but a part of her is happy that finally, he can now love someone with all his heart.

“Maya.. Please.. Let’s talk” he pleaded while following her.

“I don’t want to talk about that, now. Please. Wag ngayon. I am late.” She half shouted without facing him. She can’t talk right now. Because she might forgive him that instant.

“Buongiorno!” Michael, one of the co-workers of Maya greeted her a good morning in which Maya greeted back.

“con chi sei? รจ che il vostro fidanzato?” Who are you with? is that your boyfriend? Michael further asked her when he saw the guy who went inside the spa with her.

She looks back at him before adding “No. ui รจ un cliente” He’s a customer.


Lara, a beautiful Filipina co-worker of Maya went out of the office and saw Maya in the info lounge of the spa. “Good morning!”

“Hi. Lara.” She waved at her and flashed a smile. They became good friends and since she is the only Filipino Maya knew in the country besides her relatives, they’ve become best of friends for the past months. She also knew about Maya’s ex-boyfriend but doesn’t know what he looked like since Maya already deleted all of the pictures she have of him.

“Oh myyyy!!!” Lara stares at someone behind Maya. Curious of what she’s looking at, she looked back and was surprised to know that her friend is looking at Richard who is comfortably seated on the couch of the spa, reading an english magazine.

“Ang gwapo naman nitong customer na ‘to Maya! Look! At hindi sya Italian I am sure!” Lara giddily said.

Maya felt uncomfortable hearing that from her friend, so she cracked the egg “yes he’s a Filipino.”

“Really? I thought he’s Chinese?”

“He is also.”

“How did you know?” This time, Lara faced her.

“Because he’s Richard. My ex.” She said

Lara’s eyes grew bigger that instant. “OMG!!!” She half shouted. Good thing they are quite far from the lounge and wasn’t able to catch attention.

“Huwag ka ngang maingay!”

“Sorry naman! Eh kasi naman di mo naman sinabing sobrang gwapo pala ng ex mo!! Pwede bang akin na lang? Ex na naman di ba?” She teased.


“So ibig sabihin kaya sya nandito ay dahil sinusundan ka nya?” She whispered again to Maya while taking glances at Richard who is still reading and waiting at the lounge together with the other customers.

“I guess so.” She glances at him and couldn’t help but smile

“Geee!! I’m so kilig. May pag-asa ba? Kasi kung wala akin na lang yan!”

“Tumigil ka nga, Lara. Trabaho na. Tara na!” She pulled her inside the office but Lara opted to stay.

“Sandali. Itatanong ko lang kung anong masahe ba ang gusto nya. Ako na ang magmamasahe!” She teased some more.

Maya couldn’t stop her heart. It is feeling that familiar ache inside her again. Heck. She’s getting jealous! “Subukan mo lang! Ibibilin ko na yan kay Michael. Siya ang magmamasahe dyan. At wala ng ibang babae!” She firmly said and walks out. Lara laughed at her friend’s reaction.

“Mahal mo pa nga, girl.” She shook her head and followed Maya inside the office.


Richard waited for minutes before someone approached him. “Good morning, sir. What service would you like? Body massage, sauna?” The lady named Lara asked him.

“Uh.. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure sir.”

“Do you know Ms. Dela Rosa?” He asked

The lady in front of him secretly smiled. “Ahh yes, I do.”

“What is her job here, then?” The moment that he entered the spa earlier, he silently prayed that she is not doing massage to other people. Of course, it is part of the job but he just can’t think of her doing that to guys. Yes, he is such a jealous man.

“Uh. She’s in the office doing paperworks.” The lady answered and Richard sighed in relief.

“Alright. Maybe, a body massage would do.” He answered the lady’s question earlier. He wanted to relax a bit after having a hard time looking for Maya.

“Okay, sir. Please wait for a while.” She smiled and left immediately.

“Maya!!” Lara entered their office with a smile on her face.


“Well, tinanong ko na yung ex mo kung anong service natin ang gusto. Eh body massage daw.” Her eyebrows went up and down, teasing her friend. “So, ano? Kanino ko siya ibibigay? Di pwede si Michael may customer siya. Gusto mo ako na lang? Tutal we’re friends naman eh!” She teased some more.

“Gusto mong friendship over na tayo?” She said seriously.

“Sungit naman. Ha ha.” She is really amazed on how her friend reacts. “Oh, eh paano na yon? Hindi natin pwede paghintayin ang customer!” She said truthfully.

“Kaya niyang maghintay. Kay Gian mo na lang siya ibigay.” She suggested.

“Ako na lang kasi. Friends naman tayo so hindi ka magseselos.”

“Hindi ako nagseselos! At isa pa, hindi mo trabaho yon. Wag kang makulit. Papayag yan maghintay.” She knew he will.

“Sir, wait lang ha? May customer pa kasi yung magmamasahe sa’yo.” Maya went out of the office because she was troubled that someone might offer Richard that service.

He smiled dearly. “No problem, Maya. I can wait forever.” He winked at her. She swear she blushed profusely with what he did.

“Sige na, sir. Babalik na ako sa office.” And with that, she left in a huff.

After the massage, Richard waited for Maya until her work was done. Maya was surprised to find him waiting for her in their lobby. How can she go out with Angelo if Richard is there?

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21 thoughts on “Noted From The Heart: Chapter 29: Confused

  1. Naku maya wag ka na mkipag date kay angelo bka sapak lang ang mapapala nya.
    Kinikilig na ang mga adik sa wakas meron ng kunting rainbow sa fanfic world. Nxt na bka pwede triple treat,???

  2. dear authors,
    wag kayong mag alala kung may mga typo errors
    kami pa bang mga adik ang hindi makakaintindi! hahaha
    by the way, i love it !!!
    Maya isama mo sige, bahala sya! hahahaha

  3. Hehe, I hope Maya will forgive him and also reconcile with him, after all Richard have been chase and looking for her for 10 months. He willing to win her heart and love her back. Let’s see if Maya see Richard sincere to her for wanting to love her back and their relationship. Cybersis, will you agree that Maya will forgive him after what happens in their broke up their relationship?

      • Yeah me too, I’m curious if Maya willing to forgive Richard for all the heartache he cause to her. Richard never give up Maya that’s why he follow her in Italy to win her back. But one thing I didn’t see this chapter that he’s haven’t say “sorry” to her.

      • maya loves richard so much…. they are destined to each other… she just need to open her heart again. ms. writer pls…. let them talk….si angelo wag ng isali sa eksena..

  4. please, Maya wag kang lumabas kasama si Angelo at baka salvage ang abutin nyan kay Ricky ๐Ÿ™‚ haha joke,. but seriously, I love this story so much, sabi nga nila there would be always a rainbow after the rain… sana magkabalikan na sila,. sige na Ms author, I’m very excited for the nxt one… Tnx for the update ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. yesssss! at last nagkita na ulit sila…and i wish back to each other’s arms na sila…pero Maya konting pahirap pa kay Richard..’wag kagad bibigay ha! at Richard kailangang bumawi ka nang husto kay Maya…mukhang love is lovelier the second time around yung sa kanila ah! aiyyeeeeee

  6. naku richard wrong timing ka …. kung kailan may date si maya tsaka ka nagpakita …. ano kaya ang gagawin ni maya? naku ms. kate di pa man sila ok pero di ko maiwasan na di kiligin …. paano pa kung ok na ok na sila …. sana bigyan ng chance ni maya na makapagusap sila ni richard …. di na ko makapaghintay sa next chapter …. โ™ก

  7. Richard has finally gotten Alex out of his system. Fate is kind and so he brought him back to Maya the one who actually deserves to be in his life.

  8. I really want them to rekindle their relationship there abroad. Romantic DI ba?

    Huwag mong patagalin pls.

    If Angelo arrives for their date and Maya can’t cancel it, pwede ng three-way date. Angelo will realize there is something between the two… And the two will reconcile after the date. Sana…….

  9. Waaaaahhhhh!!!! Kinikilig akoooo!! I just hope na magkaayos na sila ni Richard… I can’t deny, may kirot sa puso ko kapag nabasa ko na may ibang ka-date si Maya… Especially that Angelo.. Ang tsakit-tsakit!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Thanks for this po, so much! Next na po please.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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