Notes From the Heart- Chapter 28: Date Night

Chapter 28: Date night

She is busy wiping her sweat using her handkerchief when she heard a familiar voice. That same voice that haunts her in her dreams. That only voice that can make her heart thump loudly and can make her knees weak. And what makes things worse is that voice is shouting her name!

“MAYA!!!!” She heard his voice clearly. Her eyes immediately roamed around the busy streets. She can’t find him anywhere.

“Maya, nagiilusyon ka. Tama. Tigil na please. Wag ka na umasa. Move on na. Ang tagal na nun ano ba!” She scolded herself. And even if he’s really there, she is not yet ready to see him.

She hates how her heart would often remind her of him. Her heart misses him a lot, and she cannot stop it from shouting his name. “At least not yet. Maybe, I can find someone…”

“Hey pretty, mom texted us. Let’s meet her. It’s lunch time.” Cielo held her hand again and led her carefully out of the wild crowd.

The sky was still tinged with red when she left their house together with Cielo. Cielo is working in a nearby hotel. Every day, he would accompany Maya to her work and would also fetch her when his schedule permits.

“Uh.. Cielo?” They are walking side by side the almost empty streets when she broke the silence. Cielo turns his head to his left to let her know that he’s listening.

“Ano.. About dun sa Angelo.. Dun sa irereto mo sa’kin”

His face immediately lit up. He’s happy to know that it seemed as though his cousin is now interested in dating. Before, Maya wouldn’t mind asking who will she have dinner with but now, Cielo was surprised that she asked him about her date later. “Ah! Yes. He’s my ex-girlfriend’s cousin. He’s nice. I bet you’ll like him.” He said. “Though I am not really expecting that you would. Ang dami ko na nireto sa’yo. Anyway, it takes time to get to know someone… I am sure, this time you’ll like this guy.” He is so sure that she would.

“Alright. After work, right?” She checked

“Yup. He’ll fetch you..”

“Wait! How will I know that it’s him?”

“You’ll find out. Don’t worry. By the way, he’s British and can only speak little Italian. He’s here for business, I guess.” He filled her with information of her so-called-date.

She nodded. She hopes she will learn to like this new guy. She made a decision, she will open her heart now in giving someone a chance to know her well. ‘Please heart, move on na tayo!’

The sun light filled Richard’s room as he stirs on the bed. He dreamed of her again, he is smiling in his dreams. And this time, as he is dreaming of her, they are now close to each other.

Before, he would dream of Maya in some place that he is unfamiliar with. And she is alone… There is also a time where he had dreamt of her in another place with a guy holding her hand. That dream broke his heart when he woke up and found himself crying. And now, he dreamed of spending the day with her touring around Italy. How he wished that it was no longer a dream.

His mood changed as he remembered the guy that he saw two months ago with Maya. Is he, her boyfriend? A friend? A suitor? Heck. Whoever he is in Maya’s life, he hates seeing her that close with other guys. He is so jealous! It’s been two months the last time that she saw her and a year already had passed since the day that she left him.

Today, he is much more determined to find her. He never lose hope even though two months had passed. He doesn’t care if Venice is that big for him to find her, love would make things easier. He knows he will find her no matter what.

And given that she had moved on and is already committed, he would still do everything to win her back. He doesn’t want to regret things again. Never would he.

With all of his hopes up, Richard stood up and readied himself for another long day in Venice. Soon enough. I will find you again, Maya.

A fresh bouquet of red roses and chocolates were handed to Maya by her co-worker in the spa that afternoon. She was surprised that Gian gave her another bouquet eventhough she already dumped him last week.

“Uh.. Grazie Gian.” She smiled, thankful for his sweetness

“Si. But that is not from me.” He answered and told her that someone is waiting for her outside the office of the spa. She knew that it’s her date that evening. It is already five thirty and she knew that the guy named Angelo will be coming over now.

Her heart momentarily stopped. She saw this cute tall guy waiting in their lounge. She felt so giddy just by seeing him. Ang lakas naman ng dating nya! She murmured. All of their other customers were looking at this guy. She knew this is Angelo, for Gian pointed this guy to her earlier. The guy that is waiting for her.

“Hi.” She greeted him as she approached the guy.

“Hi.” He smiled widely upon seeing her. Amazed by the beauty of this girl in front of him. “You’re Maya?” He asked

“Yes.” She answered

They are staring at each other for few seconds before the guy named Angelo was brought back to his senses “uh.. I hope you like the flowers.”

“Y-yes. I love it. Thanks.”

“No problem, a beautiful lady like you deserves such flowers.” He said. Bolero!, she thought and smiled at him

“So, let’s go?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

They went out of the spa talking about their life. Getting to know each other well. She was surprised that this guy is such a gentleman. He is sweet and very thoughtful. She is used to this, whenever she’s out on a date, she is having mental notes about the things that she likes and doesn’t like about the guy she’s dating with. But this time, she knew that the guy is sincere and that everything that he’s showing her is true.

They entered the hotel and went in the restaurant inside. This is the same hotel where his cousin, Cielo is working. Her cousin is really concerned of her. Everytime she’s on a date, the only place where they could go out is in this hotel. Cielo would always be there to rescue her even though he is the one who suggested her dates. She shook her head in disbelief.

“Uhmm.. You don’t like the place? I’m sorry, but Cielo told me that this is the only place where we can have our date. He wanted to look after you. Just to make sure that I won’t do anything.” He said when he noticed her shaking her head.

“No. It’s okay.” She assured him with a smile.

Maya knew about this, at first she is the one who suggested to Cielo that she will only agree to go out if he is with her. But now, it felt awkward when someone you knew will watch over you.

“Hi pretty!” Cielo greeted the two of them in the lobby of the hotel.

“Hi couz.” She greeted back.

“Well, Angelo, the reservation is okay. And take good care of my cousin, alright?”

“I will. Don’t worry.”

“Good. I will be around. See you!” He embraced his cousin and left the two afterwards.

Richard was really tired of his travel around the city. He is not enjoying the view for his eyes only wanted to see the beauty of Maya. Yet, he can’t still find her. There is still no progress in finding her. He knew very well that things won’t be that easy especially that he doesn’t know where is she staying in Venice. He felt sad about ending this day without seeing her again. So he closed his eyes to remember that image that he kept hidden in his heart- His Maya smiling at him.

As the sun slowly dipped down, he decided to call it a day and went back to his hotel. He hasn’t eaten anything yet because he is focused in looking for Maya. He remembered eating a sandwich while walking earlier and a coffee. But after that, he didn’t eat anything. He is hungry, so he decided to just eat in the hotel.

The cab halted in front of his hotel in Treviso, Italy. Immediately after paying the driver, he went inside the Italian restaurant of the hotel and settled himself in a corner of the room. He ordered for a pasta and waits patiently after. He is staring at the picture of her and Maya on his phone, that picture where Maya is sleeping and with him kissing her forehead. He reminisce that scene and smiled foolishly. He missed her a lot. He wanted to kiss her again so bad.

His eyes roamed around the room looking for the waiter to ask for some water when his eyes were stuck in a table that is five table away from his. Their table is near the window of the restaurant. His heart beats raced. Happy upon seeing her after a tiring day. But it broke after seeing her with someone else. And that is not the guy that she is with when she saw her before, as far as he can remember.

He had this strong desire to approach them and pull Maya away from that guy! However, he knew too well that wouldn’t do any good. He should wait for the right timing. At least he can now know where she is staying. He won’t waste this chance.

Richard conducts espionage as he followed Maya with this man. He was scared that this guy might took advantage of her. Clutching his cap, he secretly followed them, hiding whenever there is a place to hide.

Finally, they stopped in front of a small building in a small street in Treviso. He hid behind a wall near them and peeked in order to see them. So maybe that’s why he can’t find her again in Venice! She’s staying in Treviso near Venice!

“Thank you, Maya. I enjoyed a lot.” He said with his lips curved up in a smile.

“Thank you! I enjoyed it, too.”

“I hope it won’t be the last time..” He said. Richard silently prayed that this will be the last time.

“Hmm.. I think it won’t.” She smiled. Richard is starting to hate seeing her smile with other guys. He can’t help but to feel that familiar pain.

“Alright, see you.” The guy bid goodbye and was standing in front of Maya for some moment before finally, Richard saw him kiss her on her cheek. Heck! He had to stop himself from stepping out of that wall just to punch that guy on his face. How could he kiss her!

The guy left afterwards. Maya went inside of the building soon after. Richard promised himself that that would be the last time that he will see her with someone else. He can no longer bear the pain.

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  1. ouch…..yan kasi feel the RIchard? na sayo na pinakawalan mo pa tsk tsk….tapos ngayon masasaktan ka kapag nakita mo siyang may kasama or dini date na iba. Tsk tsk malalaman mo lang talaga ang halaga ng isang tao kapag nawala na siya sayo. 😦

  2. yes!!! malapit na πŸ™‚ good luck on your ojt!! enjoy πŸ™‚ will wait for your next update:) God bless!

  3. Ms.Kate bka nman pwede mo na itong tapusin before ur ojt pra everyday double treat hahaha..sakit na ang mga puso ng mga adik sa mga fanfic ngaun… lau pa easter sunday

  4. hi Ms Kate. thanks for the update πŸ™‚

    Richard, wag ka mawalan ng pag asa kasi Maya’s heart belongs to you, kahit ilang Angelo pa dumating sa buhay nya, o kahit sino pa kadate nya, her heart misses you a lot at your name occupied the biggest part of it pa rin, kahit pa akala nya she had moved on from you, when you see each other again i’m sure she will still realize how much she loves you parin, sakabila ng lahat, and i’m very sure you’ll be back on each others arms pa rin, just don’t loose hope πŸ™‚

    Maya,: Lumipas man ang mga araw, kahit ilang taon pa man ang dadaan sa buhay mo, surely, you can never move on with your feelings towards Richard. The pain and the wound tha he caused you will be healed but the love you feel towards her will never fade away, because he occupied the biggest part of your heart. s’ya yung kilala ng puso mo, s’ya yung sinisigaw at namimiss nito, at s’ya lang din ang kayang mahalin at muling tanggapin nito. I’m not saying this because gusto ko talaga that both of you will end up toger but i am saying this kasi yun yung totoo, kahit pa sabihing sobra ka nyang nasaktan at the end of the day s’ya at s’ya pa din ang gugustuhin ng puso mong mahalin at tatanggaping makapasok ulit sa buhay mo kasi s’ya at s’ya pa din ang magpapasaya s’yo. di ko din sinasabi na walang ibang pwedeng pumalit kay Richard sa puso mo, kasi posibleng magmahal ka pa rin ng iba pero sa huli malalaman mong s’ya pa rin talaga ang tinitibok nito.

    Ms Kate thank you ulit sa update and mag iingat ka po palagi, excited na ako for the next chapter, i will wait patiently for that, thank you po ulit πŸ™‚

    God Bless and more power

    Happy weekend to all πŸ™‚

  5. Yes! Finally! Magkikita na ulit sila! Yay! Thank You so much for this! Hoping to read the next chapter Sooner.. πŸ˜€

  6. Grabe this story gave me all the emotions, what’s worse is… this morning I just woke up & I am reading already chapters 25 & 26 & I really am crying, grabe as in 5:30am I am crying coz of what happened to their relationship then I realized I have to go to work, good thing is I’m not late…whew. And now that Richard found Maya I hope he will do anything & everything to pursue her & to prove to her the he really love her now 100% & he can’ t live without her.hopefully they will be back in each others arms again. Thank you for this beautiful story.

  7. I really like what you’re doing here. there seems to be a positive vibe! what to do as you do and show others how. Good luck! πŸ™‚

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