The One That Got Away- Chapter 6: A Flicker of Hope

Chapter 6: A Flicker of Hope

“Oo, girl!” She exclaimed on the other line. It is ten in the morning and Maya is talking to her close friend, Eds.

“You mean, you fell asleep sa living room and then nagising ka nung ginigising ka niya but hindi ka gumising kunyari dahil hinihintay mo kung anong gagawin nya?”

“Yes. And then he carried me up stairs! Then I opened my eyes slightly and I saw him staring at me! And he smiled!! Tapos kunyari I’m still sleeping and I hugged him, at first parang ayaw nya but then he allowed me. That’s a first!” She stated giddily.

“Oh-kay. And the thing is?”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “The thing is, baka naman may gusto na din siya sa’kin. Sa tingin mo?” She asked her friend.

She is on a good mood since she woke up that morning remembering the things that transpired. That is the closest romantic way ever that they slept in that bed. It felt like she is still dreaming.

“Well, I hope so. Pero akala ko ba may babae yang si Ricky mo?” Eds’ question brought her back to reality. Yet, her mind has already an answer for that.

“Sa tingin ko kasi, it’s just another flavor of the month ni Richard. I’m sure of it.” Maya told Eds surely

“Eh paano kung hin-”

“Hep hep! Wag ka na kasing nega naman!” She cut her friend off. She doesn’t want to hear any negative thoughts about their relationship with Richard now.

“Okay, friend. Basta ayoko lang umasa ka ng umasa. Ang tagal mo na umaasa, girl!”

She bit her lip. Eds is right, yet she knows she also has a headstart in the game. “Hanggang ako ang asawa niya, may pag-asa.”

Richard is waiting for Sandy in their favorite coffee shop with a bouquet of flowers at hand and a smile plastered on his face as he scanned the people who are passing outside the shop.

When Sandy alighted from the doors of the shop, Richard smiled widely. It’s as if everything inside the shop were in slow-mo. It happens everytime and at first it felt awkward because it’s as if he is a teenager out with his first girlfriend but now he no longer cares. He is happy and in love.

When their eyes met, she immediately made her way to him. He stood up and waited until his lady love reached her. “Hi my love.” He greeted her and handed the bouquet.

“Thanks.” She kissed him. “Sorry if I keep you waiting, nadelay kasi yung flight ng konti.” She explained as they sat across each other.

“It’s alright, may inaayos din naman kaming plane today.”

She took a sip of the frappe that he ordered for her earlier and caught Richard staring at her. “Bakit?” She asked.

“Anong bakit?”

“Bakit ka nakatitig sa’kin.”

“It’s just that, you’re very pretty.” He said which made Sandy blush.

“Well, thank you.” She answered and gave him a quick kiss. “A reward from the compliment”

“Wow. I think I should do it often.” He said and they laughed.

A couple of beeps were heard from Richards phone afterwards. Messages came in his phone. He glances at the screen and found Maya’s name flashing on his screen. He sighed and put it back on his pocket leaving the messages unread.

“Hm.. My love, after this can we watch a movie?” She requested.

“Anything for you.”

They ended up watching a foreign rom-com movie. Surprisingly, Richard enjoyed watching a movie with someone, add to the fact that it’s a romantic chick film. Maybe it’s the company, he usually gets bored whenever he watches a movie with Maya and ended up sleeping on his seat.

“Ang cute ng story no?” Sandy asked Richard when they headed out the theater. Their eyes adjusting with the sudden light that hit their eyes after the darkness.


“I find him cute”

“Who?” He asked with his eyebrows raised. Seriously scanning the mall looking for any man that she could find cute.

She chuckled with his reaction. “The lead character in the movie! Nagseselos ka naman agad eh!” She laughed some more.

“Stop making fun of my feelings.” He acted hurt.

“Asuuus! Stop being so pa-cute my love.” She said and gave him a kiss on his lips.

“You know what? I’ve realized I should do it often, making pa-cute and complimenting you.”

She smiled at his realizations. “Well then, you’ll get more of this.” And she started kissing him again. More and more and more.

The blanket keeps on bothering her no matter how hard she tries to move or lie still. She just can’t sleep. It is not really the blanket, rather those thoughts that Richard and another girl is spending another quality time with each other.

She reached for the empty space of the bed. She misses him there although he doesn’t seemed to care for her, she still wants to see him sleeping peacefully beside her.

How could he not even dare to answer any of her messages to him? Even just a single one. She hates how he is treating her yet she cannot complain.

The night is very quiet as if a single movement would create a noise. She remembered that Manang Fe informed her that Richard will go home late because of his pending reports that he needs to finish.

She didn’t buy it. She doubt it. Usually, when there are works that he needed to finish, he will go home and spend the rest of the night in his home office, but not now. Not anymore. And she knows that he is spending his time with another girl. Something creeps in her heart. That feeling which she hates the most. It hurts like hell yet she cannot do anything about it.

A tear fell from her eye. “Okay lang yan. After a few weeks or days, he will find someone new. Ganyan naman siya. Just wait. Tama. Fling lang nya yan.” She muttered and dozed off to sleep after.

It is not a beautiful morning the next day. With the sun hiding behind the clouds, Maya’s day couldn’t get any brighter as well. When she woke up, Richard is still not in their room. She frowned and became sad, yet she managed to hold back her tears.

“Goodmorning Maya.” Manang Fe greeted her when she reached the dining table. Manang Fe is busy preparing the table. However, she noticed that there is only a single plate on the table.

“Uh.. Manang, si Ricky po?”

“Ah. Eh kakatapos lang kumain, maaga bumangon. Nandiyan pa ata kakalabas lang. Kinuha yung susi ng kotse kanina sa opisina niya.” She told Maya. And with that, Maya rushed out the house hoping to cast a glance at him. She’s been dying to see him since last night.

She saw Richard who was about to open the car door. She called out his name and he looked at her. He looks dashing as ever. She can feel how her heart beats so fast. “Good morning, Sweetheart!” She greeted very sweetly and kissed him on his lips.

He saw him shook his head yet he greeted her back a good morning. As casual and cold as he usually does.

“Uhhh.. Anong oras ka na nakauwi kagabi?” She wanted to have a conversation with him. Even a few more minutes.

“Late.” He answered as he keeps on looking at his watch. “I have to go, I’m running late.” He said and opens his car door.

She reached for his arm to stop him one last time. “Ah wait! Ano.. Kasi..”

“Hurry up.”

“Okay, sorry. Uh..I’m wondering if pwede mo ba akong samahan bukas? Weekend na and our parents will be busy tomorrow so naisip ko na tayo na lang ang umalis. Let’s watch a movie please?” She begged.

He sighed and shrugged. “Alright” was his short and cold answer and with that he left her waving at him. She’s smiling yet her eyes were not happy. How she wished she could make him fall for her sooner. Because as days passes, she can feel that Richard is slowly fleeting away and her feelings growing strong.

Saturday came. Maya is just so excited during weekends. She will be able to spend the whole weekend with Richard. They can sit, talk, and eat together. Her mind wanders off on how this day would be.

Her and Richard in the dark room of the cinema. Him feeding her popcorn, them holding each other’s hands, him drapping his arm on her shoulder, and her leaning on his chest. It’ll be perfect. But of course, that didn’t happen.

What comes next is that they are seated beside each other watching a chick flick while Maya is so focus on the movie, Richard is sleeping beside her. Instead of him holding her hand, she reached for his hand and held it tight. That is the same scenario everytime they went out together. She is happy, he is not.

She pursed her lip holding back her tears. She can’t cry yet. The scene is not that sad for her to cry. Everyone in the room is laughing so it felt weird that her tears are flowing free from her eyes. She let it fall. No one can notice her crying. Not even the guy who is seated beside her that is the reason for her tears. She just hates how much she loves him.

“How did you find the movie?” She asked him once the credits started rolling and the lights are turned back on.

Richard stood up from his seat and shrugged. “I don’t know. Cheesier as it is. Same as before.” He answered totally unmindful of the words he’s saying.

SAME AS BEFORE? “What do you mean by Same as before?” She had to ask. Her instinct is telling her that he had watched it before. And of course, he’s not alone. For sure, he’s with another girl. She frowned with the thought.

Walking side by side on their way out of the cinema, Richard stopped walking for a few second. Words just slipped from his mouth! Damn. He resumed walking afterwards, not wanting Maya to doubt. “Uh.. You know, same as before with the other cheesy movies.”

Maya could just nod her head. But in reality she didn’t believe his alibi. “Anyway, I’m hungry let’s eat muna?”

“Alright. But I have to go home after. I need to finish something.” He said.

Maya smiled sweetly at him and nodded. “Sige, sweetheart!” She reaches for his hand and intertwined their fingers as they walk their way to the nearest restaurant that they saw.

“Girl, yung Richard ba na jowa mo ay owner ng isang Aviation Services?”

“Ha? I don’t know, although ang alam ko lang he does work sa nagmamaintain ng planes. I think mataas position nya but I never asked. Why?”

“Well, kasi nakita ko kasi sa isang magazine yung name ng bf mo. Though hindi ko pa din sya nakikita, ang nakalagay kasi dun he do maintenance ng airplanes tapos, he is married blah blah blah.” He animatedly told Sandy

“I don’t think that’s him.” She answered. “And anyway, I asked him already about dun sa nakita kong kasama nyang girl before. Sabi nya, not his girlfriend daw.” She shrugged

“What?! You saw him with someone else before?” He exclaimed. Sandy nodded. “Eh ano daw nya yon? Kapatid? Pinsan?”

Sandy didn’t know how to answer. She never asked him again ever since. She answered with another shrug

“Kaloka. Mamaya hindi nga nya girlfriend pero baka fiance, or asawa” he faces his friend with arms crossed

“For sure hindi.” She said and walked away.

Sandy is doing her day off shopping that day with Manuel, her gay friend. They are almost done shopping for new things and agreed to eat first before strolling some more.

As Manuel and her were inside the restaurant, her eyes roamed around the room looking for a vacant table. As her eyes shifted some more from table to table, she saw a familiar man sitting on a table with someone. Her heart momentarily stopped. She no longer needs to go near her just to confirm that it’s him. She is so sure. So sure that it’s him and that he’s with the woman whom she saw that he’s with the last time.

“Manuel, yung sinasabi mong magazine, pwedeng makita? And sa iba na din tayo kumain.” With a huff, Sandy left the restaurant followed by a confused Manuel.

the next chapter will not be that soon tho. Thanks for the comments. πŸ™‚


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26 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 6: A Flicker of Hope

  1. While reading this, sa first line pa lang naiiyak na ako! then habang binabasa ko ito Umiyak na tlaga ako! Hindi ko na kinaya.. itinigil ko na muna ung pagbabasa.. Hindi naman sa OA ako kasi Akala ko talaga kasi dati na si Maya ung FA, pero hindi pala.. habang binabasa ko ito parang nadudurog ung puso ko ng dahan-dahan… but I know I’ll get used to it.. Na-Shock lang siguro ako sa revelation.. I need to process it in my brain muna.. But Thank You for the update..

  2. Di ko din nakaya at naiyak din ako para kay Maya…ang bigat ng loob ko affected lang matauhan na sana si Maya at iwan na Lang niya si Ricky I’m liking him right sana makahanap si Maya ng talagang magmamahal sa kanya Hindi yung siya Lang ang magmamahal…….. any update for “AFTER THE WEDDING”

  3. I must say, selfish ni Richard, why not hiwalayan na lang nya si Maya habang nakikipagrelasyon sya kay Sandy, sa huli for sure sya ang luhaan, kasi sabay na mawawala sa kanya sina Maya at Sandy (at inunahan ko na talaga. hahaha) Looks like matinong babae din si Sandy at mahirap magalit sa kanya, kasi wala naman syang idea kung anu status ni Richard, and si Maya, kelangan talagang manhid manhiran? martir martiran? maya doest deserve cold treatment from Richard, and Richard doesnt deserve Maya and Sandy.. mag isa sya.. hahaha.. affected much..

  4. I don’t believe Richard love that woman Sandy. I can only say what he feels is just physical attraction or maybe lust at first sight. Real love takes longer to develop the reason why Maya is giving Richard more time and space. It will just be a matter of time when Richard will discover Maya’s true beauty that is reflected in her soul….it is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows is only for him, always for him.

    For Maya, patience is a virtue. It is one of her valuable character trait that will soon be paid off when Richard eventually fall head over heels in love with his beautiful wife.

    “True beauty isn’t shown, it’s earned. True love isn’t seen, but you know it’s there.”

  5. I don’t think Richard cares about Maya or what happens to her. He is focused on Sandy. Even mundane things are more fun to him if Sandy is his companion.

    I don’t know what will it take for Richard to fall for Maya. Hopeless case and dating. No spark.

    • The author begin this story with a twist. Perhaps the ‘second coming’ of another twist is in the offing when Richard will make a 180 degree turn of falling head over heels in love with his wife. The author must have good reason why Richard must act or appear nonchalant to his wife. Richard’s change of heart will be a triumphant for Maya for being so magnanimous and this moment will be one really great chapter in this fanfic that will be worth waiting..

      As for Richard’s change of heart, I wish the author will introduce a new character in the story that has an interesting and more powerful personality than Richard that will take a deep interest with Maya to the consternation of Richard to make him notice Maya and become jealous and feel insecure. Just a wishful thinking for ms.katey….hi!.

  6. I feel sad for both ladies. (since clueless pa si Sandy, hindi muna ako maaasar sa kanya haha) Parehong pinaglalaruan yung feelings nila. Masyadong selfish si Richard, nakakaasar. Sana mabilis lang yung pacing ng struggles ni Maya kasi sobrang nakakaawa sya. I hope malapit na yung chapter na hihiwalayan na nya si Richard at dun nya marealize yung importance ni Maya. πŸ™‚ At sana yung paghahabol ni Richard kay Maya yung maraming susunod na chapters para good vibes tayong lahat. πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks Ms kate for this chapter. I think in the next chapters someone as good looking and wealthy as Richard will cross the path of Maya and take an interest to this loving woman. That will be the awakening of Richard. If i am not mistaken Sandy is morally upright so she will stay away from Richard. observation lang po nangingialam. hehehe alis lungkot lang Chuwee .

  8. Ayyy sis zaida kaboog ang idea mo sana ganun nga ang mangyari… sobrang awa ko na kay maya dito… saka tingin ko hindi nman flirt c sandy… bka pag nlamn nya na c richard ay married na at super bait pa na asawa nya bka xa na mismo ang lalayo kay richard….

  9. ke maya ako naaasar…seriously maya?…seriously!!!…lunukin na lang lahat?…ke sandy ako naaawa…at richard…napaka ha…may flavor of the month…like monthly…like iba iba…while married?…umayos ka….

    thought provoking…as well as heart breaking…story katey….

  10. I think Sandy’s character is not that good kasi from the earlier chapter of this story her BF was the one who broke up with her for her possessiveness and selfishness. And I do hope Richard will discover this character of her soon kasi sobrang kawawa nman c Maya:(

  11. Sarap kutusan ni richard dito ah pero mas masarap makutusan si sandy hahaha….wawa naman si mayabells so martir 😦

  12. IDK if I can keep reading this much longer 😦
    I won’t.. no I CANT bare RICHARD falling inlove this other girl :/
    how come all fanfics this week was such full of heartaches? 😦

  13. It’s Sandy I feel sorry for.she is the innocent victim in all this. Richard has a track record in infidelity, Maya just turns a blind eye to everything. But Sandy has no clue what is going on.

    For me, Maya should get a life of her own. She and Richard would be happier if they separate.

    If Richard wants Maya (and I’m convinced he doesn’t) , he can court her (which I doubt).

    Hayaan na lang si Richard and Sandy. Mag pa-annul na lang si Richard and Maya.

    Well, that is what would happen in real life!

  14. Grabe, why am I so affected sa story na to? Nakakaloka si Richard! Curious ako as to how things would turn up between him and Maya, masyadong martyr ang character ni Maya, how and when would Richard Realize Maya’s worth? hmmm… Maybe after Maya finds out everything, she’ll let go of Richard, pull herself up and a whole new Maya will stand out! Braver, fiercer, Stronger, bolder! Version 2.0!!! And I am so excited!!! Brilliant! I love this story! keep it up and more power! πŸ˜‰

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