The One That Got Away- Chapter 11: Meeting the Monster

Chapter 11: Meeting the Monster

“Maya, I’m so sorry kung papaiwan ko muna si Richard ha? May sakit kasi ang papa niya eh nagpupumilit na siya na mag-aasikaso ng kailangan dyan sa company, eh ang sabi ko si Richard na lang tutal nandiyan na din naman siya.” Richard’s mother, Esmeralda called Maya one Sunday afternoon on the day of their flight back to Manila.

The whole week with him still feels like a roller coaster ride. How she wished that it only goes up, but too bad for her there is just so much downs as well. Sometimes, she is confused on Richard’s actions towards her. One moment, he’s very nice and caring then one time, he’ll be distant again. Sometimes she is thinking that maybe being distant to her is all because of his work. She noticed that it’ll start whenever he got home from, what he says, is late dinner meeting with his client. She believes that, she doesn’t want to entertain negative thoughts anymore.

She glances at Richard who is now busy unpacking his things from his luggage that Maya prepared.

He lifted his eyes to Maya, their eyes met. She nodded at him and he went back to unpacking his things.

“Sige po, Ma. Okay lang po.” She said.

“O siya, hija. Sabi ko kay Ricky ihatid ka sa airport aabot pa naman siya sa meeting mamaya. Mag-ingat ka ha?”

“Opo, Ma.”

“Nag-enjoy ka ba anak?”

“Opo. Masaya naman po kami.”

“Good. Aasa na ba kami?”

“Saan po?” She asked, confused

“Sa apo! Aba, isang linggo kayo diyan.” She teased, Maya blushed as memories that happened the night after their Disneyland trip came in.





“O sige na nga, di na kita kukulitin. Bye hija!” Esmeralda’s tone was teasing. She knew, something had happened. Finally.

The night in Disneyland, on the moment of the last set of fireworks in the sky, Richard turned his gaze to his side where Maya is standing. Their eyes locked and as if it’s all spur of the moment, where the place and everything else just feels so right, Richard leaned forward and his lips landed on hers.

They kissed. It started as a light kiss but as moment passes, Richard pulled her closer and kissed her hungrily. For a while, Maya was surprised but reacted in the same passion. She’s very happy. She felt wanted and loved.

He broke off the kiss, catching his breath. His eyes showed desire which Maya saw only that night.

“I don’t think I am enjoying seeing Mickey anymore. I wanted to see something much more.” He whispered close to her ear that sent shivers to Maya. She knew what he meant and nodded in agreement.

Richard drove his rented car as fast as he could but with the allowed limit. He doesn’t know why that night, he found her very attractive. All he knows is that, he wants her.

As soon as they reached their hotel room, Richard locked the door and started kissing Maya once again. He carried her and laid her on their bed, kissing and touching every part of her body. Maya is in cloud nine, she doesn’t know the different feelings that’s bubbling up inside her. All she knows is that it feels so good.

Richard is kissing her neck and pulled his shirt off then followed by Maya’s top. Like as if he’s in a hurry. “Ri-chaard” she whispered.

“Ricky..” She called again

He paused for a while and looked at her as if asking her why? “Can I take a shower first?”

“No need for that.”


“No.” He said firmly and in a swift move, he took all of her clothes off and started kissing her again.

Maya slept afterwards with a smile plastered on her face. They made love. That’s what she’s calling what just had happened. She only hopes that Richard is indeed in love with her. She murmured her “I love you” to him but she only got a weak smile.

Sun rays slips in through their hotel’s window that morning when Maya stirred on their bed. She slowly opens her eyelids only to find Richard’s side empty. She is still sore, yet she stood up to know where Richard was but she couldn’t find him. He’s not in their hotel room anymore. She should be happy waking up after making love with her husband, but he’s not beside her. She wanted to wake up seeing his sleeping form. But then, his space is empty.

She took a shower and asked for a room service. She waited for him to come back that morning, but he didn’t. She texted him and even tried to call him but he never answered his phone.

At exactly 3 in the afternoon, Richard came back with a bag of food. “I’m so sorry, I just got a client call earlier.” He explained as he walks pass her.

“It’s alright. I understand.” She really do hope that he’s not lying.

“Anyway, kumain na muna tayo. Then let’s go shopping.” He said and planted a kiss on her hair. Richard could be so confusing at times.

“You take care while I’m away. Nanduon naman sila Manang para samahan ka. You can do whatever you want. Go shopping, spa or something.”

She nodded. It’s been years since she stopped working to be a full time house wife. That, she thinks will make it easier for them to get developed with each other. If she will stay at home and be there whenever he needed her, then he will feel loved. And she still thinks that’s the best set up, even though most of the time she’s bored staying at home, she would just volunteer helping in household chores.

“Sige, wag mo akong problemahin, I’ll be fine. Tapusin mo na lang agad yung work dito.”

“I’ll try. Anyway, I still have a lot of things to do back home.”

Richard bid goodbye to Maya and handed her her luggage. Maya stared at Richard for a while and engulfed him in a hug. She will definitely miss him. “See you soon”

“Yeah. Bye.” He embraced her back

Maya is already settled in her seat with the plane now flying in the air. She sighs. Surely, she had a lot of memories to treasure there in HK.

The flight attendant of the plane soon came with beverages in her sort of cart, asking every passenger what they want. When the FA stopped in Maya’s seat, Maya felt someone staring at her. She looked up and saw a beautiful flight attendant smiling down at her. With the FA’s eyes scrutinizing her. Maya smiled at her.

“Hi, Ma’am. You look so lovely today.” The lady complimented her

“Uh.. Thanks. You, too look good.”

“Thanks ma’am. I’m sure your husband is very lucky to have you.” The FA told her again. She doesn’t know why the FA seemed to want a conversation with her while all she does is to ask the other passengers in the plane what beverage they prefers.

“Well, yeah. I do think so, that your boyfriend must be lucky to have you as well.” She said. Maya then saw the FA’s eyes smiling at her. She cannot understand the feeling that she made her feel but it felt different.

“Yeah. He sure is. We’ll be spending the whole time that he will be here in his hotel room while he’s making sure that their company is doing well here. Isn’t he just so sweet? Still, he makes time for me even though he’s busy.” The FA told her. Maya gave her a weak smile. It isn’t necessary for her to talk about her own private life. As if they’re close.

“Well, lucky for you. Anyway, I would want some soda” Maya asked just for the FA to stop talking to her. She doesn’t know why but she just feel so uncomfortable talking to her. There is something about how she converse with her, and Maya doesn’t like it.

“Here you go, ma’am.” She handed her soda. “Have a good flight back in Manila.” She smiled and winks at her. Maya rolled her eyes when the FA left her. Unknown to her, the FA did the same.

The whole house is quiet when she arrived that evening. It felt empty as it usually feels like. Even though Richard would be home late, she somehow misses his presence. Her thoughts are wandering back there in Hong Kong. Wondering how he’s doing. She misses him, but more than that, she’s very scared. Scared on random things that a wife sometimes would think. Especially, that she is not secured.

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After The Wedding Part 6

After the Wedding Part 6

Maya is waiting for his husband to come and join her at the mall. He promised he would join her in buying new clothes because her old clothes doesn’t fit her anymore.

She texted him a couple of times already but still she got no response from him.

She is getting impatient. The clock keeps on ticking. As the time pass, she is getting angrier.

“Ricardo!” She texted again. And whenever she is calling him that, WW 3 is on.

Ring. Her phone started ringing. The screen is flashing her husband’s name.


After three rings, she answered her phone with annoyance.

“Ricky! Kanina pa ako naghihintay dito! Asan ka na?”

“Hush sweetheart. I’m so sorry. Ang dami kasing meetings. Biglaan.. And-”

She cut him off “eh bakit hindi mo agad sinasabi? Kanina pa ako naghihintay dito.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Magpasundo ka na kay Joma. I really cannot make it. I’m so sorry.” He apologized with his sweetest voice.

“Fine.” She said and immediately hung up. He is not like that before. Even when he’s busy he makes sure that he’ll have time for her. What happened? “Sa simula nga lang ata sila talaga magaling!”


She strolled around the mall by herself that day. She bought new dresses and shoes because most of her clothes is starting to get smaller. Or is it because she is starting to get bigger?

Kaya siguro nagbabago na si Ricky kasi palaki na ako ng palaki.. She thought. Her eyes starting to get misty with just the thought of that. Surely, Richard would often pacify her and assure her that he loves her no matter what. But sometimes, she can’t help but to doubt. Maybe because she’s pregnant, or maybe her instincts were true. Hindi, hindi! Takot lang nya magloko,Maya. She erased that thought away and starts to walk again.

He is calling Maya and has also sent her a number of text messages but she is not responding. The hell! He is worried about her.

He called their home to ask if Joma already picked Maya but she is still not home and hasn’t called Joma to fetch her. He took a deep breath and left the boardroom as soon as he can.

She is mad. Tsk.

He saw her sitting on one of the benches outside the mall near the parking area and terminal. The shopping bags were on the ground while Maya is busy checking on her phone.

He felt guilty upon seeing his wife. She looks mad and sad. Slowly, he made his way near her and as quiet as he could, he sat beside her. Maya looked up at him as she noticed someone beside her and was surprised to see him there. He smiled at her while she frowns.

“Hey, sweetheart. Are you tired?” He asked his wife sweetly. She didn’t answer him and kept mum.

“Maya…” Still, no response.

“Sweetheart, please.. I’m so sorry. Biglaan din kasi yung meeting. Bumawi na nga ako oh, tinapos ko agad yung meeting so that I could fetch you.”

“Kung hindi pa ako nagalit!” She said quite annoyed.

Richard moved a little near his wife and placed his arm on her shoulder as he plants a kiss on her head. “Sorry, but please don’t ever make me worried. You are not answering your phone. Hindi ako mapakali kanina pa.”

“You deserve it.” She stubbornly said

“Okay, I know. Sige na, uwi na tayo?”

“Wait. Kasama mo ba yung secretary mo sa meeting kanina?” She asked out of the blue.

Richard could only raise his eyebrow as he could sense that there’s something with how she had threw the question. “Yes. Why?”

“W-wala naman” she replied, though Richard knew that she’s been jealous ever since with that secretary of his. True, he himself notices how his secretary, Iya would sometimes flirt to him. He would have wanted to fire her but he just can’t afford to lose a secretary at that moment. They are expanding and he badly needs all the help that he could have. And also, he knows how to deal with her.

“I knew it, you are jealous.” He teased her wife while wiggling his brows at her. Maya glared and rolled her eyes.

“Of course not! Mas sexy lang siya sa’kin ngayon pero humanda siya sa’kin kapag tapos kong manganak!” She almost shouted for she could no longer help herself. On the few times that she saw that secretary of her husband, she would always see how she likes her husband. Maya knew that she’s flirting with Richard and she hates it.

Richard mustered all of his power to stop himself from laughing for he knows that it’ll make Maya furious. So, he gave his wife a smile instead. “Hindi daw siya nagseselos..hey, sweetheart.” He cups her face so that she could look at him. “You don’t need to be jealous kahit kanino. You don’t need to be insecure. I love you and only you. Kahit madaming nagkakagusto sa’kin-”

“Kapal ah!” She laughed. He heaved a sigh of relief upon making her laugh.

“That’s true, madami naman ah. But hey, I don’t pay attention to them. My eyes and heart are only for you.” He said and he quickly kissed her lips

“Talaga? Kahit sobrang laki ko na?”

“How many times should I need to tell you na I don’t care how you look? Sweetheart, you are the sexiest woman I could ever know. Especially now-”

“Nambobola ka pa!”

“Hey, of course not. A man couldn’t see any sexier woman in his life compared to his wife carrying their child. You are the most beautiful person I know sweetheart. And again, lalo na ngayon that you’re carrying our baby.”

She smiled at her husband’s sweet words although she knows that he’s trying to pacify her, Maya’s mood suddenly changed. She finds it weird how her mood quickly changes. She engulfed Richard in a hug. “Uwi na tayo, Ricky. Pagod na ako eh.” She requested.

Because of what happened, Richard made a decision to fire Iya and hired a new one and this time, he asked Maya’s approval of who he should hire. He ended up with another female secretary, but not as sexy and beautiful as Iya. He knows that is one of Maya’s requirement more than anything on the applicant’s resume.

Weeks had passed and Maya couldn’t contain her excitement while waiting the baby’s arrival. She is contented on how things are happening. Richard is now more attentive to her as he as well is excited on the coming of their baby. All are counting days that passes by with huge grins on their faces. Another little one will be part of their happy family. A wonderful gift from above.


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The One That Got Away- Chapter 10: Spark

Chapter 10: Spark

The next day, Maya was already wide awake early in the morning watching as the sun rises up. That wonderful scene gave her peace. A much needed peace for her.

Richard stirred from his sleep and with one eye lid opened, he saw Maya on the balcony staring at the sunrise. Somehow, he felt guilty.

“Maya..” He called her. He is walking towards her and stood beside her on the balcony.

“Good morning.” She greeted him without that usual tone of happiness that she usually uses.

“Uh.. I’m so sorry about last night. It’s just that-”

“Okay lang. Wala naman tayo magagawa, di ba? Importante yung trabaho.” She answered and shifted to look at him this time. Her eyes mirrors sadness. “O, sige. Maliligo na ako para makababa na tayo at makapagbreakfast.” She said and made her way to the bathroom. She is really disappointed, they are out of the country but everything are still the same. They are still like that-Distant.

Richard felt guilty again, so with an idea in mind, he didn’t even think and gave in to it. He knocked the bathroom’s door few times. “Maya..”

“Oh?” She shouted to overpower the water coming from the shower.

“Hurry up, okay?”

“Oo na. Saglit lang ako. Bakit, gutom ka na ba?”

“No. We’re going somewhere. Babawi ako.”

Suddenly, the water pouring from the shower stopped. Maya peeked from the door outside with a huge smile plastered on her face while looking at Richard who is standing by the door. “Talaga? Saan?” At that moment, Richard found Maya cute. She looks like that when he would give her candies when they were kids.


“Yehey!!!” Her face lights up even more. “I’ll hurry up.” She closes the door and continues to shower.

Richard chuckled. “Alright, pero magsabon ka pa din ah. Baka mamaya hindi ka na masyado maligo.” He teased.

“Ricky, bilisan mo na.” Maya is standing behind the room’s door with her sling bag and her casual clothes. She is just so excited! Even though the itinerary that she prepared wasn’t followed by them, she is still contented just being with Richard. She is surprised that he asked her to go out with him and add to her excitement, they are going to Disneyland. She loves that place, and would love it even more because she will be with her own prince charming.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Richard is already on his polo shirt and pants, picking up his wallet and putting some perfume on. He could notice the smile that never left Maya’s face, he tried to recall when was the last time he saw her like that but he seemed not to remember.

“Ready?” He asked.

“I’m ready!”

The two left the hotel room with Maya’s arm wrapped on Richard’s. They looked like a happy couple that morning. Richard would steal glances at her and would find her gorgeous. What did she do to look like that today?, he thought. She is very beautiful in every other man’s eyes and to Richard as well but never did he get attracted to her. But that day, he felt happy to see her smiling. Maybe because he felt guilty upon leaving her last night and making her sad. They are friends after all and the last thing that you would want is to see your friend unhappy.

“Ricky, sakyan natin lahat ah? Baka kasi sa mga susunod na araw may biglaan ka na naman na lakad, at least ngayon, araw lang natin.”

Richard kept on smiling, amused by how Maya acts when their rented car landed in Disneyland. She’s like a child on her field trip. She keeps on pulling Richard’s arm pointing everywhere she finds good to take a picture with. Richard is in a good mood that day, allowing Maya to enjoy this day with him. He’s been very caring to her, attending to her needs whether she wanted to take a picture with disney princess, or ask someone to take them a picture together, he willingly do so.

Maya pulled Richard again to the verdant Fantasy Garden to meet her favorite Disney character like Mickey and have a photo op. She’s been giggling while she awaits in line with Richard.

“Ang cute nila Ricky!!” She jumps up and down like a kid, Richard held her by the waist and steadied her.

“Hey, don’t act like a child. They might say that I married a kid.” He teased her that made Maya laugh.

“Sorry, sobrang naexcite kasi ako, tagal na din ng huling punta ko dito eh.”

After having their picture taken with the characters, Maya was ecstatic to ride Cinderella carousel even though Richard was very shy to accompany her because mostly who fell in line were kids with their dads, still he went with her. He cannot stop his wife for he can see how happy she is. It’s been a long time ago since he saw her like that.

They also flew along with Dumbo, spin around while riding on the platter tea cups and other rides.

“Ricky! Kuhanan mo kami nung prince charming ni Cinderella dali!” She shouted while she ran her way to the prince for a picture.

Richard nodded and held his DSLR, focused it’s lens. “1, 2, 3!” And it clicks. A picture of Maya embracing the prince’s arm is on display on his camera. He smiled at the sight of his wife.

During the fireworks display, Maya’s head is rested on Richard’s shoulder. She is indeed very happy that day. Richard saw some spark in her eyes when she lifted her head to look at him. They both smiled at each other feeling that moment. How just Maya wished that it won’t end soon. But she knows it will.

Richard also enjoyed his day with her. It’s been a long time since they went out. The last time was when they were still in college, before the reality of being engaged by their parents hits Richard. Their friendship suffered a lot.

She thought everything will end beautifully that night until Richard’s phone rang. He immediatley fished his phone out of his pocket and as soon as he saw who’s calling him, he excused himself.

Maya didn’t get to see who it was but she knows that it is someone very important because Richard’s smile widen when he saw who it was. A stabbing pain crept inside of her. Geez. Maya, maybe it’s his parents. She wanted to believe that. She wanted to cling on to something. As wonderful as this day started, she wanted to end it that way as well.

“Hello?” Richard walked far to that place to lessen the noise surrounding him

“Hi. Where are you? I just got back. Pwede ka pumunta dito?”

“I’m outside with Maya. Sure. I would always make time for you.”

“Thanks. Kasama mo siya? But it is I who you’re thinking, right?” She sounded like a jealous girlfriend

“Hey, nagseselos ka ba? Well, don’t be, okay? I will see you soon. Bye.”

“Alright. Bye. Miss you”

“Same here” And they ended the call.

He came back to Maya’s side after. He is really having second thoughts whether to tell her that they will be leaving soon when he saw the huge grin on her face again.

“Maya, did you enjoyed?”

“Sobra! Sobra sweetheart!” She embraced him and kissed his cheek.

“Okay, let’s stay some more. I am still enjoying seeing Mickey today.” they both shared a hearty laugh.

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The One That Got Away-Chapter 9: HongKong

Chapter 9: HongKong

Richard and Maya landed in HongKong in the afternoon. Maya is busy unpacking their clothes in their luggages while Richard keeps busy checking his emails.

She took her notebook out, excited with her plans for the whole week with him. She smiled as she pictures what might happen on the upcoming days. Shopping, long hours of walking and riding the local transportation with him, surely it’ll be fun!

Maya glances at her husband and found him occupied with his emails. She slowly approaches him and sat beside him on their bed. “Uh.. Sweetheart, can we go shopping later after dinner? Masaya kasi mamili dito sa gabi di ba?” She asked him sweetly.

“Uh yes, their night market.”

“So, oo na?”

“Yes, yes. I am also bored here”

Maya shrieks inside her head and made a mental list of the things that she wanted to buy for her family and house helpers.

The couple’s hotel is near the Temple Street Night Market so as soon as the sun goes down, Maya and Richard went to enjoy the night market.

Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon where the night market is located is filled with people all over the world , the traders have already laid out their wares and the opera singers and fortune tellers begin to emerge when the couple arrived.

Trinkets, tea ware, electronics, watches, menswear, jade and antiques are scrutinised and haggled over, while claypot rice, seafood, noodles and other treats are consumed with gusto.

Temple Street Night Market is an enduring example of the festivity of a Chinese market. Maya is happily strolling around while pulling Richard behind her. She was all smiles while Richard kept on looking around, scanning all the people around them. Maya didn’t notice this strange action from her husband, she’s busy stopping and shopping.

“Ricky! Look! Should I buy this blouse? Cute no?” She asked, and she noticed that Richard is staring on his left side. She shifted her eyes to glance at where he is looking at and only found a group of people chatting.

“Bakit? Anong meron dun?” She asked him which startled Richard

“Ah.. W-wala. What were you saying?”

“Sabi ko, if I should buy this ba?” She held high the blouse.

“Uh. Yeah.” He answered, his mind still occupied. “Are we done? Madami na din tayo nabili and we have a week here anyway. Just buy that and go back to the hotel for the room service, okay?” He said.

“Wait. Aalis ka? Saan ka pupunta?”

“I will.. I just..need to.. Uh.. I will meet a possible client who happens to be here. He’s near na din naman and he said that it’s okay with him if we meet tonight. Don’t worry, saglit lang ako.” He told her. Maya unconvincingly nodded her head. She can’t do anything about it anyway.

“Alright. But sweetheart, saglit ka lang ha?”

He nodded and bid goodbye to her before he finally left her. Maya couldn’t explain what she is feeling. There is something wrong. She watches as Richard walks away from her and as the crowd engulfs him and after a few, he is nowhere in sight. Maya could ony heave a sigh and to hope that her instinct was wrong.

“Hi miss, are you alone?” He pulled her by her waist and whispered to her ears which made the lady to blush.

“Actually no. I am looking for someone. Sabi nya kasi he’s around here somewhere.” She told him sweetly.

“Oh. Kaya pala nagmamadali syang makita ka. I bet he misses you a lot.” He kissed her on her forehead and embrace her.

“I miss you, Chard” she hugged him back. “Uh.. Can you come with me? I wanna buy something sana eh. Let’s stroll.”

“Uhh.. I think that’s not a good idea, Sandy. Why don’t we just hang around your hotel room? Di ba, I already arranged your hotel para malapit lang din.”

“She’s also shopping here, isn’t she?” Sandy asked casually

“Yup. So.. Uh.. ”

“It’s alright, Chard. Let’s just go to my room.” She seductively whispered to his ear and gave it a kiss before pulling him away from the crowd.

Sandy told her co-FA’s that she will be staying in with her relatives in HongKong so she won’t stay with them anymore. It was all Richard’s plan for he wanted to spend some alone time with her as well. And that night, they shared a quality time together while Maya ate alone inside their hotel room staring at the sky wishing to the stars that may her wish be granted. Her long time wish.

She is sitting on her side of the bed waiting for Richard. It’s been 4hrs already since he left her for a meeting with his possible client that night. She just can’t help but to think different scenarios that she hates to happen.

“Richard, asan ka na ba?” She keeps on asking while her thumb is busy typing a message for him.

She stood up and starts pacing back and forth. Why is it that every night, she is like this? She can’t sleep while he is not beside her. It is really hard when you’re not secured. Simple things will never stop bothering you.

Around three in the morning, she stirs on her bed. As she slowly open her eyes, she was surprised to find a sleeping Richard beside her. He seems so tired as it looked like when he got back, he just slumped on their bed and sleep. He is still wearing the same polo shirt that he is wearing earlier and his pants and socks were still on. Normally, Richard would sleep in his pajamas.

Maya examined his face. His eyes were closed. He is so handsome and cute. Like a child peacefully sleeping that you will never want to disturb. His nose that is tempting to be pinched and his lips.. That lips of his that is waiting to be kissed.

She leans in to give it a soft and gentle kiss but stopped from doing so when her eyes landed on his neck. She immediately sat back and stared at it again.

She is so sure, it is not hers. There is a kiss mark on his neck. Heck! She racked her mind trying to recall if he is meeting with a girl client but as far as she could remember, he told her that it is a “HE” so it is a guy, right? Did they drank and went to a bar to unwind before going home?

Maybe he just gave in to his client’s request to drink and to mingle with girls so that he could win his possible client’s trust?? Right, that’s just it, Maya. He is not cheating on you. The last time that he did was way back when you guys are not yet married and they are nothing serious.

She closed her eyes while trying to convince herself. She sighs. Slowly, she stood up to get a tissue on the comfort room and went back to Richard to wipe that kiss mark on his neck. That bloody lip stick stain. “I won’t give up on us, Ricky. I believe on us. I love you.” She whispered on the sleeping figure of Richard and dozed off to sleep afterwards.

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The One That Got Away- Chapter 8: Willing

Chapter 8: Willing

Richard is on the same spot that weekday. He is waiting for Sandy’s flight back to Manila in their usual place. He should be estatic to see her again after the weekend. But no. He is not that excited today as he usually feels.

Chard, let’s talk after my flight. We need to talk.

He was worried of Sandy’s text to him yesterday. He texted her a couple of messages asking what would they talk about but he got no response from her. It shake the hell out of him, especially that such same thing happened before. He cannot afford to lose her.

He took a sip of his second cup of coffee. Waiting and waiting as minutes passes by. His imagination getting worse with every minute. He wonders what is wrong now. What did he do this time?

And then, he saw her. Walking towards him with her luggage at hand. Her hips swaying with her every move. She is indeed, gorgeous. Yet there is something in her eyes that he noticed. It lacks that spark. She is not happy, and it worries him more.

He stood up to greet her as she stops in front of his table. He smiled at her and looked straight into her eyes somewhat reading through her soul. “Hi.”

“Hi.” She answered. Richard leans in to kiss her cheek. She allowed him to do so despite the random thoughts that’s occupying her brain.

She sat across him and took the cup of coffee that he bought earlier for her. It is now cold as cold as how she treats him right at that moment.

Shaking, he reaches for her hand resting on the table and squeezes it. “What do you want to talk about, my love?” He asked with his eyes staring at her lovingly. He wanted to make her feel that he loves her and that their love is enough.

“The girl.. Before..” She answered right away watching his reaction as she threw the words ever slowly at him.

His face was shocked upon hearing that again from her like cold water splashed on his face. Why is that issue opened again? He thought that they’ve already settled that. Heck. What is it about now with Maya?

“Wh-what’s with her?” He asked, hoping for the best

“I’ve read an article. Richard, if there is something you have to tell me, say it now. Tell me the truth. Who is she?” She asked again. Words seemed like a knife stabbed to his heart. Her eyes mirrors fire of anger.

“She..she’s.. Uh..” He stammered, afraid to reveal who Maya is to his life.

Sandy eyed him carefully. Waiting for him to spill the beans. “Chard, wag mong hintaying.. Ugh! Who is she?”

He heaved a sigh. He is so afraid as he looks straight to her eyes. One wrong move and he’ll lose her. Everything else in the coffee shop seemed like in slow motion while he is thinking what to say. Lying wouldn’t help either so he made a decision to tell her everything.

“Just.. Just promise me that you’ll let me explain, ok?” He said, his voice pleading.

Sandy’s eyebrow raised and rolled her eyes. “Fine.”

“Alright..” He took a deep breath before continuing. “She’s Maya, my wife.” He said. His eyes looked at her intently. Sandy’s face fell. She already knew and expected such answer from him. But she didn’t expected how it’ll hurt when it come straight from his mouth. Those last words from him were playing on repeat in her head like an unknown ancient chant.

Unaware, tears started falling from her eyes. Richard immediately reach for her face and wipes those tears falling on her cheek. “I– I’m sorry. B-but believe me, I don’t love her. We were married because of an agreement. Our families wrote our own destiny. Since we were kids, I already know that we are engaged. That’s why while growing up, I enjoyed life. I jump to relationships one after the other. Until the day we married, I became loyal to her. But when I met you, I am so happy. Finally, I know what is the feeling of loving someone. To love and be loved. You make me happy. Only you.” He caressed her cheek after his explanation. She is still crying.

He stood up and took his chair to seat beside her. His arm resting at her back, pulling her close to him. She cried some more on his chest. Her heart is slowly breaking but she is so in love to this man and she is not sure what to do.

“Parang sobrang excited ka naman ata, Maya” Manang Fe is standing beside her helping her pack her things for their out of the country trip next week. She is so excited after hearing the news from Richard. She loves how their parents supports them so much. She immediately called them to say thanks and opened her laptop to plan the things that they will do.

“Manang, ito na ‘to!! Chance ko na ‘to para maipakita kung gaano ko siya kamahal. Sobrang tagal na ng space na binigay ko, tama na siguro yun. Hay. Siguro kailangan ko bumili ng bagong damit na maisusuot no? Sa tingin mo po?” She said, her voice full of excitement.

“Hija, ok na naman ang mga damit mo ha? At saka, maganda ka kahit ano ang isuot mo. Panigurado, pag balik nyo ay totoo na ang nararamdaman niyo para sa isa’t isa.” She pats Maya’s shoulder and gave her a warm smile.

“Sana nga po.”

Maya saw her phone on the bedside table and took it to send her husband a message.

“Sweetheart, anong oras ka uuwi for dinner? I will cook something.” She texted him and waited for a reply but minutes passed and she didn’t got any response from him. She tried to call him but he isn’t answering. As always.

Her eyes were still red from crying. Her head remained resting on Richard’s chest as he never let her go from his embrace. They are still inside the coffee shop and strangers around them would’ve thought that this sweet couple had just finished a lovers quarel and are now alright.

Richard planted a kiss on her head and mumbled. “I’m sorry, I love you.”

Sandy straightened up on her chair and looks at him. “I love you, too.”

His smile slowly appeared on his face. Gone was the worried look earlier. “So.. Are we ok?”

“Look, I don’t want to be your number two. Not forever. But for now, I will be okay to settle as that. But promise me, you will never give up on me and you will fix everything.”

He nodded frantically without even making that “fix everything” clear to her. He is not sure what she meant by that, but right at that moment, he is just happy, so happy to be with her.

He reached his house at exactly one in the morning. He was about to go upstairs when he noticed that the lights were still on in the dining area. With the intention of putting it off, he walked his way there and was surprised to find Maya sleeping. Her arms were on the table supporting her head as its pillow.

There are still plates and food on the table waiting for him. He felt guilty. He is enjoying his time with Sandy that he forgot about his friend. Yes, he still do care for Maya but not as his wife, rather as his childhood friend.

Slowly, he carried her up in their room and laid her on their bed. She is sleeping soundly but he noticed that her brows were knitted as she sleeps.


goodnight, my love. Btw, I forgot to tell you that I will have a flight in Hongkong next week. I will be away for a while. I’m gonna miss you.

Richard received a text message from Sandy that same night as he took his side of the bed beside Maya. He immediately smiled upon reading her message. Seems like odds are on their favor.

Smiling like a foolish boy, he replied.

I won’t miss you. I will see you. Believe me, we will. Good night 😉

He sent her the message and slept with a smile on his face.

I know, this is quite short. Sorry, nasira kasi phone ko and my stories are stored there. Mas madali kasi sa’kin to write using my phone since I can write kahit nasan ako. 🙂 I will try to update again sooner. Thanks. :))) mjo masakit pa mga scenes. Hang on tho. 😉