The One That Got Away- Chapter 4: It’s Complicated

Chapter 4: It’s Complicated

He is pacing back and forth. Stressed and depressed. He is trying to reach her phone but still she is not responding. He’s been busy with meetings that he doesn’t have any time to see her again. He misses her terribly, and he hates the fact that she’s avoiding him.

He tried to call someone who might help him.

“Hello?” A voice from the other line greeted him

“Hi, Ryan.”

“Oh bro, what’s up?”


Ryan is a big boss on the airline where the girl is working. He is the source of Richard when it comes to her. “Okay, okay. It’a about her? Am I right? Bro, I already warned you. Sabi mo, nothing serious.”

Ryan is also a friend of Richard’s wife. And he knows that from the start, Richard’s wife loves Richard. She is only giving him time to love her, too. But then, Richard is slowly falling in love to someone else. And it’s his fault of making his friend Richard to fell in love and to break the heart of Richard’s wife.

“I didn’t tell you that it wasn’t serious!” He said

Ryan was surprised “what? Don’t tell me..”

“Yes. I love her. Now, give me her schedule please. She’s been avoiding me!” He scowled

“Relax, bro. I never saw this coming.” Ryan sighed. “So, you’re in love huh?”

He nodded as if Ryan could see him. “Yes.”

“How about you-know-who?” He asked his friend. Should he tell him that his wife loves him so bad?

“You know I don’t love her.” Richard answered coldly

“But you can’t just leave her.” That is the truth. Richard can’t leave her.

“I know.” Things are just so complicated.

“What now?”

“I don’t know. I really don’t.”

He found himself waiting for her outside her condo unit where she is residing. He kept on bugging his friend Ryan about HER. Ryan was really worried about everything but when he sees that his friend is devastated, he couldn’t say no.

SHE was more than surprised to see him standing outside her condo unit. It has been a long and tiring day. Ever since she saw Richard with a lady, she’s been avoiding him to the point that she changed her number and even went home straight after her flights. Staying inside the terminal lounge makes her sad and mad.

Their eyes locked seems like time is drastically slowing. He smiled, she frowned.
Oh how he missed her! He wanted to hug her so bad but HER facial expression stopped him from doing so.

She continued walking to her condo unit where Richard is leaning on the wall next to her unit. She’s still upset, but this must be the right time to have a talk. She will give him a piece of her mind.

His smile never left his lips. He is just beyond happy to finally see her again after days of sadness. Although he is really confused on why she never even smiled back at him, it can’t ruin his mood.

“Anong ginagawa mo dito?” She asked him as soon as she was outside her unit’s door.

With the tone of her voice, Richard knew that she’s mad at him, but why? “Uh. I.. I.. Missed you. You never answered my calls so I was wondering what’s wrong?”

SHE gave Richard a fake smile. She is mad at him for dating other girl. Yes, they may not be a couple, yet but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for her that he will date another girl.

“Nothing’s wrong. Now that you already saw me, you may go. I’m tired.” She can’t still talk to him. She’s furious! She turned the knob of her condo and slipped inside. Richard stopped the door from closing and entered as well.


“Let’s talk. I won’t leave until you talk to me.” He is starting to get annoyed with the situation. He waited for this day to come and now she’s pushing him away.

She looked at him while crossing her arms. “Kinakausap naman kita, di ba?”

He sighed. “Please, tell me what did I do?” He pleaded. He stepped forward to be near her but she took a step backward.


“Eh ikaw kasi eh!” She half-shouted that startled Richard.

“Okay, what? Ano bang problema?”

“I.. I” she’s already on the edge of crying. She hates how this man affects her.

“Hey, don’t cry.” He tried to hug her but she moved backward.

“Makinig ka lang!”

He stopped and stood in front of her and obeyed.

“I..I saw you. Remember when I asked you sa party ng friend ko and you said you already have plans during weekends?” She asked him, Richard replied with a nod. “Hindi na ako tumuloy sa party di ba? So I went out with my friend. And I saw you…” She sighed. “You’re with a girl.” She turned around to hide her face. She’s in pain and she doesn’t want him to see that she is that pissed because of him.

A few minutes of silence ensued. Richard couldn’t be more surprised in hearing that from her. This is the day that he’s been worried about. Slowly, he embraced her from behind. Fortunately, she let him. “I’m sorry.. But I love you.”

SHE turned around again to face him. Her heart broke with his sorry, it’s confirmed. Him saying sorry confirms that he’s committed. But his I love you made her weak again. But she managed to be strong. “So, totoo nga? You have a girlfriend? Sasabihin mo na mahal mo ako tapos may girlfriend ka naman pala!”

Richard bowed his head. “She’s not my girlfriend. I swear she’s not.”

Her heart believes him whether he’s lying or not. His effort of going there to see her even though as she remembered, she never did allowed him to send her home even once during their dates. How did he knows where she lives? She loves him. And heck he loves her back! But why is there something else on the way that he tells her that the girl is not her girlfriend? And the hell! The girl kissed him!

“Paano ko papaniwalaan na totoo yung sinasabi mo na mahal mo ako at hindi mo siya girlfriend?” She started to ask him calmer. She wanted this fight of theirs to stop. She’s been missing him. So bad.

“Because I’m here? Because I just do.” His eyes mirrors his love for her. She can clearly see it. Whenever she’s in love, she doesn’t care anymore. Enough of the drama what is important is Richard is with her and he just told her that he loves her. That’s enough for now. So she hugged him tight and cried. All of her hanging questions were forgotten. Things are still not clear, but she will let it pass.

He was about to tell her that the girl is not her girlfriend rather his wife. Now how could he tell her that? Now that they are okay?

“Chard!” He went inside HER condo unit one Monday evening. He makes sure that there is an alloted time in his schedule for her. Especially after what happened earlier when SHE surprised him to the Airport’s maintenance place. He can’t let her do that again.


“Chief, okay na po ito.” A younger engineer of him told him. The sun is shining brightly and they are all sweating profusely with grease on their hands and shirts.

“Good. Ako na bahalang tumapos.” Richard replied while examining the plane.

“Chief!” Called a lady wearing a formal uniform half-running to their spot.

The two engineer turned their attention to her “Yes, Liza?” It’s Richard’s secretary.

“Ah. May naghahanap po kasi sa inyo.”

Raising his eyebrows thinking on who that might be, he asked. “Who?”

“Eh. Flight attendant po e.”

His eyes went big and round. What is she doing here?

“Okay, where is she?”

Liza led Richard outside to approach the lovely lady all in uniform waiting outside. She’s also sweating from the heat coming from the sun.

As her eyes landed on his, she smiled “Chard!” She called. Liza is confused and could just stare at the lady. She thought that this lady must be one of those girls who are so into his boss. One who would always flirt on him. She’s used to them, they didn’t get any attention back from Richard anyway. So, she’s waiting on how her boss will shoo away this pretty lady without being so rude. He’s good at it all the time.

“What are you doing here?” He said almost inaudible.

“Huh? I’m here to surprise you. Pinagtanong ko pa sa mga tao sa airport kung saan banda ‘to. Kakatapos lang ng flight ko. Nacancel kasi yung isa pa.” She happily informed but got worried on his reaction. “Ah..ayaw mo bang nandito ako? Wala pa akong hug” she pouted.

He smiled. “Hindi naman, but just don’t go here. Hindi din kita maaasikaso. And about that hug, pawis na pawis ako and I’m dirty. Mamaya na lang, okay? Ipapahatid na lang kita.” He said.

Liza clearly heard everything and could only raise her eyebrows. This is not good, she thought.

“Okay. Punta ka ma-”

“Okay.” He cut her off as she remembered that Liza is behind him. He understood that SHE wants him to visit her in the condo. He turned around and ordered Liza “Pakisabi kay Mang Lem ihatid siya.”

Liza nodded, although confused on Richard’s actions. “Alright, sir.” She turned her attention to the lady “let’s go?”

SHE waved her hand to Richard and walked away.

Richard’s employees are used to girls approaching their boss but he never did gave them attention so, he tried so hard not to be engage into a long conversation with HER because they might get a hint. But he couldn’t stop himself from sending her home with his driver. He wanted her to be safe at all times.

That Evening:

“Hi.” He kissed her on her cheek

As he is seated on the couch, she went in the kitchen to prepare the food that Richard brought.

“Chard, bakit Sir ang tawag nila sa’yo? Mataas ba position mo? Head engineer ka ba?” She asked him from the kitchen

“In a way.” He answered sleepily. He is very tired, a long day had been very hard for him. Too much things should be done.

She prepares the dining table and glances back at Richard who is still seated on the couch. “Aah. Tinatanong ko nga kanina si Liza, ang tahimik naman.”

He sat up immediately. “Anong tinanong mo?” He is worried that Liza might told her that he is married. Liza would do that sometimes to help him in pushing off the girls away.

“Wala naman, tinanong ko kung bakit sir ka niya i-address, sabi niya boss ka nga daw niya. Secretary mo daw siya. Tapos
.. Uh.. Tinanong din niya kung matagal na ba akong FA.” She told him

He stood up from the couch and approached the dining table.

“What else?” He asked again.

“Yun lang. Di siya masyado nagsasalita eh.” She told him.”

He sighed in relief. He knows that sooner or later, she will know about his wife. He doesn’t know how she will take it. But one thing is for sure, he cannot bear the pain if she will decide to stay away from him.

He made a promise, he will do anything just to make her loved. He will assure her that she is the one that he loves.

Happy weekend! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 4: It’s Complicated

  1. Super aga ang semana santa kung tutuusin kabit pa rin ang maittawag kay maya kwawang maya.. ikaw nman ricardo sana inamin mo na at this early stage in your relationship na ur married… nkkawa ka maya.. haay ang chaikit kahit may konting kilig..

  2. IT”S COMPLICATED talaga ano to we have the right love at the wrong time ang peg ng Ricky? Confused ang beauty ko bakit di maiwan ni Ricky ang djowa niya? at di niya masabi Kay Mayabels ang trulili na may djowa na siya? Kaloka But I love it !!!!’ next na please…………BITIN …

  3. Complicated…. Super complicated. Sana Richard sabihin mo kay Maya ang totoo as early as now.. And makipaghiwalay ka sa wife mo bago mo pursue si maya..

  4. We’re not even sure if the girl Richard loves is indeed Maya….unless the author will reveal her name….until then we can only presume

  5. Yup Its really COMPLICATED. I think Maya would find out soon. That he is an owner of some company and he is married. Hope Richard can put things in order, in the sake of love? Tnx for the update ^_^

  6. oh no Richard! Iniisip ko pa lang na malaman ni Maya na may asawa na sya… napapaiyak na ako.. it will break my heasrt pag dumating na sa point na yun.. 😦 Thanks for this kahit na masakit.. heheh Next na po please..

  7. OMG. now i read others comment.. na intrigue ako bigla :/ AND if si MAYA nga yung WIFE, then THE TITLE MAKE SENSE. . . oh know.. I still hope na si Maya yung FA, I can’t bear Richard falling inlove with other girl :/

  8. I read the 4 chapters today and I cant help to ask myself who’s Maya, the wife or the FA. I hope the chapter 5 will be out tonight so that our questions will be answered 😉

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