The One That Got Away- Chapter 2: I am Falling

Chapter 2: I am Falling

(A/N: since may pasok na bukas, I will update again. Happy reading! :)))


She doesn’t know him. But she wanted to see him. Why is he so nice to her? A familiar emotion is bubbling up inside her again. Something is telling her to talk to him. To erase all of her ex’s memories and to get to know this new guy. He might give her a fresh start. He could be a good friend, she thought.

Before her flight to HongKong that day, she received a fresh bouquet of sunflowers with a note that says: “Hi, I guess you will like this more than a cup of coffee from me. Something to brighten up your day. 🙂 – Mr. Stranger”

For the first time after a couple of days, she smiled, and this time, it’s for real. A smile that reached her eyes. He could really be a good friend, she thought. Just a friend.

She is ready to talk to him after her flight from HongKong to Manila. She doesn’t know him and he only thinks that he would show up at the coffee shop in the Terminal lounge like he used to. She just hopes that he will.

She waited. She ordered a frappe and took her seat near the entrance of the shop where he could easily see her if he’ll go there. She knows that he must like her for he knows that she loves sunflowers, she is so sure that it is not a coincidence because he seemed to know her schedule as well.

Yet, she reminded herself that she only needed a friend. Just a friend, she needed a break from heartaches.

45 minutes had passed, still no sign of him. Maybe, he is busy that day. Still, she waited until an hour just passed that is when she decided to go home.

The clock keeps on ticking. Its sound is banging in his ears. He knows that her plane just landed now and yet he cannot go there and see her. Not today.

He is so focus on his company and she is a distraction. He needed to finish something in his office, a big deal should be sealed today. She could be his inspiration anyway.

So, he remembered what he had phoned the guy on the airport earlier that day.

“So, kamusta?”

“Naibigay ko na po, sir” the guy answered


“Nakita ko po siyang ngumiti.”

He smiled upon hearing that. He even imagined how she would look like when she smiles. Because the few times that he saw her, there’s sadness in her eyes in which he wanted to take away.

He doesn’t know what force is attracting him to her but all he knows is that, its force is so strong. Like the pull of gravity. And without that force, he will be floating with no direction. It is weird because they barely knew each other and he just felt like he is the Little Prince, who tamed a beautiful rose.

She is at her favorite coffee shop again waiting for her flight. She waited for him to show up in the past two flights of her but he didn’t. Maybe he got tired of approaching her. Anyway, it is good because she can have an alone time.

An hour before her flight, she’s been checking her bag if she brought the things that she’ll be needing when she noticed a guy stopped in front of her table from her peripheral vision.

When she slowly looked up, she saw him smiling at her.

Her lips curved up for a beautiful smile.

“Hi” he greeted her “for you” he handed her a bouquet of fresh sunflowers

“Hello, thanks.” She smiled so lovingly. She is really happy to see him. So glad that after days, she saw this man again.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Sure, take a seat.”

Richard sat across her and placed his hands on top of the coffee table. “You have a flight?”

“Yes. In about an hour.”

“So, I suppose we can’t have lunch together?” He said with a tone of disappointment. Although he knew her schedule, he just can’t have lunch with her that time. He only dropped by to see her because he is longing for her.

“Yeah.” She paused for a while. They sat there quietly just enjoying having each other around.

Her eyes were then shifted to Richard’s wrist, and his watch caught her attention. She will be late for their briefing! “Uh, sorry Mr. Lim but I really have to catch my flight.” She stood up immediately.

He did the same. “Alright. Uh.. So, see you around?”

“Yeah. See you when I see you.” She smiled at him. Richard remained rooted on his place as he watches her slowly walking away. Then she stopped and half-ran back to where he is standing.

“See you on Tuesday. I will be back from my flight. We can have lunch, then.” She smiled and quickly went away to hide her blush that is slowly creeping. She bit her lip, did she really asked him out? Why is she so comfortable to this certain Mr. Lim? Heck! She doesn’t even know his first name, yet!

He is a stranger. Yet, he made the pain go away. She no longer yearns for her ex-boyfriend.

Tuesday, 11 am, Manila Time. She excitedly went to the terminal lounge as soon as her flight landed. She scanned the coffee shop and sat on a vacant table, placing her luggage beside her.

She sighed. She totally misses him. This stranger. How is that possible? She doesn’t even know him that much, and yet, he has this effect on her. Weird.

She waited patiently. After half an hour, she stood up to order a frappe to have something to drink as she waits. An hour had passed and still there is no sign of him, she is dead hungry. This is what she hates about this set-up, she doesn’t even have his number, or she totally even forgot to tell him what time will she land. It is sinking in, maybe he won’t show up.

He doesn’t know her schedule, anyway. So she made a decision, they will see each other sometime if fate wanted to. For now, she will follow what her tummy is shouting- Food. She needed to have her lunch alone.

He is so bored. He is having a lunch with his family. He is aware that the girl he is seeing is now back from Manila. He couldn’t contain his happiness when she said that they could have lunch when she comes back, but then when she left, he realized that he has an important family lunch on that day, in which he couldn’t miss.

His mind is wandering on what would this Tuesday would have been if she’s with that lady. It would be full of fun and getting to know each other conversation. He would love to know her very well. He is very interested to her. The next time that they will see each other, in which he makes sure that will happen, he will apologize to her and would ask her out.

“Anong iniisip mo?” Someone seated beside him brought him back to reality.

He smiled. “Nothing. Continue eating.” He ordered as he watches his parents and other relatives in spooning their foods and chattering anything under the sun.

Finally. The day came when they both saw each other again. Richard apologized to her that he didn’t make it, and she said it was okay, saying that it was really her fault that she wasn’t able to tell him her schedule. They exchanged numbers and full names as a conversation was held during their lunch out. The first time that the two of them were out together of the corners of the terminal.

“So, Mr. Stranger who happened to be Mr. Richard Lim, can I ask you something?”

“We’ve been asking each other stuffs for quite some time, ngayon ka pa nagpaalam?” They both laughed.

“Well, oo nga, so I think I should just ask. Hmm.. Anong work mo? Kasi I often saw you sa lounge. Are you working sa airport?” She asked as she eats her pasta.

He is thinking what he should say. “Hm.. Partly. I’m actually on the maintenance of the planes. An engineer.” He didn’t lie, but he didn’t tell her everything, too.

“Oh.” She nodded

“So.. Can I also ask you something? But it’s quite personal.”

“Sure thing”

“The day that we met, uhm.. Are y-you broken hearted, then?”

She nods slowly as she remembered that day. She remembered being sad during those days but her heart seemed to forget how painful those days had been. Truly Richard is a good company.

“I was.”

“Mind if you could tell me who he is so I could punch him on his face?” He quipped which earned a laugh from her.

“I wouldn’t mind.” She smiled “but, it’s okay, I’m so over him, anyway.” She wanted to add ‘thanks to you’ but quickly dismiss it, she doesn’t want him to think that she likes him.

“Good to hear.” And there is something about his eyes. She is so sure that it lit up when she said that she’s over her ex-boyfriend.

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12 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 2: I am Falling

  1. ayiiiiiieeeee!!!! ba’t ba ako kinkilig …… kasi feeling ko nafafall na sila sa isa’t isa ….. may rebelasyon bang magaganap kung sino si ex ni maya ….. salamat dito ms. kate.

  2. “Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.”

    Richard and Maya love begin……

  3. I think may wife or girlfriend n si richard…….kaya lang mukhang nainlove kay maya……..magandang story sigurado ito …,.kaabang abang ang mga kaganapan…..

  4. Super kilig na pero di pa na reveal kung cno ang ex ni maya at sino tlaga c richard sa personal.. naku mukhang tinamaan na ang dalawa di pa lng nila alam.. next plsss

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