The One That Got Away- Chapter 3: THEM and HER

Chapter 3: THEM and HER

questions will be answered soon. :’)


Weeks had passed and they continue to see each other very often. Richard would often go to the airport whenever the girl has her flight. He would do maintenance of the planes himself, much to the surprise of his team.

And whenever Richard doesn’t go back to the office with his team, he will earn a few teasing from his people but they will quickly retreat once they sees his serious face.

The beautiful flight attendant and Richard had grow close to each other. They are not a couple but sure thing, they are more than friends. No one ever brought up the topic about their status, they are just happy enjoying each other’s company and contented on having each other.

They both wanted every word of their conversation to last for hours, their gazes to last for days or even weeks. Moments together feels like magic. But Richard knew that they can’t. And it hurts like hell.

“Uhm.. Richard, I will be having my day off on the weekend.” She happily informed him, one Thursday morning after her flight. Richard remained quiet as he waits for what was she really up to.

“Ano. Kasi, ano eh.”

“Come on, what is it?” He asked as he smiles at her.

“Alright, I’m going on Sunday sa Laguna. My friend is hosting a party. Birthday niya and uhm.. My ex is coming with his girlfriend.” She stated hoping he would get her hint

He nodded. “You wanted me to come because your ex is there with someone na pinalit niya sa’yo?” He asked with his eyebrows furrowed

“No. No.” She shook her head. “Gusto ko lang talaga i-invite ka. And gusto ka din makilala ng friends ko. They already know that I am dating.” She said the last words barely audible. They never had talked about who they are to each other so she is really shy to tell him what is her say on this set-up of theirs. For her, they are dating and is on the way to having a relationship. She had completely moved on. And is now ready to open her heart to him.

Richard’s eyes grew big upon hearing the word “dating” from her. He is very happy whenever he’s with her but he needed time and effort to fix things first before having a commitment with her. The last thing that he wanted is to hurt her. He knows that he doesn’t just like her, he totally loves her.

The girl took his reaction negatively. Her heart pierced with pain. Maybe, she’s only a friend to Richard. Just what she had planned them to be from the start.

“Ah.. Ano, kung ayaw mo, okay lang.” She focused her attention to her food to hide the pain that she’s feeling but Richard touched her chin and lifted her head to face him.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I already have plans during weekends.” He said. The girl realized that they are seeing each other during weekdays and nodded in realization that he might be busy during saturdays and sundays.

“I will make it up to you some other time, okay?” He said with his sweet voice that could melt girls’ heart.

And with that, her mood changed. “Okay.”

“Uy girl. Kainis ka, dapat pumunta na lang tayo sa birthday ni Nadine kaysa nasa mall at magsho-shopping!” Manuel, the beautiful flight attendant’s gay co-FA pouts at her in annoyance. They are strolling around the mall after attending Sunday mass. She made a decision not to go to her friend’s party. She doesn’t want to go there alone.

“Eh ayoko nga. Hindi ko naman sinabi na huwag ka na din pumunta ha.”

“Kahit na! You know naman na ayoko pumunta dun pag wala ka. Ikaw kaya pinaka-close ko.” He crossed his arms

Laughs. “Oo na, next time na lang.”

“Hmmm.. O sige next time!” He happily said and added “pero dapat ipakilala mo na sa’kin yang jowa mo! Hanggang ngayon the guy with the name Richard lang ang pagkakakilala ko sa kanya ha! Kaloka.” He teased

She could only laugh with her friend “hindi pa nga kami. Pero, sige next time. Busy kasi siya eh.”

“Fine. Fine.”

“Where r u?” She suddenly received a text from Richard. Her face lights up.

“Out with my friend. Eh ikaw?”

“Work. Busy during weekends. You take care, okay?” Simple messages from him could really make her heart leap. He sure is something good for her.

They are now checking dresses inside the department store when a certain guy caught her attention. She is a few meters away from him. He is not looking to her direction but when the guy shifted his face, he was shocked to see him there. Is this the place where he works? He just texted her a while ago that he’s busy with work! Now he’s lying! What a liar!

She is so upset and was ready to talk to him when a beautiful lady wearing simple blouse and jeans approached Richard. She is smiling while holding a red dress for Richard to see.

She saw Richard nodded at the lady and smiled. She saw the lady kissed Richard before going back to the dressing room. How could he lie to her? Well, he didn’t tell her that he does or doesn’t have a girlfriend. But it should be clear to him that they are seeing each other! But then, again, they are not a couple to begin with. So why should she be affected? He is not committed to her.

“Oh, gurl, okay ka lang ba?” Manuel approached her when he noticed that his friend is out of herself.

“U-uh. Ye-yes. Let’s go somewhere else. I’m tired.” She reasoned before going out of the store.

Her heart, once again, broke into a million of pieces.

It is sad that when you belong to someone else then the right one comes along. Just when you thought that the girl that you decided to spend the rest of your life with is the girl that someone up there decided to give to you.

And when you thought that you are happy with your chosen partner, the girl that someone up there truly gave you, will bother your secured heart. She will make you smile much way wider than you think you can. She will make your heart jump and flip with so much joy.

SHE. She is the woman that your heart is shouting. Unfortunately, your mind keeps on telling you that it is not love, rather temptation. You are tested with your marriage. That she, the girl that you just met is not really the girl destined for you but your chosen partner.

However, you agreed that you will stay with your marriage even though you are not in love with her. You promised you would stay. You had an arrangement. Both of your families had agreed to fix a marriage for the two of you, and you agreed because you never thought of settling down and never had imagined of being in love.

But this girl comes along. That girl that made your heart jump with so much joy.

How can you make your heart stop? Can you really stop it, when all along she is the reason for its beating? You are so sure that you will die when you won’t see her. Because she is the light of your world, the center of your universe. And you are starting to hate her, because she appeared late. Everything is complicated.

This is life. You have to accept things.

He checked on her whereabouts. He misses her so bad. How he would love to spend his weekend with her but he just can’t. He promised that weekends would be a family day, that is- spending time with his parents and his wife.

He is not in love. This marriage was planned since he was a kid but he made a promise and vowed to stay with her, to make her happy, and to try to love her. That is easy for him for the first few years since he had never been in love and had never been serious with relationships. So, he thought that this would be an easy set-up since also, their marriage would make their family business to do good.

But when the right one comes along, your heart will re-direct you to something. As if there is something missing.

“Is this okay?” His wife, startled him with his thoughts as she holds a red dress for him to see.

“Yes.” He answered and gave a weak smile.

“Okay, isusukat ko lang.” Richard nodded again and was surprised when his wife kissed her.

He shook his head in disbelief. Maybe, for the past three years, finally his wife fell in love to him. For the past few days, she’s been extra sweet to him that is new to him. She is not like that before, sure thing she is nice, but not that sweet.

He waited and decided to make a call. He can no longer take it, he wanted to hear HER voice.

Few rings. Then it was declined. He tried some more time but after his 5th try, she already turned her phone off, much to Richard’s surprise. They are okay earlier.

So, Richard decided to text her.

“why are you not answering your phone? Lowbatt ka ba?” That is the only acceptable reason that he can think of. They are okay. He knows that they are.

But Richard didn’t receive any reply nor calls from her since then.

This story, is about.. Uh.. Malalaman nyo sa chapter 5. :p




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12 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 3: THEM and HER

  1. 😭😭😭😭wahh eto nanamn ang pighati somewhere down the and sad to belong nyetsssss i can feel the pain 😭😭😭😩😩😩ang sakit sa dibdib nito huhu

  2. Oh shit!!! Richard’s married haay ang sakit na nman sa heart nku maya umiwas ka nlang kesa mssaktan ka na nman… Hayaan mo nlang c richard tutal arranged marriage nman pla ang nangyari sa kanya let him handle his personal life. Semana santa na nman sa ff world

  3. WHAT !!! His married ????? Kalokaaaaa !!!!! At ang masakit nahuli pa siya ng Mayabels na nagsinungaling naku!!!! Exciting Ito next na please medyo BITIN ……..thanks

  4. im kinda puzzled why Maya’s name was never mentioned in any of the 3 chapters? is there a twist to this story? which one is Maya, the beautiful FA or Richard’s wife whom he never learned to love yet? but i guess i have to wait until chapter 5…

  5. Honestly this fanfic is quite difficult to understand….an enigma. However, I find the story interesting. I want to know whose the real Maya in the story. Richard already envisioned the girl he wanted to marry in the future, the girl who will always have his heart. But is SHE just a figment of Richard’s imagination, the one that is likely to be ever present in his mind…..the one that got away.but actually will never go away.

    The author must be brilliant to come up with this kind of story…..puzzling.

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