The One That Got Away- Chapter 5: The Legal Wife

Chapter 5: The Legal Wife

Hi. I’m sorry if matagal magupdate, busy na po talaga. Wala na akong tulog. Hahaha anyway, ito na po. Questions will be answered ng slight. Happy reading! Feel free to comment and pls do like and follow 🙂

“Hello, Ma’am.” She called Richard’s wife that night.

“Hello, Liza! Ayan ka na naman sa ma’am na yan ha. Drop it already, please.” She nicely asked. They’ve been friends for years since the day that she married Richard. They grew close and all that she asks to Liza is to update her about her husband.

“Basta, mamaya na yang pagtatalo about the ma’am thingy. Ang importante itong sasabihin ko.”

The caller on the other line felt nervous. She somehow knows what is this call all about. She’s been noticing the changes in Richard’s actions that she, herself finds strange. That’s why she take one step forward on her given space to him and had been extra caring and sweet wife. But then, she would caught him most of the time smiling foolishly while texting. Even having phone calls late at night. And she’s so sure that it is not Liza updating him of his meetings.

There is also this time, during their family lunch out, Richard seemed to be preoccupied. As if his mind is wandering elsewhere, but when she asked him what she is thinking about, he didn’t answer her. It’s always like that ever since.

“Ano yun, Liza?”

She paused. “Well, someone came earlier today.”


“I don’t know eh.. She’s a flight attendant. I forgot to ask her name kasi alam mo naman nasanay na din ako sa mga babaeng naghahanap kay sir na nagkakagusto sa kanya, hindi naman pinapansin kasi ni sir, so hindi ko na din binalak na tanungin pa yung name.”

“So, what’s with her?”

“Para kasing may iba e.. Parang interesado si sir sa kanya.” She paused for a while to hear any reactions but she got none. “Kasi napansin ko, first time na hindi kumunot yung noo ni sir kapag may babaeng naghahanap sa kanya, and he even smiled upon seeing her!” She told Richard’s wife the things that she noticed.

Her hands were shaking. Her heart just broke into pieces. Her first love, her first heartache. She knew this day will come but not this soon. “Thanks, Liza for telling me this.”

“You’re welcome. Basta, mas ipakita mo na yung pagmamahal mo sa kanya. Kaysa maunahan ka pa.”

The wife, named Maya dela Rosa-Lim is a beautiful lady with a big love to her husband. They’ve been childhood friends, he is Maya’s puppy love, first and last love. She is aware that Richard doesn’t love her, that’s why she never even dared to tell him what she’s been feeling for years. And the moment that she knew that they’ll end up together, via fix marriage, she just could no longer wait but to grow up!

While growing up, she saw Richard enjoying life and would often meet his flavor of the month. She’s used to it, she allowed it because they are still young and she wants Richard to enjoy his life while they are still not married. One day, she is so sure that he would stop on playing around because she will make him fall in love with her. But that day didn’t came.

The first few months of being married to Richard is tough. He will often come home late and she will be waiting for her until morning. Maya would ask him of his whereabouts but wouldn’t get any reply from Richard. It seemed as though they are both strangers living in a single roof. Their mansion is not a home. It is not filled with love.

“Maya, hindi ka pa ba matutulog?” Manang Fe, Richard’s nanny who also looked after Maya whenever she and Richard are playing when they are still young, asked her. She is waiting in the living room for Richard. It is 11 in the evening and he is still not at home. Her heart is slowly breaking upon thoughts of Richard and that flight attendant spending time together filled her mind.

“Mamaya na po, Manang. Si Ricky po ba hindi nagtext sa’yo?” She asked her. Richard wouldn’t mind texting her but would always call or text Manang Fe instead whenever he will be going home late. He treats Manang Fe as his second mother.

“Ah. Kanina. Ang sabi nya may pupuntahan lang daw siya pero uuwi agad. Sabi ko nga umuwi na at hinihintay mo sya.”

“Po?!” Richard might think that she’s getting clingy.

“Bakit? Sabi nga nya may sasabihin ka daw ba at hinihintay mo sya?” Manang Fe taps her shoulder and said, “Maya, alam kong mahal na mahal mo sya. Iparamdam mo lang sa kanya kung hindi mo pa kayang sabihin.”

She kept quiet with what Manang Fe told her. Maya’s actions these past few days had been obvious however, Richard didn’t get her hint. Or maybe, he is not really into her.

Richard arrived that morning at 2 o’clock. He got lost of time and fell asleep on the couch in Sandy’s condo, the girl that his heart is beating for the past weeks. Sandy’s head is still resting on his shoulder, and she, too had fallen asleep. Sandy even offered him to sleep on the other room beside hers since no one is occupying that and it’s very late but Richard declined, he knows that Manang Fe will get mad at him if he won’t go home.

At the end, Sandy bid him goodbye and kissed him goodnight.

As the mansion’s front door flew open, Richard was startled when she found Maya sleeping on the couch of the sala with the lamp as her source of light. There is a book that was already on the floor, he assumed, that she’s reading that earlier and fell asleep.

Slowly, he approached her to wake her up and ask her to go up stairs. With light taps on her shoulder, he tried to wake her up. Maya stirred in her sleep but continued to sleep some more. It seemed as though she’s in a deep slumber.

“Maya.. Wake up.” He shook her shoulder one last time but still, she didn’t wake up.

With no other choice left, he carried her up stairs to their room and laid her comfortably on her side of the bed.

He stared at her sleeping figure. As he watches his wife, he is silently hoping that it’s Sandy. He knows it is wrong, yet he cannot stop his heart from saying so.

As he lays on his side of the bed, Maya stirred and shifted her position such that her arm is on top of his chest. Maya is hugging him. He slowly lifted it up to put back on her side but she held him tighter. In the end, he let her hug him that night and closed his eyes thinking that it’s Sandy who’s beside him.

He smiled contentedly with the thought.

(A/N: Now, after reading all of your comments, may mga gustong hiwalayan ni Richard yung wife for the FA, right? Nyaha. Comments? :3)

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38 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 5: The Legal Wife

  1. Waahhh grabe ang twist at tlagang umikot kme sa gulat my goodness ms.kate pra din tong notes from the heart ah…c maya lng ang in love tapos kung kelan wla na saka nya na realize maya nya pala c maya dios ko.. semana santa nga….

  2. Sabi ko na nga ba eh! Natuwa ako na tama ang hula ko pero mas nalungkot ako dahil sya pala talaga yung wife. Grabe, kawawang-kawawa ang character ni Maya sa halos lahat ng fanfic. But I trust you that you’ll give justice to her character and Richard’s character as well in this story. I’m looking forward for the next chapters, kahit masakit.

    • Correct ka diyan sis Zyda akala all this time si Mayabeld yung FA na kinalolokohan ng Ricky di ko alam na sia pala ang “The Legal Wife” ano ba yan kawawa naman siya please Ms Katey !!! Kung di Lang biyernes santo eh baka na itapon na yan sa kawalan !!! Sana naman di basta basta sumuko ang Maya kay Ricky!!! Imbiyerna ako Kay Ricky sa totoo Lang …next na please…..

  3. Naku po… Maling akala … Isako yang Sandy na iya. Kainis ka ms. Kate hindi expected na ganito magiging twist ng story… Now im more eager to read the next chapter…

  4. Following the story, I was hoping that Maya plays the wife of Richard and I’m glad that she was….the legal wife. The more reason my sympathy goes for Richard’s wife being Maya. Eventually Richard will have a change of heart when he looses Maya. And before he knew it, Maya is the one that was really meant for him….his one true love…the one that got away….

  5. Just can’t help but leave a comment here. I was really WOW (can’t explain the feeling) shocked and surprised! Never thought that MAYA is the wife. Must admit that my heart broke into pieces the moment I’ve read that RICHARD is already married. But after reading this! I feel great. Eventhough he doesn’t love maya YET, the important is, she is his wife. And that’s what matters. Looking forward for the next chapter and another twist. Super thanks for this! (wink)

  6. Ah now here you see sympathy for the two ladies involved with Richard. You feel sorry the two ladies.

    And here, Richard is NOT in love with Maya. In fact, he would like nothing better than to leave her and file annulment.

    This happens in real life. Nobody is the winner here.

  7. Oh nooo!!! Hope that Maya let Richard do what he wants. Then he will find out that Sandy is possessive, OC, nagger. He will then realize the difference between Maya and Sandy. Please don’t make Maya suffer so much. Kawawa nman.

  8. Ha? Si Maya? Hindi inlove si Richard sa kanya?… Ano ba yan? Sana may development man lng.. I’ll try to go with the flow, let’s see.. Mali akala ko..
    Thanks for the update!

  9. oh no!!! this is so unfair:( ang sakit naman nun!!! yun ang tinatawag na twist!! twist if events!! haha ang galing mo naman katey:) nagulat kami doon ha.. pero paano na? may pagasa pa ba? haaayyyy… sabi nga ni liza wag papatalo.. talagang yang si sandy.. maisasako! heheheh thank you ulit!!

  10. I knew it!!! I was right from the very start that Maya is the wife… gosh this is heartbreaking but I have faith in love… that in due time Richard will realize that he loves Maya more than this FA (I couldn’t even say her name), he just didn’t know it yet… if only Richard will give Maya a chance, he will surely feel something different for her… Let go of this FA Richard.. and Ms. Katey thanks for the update..

    • By the way Ms. katey you’re so good with the twist… I too had doubts about the FA and his Wife… but my instinct tells me that the wife is Maya… i can tell that this is one hell of a roller coaster love story… a lot of us may be heartbroken as the story goes but what excites us more is how will Richard fall in love with Maya… after all we all do love happy endings…

  11. Hay naku naman at Sandy pala yun FA,tsek ko nga yun previous chapter at wala nga name….naman…naman..naman..sige akap pa Maya,you have every right!

  12. Silent reader pero napacomment na sa sobrang shock hahaha… Di tuloy ako makatulog. Thanks Ms. katey for this good plot… May rainbow naman for sure yan wink!

  13. im also a silent reader and di ko rin mapigilan magcomment!!! ang galing ms. katey ng twist, ramdam na ramdam ko yung sakit on maya’s part, loving someone so much but that someone is in love with somebody else. sana ms. katey maya will have a hold on richard, kahit hindi agad agad ma fall si richard kay maya. i hope may milagrong maganap that richard will not leave maya . sana makita ni richard at maramdaman na mahal na mahal sya ni maya. waaaaahhhhhhhh ang sakit sa puso while richard is wishing maya is sandy , mukhang babaha ang luha pag may nangyari kay richard and maya then suddenly richard will utter sandy’s name =( (just my imagination)

  14. Ouch! Grabe naman itong si Richard! Wow, as in nainis talaga ako sa character nya dito to even think na mas prefer nya yung Sandy kasama? This is so gee-ar-ar-ar! Anyway, i sooo like the story! Curious as to what will happen next. Thanks and more power! 😉

  15. Wahhh!!!! Ang Sakit sa dibdib.. Grabee! Mistaken Identity! Nangatog ung tuhod ko nung nabasa ko ito.. all along akala ko si Maya ung FA pero hindi pala.. wahhh!! Blaxk Saturday pa naman ngaun.. Nanlamig ako! Promise!

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