Notes From The Heart: Chapter 30: Cruisin’

Chapter 30: Cruisin’


“Hi, I’m already here.”

“Oh. Alright, I’m also on my way now. Ciao.” She told the guy on the other line and hung up afterwards. She agreed with Cielo to finally have their date somewhere else. This is also the first time that she agreed to meet the same guy twice.

Richard who is just in front of her was curious on who she is talking to but is hesitating if he should ask her or not who it was.

“Ricky, you don’t have to do this. Wag mo na akong ihatid. I will be okay.” She said

“No. Baka mamaya mapaano ka pa sa daan pauwi.” He said.

“Thanks for the concern, but really, I’m okay. At isa pa, matagal na ako dito. Ikaw ang tourist, mamaya ikaw pa mapaano pabalik sa hotel mo.” She replied hiding the hint of concern

“Maya, wala sa tagal sa isang lugar yung safety ng isang tao. Madaming masamang tao sa paligid. And one more thing, I’ve been familiar with this place same as you. I am staying here in Treviso for two months already. Looking for you. So alam ko na pasikot-sikot dito.” He proudly said.

Maya was surprised to know that he’s here all these time. And hell, he’s looking for her! But she doesn’t want to dwell on it right now. They can talk some other time.

“Alright, since ang kulit mo, hindi pa naman ako kasi uuwi so mauna ka na. I have a date tonight.” She told him her plan that night. She wants him to leave.. Or maybe, deep within her, she wants him to get jealous on the thought of her dating someone else.

Maya was indeed successful in making Richard jealous. He pursed his lips and kept mum for a while. He nodded and said, “Can I come?”

“W-wwhat?” His question startled her.

“Pwede bang sumama?” He asked again.

“Ricky, date ko yon. Anong gagawin mo dun?”

“Babantayan yung karibal ko.”

“Ricky, he’s nice. Hindi na kailangan pang gawin yun.” She said. She doesn’t want to entertain the idea of him referring to her date as a rival.

“Sige.” He murmured. “But, can I also ask for a date?”

Her heart rejoiced with his question but Maya is still baffled of his sudden appearance. They need to talk, but not now.

“I’ll think about it.”

She swear, he saw his face fell. “I have to go. Bye.”

Richard watched her as she walks away. He was to blame on why everything had changed. He should do everything to win her back. Everything.

Maya is in Venice. They agreed to eat there since it is near and is very romantic.

“Hi Maya!” Angelo greeted her as soon as he saw her.

“Hi!” Angelo kissed her cheek and flashed her a smile. He is really cute!, Maya thought.

“Are you hungry? Or do you want to ride the gondola first?” He asked her.

The thought of her riding the gondola makes her excited! She doesn’t usually goes out, so it will definitely be the first time to ride the gondola.

“Can we ride the Gondola now?” She can no longer hold her excitement.

Angelo was amused by her. She is really pretty, he thought. “Aye! Aye! Let’s ride the gondola.”

“Someone gave me a huge discount with this gondola ride earlier. I bet he’s really good in sales talk.” Angelo told her while they are on their way to the boat.

“Really? That’s good. I’m excited to ride that.” She exclaimed.

Angelo stopped in front of the boats that were lined up on the grand canal. His eyes were searching for someone.

“He must be here somewhere.” He uttered.

The wind blows, touching Maya’s face. She closed her eyes and that familiar smell filled her nostrils. It’s Richard’s scent. And true enough, when she opened her eyes, she saw him on the gondola holding a long single oar used to move the gondola and he is also wearing a hat that other gondoliers were using. She was astounded. What is he doing here? Add to her surprise, Angelo approached Richard and smiled.

“Hey. My date is already here. We’re ready to tour around.” Angelo told Richard. She eyed Richard carefully and found him staring at her intently.

“You do have a beautiful date, sir.” Richard told Angelo but never left his gaze at Maya. “Very beautiful, indeed.”

Good thing that it was night time and the source of light were lamps scattered around the city and few stars above them that they didn’t notice her blush with Richard’s comment. He still affects her that much.

“I know she is.” He answered. “Well, let’s go Maya. You’ll enjoy this ride.” Angelo told her as he went in the gondola and assisted her to hop in as well.

It felt really awkward for Maya having Richard with them. Richard would always glance at her and would caught her staring at him. Richard would always smile at her when he catches her stares. Good thing Angelo is amazed by the sight that he didn’t notice this. She doesn’t know what goes inside Richard’s head to do this.

A traditional wood-carved gondola boat can make you see the sights of the city as it sails in the Grand Canal. Angelo would tell her things about his life and would also tell her stories, in which Maya would laugh at. Angelo is really funny at times that would make feel Maya comfortable.

“Maya, I’ve always wanted to experience riding in a gondola but I haven’t had a chance. I am very lucky that I am experiencing it now with you.” Angelo’s eyes were staring lovingly at Maya. He reached for her hand and gently pressed his lips on it. The sound of Richard’s cough distracted Angelo when he was about to kiss Maya on her forehead as well. Maya pursed her lips to prevent herself from laughing. She knew that Richard did it on purpose.

With his brows knitted, he asked the driver of the gondola- the gondolier which happened to be Richard. “Hey buddy, are you, okay?”

“Uh. Yes, I am. Sorry to disturb you, sir.” He said, but deep inside he is so ready to throw him in the grand canal if he tries to kiss Maya again.

Angelo nodded and turn to face Maya again. “Ah.. Maya, you look so lovely. I know that you are aware that I like you, right?” He cleared his throat before continuing. Richard’s mood becomes worse but he kept mum and listened. “Can I.. Uh.. Can I.. Court-”

“Sir! Excuse me, the gondola ride will now end.” He interrupted. He hates how this guy has this way on girls.

Angelo stared back at Richard with anger. “Hey, I thought this ride would last for 30 minutes?! We are only sailing for 8 minutes!”

Richard answered him with annoyance. “I’m sorry, but the owner of the boat no longer wants this crap. You don’t have to pay anymore.” He said.

Maya could feel the tension rising so she tried to pacify Angelo first and later on she will talk to Richard in private. “Uh.. Angelo, it’s alright. We still experienced riding the gondola. It doesn’t matter. Let’s not spoil the evening. Let’s go and just have dinner.” She suggested in which Angelo reluctantly agreed. “Ah, mister gondolier” she shifted her eyes back to Richard. Quite pissed on how he is acting. “Could you now send us back to the street. We are leaving.” And with that, Richard unwillingly led them back to the street.

“Angelo, could you wait for me over there for a second? I would like to talk to someone.” She told Angelo and pointed at a nearby cafe as soon as their feet landed back on the busy streets of Venice.

“Alright. I’ll wait for you there.”

She approached Richard who is now standing near the post beside the Grand Canal and who is still looking at her. “Anong kalokohan ‘to?”

“I just wanted to make sure na wala siyang gagawing masama.” He said

“What for? You are ruining my date! At isa pa, anong kalokohan yang nag-apply ka ba para maging gondolier?”

He shook his head and answered her. “No. I didn’t apply for it. I actually bought the gondola when I saw that date of yours earlier today. I know it’s him. I saw you guys last time in the restaurant of the hotel.” He explained. “And for what for? Are you seriously asking me that question? Of course it’s because I’m dead jealous Maya! I’ve been here looking for you. I wanna talk but you don’t want to talk to me.” He half shouted in frustration.

She let out a sarcastic laugh and said with controlled anger. “How could you say that to me, now. I am starting to move on with my life. I don’t want to talk about our past we’ve already talked about that before I left. That’s enough.”

“No. That’s not enough, Maya! I came to realize everything. And I want you back. I’ll do anything just to-”

“Well guess what?!” She cut him off. She can no longer bear this conversation, it seems as though she’s travelling back 1yr ago. “I’ve also came to realize that we’re not for each other.” She said although she knows that it is not true. She’s just afraid. So afraid to love him again and to eventually get hurt afterwards. She had given so much love that she once forget to love herself.

She turned her heels to leave but Richard grabbed her arm and held it very tight. “Please.. Just another chance.. I am very sorry if I took you for granted. I love you so much.” He murmured trying so hard to hold his tears.

For months, she’s been dying to hear those words from him. But now that she is hearing those from him, she seemed unsatisfied. “I have to go.” She pulled her arm away from his hold and went her way to the cafe to meet Angelo. She fought so hard not to look back at him. Her heart wanted so bad to do so, but she’s afraid that when she look back, she would run back to him and would do what she had longed to do. To embrace him and to tell him that she loves him, too.

“Enough Maya. Your heart deserves someone better.” She murmured.

Richard watched her from afar. They are holding each other’s hands as they walk away from his sight. This is all his fault. He is the one who is holding that soft hand of hers before. He is the only one to blame. “I know it hurts a lot bro. But let’s not give up. I didn’t waited this much just to stumble and sprawl. We should stand up and move towards our dream” he said with his hand touching his chest where his heart is.

“Alex, if you’re listening, please pray for me. I need you to guide me back to her. Just this once please..” That is the first time that he talked to her late wife without telling her that he misses her, rather he is asking for help to be with the woman of his life again.

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15 thoughts on “Notes From The Heart: Chapter 30: Cruisin’

  1. Im confused now .. If team Richard or team Maya… I know may mali si Richard and nasaktan si maya dahil dito… But now looking at them.. Both are hurting .. Ako din nasasaktan. Im hoping Maya would open her mind to listen to her heart and trust Richards love for her… Ms. Kate please next chapter na… Sana naman medyo mahimasmasan kami sa sobrang sakit na nararamdaman namin

  2. Me too super hurt for richard and medyo naainis ke maya?hehe! Hoping the next chapter medyo gumaan na sakit s dibdib ko haha! Thanks for this 🙂

  3. hi Ms Kate. thanks for the update 🙂

    Richard: Wag ka mawalan ng pag asa, dadating yung time na magbubunga din lahat ng mga sakit at pagtitiis mo. she loves you, deep in her heart she really do loves you, takot lang s’ang tanggapin sa sarili nya na sakabila mng lahat ng nangyari she still lives you the way she felt before or even more. just don’t loose hope.

    Maya: wag mo ng pahirapan ang sarili at puso mo, accept the reality that you still love him, your heart only beats for him and no one can change that, I know your just afraid na you might get hurt again for the second time if you take risk na papasukin ulit s’ya sa buhay mo, but please give him a chance to prove himself to you, give him a chance to show you how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. All of us deserves a second chances naman diba? malay mo this time, he will no longer hurt you the way he did before, and malay mo he will love you pala more than the way he loves his wife before. wag mo ng tikisin sarili mong feelings dahil baka dumating yung time na mawala nalang s’ya ulit ng parang bula at tuluyan nalang s’yang lalayo sa’yo thinking na you could never forgive and love him anymore. wag mo ng pakawalan yan mahal mo naman talaga si Richard eh sakabila ng lahat 🙂

    thank you po ulit Ms Kate, wait nalang po ako for the next chapter. ingat po kayo lagi, 🙂

  4. Sis, thanks for the update.
    Cybersis, we know that Richard want Maya back into his life, but it’s not easy to win her heart. Because she still remember the painful memories of what happened in their past. Maya still remember Richard and Ryan their conversation in Richard’s office if some of you remember the previous chapter. Maya haven’t forgive him to what he did to her in the past.

  5. Maya wag mong antayin na mwala ng tuluyan c richard sau we know na nsaktan ka pero sana naisip mo rin ang situation ni richard dati hirap xa mka move on becoz of his late wife…. ikaw din kung ayaw mo kming mga adik reding redi to accept richard wid open arms pa kung ayaw mo pa rin bigay mo kay lara tutal tinamaan c lara sa kanya but we all know u still love each other kya go go go richard

  6. “Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.”

    Richard has come to realized his love for Maya is true. He finally made a choice to be with her for a lifetime and he did not wait a second until he ffinds her and tell her about it. Same true with Maya, her love for Richard is never gone, her heart still belongs to him and she knows it.

    Now they have found each other. What Maya wanted is to be loved by Richard as much as she loves him. And Maya is finally get it even more lock, stock and barrel. Therefore Maya should not wait to tell Richard how much she still love him.

  7. Waaaahhh!!! Maya wag ka nang maging pusong bato! Nag sorry na sya sayo eh.. Please give him a second chance.. Please… Parang hindi ko kayang basahin ang story na ito kung papayag si Maya na ligawan sya.. It hurts! Hahaha! Sana magkaroon ng isang pangyayari para pumayag si Maya na bigyan ng second chance si Richard.. Thanks for this po…

  8. I like the fact that Richard can now talk / pray to Alex for help with Maya. This is the proof that he truly has moved on. Maya is just scared of getting hurt again.

    I hope after her date, when she gets home Richard is there waiting. I hope she won’t be able to deny her feelings. I hope Richard gives her one hell of a kiss that it will break down all barriers.

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