The One That Got Away- Chapter 10: Spark

Chapter 10: Spark

The next day, Maya was already wide awake early in the morning watching as the sun rises up. That wonderful scene gave her peace. A much needed peace for her.

Richard stirred from his sleep and with one eye lid opened, he saw Maya on the balcony staring at the sunrise. Somehow, he felt guilty.

“Maya..” He called her. He is walking towards her and stood beside her on the balcony.

“Good morning.” She greeted him without that usual tone of happiness that she usually uses.

“Uh.. I’m so sorry about last night. It’s just that-”

“Okay lang. Wala naman tayo magagawa, di ba? Importante yung trabaho.” She answered and shifted to look at him this time. Her eyes mirrors sadness. “O, sige. Maliligo na ako para makababa na tayo at makapagbreakfast.” She said and made her way to the bathroom. She is really disappointed, they are out of the country but everything are still the same. They are still like that-Distant.

Richard felt guilty again, so with an idea in mind, he didn’t even think and gave in to it. He knocked the bathroom’s door few times. “Maya..”

“Oh?” She shouted to overpower the water coming from the shower.

“Hurry up, okay?”

“Oo na. Saglit lang ako. Bakit, gutom ka na ba?”

“No. We’re going somewhere. Babawi ako.”

Suddenly, the water pouring from the shower stopped. Maya peeked from the door outside with a huge smile plastered on her face while looking at Richard who is standing by the door. “Talaga? Saan?” At that moment, Richard found Maya cute. She looks like that when he would give her candies when they were kids.


“Yehey!!!” Her face lights up even more. “I’ll hurry up.” She closes the door and continues to shower.

Richard chuckled. “Alright, pero magsabon ka pa din ah. Baka mamaya hindi ka na masyado maligo.” He teased.

“Ricky, bilisan mo na.” Maya is standing behind the room’s door with her sling bag and her casual clothes. She is just so excited! Even though the itinerary that she prepared wasn’t followed by them, she is still contented just being with Richard. She is surprised that he asked her to go out with him and add to her excitement, they are going to Disneyland. She loves that place, and would love it even more because she will be with her own prince charming.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Richard is already on his polo shirt and pants, picking up his wallet and putting some perfume on. He could notice the smile that never left Maya’s face, he tried to recall when was the last time he saw her like that but he seemed not to remember.

“Ready?” He asked.

“I’m ready!”

The two left the hotel room with Maya’s arm wrapped on Richard’s. They looked like a happy couple that morning. Richard would steal glances at her and would find her gorgeous. What did she do to look like that today?, he thought. She is very beautiful in every other man’s eyes and to Richard as well but never did he get attracted to her. But that day, he felt happy to see her smiling. Maybe because he felt guilty upon leaving her last night and making her sad. They are friends after all and the last thing that you would want is to see your friend unhappy.

“Ricky, sakyan natin lahat ah? Baka kasi sa mga susunod na araw may biglaan ka na naman na lakad, at least ngayon, araw lang natin.”

Richard kept on smiling, amused by how Maya acts when their rented car landed in Disneyland. She’s like a child on her field trip. She keeps on pulling Richard’s arm pointing everywhere she finds good to take a picture with. Richard is in a good mood that day, allowing Maya to enjoy this day with him. He’s been very caring to her, attending to her needs whether she wanted to take a picture with disney princess, or ask someone to take them a picture together, he willingly do so.

Maya pulled Richard again to the verdant Fantasy Garden to meet her favorite Disney character like Mickey and have a photo op. She’s been giggling while she awaits in line with Richard.

“Ang cute nila Ricky!!” She jumps up and down like a kid, Richard held her by the waist and steadied her.

“Hey, don’t act like a child. They might say that I married a kid.” He teased her that made Maya laugh.

“Sorry, sobrang naexcite kasi ako, tagal na din ng huling punta ko dito eh.”

After having their picture taken with the characters, Maya was ecstatic to ride Cinderella carousel even though Richard was very shy to accompany her because mostly who fell in line were kids with their dads, still he went with her. He cannot stop his wife for he can see how happy she is. It’s been a long time ago since he saw her like that.

They also flew along with Dumbo, spin around while riding on the platter tea cups and other rides.

“Ricky! Kuhanan mo kami nung prince charming ni Cinderella dali!” She shouted while she ran her way to the prince for a picture.

Richard nodded and held his DSLR, focused it’s lens. “1, 2, 3!” And it clicks. A picture of Maya embracing the prince’s arm is on display on his camera. He smiled at the sight of his wife.

During the fireworks display, Maya’s head is rested on Richard’s shoulder. She is indeed very happy that day. Richard saw some spark in her eyes when she lifted her head to look at him. They both smiled at each other feeling that moment. How just Maya wished that it won’t end soon. But she knows it will.

Richard also enjoyed his day with her. It’s been a long time since they went out. The last time was when they were still in college, before the reality of being engaged by their parents hits Richard. Their friendship suffered a lot.

She thought everything will end beautifully that night until Richard’s phone rang. He immediatley fished his phone out of his pocket and as soon as he saw who’s calling him, he excused himself.

Maya didn’t get to see who it was but she knows that it is someone very important because Richard’s smile widen when he saw who it was. A stabbing pain crept inside of her. Geez. Maya, maybe it’s his parents. She wanted to believe that. She wanted to cling on to something. As wonderful as this day started, she wanted to end it that way as well.

“Hello?” Richard walked far to that place to lessen the noise surrounding him

“Hi. Where are you? I just got back. Pwede ka pumunta dito?”

“I’m outside with Maya. Sure. I would always make time for you.”

“Thanks. Kasama mo siya? But it is I who you’re thinking, right?” She sounded like a jealous girlfriend

“Hey, nagseselos ka ba? Well, don’t be, okay? I will see you soon. Bye.”

“Alright. Bye. Miss you”

“Same here” And they ended the call.

He came back to Maya’s side after. He is really having second thoughts whether to tell her that they will be leaving soon when he saw the huge grin on her face again.

“Maya, did you enjoyed?”

“Sobra! Sobra sweetheart!” She embraced him and kissed his cheek.

“Okay, let’s stay some more. I am still enjoying seeing Mickey today.” they both shared a hearty laugh.

I am so happy reading your comments. Since madami na nagagalit, ito medyo nakabawi ba ng slight? Hahaha sorry if matagal magupdate sobrang busy lang and walang internet these days. Anyway, thank you for the comments and sa mga nagffollow. πŸ™‚


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30 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 10: Spark

  1. Nakakainis pa din sa huli.. Masaya na sana.. Hay, kailan ba mangyayari ang realization ni RL? Sakit sa dibdib, pangit ng pagkalalaki ni RL dito at prang ginawang tanga si Maya.. May respeto pba sa pagkakaibigan sila? Naiinis lng…
    Thanks for the update!

  2. Naku naman ms. Kate lalong sumakit ang dibdib ko… Gusto ko na talagang kutusan si Richard.. Pinaglalaruan ba niya si maya.. Bakit ganun pinasaya niya yung isa sabay ngiti naman nung tumawag yung GF..

  3. ms. katey, tama b? hahaha
    kung nakaka apekto ang comment nmin sa flow ng story mo, ,,, huwag mo n lng kming pansinin. hahaha πŸ™‚ ( bka may magalit sa akin) joke lng.. dalang dala lng kmi πŸ™‚
    basta kung anu tlga yung flow, carry lng nmin πŸ™‚ ibang iba kc tong sayo eh πŸ™‚

    kung nakaka apekto lng nmn, pero kung hindi , ,,, cge next chapter na πŸ™‚ hahaha

  4. huhuhu ms.ate nman wag na masyadong phirapan c maya pls… konting konsensya lang sana kay RL sana mkita nya ang wife nya kung gaano ito kabait at klambing sa kanya. kahit magkatampuhan lang cla wag na hiwalayan… feel so sorry for maya na tlaga haay.. di ko alam ung bumawi ka or gisto mo lang kme phirapan hahaha… πŸ™‚

  5. thanks for the update Ms. Katey.. it still hurts a little but at least Richard is starting to notice Maya… how i wish Richard would spend more time with his wife rather than his mistress…

  6. thanks for the update Ms. Katey.. it still hurts a little but at least Richard is starting to notice Maya… how i wish Richard would spend more time with his wife rather than his mistress…

  7. Sulit pag uwi ko galing ospital..hehehehe.. Sana mag selos si Richard ng bongga.. Harhar.. Para makita Nya ung worth ni maya

    Guys May sako ko dito pwede na natin isako si sandy..tapos hagis natin sa bangin..

    Thanks ms katey sa update.. Ingat palagi.. God bless

  8. thanks katey!!!!! πŸ™‚ nagbunga sin kakarefresh ko πŸ™‚ anyway, thanks for giving us a little hope for RL and M:) ok na sana lahat eh may nagni-nicole lang ang peg 😦 batukan ko kaya si feelingera at itong si RL, bad ha.. i can’t take it:( can’t stand what he’s doin’ 😦 tinu-taym mo ang wife mo! heheheheheh.. unfair yan!! may spark na nga eh sana tuloy tuloy na.. pero may confrontation ba yung revelation naman? para magiba si maya? yung stronger, fiercer, bolder maya!! hahahahaah ika nga naya 2. 0 hehehehhee… wait wait labg for the next update πŸ™‚ ms katey thanks again!!

  9. Minsan gusto kp ng putulan ng spg si Ricky sa kapilyuhan ms. katey hehehe. Pero tama ka sis at least masaya si Maya sa chapter na ito. Sana lang talagang mauntog na ang asawa niya at malaman kung sino ang dapat. Grrrr

  10. thankie Ms. Katey sa update….though happy ang start and painful pa rin towards the end eh ok na rin at least it was nice knowing na they’re friends naman pala before pa…i guess the arranged marriage thing ang nagpabago sa relationship nila…kumbaga nahinog sa pilit. When siguro kung hindi nangyari ang arranged marriage…eventually they will fall in love rin and get married. Napangunahan lang ba …next chapter sana Richard will see the beauty of Maya inside and out….while Sandy will start to show her true color to Richard, maybe the jealous, nagger type of girl etc.

  11. Diyos ko po talagang hindi titigil tong Sandy na to ang sarap isilid sa sako grrrr 😀😑 maya be strong kapag iniwan ka nit ricky ipakita mo sa kanya na hindi mo siya kawalan and nagkamali siya na ipinagpalit ka nya dun sa malanding sandy na yun……ang sakit sa dibdib nito ms. Kate kaka stress……thanks for the update πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  12. Richard still has conscience. Guilt stricken him and now wants to make up for cheating on his wife. He took Maya to Disneyland where he knows his wife would enjoy. Richard even started to notice his wife, finding her cute, gorgeous and very beautiful. Hopefully the next time, Richard will soon get attracted to his wife and eventually fall in love. For Maya, she is not giving up, believing she and Richard belong together…only with each other, always with each other.

    The author, Ms. Katey’s comment still ringing in my ear…”soon enough po magiging better na.”

    Are better things coming up for Richard and Maya? Only Ms. Katey can find the answer and I wish it will be soon.

    “A REAL MAN chooses to honor, love, respect, adore and be faithful to one woman.”

    “A REAL WOMAN knows that a man’s respect and loyalty are not an upgrade in a relationship but a requirement.”

  13. Thanks Ms katey. Richard regard Maya as a friend. He’ll look at Maya in different light if somebody took an interest or court Maya. He’ll notice the qualities of Maya that he has taken for granted.

    • SNA nga gnun na,kc diko kya tlga ang
      sakit sa dibdib! Ms Kate plis make Richard realize na ang true love tlga nya e ,si maya at di ang babaeng tan!pliiss?

  14. Hay..saya naman..sana sa next update meron kang intodue na guy na magkainterst kay maya para naman medyo makapag isip isip si richard. Wish ko lang hahaha…again, thanks!

  15. Ms Kate salamat sa update mo pero sana may mangyari sa kanila ni Maya..alam mo na yun medyo password protected~at di na lang puro kay Sandy yun gabi.

  16. at kung sakaling may maganap between Maya and Richard…makakatulog ng mahimbing at bibigkasin ni Richard ang name ni Sandy waaaaaa! ang pambawi sa panaginip pla eh nagpapaalam na si Richard kay Sandy har har nakakaloka!

  17. Sisters sama ako sa pag sako kay sandy hindi sya bangin dapat itapon tutal stewardess naman sya sa pacific ocean sya dapat ihulog para dina makabalik at lumubog nang tuluyan may gana pa syang mag tanong nang kasama mo sya? Bastos ka talaga sandy wala kang modo at pinag aralan sabagay ganyan yata talaga ang mga mistress eh. At richard gamitin mo ang utak mo isa ka pang salot sa buhay ni maya. Sana may makilala si maya na iba at mas magaling kay richard at mahal si maya at kayang ipaglaban si maya para matauhan si richard. Next please ms kay affected much and thanks sa update sana soon na

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