The One That Got Away- Chapter 1: How They Met

Chapter 1: How they Met

“Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible- it cannot be seen or measured- yet is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession ever could.”~ B. De Angelis

It’s the most wonderful and much awaited time of the year-Christmas season. People are hurriedly walking pass through each other not even giving anyone a glance. Couples, kids, and others are all busy in their own world.

The lady in the corner of the terminal lounge is busy in her own world as well. Unlike others who are all excited for this Christmas, she had never been so sad in her life. She is holding a cup of coffee, seated at the table of a coffee shop but she never did took a sip from her cup. She’s been staring at it making it cold for the past few minutes.

Christmas songs are playing everywhere and they are all reminded about the spirit of Christmas which is to give love to others. But how can she be able to give love if she, herself doesn’t know how to fix her broken heart? How can she give love if the love of her life just left him and brought her heart with him?

Her eyes are puffy from crying. Even her co-flight attendants noticed this while they are on their flight to Japan. And now that she’s back in the Philippines, it is still obvious that she is not on her best. Even so, she is so gorgeous that day with her make up on and her flight attendant uniform, guys would definitely pause and take some seconds to glance at her.

HE is an engineer, a CEO of his own company. Their company services the airplanes of the airlines in its maintenance and all.

A plane needed their immediate assistance that day which made him to decide to go with his team right away. He doesn’t usually go and check airplanes himself, he is more on the handling and managing of the business, but that day is an exception. He doesn’t know why, but something make him feel that he needed there. Anyway, the airline is a huge customer of his company so that also made him to decide that his team needed his presence.

After paying his coffee on the counter, he quickly looked around for an available table, but to no avail. He scanned the whole shop but he couldn’t find any seat available. It is christmas season after all, and add to his annoyance, all he could see around are couples enjoying their coffee and sharing stories together.

Before finally giving up and deciding to go back to where his team is, he saw a beautiful young flight attendant who seemed so sad that day. And he was happy to see that she is alone.

Without having second thoughts, he went near her table and approached her.

“Uhm.. Excuse me.” He said

Slowly, she looked up and saw a man with his blue polo on, extremely handsome, but she is not in the mood for talking to anyone so she kept mum.

“Uh, I was just wondering if I can seat with you? Uh.. Wala na kasing available seat.” He added, hoping she would agree.

But she continued to stare back at him, then shifted her eyes and scanned the whole place. “Ayun oh, paalis na yung couple dun sa kabilang table.” She replied her face didn’t show any emotion.

He looked around and saw the couple a few table away already leaving. ‘Sayang!’ His inner self shouted and for an unknown reason, he doesn’t know why but he wanted to talk to the lady. But then again, he doesn’t want to scare her. “Well, yes. Buti na lang, sige miss, thanks anyway.” He said. He turned his back and was about to go when she heard her commented.

“Buti na lang na you won’t be able to seat beside a selfish girl like me?” She asked in an annoyed tone.

His eyebrows shoot up, heck! He doesn’t even say anything to push his luck. That is not what he meant! “Hey wait, I didn’t even say that.” He turned back and looked straight to her eyes.

“Yeah right. Pare-pareho naman kayo.” She said, eyes on her cup

He decided to take the vacant seat across her so that he could talk to her. “Miss.. Look. I don’t know if you do have a problem right now though it seemed obvious, but all I could remember is that I asked for a seat and you just told me to just back off.”

Eyes shifted on him, she answered back. “Hindi ko naman sinabi na you back off. Sabi ko lang may vacant seat sa kabilang table.”

“I know, now we’re even” he smiled “well, at least medyo close to what you meant right?”

She stared at him again and find him adorable. He seemed nice, she thought. “I’m really sorry. I am not at my best. I’m not a good company right now.” She answered apologetically.

“That’s alright. And it’s okay if we aren’t on our best most of the time. Anyway, we don’t really know each other so I’m really expecting to be shoo’d away.” Once again, he gave her his cutest smile ever. Though she seemed affected by his looks, she can’t be tamed, not today.

“Sorry again, Mr.” She then stood up “I think I should go now. Nice to have a small talk with you.” Luggage at hand, she decided to leave. She wanted a time alone.

“It’s Mr. Lim by the way. And you are?” He waited for her answer but only got a stare. He then saw her name plate on the left side of her uniform and got her name. He smiled. She followed where he glanced and nodded. “Nice to meet you then, Mr. Lim”

With a wave and a small smile, she left him.

“Yes, that is her. Well, I guess.” He said on the other line as he sat on his swivel chair, tapping his fingers on top of the table. “Can I get her sched?”

“Hey bro, wait. Are you into her? Well let me just remind you-” the guy on the other line told him and was cut off by Richard Lim.

“Please, I don’t wanna be reminded. And don’t worry I won’t do anything wrong.” He is grinning.

“Alright bro, sabi mo e. Anyway, She’s pretty huh.”
4 Days Later.

The sun is slowly dipping into the sea when her plane landed back to Manila. She is usually into HongKong to Manila or Japan to Manila flights.

Her eyes are still puffy from crying every night. It is hard for her to move on especially that she’s so dependent to him for the past 2yrs.

She hated his reasons of breaking up. He told her that she is so possessive, so dependent and so selfish! But she knows deep within that she is not. And once upon a time, he just told her that he love her from who she is and what ever she will be.’The nerve of all of the guys!’ She would always shout to her inner self.

“Uy! Girl! Ano? Sama ka sa’min? Kain muna tayo sa labas?” Her co-FA and a friend asked her

“Uh, wag na. Okay na ako. Salamat. Ingat kayo” she declined and flashed a smile

“Sure? Eh mukhang hindi ka pa okay eh.” Her friends really know her that much

She shook her head a couple of times before answering “okay lang ako. Sige na.”

Reluctantly, her friends left her and left the terminal while she proceeded to the terminal lounge.

Right after entering the lounge, she quickly searched for her favorite coffee shop and ordered her favorite coffee.

While seated, her mind continued to wander like what she used to do every night. Her mind is flashing back good memories with her ex. It hurts her so much that those are only memories and could no longer be real. A tear fell from her cheek as emotions engulfed her.

When Richard saw her, he followed her. He is waiting for this day to arrive. He doesn’t know why but he wanted to see her again. And when he did, his heart flutter with so much joy. He even felt that it somersaulted. What is this feeling?!

He saw a tear fell from her eye. He is only few steps away from her and it seemed that he didn’t notice him yet, or maybe she already forgot who he is.

Quickly, he approached her and handed his handkerchief to her.

“I think you needed this.” He said. Still, she didn’t even bother to cast a glance at him.

“Mr. Stranger, I don’t need that.” She said with annoyance on her tone still not looking up.

“Alright. But can I seat here?”

She shifted her eyes from her cup to the corners of the shop and found a couple of tables vacated. She is actually used to guys approaching her and she knows how to handle them without getting pissed, but not this time. “Ang dami dami pang seats na pw-” she wasn’t able to finish her sentence when she looked up and saw a handsome, familiar man smiling down at her.

Her eyebrows shoot up trying to figure out where she had met the guy. For sure he wasn’t a complete stranger.

Realizing that she really didn’t recognize him, he introduced himself. “I’m Mr. Lim, remember? The guy 4 days ago?” He is still smiling as he sat down across her. “Mind if I join you?”

She paused for a few seconds until she recognized this man. “Oh. Oo nga, yes, sure. I’m about to go anyway.” She tried to stand up only to be stopped by Richard.

“Wait.” She stared. He paused to think of what to say. “Uh. Uhm.. Can we have coffee?” Heck. He wanted to blurt that out with more appropriate words or much better words that would make her say yes but his skills in doing business is fleeting away right now. He wanted to talk to her. But it seems like she is not interested. Is he too quick?

She didn’t say a word. She stared at him for quite some time. “I’m sorry, I already got one. I’m a bit in a hurry. Bye Mr. Lim.” She smiled before completely leaving. He wanted to stop her. He wanna run and tell her to get to know him or ask her why does she seemed sad whenever he sees her. But he can’t. She doesn’t want to.

What can ya say? 🙂 anywy, will try if I can still write an epilogue on NFTH.

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7 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 1: How They Met

  1. Intriguing story…..interesting character of the female lead whom I presumed is Maya. Will Richard becomes her knight in shining armour to make her in fall in love again? Looking forward to the next chapter and more.

  2. new story to look forward ….. like sis jenny said may pa mysterious si maya ….. will wait for the epilogue of NFTH …. thank you again ms. kate kahit busy ka sa ojt mo.

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