The One That Got Away- Chapter 7: Bonding

Chapter 7: Bonding

That Sunday morning, Maya and Richard took a two-hour journey from their house to Richard’s resthouse. A Sunday is usually spend this way with Maya and Richard’s parents. They will have a simple lunch and dinner together. It’s been like this for the past three years. And these days are the only day in a week that Maya is always looking forward to.

They would often act as a happy couple. Richard would treat her very well sweet, even. Before, she’s contented to this but now it’s different. She doesn’t want him to act as if he’s happy with her anymore. She wanted everything to be real.

It’s as if she’s brought back to those days when they are playing..From the get-go. She is playing with her barbie doll while Richard would always save that doll using his Superman action figure. They were happy during those days but why can’t it be the same way before?

The car halted outside their resthouse. Richard held her hand and pulled her inside. She intertwined their fingers and held it tight, Richard didn’t mind and just continued to walk inside the living room.

Teresita and Arturo same as with Esme and Roberto rushed to them as soon as the couples saw them coming in. They embraced and kissed their children and ushered inside. Maya was afraid to let go of Richard’s hand, fortunately for her, he didn’t let go. He still held her hand as they walk their way inside with their parents asking them questions one after the other.

Once they are settled in the dining table, Maya placed some food on Richard’s plate. She knows too well what food he likes even what amount of food he can consume. He didn’t seem to mind and allowed his wife to do her wife duties as he answers the question of his father about their business.

A moment of comfortable silence ensued as they pause for a while to munch some food. But someone broke it, and the question was thrown to Maya and Richard like a grenade.

“Hanggang ngayon, hindi nyo pa din kami mabigyan ng apo.” Arturo said to the two while Esme, Teresita and Roberto nods their head in agreement.

“Oo nga naman, kayong dalawa talaga. Tuwing linggo na lang yun ang hinihintay naming announcement na manggaling sa inyo, pero wala pa din.” Esme told them.

Maya remained quiet. She, too wanted to have kids sooner with Richard yet she knows that is impossible at the moment. She couldn’t answer the question so she just gave a smile. He was surprised when Richard cleared his throat and gave his answer. As if it’s the easiest question thrown at him.

“Well, we are working on it Ma, Pa..” He said as his eyes transfers from their parents. Of course it was a lie!

They all nodded yet another question popped in their parents’ minds. “Eh, hanggang ngayon still working on it?” Teresita asked.

“Baka naman may isang may problema? Magpatingin na nga kayo. Excited na talaga kami magka-apo eh!” Roberto added and the other elderly on the table nodded.

Richard chuckled and answered. “Don’t worry, everything will have its right time Ma, Pa. Walang may problema. Just leave it to us. Right Sweetheart?” Richard stares back at Maya with a teasing smile on his face. Sometimes, she wonders if it’s real.

“Ah.. Opo.” She answered unable to say anything else. Today, is one of those days when Richard would call her ‘Sweetheart’ her heart loves the sound of it, however it also breaks her heart whenever reality strikes back.

“Okay, fine. Hindi na namin kayo mamadaliin but please sana sooner.” Esme pushed.

“Alright Ma.” He answered.

She can’t help but to say what she truly feels at that moment. “Sana nga po Ma, Pa. Gusto ko na din talaga magka-baby.” She said which earned a smile from their parents.

Richard heaved a sigh and faked a smile. He doesn’t know if she’s also acting or if she really wanted to have their own baby already. He felf uncomfortable with the thought.

“Double time mga anak!” Arturo teased the two which made Maya blush.

After having their hearty lunch, the gentlemen stayed in the living room talking about their business while the ladies are all in the kitchen baking some cookies and cakes for their dinner.

Maya is busy as she stirs the bowl of flour and egg. It is good to keep her mind occupied for a while. She needed a little break from overthinking.

“Maya, gusto nyo ba magbakasyon? Para naman mapabilis ang apo namin!” Esme told her which startled her. Some of the flour scattered on the table.

“Ma naman!” She exclaimed.

“Oh bakit? Anak naman, hindi na kami bumabata.” Her mother added.

“Eh Ma, busy si Richard. Saka na lang po, okay na muna siguro yung kaming dalawa muna.” Maya said shyly, although she wanted the idea, she doesn’t want to force Richard in a thing that he doesn’t like.

Sandy went to Manuel’s house after their shoppping. She is holding the magazine that Manuel is telling her. After that incident of seeing him with that same woman for the second time, she doesn’t believe Richard anymore that the girl is not his girlfriend. For sure she is!

After a few flips from the pages of the magazine, her heart skipped a beat. She just can’t believe what she just had read. The article tells it all, Richard is indeed married! She’s now sure that it’s Richard in the picture. Her heart broke once more as tears started to fall from her eyes. True enough, the girl is not his girlfriend but rather his wife!

“Girl?” Manuel went to her side and rubbed her back as she cried her lungs out.

“Manny,.. It’s.. I-it’s him!” She yelled.

“My gosh!” Manuel gasps and covered his mouth. He worriedly looked at his friend who is now crying so hard beside him.

“Ano na plano mo girl?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll talk to him” she said.

“Then? Pag inamin nya what will you do?”

She paused and tried to control her sobs. Her mind seemed not to know the right answer to Manuel’s question. She doesn’t know what she will do. Sure thing, she’s hurt. Deeply hurt. Yet, she cannot get angry at him. Her love is just so strong. She hates how he affects her like this.

“I don’t know. Ayokong maging home wrecker. But.. B-but.. I.. ” She sighed “I’m not sure. We still should talk.”

“What’s this, Pa?” Richard asked his father, when he handed him a white envelope.

“Well, open it. It’s a gift from us.”

He stared at his father for awhile looking confused and shifted his gaze back to what he is holding. He slowly opened it and was surprised to see what’s inside.

“What is this for?”

“I told you, it’s a gift from us.”

“Pa, para nga san?”

“For vacation lang yan Richard. Para sa inyo ng anak ko.” Maya’s father, Arturo answered him this time.

He shook his head and closed his eyes for a few seconds. As he opened his eyes, he saw hopeful stares from his and Maya’s father. He shook his head again in disbelief. Staring at the plane tickets, he doesn’t know how he should react.

“Thanks.” He answered coldly.

“You’re welcome! Have a great vacation with Maya in HongKong, son!”

They are on their way home after the dinner with their parents. Richard kept silent inside the car. Maya doesn’t mind, he is like this ever since. This is not new to her so she kept her eyes focused on the cars window embracing the silence surrounding them.

“Maya, next week we will be leaving.” He said without glancing at her. He turned the stirring wheel to the left and fixed his eyes on the road.

Maya glances at him and asked, “Ha? Saan tayo pupunta.”

“Out of the country.”

Her eyes widened. Why are they leaving the country? Is it only the two of them? Where are they going? She wanted to ask so many questions to Richard but she might annoy him. “Uhh.. Saan tayo pupunta at bakit?”

“In Hongkong. Our parents’ gift.” He answered her questions.

“Tayo lang?”

He sighed and said “Yes”

Maya’s lips slowly crept up for a smile. She just can’t hide it. She will be leaving the country with Richard! She remembered how they spent their honeymoon before, they went to Paris. They are not that sweet during that two weeks there but sure enough, Richard had been very attentive and gentleman to her. He is also caring during those times. She can’t wait to feel that side of him again.

“Okay!” She beamed.

sorry if matagal magupdate. Ojt days. I can only update on weekends. Ciao. :))


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18 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 7: Bonding

  1. Too short ,,, at sandy for your info maya is the LEGAL WIFE kabit ka pa rin kahit saang anggulo kwawa ka kya hiwalayan na yang c ricardo at maya nman di na uso ang martir…. tsk tsk ano to THE LEGAL WIFE???? richard and maya version goshhh uso din pala sa fanfic… hehehe

  2. thank you katey:) tanung ko lang, malalaman ba ni maya yung about kay sandy? naisip ko lang unfair naman sa kanya kung she’ll be the last to know.. medyo magrrollee coaster ang takbo ng story for sure.. parang the legal wife lang ang peg.. hehehehe.. pero masakit sa kanya yun di ba? maya has been so faithful to him, and true to what she feels for him.. pero richard doesn’t feel the same way 😦 everything is just a cover up.. when will be the time that he will realize maya’s significance in his life? hmmmm… till your next update πŸ™‚ enjoy your ojt!

  3. hhhmmmm sana pag nalaman na ni Maya ang tungkol kay Sandy she will do everything to make Richard realized what he was doing was wrong and unfair she will do something to make him realized he had hurt the person whom who could love him unconditionally and eventually change, and sana Maya will do something para marealize ni Richard tht he love pala his wife and he cannot live without her, yung tipong he will regret everything na ginawa nya to hurt Maya, yung tipong mahihirapan s’ya and yung tipong he will have a lesson that he will never ever forget talaga, yung s’ya naman ang masaktan this time.

    Maya, wag masyadong magpaka martir, Richard don’t deserve to have you.

  4. This is an interesting story, but I just dnt think a RL becomes a two-timer.. He usually clears up one and stand his ground if he doesnt have a feeling for the one..
    But I’m open to this, quite a chellenge for you but i cnt wait for the next chap..let’s see how it becomes Maya&RL parin..
    Thanks tor the update!

  5. I think all of us have the same reaction and comments I hate how Richard is on this story kawawa si Maya and I hope Maya sana tumigil ka nang magpakamartyr sa asawa mo bigyan mo na siya na ultimatum better yet iwan mo na Lang you deserve a better than him…..I’m so hating Richard hayyyy !!! Nakakaloka…please naman next chapter na.

  6. Basically in a relationship its “you don’t know what you have until it is gone”. And once it is gone its “the one that got away. I only wish in this story, the one that got away is Maya. She doesn’t deserved to be treated indifferently by a her philandering husband. Maya deserve someone who will love her without a need to sacrifice her dignity and self-worth.

  7. For 3 years of being together i bet Richard is so used of Maya being around him thus most of the time he doesn’t mind those sweet gestures that they do with each other. Until such time na Maya will eventually leave him maybe pag nagka bukingan at tuluyan ng bibitaw si Maya, only then Richard will realize and will miss those sweet gestures he does only with Maya. I’m looking forward to that day of realization….at ang sweet revenge of Maya to give Richard his share of pains and sufferings. Antay ka ng karma Richard!

    • Maya and Richards are the central characters in this fanfic. It is their story and therefore can claim credit to the title of the story. They are the protagonist who ends up in conflict because of the antagonist played by Sandy’s character. The protagonist are the most important character to the story and are most identified with the readers.. The title of the story THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY should belong to either Richard or Maya.

  8. I think it’s Maya. Di pa lang na realize ni Richard kasi nga immune siya sa presence… pero pag nawala na hahanap hanapin niya then he’ll realize na mahal niya si Maya…. hmmm excited na ko sa next chapters …

  9. For Maya to have any dignity left, she should leave RIchard, seek an annulment and carve out a life for herself. That will make Richard realize what he had with Maya in the first place. I have a feeling that Maya will be ‘the one that got away’.

  10. Sana maka hanap si maya ng para sa kanya tapos maramdaman ni Richard ung mga pinag Gagawan Nya dati.. Makita ni Richard Kung gano kasaya si maya sa ibang lalaki tapos mag sisi sya ng bonga.. Sa una masaya sya na nakipag hiwalay si maya pero pag Nakita Nya ung mga mata at ngiti ni maya na masaya aun sabog dibdib Nya

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