The One That Got Away- Chapter 8: Willing

Chapter 8: Willing

Richard is on the same spot that weekday. He is waiting for Sandy’s flight back to Manila in their usual place. He should be estatic to see her again after the weekend. But no. He is not that excited today as he usually feels.

Chard, let’s talk after my flight. We need to talk.

He was worried of Sandy’s text to him yesterday. He texted her a couple of messages asking what would they talk about but he got no response from her. It shake the hell out of him, especially that such same thing happened before. He cannot afford to lose her.

He took a sip of his second cup of coffee. Waiting and waiting as minutes passes by. His imagination getting worse with every minute. He wonders what is wrong now. What did he do this time?

And then, he saw her. Walking towards him with her luggage at hand. Her hips swaying with her every move. She is indeed, gorgeous. Yet there is something in her eyes that he noticed. It lacks that spark. She is not happy, and it worries him more.

He stood up to greet her as she stops in front of his table. He smiled at her and looked straight into her eyes somewhat reading through her soul. “Hi.”

“Hi.” She answered. Richard leans in to kiss her cheek. She allowed him to do so despite the random thoughts that’s occupying her brain.

She sat across him and took the cup of coffee that he bought earlier for her. It is now cold as cold as how she treats him right at that moment.

Shaking, he reaches for her hand resting on the table and squeezes it. “What do you want to talk about, my love?” He asked with his eyes staring at her lovingly. He wanted to make her feel that he loves her and that their love is enough.

“The girl.. Before..” She answered right away watching his reaction as she threw the words ever slowly at him.

His face was shocked upon hearing that again from her like cold water splashed on his face. Why is that issue opened again? He thought that they’ve already settled that. Heck. What is it about now with Maya?

“Wh-what’s with her?” He asked, hoping for the best

“I’ve read an article. Richard, if there is something you have to tell me, say it now. Tell me the truth. Who is she?” She asked again. Words seemed like a knife stabbed to his heart. Her eyes mirrors fire of anger.

“She..she’s.. Uh..” He stammered, afraid to reveal who Maya is to his life.

Sandy eyed him carefully. Waiting for him to spill the beans. “Chard, wag mong hintaying.. Ugh! Who is she?”

He heaved a sigh. He is so afraid as he looks straight to her eyes. One wrong move and he’ll lose her. Everything else in the coffee shop seemed like in slow motion while he is thinking what to say. Lying wouldn’t help either so he made a decision to tell her everything.

“Just.. Just promise me that you’ll let me explain, ok?” He said, his voice pleading.

Sandy’s eyebrow raised and rolled her eyes. “Fine.”

“Alright..” He took a deep breath before continuing. “She’s Maya, my wife.” He said. His eyes looked at her intently. Sandy’s face fell. She already knew and expected such answer from him. But she didn’t expected how it’ll hurt when it come straight from his mouth. Those last words from him were playing on repeat in her head like an unknown ancient chant.

Unaware, tears started falling from her eyes. Richard immediately reach for her face and wipes those tears falling on her cheek. “I– I’m sorry. B-but believe me, I don’t love her. We were married because of an agreement. Our families wrote our own destiny. Since we were kids, I already know that we are engaged. That’s why while growing up, I enjoyed life. I jump to relationships one after the other. Until the day we married, I became loyal to her. But when I met you, I am so happy. Finally, I know what is the feeling of loving someone. To love and be loved. You make me happy. Only you.” He caressed her cheek after his explanation. She is still crying.

He stood up and took his chair to seat beside her. His arm resting at her back, pulling her close to him. She cried some more on his chest. Her heart is slowly breaking but she is so in love to this man and she is not sure what to do.

“Parang sobrang excited ka naman ata, Maya” Manang Fe is standing beside her helping her pack her things for their out of the country trip next week. She is so excited after hearing the news from Richard. She loves how their parents supports them so much. She immediately called them to say thanks and opened her laptop to plan the things that they will do.

“Manang, ito na ‘to!! Chance ko na ‘to para maipakita kung gaano ko siya kamahal. Sobrang tagal na ng space na binigay ko, tama na siguro yun. Hay. Siguro kailangan ko bumili ng bagong damit na maisusuot no? Sa tingin mo po?” She said, her voice full of excitement.

“Hija, ok na naman ang mga damit mo ha? At saka, maganda ka kahit ano ang isuot mo. Panigurado, pag balik nyo ay totoo na ang nararamdaman niyo para sa isa’t isa.” She pats Maya’s shoulder and gave her a warm smile.

“Sana nga po.”

Maya saw her phone on the bedside table and took it to send her husband a message.

“Sweetheart, anong oras ka uuwi for dinner? I will cook something.” She texted him and waited for a reply but minutes passed and she didn’t got any response from him. She tried to call him but he isn’t answering. As always.

Her eyes were still red from crying. Her head remained resting on Richard’s chest as he never let her go from his embrace. They are still inside the coffee shop and strangers around them would’ve thought that this sweet couple had just finished a lovers quarel and are now alright.

Richard planted a kiss on her head and mumbled. “I’m sorry, I love you.”

Sandy straightened up on her chair and looks at him. “I love you, too.”

His smile slowly appeared on his face. Gone was the worried look earlier. “So.. Are we ok?”

“Look, I don’t want to be your number two. Not forever. But for now, I will be okay to settle as that. But promise me, you will never give up on me and you will fix everything.”

He nodded frantically without even making that “fix everything” clear to her. He is not sure what she meant by that, but right at that moment, he is just happy, so happy to be with her.

He reached his house at exactly one in the morning. He was about to go upstairs when he noticed that the lights were still on in the dining area. With the intention of putting it off, he walked his way there and was surprised to find Maya sleeping. Her arms were on the table supporting her head as its pillow.

There are still plates and food on the table waiting for him. He felt guilty. He is enjoying his time with Sandy that he forgot about his friend. Yes, he still do care for Maya but not as his wife, rather as his childhood friend.

Slowly, he carried her up in their room and laid her on their bed. She is sleeping soundly but he noticed that her brows were knitted as she sleeps.


goodnight, my love. Btw, I forgot to tell you that I will have a flight in Hongkong next week. I will be away for a while. I’m gonna miss you.

Richard received a text message from Sandy that same night as he took his side of the bed beside Maya. He immediately smiled upon reading her message. Seems like odds are on their favor.

Smiling like a foolish boy, he replied.

I won’t miss you. I will see you. Believe me, we will. Good night πŸ˜‰

He sent her the message and slept with a smile on his face.

I know, this is quite short. Sorry, nasira kasi phone ko and my stories are stored there. Mas madali kasi sa’kin to write using my phone since I can write kahit nasan ako. πŸ™‚ I will try to update again sooner. Thanks. :))) mjo masakit pa mga scenes. Hang on tho. πŸ˜‰




35 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 8: Willing

  1. 😭😩 huhu ang sakit sa dibdib nito, sa twing binabasa ko tong story mo sis kinanabahan ako kasi nasasaktan ako para kay Maya eh! 😭😩 huhu
    Sino kaya ang magpaparaya? Ang sakit talaga ramdam ko eh! Tagos πŸ˜”

    • ang tunay na nagmamahal ang syang magpaparaya…si Maya ito sa tingin ko. Si Sandy mas binulag ng pagmamahal nya kay Richard na kahit alam nyang mali itinuloy pa rin. Anyway, hindi naman ako ang writer kay mag aantay muna akong may tinik sa dibdib…ouch naman talaga for Maya 😦

      • Oo nga eh! Ang sakit talaga sa dibdib nito, tapos bandang huli dun mare realize ni Richard na si Maya pala talaga ang mahal nya nabighani lang cia sa ganda ni Sandy, kaya lang huli na dahil nagparaya na si Maya tapos may natagpuan cia na magmamahal sa kanya ng buong puso and sasaya na cia then si Richard naman ang magsisi ng husto hehe la lang naisip ko lang to kasi nasasaktan talaga ako for Maya eh! πŸ˜”πŸ˜­

      • pakiusap ko lang ms Katey…pwede bang agad agad ang kasunod nito? Baka mauna pa kaming atakehin sa puso nito bago mailabas ang next chapter πŸ™‚

  2. maya gumawa ka na ng move na ma konsensya yang c sandy at ma realize nya na kahit anong gawin nya kabit pa rin xa… huuu ang sakiiiiittttttttttttttttttt…

  3. ouch, ang sakit sakit naman 😦 I’m hurting for maya. I hate you Richard, humanda ka, dadating ang time pagsisisihan mo ang ginagawa mong pambabalewala kay Maya, someday, you will realize how important she is into your life and you will realize that you love her very much that you can’t stand being away from her for even just a while, but when that time comes mawawala na s’ya sa’yo and you will surely regret everything you’ve done to her. remember, karma is just on the corner waiting for its time to come and if that time comes, magsisisi ka, its your turn to get hurt, yung tipong ikaw naman ang maghihintay ay Maya and she’ll never show up. yung tipong ikaw naman yung sobrang nagmamahal pero ni katiting walang katugon. you will surely learn your lesson in a painful way, hintay hintay ka lang dadating na din ang karma pabalik sa’yo.

    Maya, gising, itigil mo na yang pagpapakamartir dyan sa asawa mong walang pakialam sayo, you deserve to be happy and to be love by someone who deserves your love. you deserve to be treated nicely and be respected. gising Maya, you don’t deserve to have Richard in your life, you deserve someone better than him, his not wirthy sa love na iniuukol mo sa kanya. he does not deserve to have you in his life. walang award sa pagiging martir sabi nga ng bestfriend ko, kaya please lang gumising ka imulat mo yang mga mata mo, leave Richard and teach him a lesson that he will never forget, he should know how to take care of a good woman.

    Ms Kate? thank you sa update, pasensya na sa haba ng comment ko ha affected lang masyado eh. thanks po ulit πŸ™‚ take care po always πŸ™‚

  4. Maya sleeping on the table while waiting for Richard.. Nkakadurog ng puso. I understand kung gusto ni Maya na ipaglaban ang pag ibig niya pero kung wala nman nararamdaman ang isa eh whats the point na maghintay…

  5. Ms Katey ever since I found out that ” the girl” was not Maya ccrrr I read this story my heartl Has always been heavy with heartache parang ako si Maya at sa akin nangyayari ang binabasa ko I hope Maya would find out soon enough what Richard is been doing behind her back and will have the guts to walk away for her own well being I really don’t like RochRd on this story on how he cheats n his wife why can’t he just file for diverse than playing Maya like that …..Wake up Maya and wake up fast ..

  6. This situation is too crazy for words.

    I think Maya deserves her freedom, deserves a man who will truly love her since she has so much love to give. She is wasting her love on Richard.

    I vote for an annulment.

  7. Sandy is without dignity, no self-respect. She knows now that Richard is a married man yet still maintain her illicit relationship with him. A man cheating his wife…the other woman cheating with a married man, with having full knowledge of his marital status. Everyone knows what Richard and his mistress doing is wrong and won’t last. There is Karma….remember that what comes around goes around it will come back to you two fold and then some!

    The day Maya finds out Richard is cheating on her will be the day Richard will have his biggest regret in life and will surely hurt him the most.

    “If another woman steals your man, there’s no better revenge than letting her keep him. REAL MEN CAN’T BE STOLEN.”

  8. I dnt know what to say, i just feel sad for Maya.. Ano ba talaga ang feelings ni Richard for Sandy, considering he said he jump from one relationship to the other..
    Grabe nAman, wla ba syang feelings for Maya?.. Next pls, sana may devolopment ang R&M … Thanks sa update!

  9. Ms Kate parang punyal na itinarak sa puso ko ang chapter na ito.Wish ko lang mabuntis ni Richard si Maya while in Hongkong.Sana magising si Maya sa katotohanan pero meron na siyang Luke na mamahalin.Richard makikita mo kung ano ang mawawala sa iyo.

  10. I know right!!! Something is wrong on Sandy’s character here. A decent girl will never get herself as the other women. Wake up Richard!!! Ms. Kate please let Maya give an annulment paper to Richard that will surprise him and hurt his man ego… un ang bagay sa kanya…

  11. Boiling in anger here! Nakaka inis itong si Ricky talaga, hanggang kailan nya pahihirapan si Maya? Please sobrang sakit na! affected na talaga ako nga bongga! I want Sandy out of the picture. So sorry for Maya, she doesnt deserve being neglected. Anyway, thanks for the this, though its quite upsetting but will definitely looking forward to the next chap. Sana agad agad na. Godbless πŸ˜‰

    • I hope next chap Maya finds out about this “other woman” and I want to see a new Maya. I want Ricky to be miserable, I want him to realize how stupid and dumb he was for hurting Maya. I want a revenge for Maya. hahahaha.. Ako lang naman yun. πŸ˜‰

    • super agree ako with you, gustong gusto kong turuan ng lewksyon yang si Richard, leksyon na talagang matututo sya. yung marerealize nya how much he hurt her, how stupid he was yung tipong marerealize nya na nasa kanya na pala yung right one for him yung kaya syan tanggapin at mahalin ng buo sa kabila g lahat ng ginagawa nya yung kayaakripisyo ariling happiness t for him pero pinakawalan nya binale wala. Di nya binigyan ng halaga, di nya okukulan ng panahon atpagpapahalaga. Yung tipo ba na marerealize nya na kung meron mang taong gusto nyang makasama habang buhay, nahalin at pahalagahan si Maya yun, pero huli na ang lahat, wala na si Maya, may sarili ng buhay, Masaya na, may nagmamahal at minamahal ng iba. Yung tipong makikita nya na naibigay ng ibang lalaki yung atensyon, pagpapahalaga, respeto at higit sa lahat pagmamahal na ni minsan di nya nagawang ibigay kay Maya. Yung marerealize nya kung gaano sya Katanga dahil nagawa nyang saktang ang babaeng sobra sobra syang mahal at sobra sobra din nyang mamahalin. Diba nga sabi nila, di mo narerealize yung value at worth ng isang tao sa buhay mo hangga’t hindi sya nawawala sayo. Di mo malalaman kung gaano sya kahalaga kung lagi syang nandyan nakikita mo, kasama mo, you will only realize it pag wala na sya, nasa piling na ng iba. Nakakalungkot na katotohanan pero ganun talaga eh, kasi diba nga, minsan, akala natin hindi importante yung taong yun sa buhay natin, na hindi tayo Masaya pag andyan sya, na okey lang pag wala sya sa buhay natin na magiging okey pa din tayo kahit wala yung taong yun, pero the moment na wala na sa tabi natin, din a natin nakikita, o nararamdaman man lang, din a natin nakikita yung bawat ngiting laan nun para sa atin bagkus ang bawat ngiting yun ay nakalaan na sa iba, saka lang natin nararamdaman ang halaga nya sa buhay natin.

      Ooopppsss pasenya na napahaba yung comment, affected lang po sobra.

  12. hi katey πŸ™‚ thank you for the update!! how’s your ojt? hope you’re enjoying and gaining lots of experience πŸ™‚ anyway, mu hear is aching right now.. sakit naman nito kay maya:( RL is unfair 😦 haaayyy… will wait for your next update πŸ™‚

  13. I bet they will be on the same flight to HongKong, grr but Maya has to stand tall and strong and fight for what is truly her legal rights.

  14. I just hope that you’ll give justice to Maya. Yung tipong makikipagannul si Maya kay Richard. And she will fall in love with someone who loves her back like James’ character for instance. Richard will realize that he loves his wife. Sana mas tumagal yung story sa pagpapakahirap ni Richard to get Maya back. Hahaha! Sobrang nakakairita kasi sya.

  15. Awtsu Habang tumatagal mas masakit na.. Sana mag pa annual na si maya tapos ma kilala Nya si “Capt. James Ventura” tapos sa isang event makikita ni Richard at sandy si maya kasama si James tapos makikita ni Richard Kung gano ka saya si maya kasama si James .. Tapos nararamdaman ni chard ung kirot sa puso Nya.. Hayyyy.. Sana maramdaman Nya din ung mga pag hihirap ni maya

  16. Sisters I agree with all of you affected na talaga ako. I wish mabuntis si maya and then file for annulment then leave richard for good and noy let him see his child para maramdaman naman ni richard ang sakit na ginawa nya kay maya. By the time he realise that maya is for him jindi na pwede si maya for him. To sandy sana mag karoon ka nang delekadesa and I hope your employer will know na mistress ka and loose your job. Affected talaga ako. Ms kay mext na please ma haheart attack na lahat ang mga adik.

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